Thursday, July 26, 2018

JFK Jr.... Could it be?.... Q Who?

Q.  Hi Lynn.  Well, well, well who would have thought this....  Found this today.

Could JFK Jr be alive and could he be Q (QAnon)?  What say you Lynn....?  Regards.

Q. There is a video circulating on whether the two people behind one of Trump's rallies is John F Kennedy Jr and Caroline Bessette. It's also thought that they never died in the plane crash in 1999, but escaped to hide in anonymity. JFK Jr and Trump are working to together to defeat the cabal. Here are a couple of links to explain. It sounds too good to be true but, the clues on the Q board are too coincidental. 

[If you watch anything, please give this a few minutes]

A.  I want to approach this as two different questions.  The first is to see if JFK Jr could indeed be alive.  I have been asked about JFK, and do see he was killed, and the events of his death were tied to interactions with the CIA (I have done readings on this, and pulled one to attach to the bottom of this post.)  

I have even done a reading on JFK Jr, and I took a minute to review it (attached) to mentally get in the same place.  In my initial reading (which I reconnected to) I could feel the kind of person he was; compassionate, very intelligent, hard working, deeply missed his father, and full of anger at the agendas in place.  Who he was made him privy to lots of inside knowledge, and it really disgusted him that people in power could get away with horrible things, even murder, and think they were untouchable.  

As I replay the events in my mind, trying to pay even more attention to the details, I see the plane explosion (again).  In my original reading, I stopped there and didn't think to keep probing and asking more questions.  This time as I zoom in on the plane, I am realizing that I see the explosion, but I do not see him in the plane.  The windows are tinted, and you cannot see anyone inside. In fact, I don't ever see his body.  Even when I was looking at the aftermath and family gatherings.  I see people, emotions, even chaos, but I never actually see him physically (closed or no casket????) or in spirit (when someone has passed, the image always looks like there is some fog to it, and they look to stand at a distance rather than close to my face). 

[After taking a few minutes to clear myself again] I wanted to focus past the plane crash, and focus on JFK Jr himself.  I don't want the distraction of the crash, but rather more on if he faked his death and is he alive...  As soon as I put the intent out to that question, I am overcome with the emotion of apprehension.  I see a face appear that looks to be him in disguise. My empathic side kicks in, and as I realize this IS him, he cannot safely reveal his identity, location or remove the scarf from his mouth.  I feel the need to get some kind of closure for his father's death, but also the fear of being found out before he can complete his mission.

(Oddly, when I was looking for a image to add to this post, this
popped up using the keywords "JFK Jr. Death."  There are no
coincidences, and I had to share. I'm not sure what I expected,
but it definitely wasn't this.)
Now I'm being shown the story as if I am seeing a rewind.  He is showing me some of the things he gathered that he wanted to expose.  He had done his research and was close to proving the CIA involvement (Bu5h) in his father's death.  He also has a lot of evidence regarding disclosure, which was something his dad was very passionate about (and one of the motives behind his death).  He was going to make change, and some big name people were going down.  The word got out, and the PTW (Powers That Were) that were affiliated with Kennedy's death knew that JFK Jr needed to be quieted.  It got back to JFK Jr that there was a plan to "defect his plane" and he realized he would never survive to bring these people or agendas down.  As I look at it, I see a big, black spider web connecting all these people (PTW).  He basically had a few days to take the plan the PTW put in motion and use it as a fresh start for himself to finish what he started.

While the news of the crash hit the media, it served as a smoke screen for him to get out of the country.  He knew he had to plan out what he wanted to do in great detail, and the since he had such a short time to plan his death, it took him a while to regroup, determine who he could trust, and network.  He knew that he needed someone to be on his side, and trying to reveal anything under a Bu5h or C1int0n Administration (or one where they had any influence) would be impossible.  Under the wildcard of Trump, and Trump's desire to purge the deep state, he had the opportunity he needed to come forward.  There is something significant with the letter Q (I see it like an inside joke) and added the Anon for a tag name. He is determined to make the PTW sweat, and help wake people up to the truths around us.  I then hear him say "All is fair in love and war."
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And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Robert Schoen said...
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Watchand Knock said...

Thank you! But on July 23rd somebody wrote: " I sadly do feel JFK Jr. has passed. " (???)

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you for this reading, Lynn. I saw someone ask about this the other day, and when Lynn said she felt that JFK had passed (which I think is what Watch and Knock refers to) I had a sense that she might have meant the first one. This rumour had only just broken, and I noticed she didn't specify 'jr' so I saw it as a possible misunderstanding. Apologies to Lynn if I am mistaken about that.

I had gone back and re-read Lynn's post about JFK Jr's plane crash, and the first section regarding his feelings and intentions, really resonate with everything that has emerged around the Q postings.

