Monday, November 30, 2015

NSA Harrassment

Q. African-American novelist Gloria Naylor wrote "1996," a thinly fictionalized account of being targeted for physical and electronic harrassment by the NSA after she had a series of minor run-ins with a neighbor whose brother was a high-level NSA official. She describes in-person "street theater" harrassment and also an invasive electronic harrassment in which agents use one device to literally read a person's thoughts, and a second machine to literally project "thoughts" into a person's consciousness, with the goal of driving the target to suicide, a fate she narrowly missed herself.

It is important to note the fact that the targeted person's symptoms are indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia.

Do such devices exist? Are they widely used? What is the goal of using these devices against people like Naylor who have virtually no connection to any national security interests?
A. As I focus on the question, I get there are devices out there that can project artificial thoughts into people.  These thoughts are forced by creating sounds / vibrations that sort of "open up" the subconscious.  This can also happen with subliminal messaging.  I hear that either form is essentially a "psychic attack" on the person.

Most of these attacks are done by governments (I get CIA type organizations rather than NSA??) in North America, Asia and Europe.  It started as experiments with the main goals being: to create"sleeper" type cells that could be activated later, mentally scramble people that were too close to knowing information or as a way to find a way to control societies (through mental manipulation).  This activity was seen as both a weapon and a tool to control certain populations.

For the victim It can be hard to distinguish what thoughts are their own versus what is being projected onto them.  The battle between their inner self fighting these "false" thoughts does create a mental strain that can appear as schizophrenia.  Just as your body is intelligent enough to try to rid yourself of toxins, your brain tries to eliminate things that are not in your greater good. The most important part of what I saw was how to protect yourself from these attacks, or clear yourself if you have been attacked.  Most (if not all) of the victims are in a lower vibrational state (depressed, angry, sad) which increases the success of the attack.  If you keep yourself elevated and even use tools to increase your vibrations (organite or crystals), you are much more difficult to target.  If you feel you aren't yourself (have very negative thoughts, or the little voice in your head is telling you to do something that feels off) QUESTION IT IMMEDIATELY!  You can actually say "This is not my thought or feeling, I do not own it, Go away" and visualize it disappearing.  If you feel it creep up on you again, repeat the phrase.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

How to Manifest Outcomes..

Q. Hi Lynn, 
What can a person do to achieve / manifest a desired outcome that they want? 
A.  The basis of projecting intent is sending out a vibration (it looks like a mental forcing of a wave, and the frequency of the wave is determined by the type of intent being sent out).  Ideas with a positive intent send out a higher frequency tied with the thought.

To achieve a desired result, you have to focus clearly on what you want.  What you sent out, and how you focus on what you want makes all the difference.  Your perception of your reality can also alter the frequency of your intent because it can lower the vibration behind the intent. The Law of Attraction is always at work, and I get the "Universe" is always listening, feeling and sensing.  

I get one of the frustrations people have is thinking they are focused on a desired outcome, but they have doubt, questioning or negative phrasing tied to it, therefore, the "Universe" doesn't know how to deliver.  For example, if you say "I hope I'm healthy" the word "hope" adds doubt.  You have to visualize things as fact and believe it by saying "I am healthy."

Meditation visualizing what you want (see and feel yourself with that outcome), mantras and tools such as "post-its on your bathroom mirror" can be great tools.

