Saturday, November 8, 2014

Q & A XLI: Conspiracy Theories - JFK, Pearl Harbor and WW2 [Group Post]

Q. I know it seems like a closed book subject but recently I saw this documentary... It claims that the NSDAP just wanted their 1930's German utopia to be left alone and that made the rest of the bankers who ran the world worried so they forced Germany into a war by beginning to massacre innocent Germans in the surrounding countries. It also claims that the German atrocities of WW2 were made up by the victors of the war and that the Jewish holocaust for the most part was made up, but if anything was actually committed it was really done by the Russians as they (along with the USA & England) wrote the history afterwards and just said it was Germany. All of this was punishment for trying to thrive their own society without the world bankers' "debt system involvement" that runs all the other countries. Is there any truth to this?
A. [I really have to start off by mentally detaching from this... I (along with many other people) have been programed by school, media, etc as to WW2 and the Holocaust.]  

As I focus in on this and look for images, I get there is some truth in what we have been told.  Then I hear the best lies are sprinkled with elements of the truth. This war was provoked by some German segregation (I see an image of a kid pulling away from a circle of friends like they didn't want to play any more).  The kid that pulled away (Germany) was taunted and picked on to the point they couldn't take it and started defending themselves.  

Then I get that there really were camps and violations made against Jewish people as some kind of punishment for what Jewish people were doing to the German economy (manipulating investments, finances, etc) .  It is important to note that the people hurt weren't the people causing the problems, but somehow a harsh statement was being made (like they knew they might not be able to hurt the wealthy businessmen on top, but could take their workers).  

Who provoked the Jewish community to do this or cause issues?

The first image I see is someone shaking hands behind an American flag.  It looks like other countries banded together (America being the leader) and made a deal with very wealthy Jewish businessmen (and I keep wanting to mention Israel, but can't find the right context- it is there in my mind, but I can't put it together).  It does look true that some innocent Germans were physically injured at the hands of the "banded countries" in an effort to bully Germany to "come back to the group." It was not Jewish civilians causing physical harm to the Germans, but rather interfering governments from other countries doing this to get a war started.  

History is written by the victors.  I get that there are "alternative" stories out there, but they aren't viewed as popular (and for a long time were blocked from being shared in the "victors" countries)..  I also see that the "victors" were quick to get their viewpoint out there, because (and I hear the phrase) "if you hear something enough times it starts to sound true."

Q. I heard somewhere on the internet that Americans bombed Pearl Harbor with airplanes designed to look Japanese. Can you see if this is true or not? Also, what do you see is the true motive behind dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

A.  I don't get those were US planes that did the attack, but I get the US knew that Japan was coming and "set up a stage" for them to bomb.  I get that the US had intel and knew that Japan was wanting to attack.  I also get that there were two possible locations of the attack.  The US took older naval ships and basically a lot things (I want to use the word "junk") and put it out in both locations as if they were setting a stage for a play.  The US then sat back and waited.  When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor it gave us the perfect reason to become highly involved in the war and to drop a bomb on them.  The US was able to test their bombs in a very justified manor.  Not only did it give the US control and make them feared, it allowed the US to be viewed as a very powerful country.  This looks like a power play used to get involved in a war (boost economy), test our technology, show dominance and intimidate other countries so they would want to be our ally. 

Q. What do you see when you visit Dealy Plaza at the time of the Kennedy Assassination? How many gunmen and who are they? What were their motives? What was JFK planning to do that someone wanted stopped? Was Oswald truly a patsy, or was he in on it, too? And was Lyndon Johnson in on it, too?

A. When I first tune in I see a group of what looks like a military swat team.  They are dressed in all black, and the image reminds me of some kind of assassins or ninjas.  There looks to be four of them.  I get the impression that this is who they are, but they carry themselves as someone else... 

Becasue.. then I go to an image where I see them rally up, but when they meet they are wearing suits (they work for the government).  They say a few words to each other and disperse wearing their normal clothes  They look like they are the ones (security detail) that are suppose to be "sweeping" the nearby buildings, and go in and actually make sure it is safe (they have the security clearance, etc).  Then they go into their respective buildings using their access  (each four go to there own, individual locations- I want to say there is a a north, south, east and west view).  Then they set up their guns (they look to be hidden there ahead of time.  These four men are the ones that actually committed this crime.

