Friday, January 29, 2016

Oregon FBI Shooting of Robert Lavoy Finicum (Multiple Requests)

Q. Hi Lynn... I hope you can do a 'Focus Session' reading on the shooting of Robert 'Lavoy' Finicum in Oregon.  Very disturbing...and sad...

Q2. Greetings Lynn, Would you please look into the Oregon FBI shooting that took place this past Tuesday that killed a man? There are two conflicting eye-witness stories, one from a girl who claimed she saw Mr. LaVoy Finicum get shot, and another from a guy who said he was about 200 feet or so away. They both give opposing views as to what happened.  Who is telling the truth? If the girl is telling the truth, then the evidence would bear out multiple shots fired upon the car. Will those arrested be released at all, or is the FBI going to make an example of them?  Thank you so much...!

For reference, here is the clip of the girl's testimony:

Here's the man's testimony:
A. When I tune into this I see a group of people that have bonded together and have a core belief system that is so strong it couldn't be broken.  They (this group) have lost faith in the government and those that are meant to provide protection.  They were (and some still are) taking a stand against what they felt was unconstitutional in hopes that others would unite and maybe, just maybe, evoke some change.  

They (this group) weren't trying to causes problems, but had the intent of making people realize that there are certain rights that shouldn't be infringed.  The government felt very threatened by this and has been trying to intimidate this group of people to encourage them to leave (and certain people turn themselves into the law).  Traditionally, through enough fear tactics and making things more difficult, people have given up, but in this case they would not back down.  When the fear didn't work, the government needed to do something more drastic.

The government became more and more aggressive (and somewhat passive aggressive) trying to intimidate these people, but it wasn't working. There was a lot of anger building up by the police force because of the problems this group was causing them (and government pressure to get this story shut down).  The real intent of the police was to form a road block, and arrest the people in the vehicle, but the anger caused a "trigger happy" result.  It was like they wanted a reason to fire a shot (almost hoped for it) and once the first shot was taken, they all let loose. This man wasn't trying to run or grab a weapon, but in an instant they decided to make an example of this man (to strengthen the fear and create a deterrent for this behavior),  Free thinkers are seen as some of the biggest threats.

If this pocket of social unrest doesn't resolve itself, I see more and more of this behavior.  The stories will be twisted that the "officer was in fear" or "he/she looked to be going for a weapon" but the reality is they want the people to stand down. 

And that is all I have for this reading. Love and light to Robert and his family. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Medical Questions [Group Post] Gastroschisis, Zika Virus, Raw Cacao, Queen Garnet Plum

Q. Hi Lynn, This isn't a personal question but a general question that I hope you will focus on and share on your public blog. The question:

The Center for Disease Control reported this week that there has been an unexplained increase in a birth defect called gastroschisis. When this happens the baby is born with his/her intestines exposed on the outside of his/her body.
I'm wondering if this is somehow related to GMOs in our food source. Can you focus on what might be causing the increase in the prevalence of this birth defect?  I have attached a graphic rendering as a medical reference if you need to see it. Perhaps you can focus in without it as the image can be disturbing.
Please feel free to edit the wording of this question for your blog if need be. And thank you in advance!
A. As I tune into this I get that when the mom is pregnant environmental toxins prevent the absorption of folic acid and B vitamins from being absorbed properly by the mother.  The mother has an increased blood flow and volume when she is pregnant, and since the folic acid and B vitamins are having trouble being absorbed, the natural amount taken in through daily nutrition and supplements is diluted even more.  (The excess blood during pregnancy is diluted the nutrients).  

I also get that the placenta is absorbing high amounts of toxins as well.  If it were tested there would be a metallic component to it (and could be traced to the source, and common factors of this could be determined).  I then get that it is the chemtrails and airborne pollution that look to be the root cause.  Breathing in these toxic chemicals is what is creating this buildup in the mother's body.

*Pregnant moms may benefit from taking B vitamins, folic acid and small doses of potassium and iodine.  This looks to protect the body from being able to take in the chemtrail toxins.

*I am not a trained doctor, so please do what resonates as right with you.
Q. I would like to ask a Zika virus question. Does the "shrunken brain" issue have anything to do with a new vaccine (Tdap) being introduced like this article suggests?  Are the babies born with malformed heads in the recent past really due to the Zika virus and mosquitoes? Or is it something else?    