On a side note, I highly recommend reading The Secret.  It talks about the Law of Attraction at work.  The book is powerful, clear and concise.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Spirit Guides in Regards to Soul Mates and Karma

Q. I guess I was a little surprised and shocked when I learned that spirit guides can pull two people together in a relationship.  I think I have seen and heard of a few occasions where this has happened, or nearly happened.  In the very few cases I saw, I felt that there is a bit of manipulation involved, sometimes a cloak and mirror type of trickery (there, I said it) involved too, perhaps.  I think spirit guides helping two people come together is okay, if there was some prior arrangement to make this happen (like soul mates wanting to meet, for instance), or if two people were meant for each other (they are a good match and fit well, and the match is for the greater good of both parties, in the very least).  But I was shocked to see incidences where I felt that situations were sometimes not ideal for the women, where the women tended to be trapped in a relationship under the name of patriarchy.  It came to me as women being treated as something disposable, where they were often asked to sacrifice their lives both figuratively (in terms of their original aspirations and goals) and literally (when someone is born with a really rough karmic path, and someone instead gets the blunt end of the energies and events in place of the person). I thought these situations were against some kind of karmic law, using another person against their free will, or tricking them into unideal situations?  Is it just me misinterpreting things, or do these situations really happen, have I only seen isolated incidences; or do these situations happen disproportionately for women often times; if so, is there a dependence on the culture they are in?  Does this happen only when a spirit guide happens to carry a negative or low-level intention, or is there a "convention" among spirit guides that such things are okay (is there a bit of sexism involved this realm too)? ... I'm getting that the spiritual realm is really vast and large, so maybe I should try to rephrase my last question a bit... Are there spirit guides who carry the notion of, and take advantage of sexism, that enable them to put women at a disadvantage for someone else that they are primarily involved with?  What kind of mindset should women have in order to fully avoid such unduly situations?
A.  As I think on spirit guides, soul mates and even how fate works, I see a path unwind... I will explain how it is being shown to me.  When we are in the womb I see a main guide being assigned to you.  That main guide will be with you your entire life.  You have other guides come to you at birth, and those guides will come and go depending on what you are learning to help guide you with your experience, but those guides sort of "tap in and out" during your life.  At all times you have a small team, but the team may change as you encounter new experiences.  

In the spirit form (before we are born) you have a group of souls that you most generally (not every, but most times) incarnate with.  There is a predetermination as to who will be a brother, sister, son, daughter, best friend and even soul mate.  Some of your "soul pact" members will be in your life your entire life, some will come and go and others will come and never leave. Fate as to those interactions are also predetermined, and you guides will help you find those people.  

When we are in spirit form we also chose a life path that is in our greater good for the goals and experiences we need to expand, learn and grow.  That life path may be based on lessons we need to learn or karmatic events.  Even though this general plan is outlined, free will can always intervene and change thins.  People (men and women) are born into all types of circumstances.  We often don't understand in our human form why we would have chosen a path, but there is always an element of learning that is done.  All things need to be experienced (good, bad, high vibrational experiences and low) to round out our development for our spirit / soul.  For example, you cannot know what it is like to be truly generous if you have never experienced the emotion / action of greed.  I even caution people in past life regressions that they may not like who they have been or things they have done as we have been in will be all things.  

There is no sexism with regard to your guides.  That is not an emotion they would recognize.. Their goal is to help you stay on your predetermined path, and create situations so you can learn and grow through experience to enable you soul to fully develop.  If you in your conscious, rational mind decide to go against that path, you can always enlist the action of free will to change your life direction.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, November 23, 2015

Russia and China Intentions with ISIS

Q. Since the Paris attack, which I thought was the PTB's first major step in inciting World War III or at least another big war, both Russia and China have done things to show support against ISIS. A lot of it seems like very obvious propaganda, the type of stuff that I expect to see after false flag attacks. 

There were reports of Russia bombing Syria like crazy after the Paris attack and writing "For Paris" on their bombs, Russia just gave the Parisian police force a new police dog since one of their's was killed in the bombing (this one really feels like propaganda), and now China has officially declared war on ISIS because they executed a Chinese hostage. Could you possibly look a bit more into their motivations for this? 

I know that ISIS is not what they are portrayed to be and that they're basically a fear device run by western countries and that Russia and China are basically against the western countries who run/finance ISIS. This is sort of a separate question but are Russia and China basically claiming that they plan to stop these fake terrorists or are they showing that they're in alliance with America and other ISIS sponsors and therefore playing along?

