Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mysteries in the Sky

Q. Hi Lynn - I been having a hard time finding people to communicate about these things I found on a webcam. I don't know why people are silent when I ask around the net. It is really weird. I collected the images into a streaming video with some music we made.  I emailed you, and you were the only one that had anything to say about it. =) Thanks!

I was coming back to share with you if you can do a reading on what these things are? I would like to maybe share your comments with others too to get people to talk about them? It's a long video, sorry, but I've collected the pictures over several years and put up the best ones. I cleaned them up, but didn't alter what they look like. These things are still showing up in the same webcams too.  I will share the links to them as they are public.

Video Compilation:

Webcam Links (Don't forget to "refresh" often):

Thanks so much again - your awesome!  Cheers!

A.  After reading this and watching the video, I was most drawn to the images that showed a bright "streak" in the sky.  While focusing on it, I get that they were ET air crafts, but the interesting thing is if you were to look at them with your naked eye, you wouldn't be able to see them (referring to the video taped images).  The camera enabled you to spot them (so I am doubtful that there were reportings of UFO activities on most of these days).  These crafts were literally flying at speeds that our man made crafts have not be able to achieve (and our 3D eyes could not see, but something with the video or refresh rate ??? allowed it to happen).  

I also noticed that some of the pictures showed "streaks" with red dots along the streak.  I get these too were crafts traveling, but they were giving off a pulse.  This pulse felt like a communication to other beings / crafts.  It felt it was a pulse relating to either a binary or Morse code.

I was interested in knowing who the beings were that were in the crafts.  I then realized the camera located near the Lawrence Hall of Science was very near a portal, and many beings used this portal.  That is why so many ships were seen traveling, and why they are flying at such high speeds (rather than floating or just cruising).  It requires tremendous energy to fly in and out of a portal, and then the craft reduces speeds once through (to conserves energy).  

I can say that as I think about the location and watch the video, the beings feel neutral.  One specific ship has a crew of about 8 beings that look to be very pale Greys.  It was clear to me that these aren't the only beings using the portal, but they were the ones that showed themselves. They were in the process of exiting Earth, and on their way.  I cannot see any ill will or negative activity tied to these pics or the portal.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Weeze said...

Very cool and GREAT song!!

Bill Ramirez said...

Thanks Lynn! Im soooo glad you , YOU!. did a reading on these. I been trying so long to share this. I started collecting more snaps but this time I found a webcam that has timestamps with the images. been seeing them on this cam for the last few nights.

I notice in some of the streaks, they are floating sideways, like they went from a span of 3 minutes between frames (sometimes up to 5 minutes between frames) going sideways like when you put i stick in a pool and it floats sideways..? very weird.
They float around in the sky sometimes like that. Keep an eye on the cams linked , they will show up to do that, don't take my word for it. lol

@Weeze: Thanks Weeze =)

The Lawrence Hall of Science is overlooking the Bay Area...the "Golden Gate Bridge"
is in view . Ironic ;)

the other webcam in the vid is Camel Back Mountain in Phoenix AZ
I think Dragonfly Drones - CARET & Linda Moulton Howe talked about a picture someone took once of something of a UFO around there.

A Man Called Da-da said...

How do ET crafts manage to avoid crashing into other things on the other side of the portals?

space said...

I know this camera, use to work in that building.
it takes pictures once a min. (or was it every 30 seconds ?)
sends them to a server and once a day a video is made of all the pictures,
so the refresh rate on that camera should be once a min. (quite slow)

it is an older digital still camera that can be internet linked, nothing special about it.
so it should see IR just a bit better than human eyes, but that is about it.

it is located on the 3rd floor in the building looking out a window that is outside the director's office.
and if it matters, sometimes it gets blinded by the sun, but same thing happens to you if you look out that window the wrong time of day and straight into the sun.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Bill: You're welcome. This was interesting and you did a great job putting the video together.

@Dada: Great question. I get occasionally they DO crash. Honestly, they move so fast, they are many times long gone before another would approach, but they do occasionally hit.

@space: Thanks so much for sharing.

Bill Ramirez said...

@ Lynn : thanks =) you make it worth all the fun lol

In thinking about your question Im coming up with an image like matrix movie..people/ET's in chairs and the term "Jacked In" comes to mind, if the construct is physical the 'visitors' then need to use containers that enable them to interact inside of that environment..seeing like deep diving suits some cases a unmanned type of rover class..or in some cases the ETs are biological advanced to use Biological containers they make for their purposes. In coming to this environment they just sit like in a space on their end, and then they zone into this place inside of ship or container and carry and out is like putting on a state of mind. its like its not even in a physical transmission ..all like in mind state. Matrix ..jacked in kinda thing..construct of time. time zones and time lines kinda thing. maybe all the physical things stay in a dimension thats like a rest stop, a truck stop kind of thing. maybe close by, behind the moon, inside the moon, etc..inside the earth? at the poles? i dont
its just all a guess =)

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks! These good news also needed an investigation! We're actually more focused on finding out if Deep State or wahtsoever is behind an accident, and generally have no interest in finding out what happened that, for example caused this baby's byrth after her mother died in a car accident, or what happened that allowed all 101 pasengers including crew members to survive after an airplane accident in Mexico. Did they survive by chance or was "somebody" giving a big hand? ( (