Some claim there is direct link to the insect and some mention where there are no conclusion at all.
  A.  I do see this tied to a vaccine.  My mind switched back and forth between the MMR vaccine and the Tdap.  I ended up fixed on the Tdap.  I get that the vaccine was a "bad batch" but it was too costly to (and too late before they knew) to recall.  If they were accountable and made an announcement, then there would be tremendous liabilities.

I see what happened was people received the "bad immunizations" which made them very ill.  Then, if a mosquito bit them, they were able to carried the "bad immunization" along with the illness that resulted to the next person that was bit.

I get the best defense is active offence.  You can use a combination of witch hazel (or coconut oil if you want a lotion) infused with citronella oil or lavender essential oil in a spray bottle to ward off the mosquitoes.  I get to not forget to "spritz your hair" as well. 

Q. Is raw cacao healthy? Some say it might be the best super food there is, while others say it is highly toxic. I get confused.

A. I get it is a great supplement to your diet. It not only looks to be a super food, but a good antioxidant. I then hear that in moderation, "it is great." I get that the only thing to be cautious of is that in large amounts it can have the same "feel" and "effect" as caffeine.

Q.Hi Lynn a fruit for weight loss has been discovered with the special properties in the Queen Garnet Plum. What do you see here?
A. I get that this fruit is a great antioxidant, but it isn't going to create a weight loss on it's own. I hear that the true (and healthy way) to lose weight is really as basic as the old fashioned concept of diet and exercise. If you are replacing less healthy eating choices with this fruit, then it will aid in weight loss, but it is the change in diet (and habits) that are the root cause of the weight loss.

And and is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stephenson Symbols, Linda Moulton Howe, David Caron and ETs

Q. This is about something that nags at me pretty much every single time I star gaze.  A few years ago now, my neighbors across the street were telling me about this weird thing they'd seen in the sky... they'd thought it was a plane at first because she had picked up on the red .. but realized it wasn't moving.  My neighbor had the most awesome binoculars I'd ever seen.. through which we could see this thing up close.  It REALLY is exactly like this video, and with them held still this thing jumps around so much that it moves in and out of the sight.

It was quite outside anything comprehensible to us.  Turns out there are a couple/few of them up there that we can see from here (southern Ontario) and they're spaced out... When I look for them with the naked eye they appear as stars, but super sparkly and if you have very good vision you can pick up the colors a bit.  Through the binocular though... they look EXACTLY as depicted in this very old YouTube video.
It boggles my mind… My limited understanding tells me they're not "normal" stars.  Linda Moulton Howe did an article on them but it has long been archived so I can't link to it.  A fella in southwestern Ontario was taking pics through a telescope of them and she had published them.  I have my own "feelings" about this, but I've been dying to ask you your thoughts.  Don't know why it's taken me this long to ask!   Of course now that I have I'm dying to hear the answer lol..

A. When I tune into this I get that these are indeed UFOs.  I see that they move so fast that it is hard to track them with your naked eye.  I also get that if you stood underneath where they were flying you would feel this pulsing sensation (like an intense heartbeat) due to the type of technology used to work the anti-gravity part of flying.

Q. The question I pose to myself, is Who is in there? And, What are they doing?
A. I see that these crafts are being controlled by the military.  As I focus on what military, I get that it is the US military.  They created these UFOs based on reverse engineering technology.  They take these crafts out in non-US airspace to test them and fine tune their operations. There is some level of less scrutiny by doing this over Canada versus the US... ??

Q. Then I think, Why not fly over the ocean if you wanted to test your ship "quietly?"
A. I get that an element of the testing is to be able to observe people and movement on the ground.  In these specific ships there looks to be some kind of sophisticated radar system.  I also get that when you fly over the ground it requires a different form of "gravity control" when compared to large amounts of water.  There is necessary control and practice needed both on land and above water.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thanks you. L&L

Monday, January 25, 2016

Follow-Up to Steven Avery Case

Follow-Up to previous reading on the Steven Avery case..
Yesterday I completed watching the series on Netflix called Making a Murderer.  At one point near the end of the series a video of Teresa Halbach was played where she was stating how much she loved certain things. []  When that video clip was done, I was thinking about her and in my mind I asked her if she had a message or anything I could relay.  Basically, was there anything I could do to help her? She immediately appeared as clear as this monitor in front of me and looked at me.  I stared at her for a second, and then she took out a gun and shot herself.  Then she said over and over, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen."

