Thursday, June 3, 2021

Possible Cyber Attack on the Horizon

Q.  Hi Lynn,

It’s being suggested that a cyber attack is coming that will dwarf the "beer bug," and all systems will go down, including food transportation and all communications. Klaus Schwab even hints to it at the World Economic Forum and we all know how he always oddly knows what’s going to happen. This video breaks it down. Do you see any truth to this?

A.  I do get a cyber attack is on the horizon.  There are two parts of this attack.  

I see the first as a way to hold our lives' hostage via utilities.  A hack into the utilities, namely electric, would have the country in a halt.  

I get it is no accident that we have been guided to merge to a more electronic form of communication and financial exchanges as well.  Tapping into these resources not only harms individual people, but makes it difficult to sustain  buying necessary goods (always keep cash on hand).

Who is behind this?  I get the China has been working on hacking the US, and is getting ready to plan an attack.  China dislikes the US, and has wanted to harm us and take over.  They have previously worked to obtain intellectual property, but have branched to more effective and disabling means.  I hear the term "ransomware" and get that they will basically aim to hold the US ransom.

Will they succeed?  To an extent, yes.  I see the US recovering and securing our infrastructure, but it will feel like a nightmare for those heavily impacted.  I also see a huge financial strain being the biggest impact as China tries to extract, steal and bribe.  This feels like a horrible mess, and if the US doesn't lock down security measures ASAP, it will feel the effects of this by the end of summer.  It will be much harder to recover versus tightening security measures now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 

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chris said...

Do you see the same for Australia please?

The enlightened one said...

How about Europe? Will we fare better?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@chris and @enlightened on: I see some trickle down effects to other countries, but the biggest impact will be on the US. You may see some economic struggles as the US recovers, and also see some supply chains be disrupted, but for the most part other locations aren't the true target.

Robert Schoen said...

It's funny the power went completely out on our house just before reading this but it also went back on a few seconds later. There's way too much scare and worry in the world today, a lot of it speculation. The Covid that shut down almost everything in 2020 turned out a bioweapon nothingburger using minimal real victims and the elderly in nursing homes to "sell" it.

The fact is we are now at war, a secret war that will never be in the news, where the White Hats and DS sometimes share similar tactics to counteract each other. Trumpet rushed the "vaccine" so that it only had emergency use without FDA approval so that it could not be ordered mandatory for everyone, which was precisely the DS plan. A shutdown of the internet and media might be the same kind of thing, in which any DS tactic to shut everything down will also have the propaganda media is cut off and an emergency military broadcast finally delivers the truth as the final bad players are rounded up. I'm for optimism over the future, knowing the good side has already won.

Hope said...

Lynn, do you see crop shortage in Australia? And where do these giant mice come from, considering that Australia is a continent?

As what do these Democrats or ca*al get to gain trying to divide Americans instead of uniting them to face the threat from China?


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I agree.

@Hope: This is a great question. Let me pull this for a blog post. Thanks for mentioning it.

The Great Teddy said...


You were right about the cyberevent. Major websites down today. A precursor perhaps.

Is there any chance you can do a reading on GME? Will it result in a market crash and what will be happen then?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@The Great Teddy: Let me have a look at it and see what I can get to come through. Thanks for the suggestion!