Thursday, June 3, 2021

Priority Blog Request: Percy Priest Lake Crash

Q. Hi Lynn, A few days ago, a private jet with 7 people on board crashed into Percy Priest lake in Nashville. All people on board were killed. Can you see if this was an accident or something else?  


A.  As I focus on this I want to determine what was the cause of this crash.  Was there something intentional going on, foul play, or truly an accident?

I put myself on the plane to get a clearer perspective as to what just happened.  Everything looks very dark and foggy.  We don't look to have climbed high enough to be over the clouds.  I also see moisture pooling up on the windows as if it is very foggy or condensation is collecting.

I then see a bunch of birds, like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie flock toward us.  In an instant I hear a cracking sound and something smells like burning electrical wires.  I realize that we flew into this huge flock of birds and it not only shorted out the electrical system, but somehow it did something with the wing/engine so one of the wings wasn't working properly.

At that moment the pilot knew that trying to land in the water was the only option, and did what he could to guide it.  I flash to the pilot that landed in New York in a similar way, I see that was the hopes of this pilot too  Unfortunately he was going too fast, and was too out of control to be able to descend and lift the nose enough on impact (???).  The result was a horrible crash that took the lives of those on board.

This really was a tragic accident.  Please give a moment of pause to the family during this difficult time. 

Love and light, Lynn 

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