I was a little stunned and very confused.  I asked her what happened and what was going on.  She told me that she had a lot of hurt, but never showed it on the outside.  She was good at masking her feelings.  Very few people really saw the real her.  My impression of what she described was much like a bi-polar situation.  She had a very bubbly personality, but also carried a sadness too.

She then showed me this corn field area where she did it.  It looks as though she went for a drive, and had semi contemplated taking her life.  I get she had these feelings for a long time. She had this "wishy washy" feel, and this was somewhat premeditated.  The overall result feels very rash.  She said she even wrote a note and she is showing me it was in her pocket.  She asked me if anyone saw the note, and I didn't connect to that or have an answer.  She felt upset by that statement.

I then said "Who were the guys harassing her at the Avery place?"  I saw two of them.  She told me I was partially right in what I saw there, but I didn't get the full picture.  There were two guys giving her a hard time and following her around (she felt really "creaped out"), but she did leave the property.  I asked her if she could give me a name or something, and she wasn't sure and just tried to keep avoiding them.  She said that she looked up at them from time to time when they talked to her, but for the most part just tried to get her job done and get out of there.

Back to her vehicle... I asked what went on there.  She said a cop found her car near a corn field a day or two after she was reported missing, and he found her sitting near it.  He was really upset like he knew of the the family or possibly knew her well.  I also get that he knew of the family's religious beliefs and they would never be able to accept that she took her own life.  The connection felt close like they may have even gone to the same church.?? To be honest, this portion of the "hiding of the suicide" didn't look to be malicious, my impression was that he was protecting this very religious family because he somehow knew they would be worried that their daughter went to hell for this.

The cop then put her in the back of her own car and drove the car to some offsite location until he could figure out how to handle this.  It looks to me that this offsite location was either near or connected to a crematory.  From there, this cop wanted to have her body cremated because if it was found in the current condition they would be able to determine that this was indeed a suicide versus a homicide.

This cop also had it out for Avery for "looking bad" in the public eye due to the incorrect incarceration that Avery went to jail for.  The cop had a lot of explaining to do, and had a lot of hostile feelings toward Avery.  He took the cremated remains and planted them on the Avery property, and also planted the vehicle there as well.

When I went to bed I always try to quiet my mind, and she came to me again.  Teresa never meant to hurt anyone or worse get someone in trouble.  I told her I would help her and promised I would share this story as long as it was in the greater good.  I even said I wanted the "Universe" to give me a sign that this was the right path, and I got that sign when I was awakened at 2:22 AM this morning. She then gave me a list of questions and random pictures that could be helpful in this case.

  • There is some building with a red door and a wreath with light blue flowers that looks significant. (Could be current or from when this happened and is possibly in a photo somewhere). 
  • She told me that when things are cremated there is a different temperature or amount of heat versus a bonfire.  There is a different process. If you can check the bone fragments that were found, somehow this can be tested.
  • When Steven had a bonfire the night in question he either used lighter fluid or gasoline to start the fire.  The bone fragments will reflect no such chemical (providing this evidence was preserved).  These fragment were scattered after the fire was already out. (This is the same with burn barrel).
  • Within a day or two of her being reported missing there was a "Jane Doe" or some unofficial cremation done.  Check local crematories and look at the logs (also look at who veterinarians may have used).
  • Witnesses need to be re-questioned and find these two men that were on the property.  They can attest that she did leave.
  • Steven's prints are nowhere on her vehicle.  I get her vehicle was "scrubbed" for prints and the blood sample was an afterthought. 
And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light to everyone involved and touched by this. 

Link to previous reading:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Five for Friday #27

by Lynn & Da-da (A Man Called)
Hi all, and welcome to an odd Five for Friday. Let's get to it.

Image #1: If a Bent-tree Makes a Right Turn in a Forest...
This distinguished gent (Dennis Downes, in the color pic) has hypothesized that Native Americans bent trees to mark various trails and paths... which seems reasonable. Is this indeed true, or are these examples of the natural result of a tree injury? If it’s deliberate, how long have people been doing this? And while we’re on the subject… who created the first tree on earth?