Why? I get JFK was actually wanting full disclosure.  He wanted to admit truths to the people and was trying to get back more to honesty.  I also get the honesty centered on several things- he wanted to get the economy right, he wanted to disclose ETs, basically all the things you get briefed on as a president he wanted to be honest with the people.  It bothered him keeping it in.  The Powers that Be were never going to let that happen.  No matter what threats were made, Kennedy didn't care.  Johnson was willing to listen to the Powers that Be (out of fear), and therefore Kennedy was taken out of power.

Oswald was a complete patsy.  I have an image of this guy walking around oblivious to all this.  I even see him eating a sandwich?? during all of it.  Then he realizes that he is being blamed and starts trying to run to hide.  Then I hear if you take the gun that they said he had, and set up a still target, he couldn't hit it on his best day with ten chances.  He did not do this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Lysa nomi said...

What happened to Oswald after that? Did they hurt him?

A Mann said...

Who are the ''powers that be'' are they aliens?

Tine said...

Oswald was supposedly shot by a nightclub owner named Jack Ruby while being led to the police headquarters. What do you see in regards to that Lynn?

Watchand Knock said...

sorry I mistyped: "Did Hitler commit suicide at the end of WW2 or did he manage to escape with his wife Eva Braun to Spain and subsequently to Argentina where they had two children (according to what conspiracy theorists state)? Thank You!"

RFK Pope said...

@Psychic Focus - "I keep wanting to mention Israel but can't find the right context.."
This is probably because the state of Israel was not formed until 1948, but you are picking up on the Zionists' involvement, resulting in its establishment.

It's no coincidence that after every war is fought and millions are killed...the dust settles and a central bank is formed.

Craig said...

Thank you Lynn. There is a really great detailed site online about Oswald's involvement, forgot where it is.

Oswald may have been a bad shot, but I just wanted to add and confirm that the gun that was left at the book depository was looked at by forensics a the time and they said it was so rusted they could barely move the bolt.

Also the rust and such on the inside of the barrel confirmed that this particular weapon had not been fired in a very long time.

This was not the same gun that Oswald bought by mail order and was featured with him in photos and this is confirmed in many ways, serial number, type of gun, measurements, etc.

I always knew he didn't do it. Then there was the whole hospital emergency room fiasco and autopsy cover up among, many other things.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lysa and Tine: I do see Oswald was killed. They could not allow him to talk..

@A Mann: I don’t see they are ETs (however they do have a “reptilian” feel). They are highly associated with the government; however hide in the shadows so they aren’t out in plain view.

@WatchandKnock: He did escape. I always saw it as Antarctica where he went. I get a body double took his place and was killed in Germany as Hitler made his great escape. Hitler was very sick when he escaped and then later died of natural causes not too long after the war was over.

@RFK: Thanks for putting some clarity to the Israel thing… It was bothering me why I wanted to say it, but yet it didn’t “feel” right.

@Craig: Thank you for the info.

whitelite 1111 said...

Maybe this question would be better as a focus question, but I wonder if these presidents coming into office really have any power to do what they want or is everything already set as an agenda that they are told to role out? Does voting for these people or anyone for that matter even worth it? I feel like I'm voting for the lesser of the evils!! Thank you Lynn!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@whitelite: I see these presidents come in feeling full of steam (they hold their head high and really want to make change). Then something happens during their first briefing that almost collapses them... they see how powerless they are in the big picture. I see you vote for the man, but the man then turns into more of a puppet.

Guillermo Diaz said...

@Psychic Focus - Hi Lynn thank you for all your answers. On a past reading (April 17, 2013) you said that there will be some kind of alien disclosure, some kind of UN announcement and you see Obama dealing with this maybe during the year 2015.

My question is, how powerful is the ''powers that be''? could ''they'' be beaten by UN, will be Obama forced to disclose it and could his life be in jeopardy because of that?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Guillermo: I see a lot being leaked, but not as openly honest as we wish. I also see it coming from an alternate route (like media) rather than Obama himself- he would be in GREAT danger... Then I get a flash of JFK and what happened to him.

Rose Jhonson said...

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