Here are some links for the reports that I mentioned (please note that I do not like any of these sites that I'm linking to here, these news sites just feed off of this negative energy): 
"For Paris" 
Police Dog
China Declares War
This is already long but while searching for those links I found this article and I just had to add it in here. It's the most obvious false flag story I've seen related to the Paris attacks. 
A. I see that Russia is fighting for what is their perception of liberty and justice.  Many leaders of the world realize who is really behind and funding ISIS.  Russia has reached their limit and wants to surpass the US.  Russia realizes that the war over Syria is really over oil, and the US wants to claim that area either by aligning with the Syrian government (which is not working) or doing a take over so a new government can be implemented.  

When areas in Syria area being bombed, it isn't "Syria" being attacked, it is the other countries occupying (ie, the US) being bombed and targeted.  Russia also realizes the real reason behind  the France attacks, and when they bomb Syria "for France," they are really bombing US assets in Syria because they know who to inadvertently blame (and who is one of the groups funding and supporting the group labeled as ISIS on the back end).  I hear the phrase that this is Russia's way of giving the US, Israeli and British a warning that this behavior won't be tolerated. 

Basically, I see Russia standing up for themselves and China is supporting Russia because China ultimately wants to regain power.  Both China and Russia know that if they can rid the "ISIS" group (which is a scapegoat type "fear" group created by three dominant countries), and keep the US out of Syria, the US economy will suffer.  This will also help Russia because Russia can continue on with their pipeline to Europe, which is huge for the Russian economy.  China wants nothing more than the US economy to fail so they can step in and promote their gold exchange or gold backed money with the IMF.  China and Russia have many reasons to align.

Right now Putin is creating a huge obstacle in the US plan to take Syria.  I see him being (and I hear the word) "Hitlerized."  I look for many more attacks, and if the US loses strength in Syria, I see a war breaking out because money is made on both sides of war (and the economy needs a genuine versus electronic) boost.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, November 20, 2015

Five for Friday #23

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #23.  Let's get started.

Image #1: Crisis Actors? Again?
The recent false flag attack in Paris has once again dragged out the same tired script. It looks like it, but are all these pics of the same crisis actor?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, I get that they are, and then I hear this phrase, 'Man, is she good.' Then I ask myself why they're using this same woman so blatantly, not even changing her hair, and then I hear this cynical laughter: they're doing it as a joke, putting it in our face to see if we can figure it out. They feel that the media is so stupid that they'll put anything out there, and that you're all too dumb to figure it out." [So, there's your answer on the Paris Attacks.]

Image #2: Lost in Transition
This is an anomaly, or a creature, or a loose leprechaun recently caught in a pic from Texas. Or is that just a lens flash?

What Lynn Saw
"Interesting. When I see this, I heard that this is 'bigfoot's friend.' I get that this is a being that lives in the same dimension/vibration as bigfoot, and they can walk in and out of our world just as bigfoot can. If it went completely physical, it would look like a small bigfoot, almost like a relative. When they're still energy, they can actually walk on water."

Image #3: ET Solar Collector
Here’s a recent giant cube ship/anomaly/glitch near the sun. Galactic Police CUBE cruiser? Big piece of space cheese? What is it?

What Lynn Saw
"When I first see this, I'm seeing ships all over. There's a whole fleet here, but only this one is being shown. I get that these ships are like batteries, energy storage devices. There's no one inside this ship, but they're flown automatically by some kind of high technology. 

I keep seeing the far side of the moon. It's as if these crafts are sent out to extract sun-energy, which then deliver energy to the far side of the moon, for a variety of purposes. The ship has its own mind, like a smart boomerang."

4. The Djed Pillar
The Ancient Egyptians called this a “djed pillar.” What was it used for? Egyptian WIFI? Definitely something electrical.