What Lynn Saw
"I see that, after a young tree is wet, I see Native people's folding and bracing and tying it to make this U-shape. Later (a year?), they untie it and the tree will want to grow upward. So, it's definitely intentional. This kind of bent tree marks boundaries, as well as a serving as a navigation system. Looks like they've only been doing this for 300-400 years, so not that long. It's more of a North American thing."

"First-tree-on-earth-wise, I hear that the seeds were created elsewhere, but the tree was grown here. The seeds were genetically designed offworld. [No, not by Monsanto.] The seeds literally rained down from the atmosphere, all over the planet, from a comet or somesuch delivery system, simply to see which ones would grow here. Some were duds, but some took. They gave every tree an opportunity to grow in every environment, but only some worked. Some worked in multiple places."

"This gremlin-y ET tree creator I'm seeing looks to be the source of this avalanche of tree seeds, but he doesn't want me to know exactly what, how, or why. He was a genius geneticist, but he won't tell me the intricacies of the actual tree creation."

[When did this mass tree-seeding occur? Did that gremlin ET seed other worlds?]

"It was millions and millions of years ago. I cannot get an exact number, but it was before the Dog, Cat and Reptilian ETs even came together here and had the big battle. He seeded other worlds too, but earth was one of the most successful. There are others that worked, but I get earth has one of the biggest varieties of trees and plants. I don't know how many, but I see one standing out and the whole planet has huge plants (the leaves are gigantic) and feels tropical everywhere, not just at an equator. It seems to have to do with the way the planets rotate and also their level of gravity."

Image #2: Sky Phenomena #1
This light phenomena was snapped in Kattua, Finland. Is it the reflection of Kattua streetlights, or is something else going on?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it's a projection -- from above. This is similar to a crop circle, but you're seeing it in the sky. I get it's some kind of hologram effect from a ship that's out there, above this image, projecting it. I feel like it was some kind of symbol of peace or protection. (At least that is the emotion I get when I tune into it). It was like a 'crop circle in the sky' (the phrase I got). I get this image is of peace and comfort as if they're saying "We're protecting you. We're keeping you safe," as this ET group helped the residents of Kattua avoid some catastrophe. [We keep seeing this.] Yes, they came and warded something off, then let thepeople below know that everything will be ok."

[What did the ETs ward off? Some natural earth event? What do these ETs look like?]

"I can't see these ETs, just hear and understand that they were here to protect, and now things are ok. They sort of showed me a message but won't show themselves up close. It feels like a natural event was warded off, and it was coming from inside the earth (is there a volcano or something there?) If not, maybe an earthquake."

Image #3: Sky Phenomena #2
More strange sky phenomena going on here, this time in Michigan and Hawaii. (I’ll let you guess which one is Michigan.) Anyway, anything unusual going on in either pic? The Hawaiian one (bottom right) looks like the camera may have shifted in the person’s hands?

What Lynn Saw
"I see the first one as 'X Marks the Spot,' but... what is it marking? There's some kind of energetic portal or feeling special to this area that's actually being marked. It's pointing exactly where that spot is. If you could find that exact spot on the ground, you would feel tingling, kinda like a Van de Graaff generator, but good. There's something unique to the ground there. It's indicating a highly energetic area. The bottom right sunset pic... feels different. It's fake.

Image #3 BONUS (on the left):  Dada didn't even know about this.  A friend of mine posted this on social media, the same evening as I did the rough draft reading for Dada.  This photo gave me the same feel, but I didn't say anything to her.  She later privately send me a message and asked if I got anything strange from the photo because ever since she saw it (and her son was in the car at the time too) her son said he didn't feel right.  I shared this reading with her (told her it was coming out Friday), and found the synchronicity amazing!!

Image #4: Giant in the Clouds?
A jet passenger snapped what looks to be a giant walking across the clouds/marine layer…. but Da-da’s guessing this is just a cloud, or a fake?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there are two pics being overlaid here. One is a pic of some guy walking across the desert, like a stock photo you could find with google. Some dude walking in the desert. Then they put this cloud effect to it to create a photoshoppy thing." [As Galaxar said: "Lame."]

