Thursday, January 22, 2015

John F. Kennedy (Death)

Q. On July 16, 1999, John F Kennedy Jr. died when the Piper Saratoga light aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coat of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.  What were the events or were there other players involved?
A.  I get that John F Kennedy Jr. was very much like his father.  I hear the term he "Followed in his father footsteps more than people realize." He too found himself stepping outside of his relationship (like his father did with Marilyn Monroe), BUT don't let that jade your opinion of him as a politician and his desire to spread truth and help the people.  I get an impression he saw how the American people were living in a fog, and he wanted to give clarity.

JFK Jr. knew the "story" released regarding his father's death was false, along with many other "convenient" deaths, and he felt that he was a public enough figure that by voicing his thoughts (along with very compelling evidence) he could evoke awareness, stop the behavior and bring down the "powers-that-be" that were orchestrating this using the CIA as there strongarm.

JFK Jr. also wanted to cleanse the government of "dirty" politicians and a monetary system that was failing (or doomed to fail) the American people.  He had a vision that aligned with his dad, and I see him wanting to take a powerful office (maybe even president) to try to finish what his dad did, but with a happier ending.  He was suspicious of the "powers-that-be" but somehow felt that they wouldn't harm him- He had a false sense of security.

I also keep seeing Ron Paul and get a strong impression that what JFK Jr. wanted for the country was similar in Ron's ideals. Then I hear Ron yell "Audit the federal reserve!!"  There are major concerns with this.  This is completely the opposite of what people that were making money with the current system wanted.

Q. What political figures come to mind as being involved, or who knew about it?
A.  I immediately get CIA, and then hear "they are the ones that get their hands dirty."  I ask myself who coordinates this, and I hear "Big Bush Sr" and his son George knew about what was about to go down, and his only job was to keep quiet.  Then I get an image of Bush Sr, and his ears keep morphing from human to reptilian (not his entire person or even face, just ears??).   There is a very dark energy surrounding this...[Note:  It came to me after this reading that this "ear" symbol could mean that he isn't a reptilian, but he is listening or influenced by the reptilian agenda.]

Q.  What really happened on or to the plane JFK Jr was in?
A.  As I watch this I want to say there was an issue with the gas that caused an explosion.  It looks like there was something put into it that after a distance/temperature/altitude (??) created this explosion.

Q.  What was the aftermath?
A.  I get one negligent action after another.  It was ruled an accident, and proper care wasn't taken.  Nothing was treated as evidence, but they "knew" what really happened.  People weren't given proper closure and everything was done is haste.  I get an impression that there was some kind of race to get him autopsied and buried to end the discussions (again, "Following in his father's footsteps.").

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Baku Matsumoto said...

interesting! but how come is Ron Paul still alive if he has the same view as JFK jr.???

Bee E-lightened said...

Bc he has no power in office...he is all talk...while jfk jr had potential

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn! Can you disclose please who orderred David Crowlweys death?
He is GRAY STATE movie director and was found on January 17th. dead in his home together with his wife and children. (one link to this story:, and raw cut of his movie can be found here YOU!

susan said...

Hi Lynn....This is hard to believe about John John!

Just wondering if you can see how this event was viewed by Americans and the world ... was it viewed as an accident or something bad ... maybe by the American Government/CIA? Are we waking up to these strange deaths and answers given on their deaths?

How did the Kennedy's see this? Are they afraid to enter public life and must stay quiet? Why didn't they question this event?Why did Caroline accept a Government position if this happened to her brother ... was this a payoff of some sort? Or is she unaware? Or ???

About Daddy Bush ... is he afraid of those above him or what is his relationship with those above? Is he controlled by them or in agreement with them or just afraid of them?
Is Barbara Bush in agreement with these connections or out of the loop?
It is hard to believe this world we live in......

Do you see an improvement for our planet the Greek elections may put a people concerned government in Jan 25th, 2015. Is this a turning point for all of us to put in better governments for the people?


Bee E-lightened said...

the truth can be bitter....hearing about these events can be depressing, What hope do we have Lynn?? how can we be positive despite all these things that happened or is happening around us?

Anonymous said...

@Bee, I found Eckhart Tolle books and audio books very helpful. I really have read and listened to this material over and over again because we get little slices of what he is trying to convey and think "Oh Wow, that make so much sense" Then a year goes by and I'm back to feeling overwhelmed by everything around me. So, again, I'm rereading and listening. I will most likely continue to "get it" and then lose it and then "get it" again. I hope to someday really live it in every moment.

Bee E-lightened said...

Thx Diane....ill look into his book. Am presently reading "the untethered soul" love & light

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku and Bee E-lightened: You are right. I feel this energy that Ron Paul is labeled as a “nut.” The media knows his point of view and they intentionally give him little air time, and even cut him off while he is speaking. It is rare to really hear a message in its entirety from him. He will never be “permitted” to hold a high office because of his beliefs.

@WatchandKnock: I will add this to a draft I have regarding deaths. Thank you for the submission.

@susan: I do see people waking up to this. I see three groups of people emerging… 1. People that really see things for what they are. The smoke screens aren’t working, and the truth is just “known.” 2. People that deep down know truth, but deny it because it is too hard to accept in their current paradigm 3. People that are blind followers and nothing you can do or say will change their perception of our current reality. I see all of these people as necessary, and everyone is learning and growing on their own timeline (and here to find their own path to expand through experience). We can do our part to help elevate vibrations and the collective consciousness as a whole, and eventually we will all get where we are destined to be.

The Kennedy’s did see it. The message of not defying the “powers that be” was loudly heard. Daddy Bush is not afraid- I get he somehow feels invincible.

@Bee E-lightened: It can be depressing, but look for any positive you can take away and focus on that. Be thankful that you can “feel” truth, meditate and have gratitude for the ability to look inward, elevate your vibration and see the wonderful things you can attract, share information (some are receptive and some are not, but look at the ones that are as another soul you have touched). You really have to focus on the good, and the good in people- I believe that at some point things will balance out- it is a universal law of Karma.

@Diane: Thank you so much for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

@Bee I will check that out. I am grateful for Lynn's site not just for her input but to read what other people find interesting and worth reading. This site has been an amazing experience for me. Love to all!

Bee E-lightened said...

Diane, I agree. I discovered her site early on. Ive watched her grow and it has been an amazing experience coming here. Love & Light ☺️

SkyBlue said...

Since this was a sudden/tragic death, do you see him being at peace now? I wondered if his parents were there to guide him to the light?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@skyblue: I do get he is at peace, but I don't get he went to the "light" yet. I sense many of the the people that were wrongly killed (JFK, JFK Jr, Joan Rivers, etc...) are collectively pooling energy in this "spirit realm" and using that energy to aid in elevating the consciousness of those that are alive on our 3D earth. It feels like there is an awakening mission happening on the other side.

They Live said...

@Watch and Knock here is an article about David Crowley's death on a great site:

Anonymous said...

What about the report that his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was using her cellphone during the flight and that caused interference with the instruments?

I always got the sense that the constant mention of JFK, Jr. not being properly instrument rated to fly at the time of day/night that he did was a cover up by someone. Thoughts