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I hear is Van de Graaff Generator. In my mind I can see static electricity coming from the four bars. I can see the static electricity coming into the guy's fingertips; he's grounded and the pillar is not. Sciencewise, I see something falling out of this thing. These are hollow tubes with sand in them, or maybe its salt, dirty looking salt; in the last pic, with the skirt around it... there's sand or salt inside the tube, but under the skirt it looks like salt water in there. The fork on the top allows these to be set up in series... it's a wireless power distribution system. People needed to keep away from this or they'd get shocked. It was very unsafe, but it worked."

Image #5: Crop Circle Vibes
Here’s an impossibly ornate crop circle from 2014. Provided it’s real, what are our moon-based ET friends trying to tell us here?

What Lynn Saw
"This is interesting. I'm getting it's a vibration. I'm visualizing water hit by a certain vibration. I can't see the frequency. But there's a healing property to the water possessing this vibration. The ETs are trying to help us. [Da-da guessed that it was 432 hz.] Yes! And what we are seeing here are six pulses hitting at once!" [And since you are 73% water, you can vibrate like this, too.]  


As we've discussed on Lynn's site before, in modern musical tuning, things were changed to A=440 hz (that's the note A, versus 432 Hz, which is Bb in the current A440 system). While this may seem a petty distinction, you can SEE the difference this makes in water vibrating in the pic above, not to mention feel it yourself.

Here are some interesting 432 links:

On that healing note, please join us Friday-after-next for Episode #24.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Q. Lynn, I saw this recently in a dream forum. He said he had a few dreams about 'reality' and he was taught how dreams work and how they are created in the Mind's Eye. He said sound was used to create objects and you can mentally "adjust the sounds you hear to rotate and adjust matter."

"Shapes are defined by wavelength of the note, and movement is defined by amplitude."

He also had dream about black crystals that had some kind of consciousness that developed a bond with the person studying it, (he was in a classroom ).

A lot of dreams convey messages and new ideas, so it is not too much of a reach for me to believe his subconscious is trying to teach him something new. Is he on to anything or was it just a very descriptive dream that he is reading too much into?

A.  I get this split when I focus on dreams.  I hear they are complex to the 3D human understanding, but to the spiritual realm they are very simple.  Dreams serve as a way to communicate with and through the Universal Consciousness via the subconscious.  

I see dreams coming through in both vibrations and pulses of energy (which can be related to sounds).  All vibrations have a tone, we just may not be able to hear it with our human ears, but the subconscious knows how to translate it.

When I look at dreams, they look similar to meditations; however, meditations look more guided and dreams are more involuntary.  You can train yourself through exercises to be more in control of your dreams, and use them as a tool to obtain knowledge.  

And that is all I have for this reading. (I may add more depending on questions in the comments.  I know there are many unique situations tied to this topic).  Love and light-  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Earth's Last War

Q. Sites which expose climate manipulation (geoengineering of the weather) are in agreement that we are reaching a cataclysmic apogee by midcentury. We are losing trees, species of animals and insects, and general populace health at alarming rates (MIT predicts in 10 years one out of every two children, given our alarming statistical trend, will be autistic). Groups investigating weather manipulation reference aluminum/chemical spraying and ionospheric heaters as creating a synergistic toxicity in humans and the environment. The equation is not linear but rather an alarming blow to the earth's food chain, biosphere, and climate cycles. I have read all your comments/readings on chemtrails and weather warfare. Is this Earth's last war? Are we a dying planet?
A.  If earth were to stay on it's current path, it would eventually self cleanse and life would need to start all over again (not from a basic organism, but from the perspective of some animals and many humans).  I get that Darwin's theory of "The Survival of the Fittest" will prove to be true.  

There is a long road (hundreds of years) before it could get to that point, and the decline of natural quality of life will be apparent before we get there.  I see a time coming when it will be hard to obtain organic food (what you get won't really be organic, and GMOs will soon take over).  Humans will be more and more toxic from elements (like fluoride) in the water, fake (GMO) food, air we breathe (due to toxins), immunizations and pharmaceuticals that are being pushed on us from every angle.  Human genetic codes are being polluted with these toxins, therefore causing birth defects and increased rates of diseases and cancers.  