Image #5: The Thing That Fell From the Sky
What do you get off this thing?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a weird one, and kind of creepy to tell you the truth. I think what he saw and what he found were two different things. When I look at this, I get it's fossilized, or... it became fossilized when it passed through something? It was somehow brought here by an ET, but it's *really* dark and *really* negative. It has a ton of negative energy tied to it, this YUCK creepy feeling. At one point it was LIVING and has since been fossilized and preserved.

[Da-da then provided this link on the object.]

"Ok, so the ET connection makes sense. It had a really negative feel to it. I saw it as something living that was fossilized or something like that, but now I understand it's metal (maybe molded from a living thing, or transformed in some process??). I see an ET (sort of a taller grey, but with reptile looking skin) having a battle with some sort of sea monster, and this was a tentacle that was torn away in the fight. I'm still confused how I see it has a living force tied to it while it's metal, so perhaps it passed through some energy field? This is a bit confusing in my mind (and it's really negativity oriented). If I were that guy in the article I would NOT want to be around this thing."

Darn, that's the end. Join us Friday after next for episode #28.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chipotle Under GMO Attack?

Q. Are the agribusinesses (ie Monsanto) giants buying up heirloom seed companies?  Did the fast food restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill get sabotaged/attacked with the Norovirus because they stated no GMO 's in their food ever?  Is Russia the only country in the world that says "No to GMOs"?
A.  I do get that there was some sabotage going on against Chipotledue to their anti-GMO stance and there outspokenness on it.  I see that this started last October (2015) when Chipotle launched their "Halloween Unnecessary Promo" [attached to the bottom of this post].  They brought attention to the chemicals that are being put in the processed food found in other fast food places.  

I also hear something about people know that these chemicals and artificial ingredients exist, but when it is truly "called out" it is harder ignore this knowledge.  It is similar to putting the calories on a menu board.    We many know something isn't healthy, but when you factually know, it is hard to deny the nutritional content.  I see that the PTB are tied to GMOs (both directly and indirectly) became furious that they were called out.  It was due to them having to already answer to this which created some cost, and also they just simply didn't like their competition.

I also see that some of the morality questions made the GMO companies feel a lot of pressure at the subconscious level.  The heads of these GMO companies know that Chipotle is doing the right thing with their food;  natural, real and non-GMO.  However, these GMO companies are unwilling to support the concept of pure and healthy food because there is not as much money to be made now and in the future.  These GMO companies don't feel good or proud (but their rational minds are focused on money and greed which is over-riding ethics), and they are punishing those people / organizations that make them feel bad and point out their flaws.

It looks like the restaurant supply company that deals with Chipotle was tampered with.  I see this highly contagious Norovirus being spread via the veggies.  If the employee washed the veggies well and properly (I keep seeing a salt water bath, but cannot tell if it is symbolic of something else?), then most, if not all the virus looked to be eliminated.  In stores that some of the employees rushed, some of the virus remained, and people got sick.

I do get that Chipotle is a good company with good morals and cares about their food.  They are taking steps to prevent future outbreaks and educating employees.  They also realize they have a target on them, and they are being extra cautious.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Halloween Unnecessary Promo:  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Questions about Economy, Stock Market, Walmart Closings, China and Iran

Q.  Lynn, So many things are going on in the world.  Can you please comment on them and give us your thoughts?  
What is going on with the economy and stock market?  What do you see with this?  
A.  I have always seen that the stock market would run into trouble and the dollar would start to fall around Christmas.  The symbol I see over and over is a Christmas tree when trying to determine time frames.  To be honest, it came through so strong at the end of 2014 that I thought it would have happened by now, but now I see it was in reference to this year.

China is going to emerge as a powerful player in 2016.  They are manipulating the market causing panic.  They have so many negative feelings toward us that I hear they are willing to take themselves down in order to take us down as well.  Two things that really hurt the US are the stock market and oil.  Both of those things are being focused on right now.  

The thing I see down the road as things are manipulated are the cost of good rising.  This will range from food to everyday household items.  I hear a "penny saved is a penny earned" so if you can stock up on things you use everyday, you are really benefiting yourself.

Be cautious and involved if you do have investments.  Live in awareness (but don't focus on fear).

I have attached some previous readings on the economy here in which I reference the "Christmas tree."