I hadn't been following the Q posts very closely but took a deeper dive when this JFK jr thing emerged. If anyone doubts this I would at least ask them to go and look at all the clues and co-incidences that have accumulated, it's incredibly thoroughly worked out. For instance the coded numbers on each post have even been found to link to lists of books when put into a Google book search, all of which are relevant to the Q mission - including the JFK conspiracy. Just in the few days since I've been following the new postings I've seen 'proofs' in real time - like the Sea to Shining Sea example Robert Schoen gave elsewhere.

When it really hit me, was when I re-watched The Plan To Save The World and realised it was his voice! I recommend people give that a watch. Now imagine that the voice speaking to you is JFK Jr and everything is about to kick off now, as in literally this week with the biggest lunar eclipse this century, during the USA's Pluto return. There are going to be bombshells. Eclipses mean light to dark and back again, people disappear, secrets are revealed, major endings and beginnings, in 19 year cycles (who disappeared 19 years ago?)

I don't usually want to get carried away with a rumour like this, but the validity of so much in the Q postings makes this very encouraging and exciting. Trump's victory parade in November seems to be connected to all this, perhaps a reveal?

I wonder if Lynn can see into the character called Vincent Fusca (which means conquering the dark) who was the Trump van man who appeared behind Trump at the Youngstown rally. Or rather he may be a real citizen who JFK Jr borrowed as a disguise. He seems to have been very silent in the wake of all this speculation, there have been no comments or denials. It may be that he's shy but why then would you draw all that attention to yourself with the van? Is it one man, or one plus a VIP impersonator? What's going on there?

Thanks again Lynn, and generally to everyone - take care today, this eclipse is going to be a doozy!

Patrick said...

Thanks very much Lynn.
There is a good feel and vibe to this information.

I didn't really think much about it when JFK Jr reportedly died in a plane crash, but last week when I saw his photos and I watched partly a video of that last interview he did, I was just awed by his appearance and his dignity.
Now I understood why he was so loved like his father.

How will the USA populance and the "liberal" democrats in particular react when this info is exposed and it reaches the masses...... and that he is working with Trump...?
Added to the fact that we still grieve and are at pain at the death of JFK...?
A repeat of France 1789...? Pitchforks.....?
Hillary/Bushes/Soros/Obama and the whole PTW hang are in alot of trouble. Deservingly so.
One of the reasons I think they are in panic.

On the other hand, it is like we are witnessing and participating in something better than a well written novel...... A thought of "dead" JFK Jr "resurrects" and teams up with DJT to spearhead this very dangerous task of awakening the masses to the vile and evil tyranny we have been living under, by exposing the PTW and bringing to an end their reign of terror.
From Dark to Light.

@Watchand Knock...
I think Lynn has gone through the trouble of explaining the dynamics behind her previous and current readings and observations....

Watchand Knock said...

A veery recent past! A completely distinct view, 72 hours later.... ?

Craig said...

Lynn another person I follow, Utsava, just also did a reading on this a few days ago. She too got strongly Jfk Jr. and his wife are alive and are helping Trump. Great confirmation. I pray for their safety. May the truth bombs keep dropping. WWG1WGA

Ma'at said...

Amy Lynn Bradley, disappeared off the cruise boat, "Rhapsody of the Seas." In 1998.

Robert Schoen said...

@WatchandKnock: Who gave you your name, Charles Dickens? While your incontrovertable evidence debunking this hypothesis: "(on July 23) somebody wrote: 'I sadly do feel JFK Jr. has passed.' (???)" is hard to debate, I got a kick out of reading it. Keep up the good work! Others might find this interesting:

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the comments. I really do appreciate you leaving them, and the time spent thinking them through.

I do want to clarify because I know I was asked by a couple of people, and I cannot remember who, but when I was asked about JFK I was 100% focused on President Kennedy. I don't know if I put the jr. on it or not, but my mind was completely on the president and his assassination. I sorry for the confusion, and I hope I explained my thought process.

Happy Friday!

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you for the clarification Lynn. My hunch was correct. :-)

I hope people in the appropriate areas of the globe enjoyed the blood moon. After weeks of a record breakingly hot and dry summer, the English sky decided to bring in the clouds and thunderstorms this evening so we couldn't see it. I certainly felt i though, it's been a magical day.

Just for a bit of fun, I thought I'd post this as a Q-like puzzle. The title of the piece has direct meaning related to this thread's topic. I've no idea how many will get it. You even get a bonus Kennedy. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Enjoy the show.

EA RW said...

I can only think of the james bond series with the "Q" and "M". Some kind of secret service codes.

Robert Schoen said...

