Thursday, June 3, 2021

SubscribeStar: Menopause, HRT and the Shot

Q.  Dear Lynn, my friend Stephanie died after taking the shot (  She was a 51-year-old mother of two who died five days after the second "M" shot.  She was in menopause and of course a medical expert said that’s why she died.  Sounded ridiculous because only being 51 and in menopause doesn't justify having heart attack with blood clots. So my question is, are women on estrogen treatments or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) including birth control pills even more susceptible to problems including death from taking these shots? If that’s the case they need to be warned as unsuspecting women could pass away also. Stop the madness!

Thank you Lynn any insight would be appreciated. 

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Love and light (and Lots of Gratitude), Lynn

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1 comment:

Cyber said...

Moderna and Pfizer use mRNA vaccine and deemed 'safe' by the PTW.

While western media has demonized safer vaccines like China's inactivate virus vaccines.

That's how the world has become.