Q.  Historically we have going through a seven year cycle, and about seven years ago we had the housing bubble burst.  What is going to happen now?  What are we in for now? 
I see a couple things with this.  I get that debt in general is at an all time high.  Between various loans (mortgages, vehicles, student loans) and credit cards, more and more people are finding themselves in a hopeless debt.

We are also moving toward a cashless society where things are on credit cards (which further reinforces my first point and why it is getting so bad).  I see that there is going to be an overwhelming trend to move society cashless (disconnects people from "money" where they are more apt to spend more) and create more and more personal debt.  

People that can afford to pay this debt will do so, and people that won't will find themselves in foreclosure (and other types of collection situations).  Some banks will make out with this (via interest) and some smaller banks will collapse.  I see another government bailout happening, but in a more creative way (like passing another quantitative easing..??) which ultimately devalues and puts the dollar in further peril.

Q.  I recently saw that Walmart was closing more stores.  They closed some in early 2015 and I (along with several others) related it to Operation Jade Helm, but now I question it as 269 more stores are closing due to economic conditions.  What is happening here? 
A. I get that Walmart does a LOT of business with China, and they can see what is emerging and are protecting and securing their assets.  Walmart knows it has to be on good terms with both the US and also China to survive at their current price points.  There is some interaction or business dealings going on that will effect the way Walmart does business and they are protecting themselves now.  I get in 2016 there will be some HUGE news break out with this (like an underground dealing is going on???).

Q.  What is really happening with Iran?  There seems to be more to the story than we are shown.  Will this translate to something in the economy?  Many public affairs can be traced to business deals or "economic boosts."  I am curious if you this as true with the current situation in Iran. 
A.  I get that when this military ship floated into Iranian waters it was no accident.  I see a two-fold plan with regards to this.  They look like they drifted into their waters with a plan of some (if not most) of the military on the ship making it to land to investigate what dealings were going on.  It looks like some kind of a covert operation and got caught.  

The dual part of this was for Iran to find the ship, create tension and have them fire at the US ship.  This would give the US immediate cause to escalate actions.

I see the leader of Iran being irate at the US when some kind of barrier agreement was broken.  He wanted to show drastic consequences, but it was the advisers he works with that talked him down.  They realized that if they fired upon this US military ship it would be certain war for their country and give the US a reason to occupy (and take control of / manipulate the oil and oil trade routes).  The US would also be able to rally the people behind this, so diffusing the situation was the best plan that Iran could take.  

I am left hearing the phrase that "it is back to the drawing board for them".... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Health and Medical [Group Posting]

Q. Frankincense side-effects. I've tried taking one drop of food-grade frankincense in a glass of orange juice, but 24 to 36 hours after taking it I get flu-like symptoms -- fatigue, headache, upset stomach -- which fade over 48 hours. Should I be taking something with the frankincense, like activated charcoal or food-grade benontite clay, to take up toxins released? Or would side effects have a cause other than toxins?
A. I get that you should first investigate the Frankincense and confirm that it is certified food grade. Some examples of ingestable Frankincense are made by ***** and Young Living [I was contacted by the first company and I am not allowed to mention the brand name of their oils. (Yes, that really did happen!)]  Be certain that the oil you used are tested and safe. As a reminder, always listen to your gut and do what resonates with you.

When you take your Frank, try putting a drop in water rather than the juice. I get there is an imbalance with the acidity of the juice which makes your stomach upset. If you are still sensitive, consume some protein when you drink the Frank (I am being shown a piece of cheese as an example).

Frank is a great overall supplement. It helps with inflammation and ridding the body of toxins. Since it does do such a great job of detoxing, I get you really need to drink a lot of water (a minimum of 6 to 8 full glasses) to be sure your body is purging out the toxins. Toxins in your system will create that headache feeling, so they need to be removed (water is really the best way).

Q. Hi Lynn, I know you've done a posting on cancer, but I was wondering if you could do a reading on cancer in pets? Specifically, I have a young cat with mammary cancer, and know many people experiencing cancer with their pets as well. It there anything that could help either prevent, slow down, or reverse cancer in pets? I am hoping for anything from diet to reiki to acupuncture... Anything that may make a difference. Thank you so much for your time and love!
A. Energy work is a great place to start. Pets, unlike humans, don't have a rational mind always working which can block energy healing from happening. Pets are open and in tune to both their physical and energetic environment, which makes them great candidates for reiki.