@Kalamota Kook, many thanks for the link to this gorgeous music. It put me on a plane so far away from dumbness of today's culture, I really want to visit there more. Can't get the riddle unless you're saying the Lark is a Larp.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Robert, I'm really happy that you liked it so much.

I didn't know if the key word was something that was common knowledge or really obscure. It's definitely something that's been referred to in the Q posts, as that's where I learned about it the other day. Lark was a codename used by the Secret Services - that's enough for you to find it out. There were whole families of secret nicknames. I thought they were rather lovely.

As an extra present, I'll leave this here as well, although it has nothing to do with the topic in hand. I listen to it during eclipses (including last night's), and it's like bathing in nectar.

The Sharing Bridge said...

This just in .... Lynn may be of interest to you. It corroborates your reading via another intuitive! Let's see how this thing pans out .... Love & Light to you and those finding this page - thank goodness for the waves of incoming energy to support and lift us during these historic times! Cheers!

Kalamota Kook said...

I found a Q lark reference, from an interactive 'proof' played by a US military band. How does this sound?

When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm

There’s a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind

Walk on through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on

With hope in your heart

And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone


Robert Schoen said...

@ TheShining Bridge, Just check and Lark was the Secret Service code name for JFK Jr. when he was a little boy in the White House. Great clue and music piece and this last aria from Rusalka is sublime. Anytime you want to put together a playlist of such great music to educate us unwashed souls, please do. Know a lot of Italian and German operas but this is the first opera by Dvořák I've heard or at least been aware of. This stuff feeds the soul, and I just hooked up a great sound system and appreciate someone with taste like yours to point me in the right direction of new things.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Robert Schoen, I might drop appropriate musical links in my posts in future. I quite like the idea of a spiritual jukebox.

As one last gift for now - making it three jewels for the three eclipses - I couldn't leave The Lark Ascending here without also adding its moody sibling. Every Easter a classical radio station in the UK runs a public vote on the nation's favourite piece, and these two by Vaughan Williams have been wrestling it out in the top 3 for years. The third is always Rachmaninoff's "Theme tune from Brief Encounter", though it's not officially called that. ;-)

This recording is extra special which is explained at the end. I recommend lying down in a darkened room with headphones. This is like the English equivalent of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and you hear it as much with your viscera as your ears. I don't think I've heard any other music that has quite that effect. It is genuine magic.

Sorry Lynn for the off topic diversion. It's all soul food though. :-)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone. i was just taking a minutes to catch up on comments from the weekend. Thanks so much for the sharing! I love reading all these (and I like the idea of a spiritual jukebox too).

Watchand Knock said...

First time an official investigation member admits that MH-370 was subject to third party intervention, British newspaper reports! (

M 'just saying said...

Kalamota Kook and Robert Schoen, The Lark was a secret service name given to JFK Jr in the White House when he was little. The all had secret service names and this was John Jr's name aka Sparrow, which is a Lark. There is also the reference to "The red Sparrow" done by Q, which lead us to the book of the Murder she wrote writer. That Book is titled "The Red Sparrow" JFK Jr is alive! Coincidence? I don't think so! Google the book!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@M: That is really interesting!! I don't believe in coincidences either.. Wow!!

Christina Gould said...

JFK is not alive. I think I told this story here before, but I saw him die in a dream on the night it happened. In fact, I was somehow in the body of Carolyn, his wife. I could feel everything she felt and see everything she felt.

Their plane was shot down by, I believe, a deep state entity. He was NOT piloting the plane. He had a professional pilot who met them at the airport. Four souls died that night. JFK, his wife, her sister Lauren, and the pilot. I saw everything in the dream. They knew they were being shot at, but didn't know why or by whom.

I saw a battle between an army of guardian angels and the killers and their "angels" just before they left the planet. At the moment of impact, they left earth and were instantly transported to another planet. As they approached the planet, his mother and father were telepathically informed of their arrival. That is who they were greeted by. Their next activity was a food tutorial at some sort of orientation center. There were both humans and creatures on this planet, and each had their own food. Although my dream showed me another planet, I do believe this was Heaven, as described in the bible.

There are many more details in this dream. I am not a psychic, so this dream was extraordinary for me. A one-time deal and very specific. I'll never forget it. I somehow connected with Carolyn's spirit that night.

Sometimes news is true, folks. They really did die that night, although we were indeed lied to about the details. I believe it is likely that the deep state killed him because he was talking about running for the same NY seat that was intended for Hillary.

You may be picking up on JFK in spirit. He may have returned to earth, in spirit, to work behind the scenes. He may have also reincarnated already, although they say reincarnation usually happens after a gap of at least 50 years. That may be why you are picking up on his vibe.