I also get to modify their diet. Focus on a diet that is more alkaline. I also get to increase all the B vitamins (I see a visual of some kind of vitamin spray).

Q. Hi Lynn, You said that blueberries is a good way to slow down the accumulation of plaque in our hearts but what about removing the existing plaque that is narrowing the arteries. I heard that pomegranate juice can remove the arterial plaque, do you see any truth in this?

A. Pomegranate juice does look healthy for the hearth and circulatory function, but the absolute best way to remove arterial plaque is to reduce or eliminate high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Additionally, the more corn products you can cut back on, the better it will be for your heart and arteries.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you look into ways a person can lower high blood pressure naturally without medication? Thank you.
A. I get there are two main things that cause high blood pressure. They are diet and lifestyle. Aside from modifying your diet, the best way to lower blood pressure is to learn self calming techniques. The internalization of stress, worry and anxiety create the tension that can contribute to high blood pressure. Some of the best calming techniques are exercise, meditation and stretching exercise (like yoga).

[Side note: YouTube is a great resource for free self guided meditation videos. I have attached a few for you to sample.]

Q. Could you take a look at the flavor enhancer E 621 (MSG, monosodium glutamate) And if it is related to autism. I didn't research it yet, but it also could be a nerve killer. Anyway lots of side effects to take into account.
A. I cannot connect MSG to autism, but MSG does have adverse health affects. I see that is disrupts the natural metabolism, and causes people to feel lethargic (actually ill). There is also a level of water retention and bloat that MSG causes, it is very hard on the kidneys. I also see it changing the consistency of the blood. I hear the word "sticky." It causes stress on the heart which can lead to other circulatory problems.

I get a conflicting feel that it is both toxic, but also addictive. It looks like the more MSG you consume, the more you want, therefore, food manufacturers put it in food to make you want more of their food. The difficult part with this is the food that you would be craving isn't the highest quality of nutrition.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Random Q & A [Group Posting] Speaking in Tongues, Elite Shungite, Tiamat, Alternate Realities, Tunnel of Light and Portals

Q. Hi Lynn, speaking in tongues is a very common practice in many Christian denominations. Read here: for more info. Can you please do a reading on what exactly it is and how/if it can be effective in prayer? Thanks!
A. As I look at this I get that when people speak in tongues, it isn't that they go into a prayer session intending to speak in that way, but rather go into a prayer session open to the Universe, Higher Self, Oneness, Divine Source, etc and that openness (with the absence of any blockages to the communication) allows these tongues to flow through.  It is more like a channeling of this higher source, and allowing that source to work to and through you.

It can be effective because the person experiencing it feels a strong confirmation that there is a higher power out there.  It releases doubt and allows people to see and feel things that are more intense than our physical world.  As long as the person realizes that they control their intent (what it is they are praying or focusing on), and realizes they are the ones that "drive" the direction of their life (never give control or accountability to some other power), this practice looks to be helpful and comforting in realizing there is something bigger than the here and now guiding and assisting us.

Q. Hi, Lynn. 
What do you sense when it comes to pieces of Elite Shungite? Where did this stone come from? How old is it and what are it's actual benefits?  Thank you

A.  It looks as though this meteor came here and landed thousands of years ago.  When it landed it looked and felt like a bomb, and I see this heat coming off of it.  People looked to travel to it instinctively (??) rather than run from it.  It couldn't be touched for several days, even months.  Once it was able to be touched people would break pieces off of it and carry it.  The stone looks to give off some kind of healing property, and I hear it has to do with the unique magnetic properties of it.  The stone changes the property of water (and therefore water in the body) to foster a detox situation by eliminating free radicals.

Q. Can you do a reading on the asteroid belt? How did it form? Was it the former planet "Tiamat" and if so can you do a reading on what Tiamat was like?

A. I hear that Earth IS the former Tiamat (the name changed after a large explosive battle between the Cat, Dog and Reptilian ETs). Tiamat / Earth was a sought after oasis that many ET races were competing for. Part of an explosion during a large battle ejected a portion of the planet into what is the current day asteroid belt.  If you were to examine the rocks and debris of the asteroid belt, many of the properties would match material you would find on Earth.  I also get the explosion occurred in the area we call the Pacific Ocean, and upon examining the ocean floor you would see the large creators created from the explosion.

Q. Hi! How do you describe alternate realities as it comes to you? How do you know if it is real or imaginary? Can future realities also appear in our subconscious state while awake? Thank you for this!

A.  Alternate realities (as I see them) look like a road, and then I see branches in the road where the paths split.  If we follow our gut and take the advice from our guides, we tend to follow a straight path.  If we let outside influences or doubts come into the equation, we start to follow down a different path and an alternate reality starts to emerge.

When I read someone, I visualize myself "floating" in fast-forward down the paths (based on different decisions) to see what different results manifest.  I determine how real it is by how it resonates with myself as true, and the person being read as feeling "right" within their gut.

People are able to gain insight into their own future through strong intuitions, daydreams and even dreaming at night.  The most important thing is to listen and pay attention to what you see rather than dismiss it.

Q. Hi Lynn!! I just read an article that reminded me about the man who somehow figured out how not to go to the light when he died. This article explains in detail how to turn away from the hypnotizing tunnel where you will eventually be recycled back to earth so that you can escape the matrix and be free to do what you choose. Does this resonate with you?  Gratitude and love...

A.  This does resonate with me.  I see that there are a few things that someone can do when they pass to avoid having memories wiped away in the tunnel.  First, don't go down the tunnel.  I see that you need to have some kind of plan or belief system in place to avoid it.  The tunnel is warm and enticing, so it is difficult to resist.  It is designed that way to lure you in, but if you have a strong will upon passing, you can turn away much easier. 

If you want to incarnate and retain as much wisdom as possible, I get there is a vibration that you need to give off when you pass through the tunnel.  It visually looks like this vibration allows you go through the tunnel and pass through the light waves because your vibration works opposite of the natural vibration in the tunnel.  I get that highly spiritual people have learned how to do this.

Q. How do portals work scientifically?  Thank you.

A.  I get that portals can work a few ways depending on what kind of portal it is.  Some portals are purely energetic.  They can be of a high vibration or low vibration.  They form by a collection of similar energy grouping together due to the properties around it (usually magnetic in nature).  Beings can reside in and travel through the portal as long as their energy can maintain within the portal.  These can work as a two way system back and forth or one way system.

The second is a more "generic" travelling portal (not tied to high or low vibrations).  I get these are areas that have an anomaly with gravity, and this issue with the gravity create an intense vacuum.  You are able to flip the effect of gravity and use that "flipping" to propel through this vacuum.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  I am happy to address more specific questions as they come up in the comments. Love and light-

Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie

Q.  We lost a great musician today, (RIP David Bowie).  There are some rumors going around in some  alternative media sites that he was sacrificed by the Illuminati because of some questionable messages in his music.  Is there any truth to this?  What are your thoughts?  
A.  When I tune into this, I get that Bowie was truly a people person, and the older he got the more he did what he felt was right.  His focus was on people.  It could be sharing, entertaining, making people smile, or doing a good deed.  He didn't focus on judgement or hold onto fear...

Most everyone is media or mass entertainment is involved with the Powers That Be, but the level of involvement can vary from being very minimal to a lot.  In his earlier years he fell prey to their tactics, but soon could see through it and really did try to break away.  I get that when he was younger something happened (like an illness, addiction or something that felt like bad luck) and it made him really re-evaluate life.

As he became his own person I see he became even more creative artistically.  It was as if the energy of the PTB blocked him, and once he went down a different path, things opened up for him (opportunities and mental inspiration).  I see he evolved into a free spirit and people look to love him for that...

Q. Did the PTB have anything to do with his death?
A. I cannot see a connection between the PTB and Bowie's death.  I hear his death is related to "an acidic diet, exercise and lifestyle."  I get that many times performers travel, don't eat right (I hear lots of preservatives) and there is no "normal" routine which puts sleep cycles out of sync.  The abnormal sleep cycles makes your body weak, breaks down the immune system, and prevents proper cellular healing.  As toxins from environmental sources enter the body, aren't properly purged or counteracted, rogue (cancerous) cell begin to form..

Bowie was bold, thought outside the box, and shared his creativity with the world, but the PTB never saw him as a direct threat.  They paid attention to his work, but I don't see him ever being threatened or concerned regarding anything he released.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light to him and his family.