We (as humans) are also doing things that are not in our true nature like working in stressful environments, in cubicles 60 hours a week.  It keeps you disconnected with the earth, and difficult to feel and stay grounded.   It is distracting, and I get that the brain waves being used during this type of work are very different from the brain waves you experience during a meditative, centering type exercise.

I get that just like Rome fell and Chinese dynasties met their demise, humans (as a group) too will eventually fail.  I get that humans have existed and been wiped before, with some of the stronger surviving to rebuild the race.  The earth has gone through a purge cycle before.  There are thousands of years between these cycles, but they are inevitable if humans go down this destructive path. 

The positive news in this is that there are ETs out there that want to help us.  We just need to let them in an allow it.  I get that as humans we are the closest we have been to evolving our consciousness which would stop this timeline and start to reverse (heal!) the damage that has been done.  The Reptilian rule (cabal) would be forced to leave or submit, and the higher level beings could begin to focus on the greater good.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- Lynn

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Q. Lynn, can you do an update on Disclosure and what the current time frame is? I remember you mentioning previously that you saw it still within this year? If not, why? And when do you see it now? What can we do to help it happen?  Thanks!!! :)
A. Disclosure is slowly happening now, but it is coming from the people rather than from the media or some kind of authority source.  ETs are showing themselves more and more, and people are documenting and sharing their knowledge and evidence.  UFOs are seen all over the world, and ETs are cloaking themselves less and less.  Before the day of technology it was more of a he said / she said situation, but now there is undeniable proof to those that open themselves up to their subconscious to validate the truth.

I get that some countries have implied that there is an existence of ETs, more in a way of subtly mentioning it in news stories, etc. (talking about the news event as if disclosure has already occurred and leaving people wondering and pondering what was just said).

I see that throughout the remainder of 2015 the presence of UFOs will be more and more as a way to let governments know they aren't going away.  I also see the media releasing TV shows and movies that work to desensitize the fact they these beings are there (with a real push behind them).  Some governments will make the announcement by the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016, while other will let the new trickle down to the people through alternative means.

What can we do to speed it up?  Meditate or think to yourself about these beings.  They are high level beings, and by subconsciously allowing them to know they are welcome, they will continue to show themselves. They will get more and more daring and the ultimate disclosure will happen from them... 

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attacks

Q. Hi Lynn pls do a reading on the recent Paris attacks. Will there be more attacks in France ( ISIS has issued threats) and /or other countries soon after?  Are there anything we can do to create a more positive environments or avert these horrible events?  And for the unfortunate ones and those suffering, our thoughts are with you.
A.  Many of you are asking about this, and with a heavy heart I go into this reading... 

The first thing I got when I tuned into this is that the events will somehow tie to Syria, and create some kind of way for troops to have a reason to be in that country.  The US needs to maintain control or good alliances with this area of the world in order to counteract anything Russia has planned, and also to have an influence over Russia's economy (and how they sell / transport) oil   What the US doesn't realize is the challenge they face because Russia isn't going to be submissive throughout this, and China is helping to back them.  Putting any kind of economic squeeze on Russia will only antagonize them and expedite retaliations.

I also get this plan has been thought out for a long time.  The US is concerned with the dollar and needs to get alternative resources that can help to retain power (such as oil) to diversify their interests.  The US knows that the solution is the middle east, and Syria has been sought after for a while now.  Strategically it is one of the best locations as far as resources. 

I then keep flashing to the cover of the Economist magazine (I did a reading on this earlier and will attach a link to the bottom of this). I keep going to the corner where the 11.3 and 11.5 is located.  I realize this was a date for this to happen. It is written in some kind of code (that I cannot quite figure out), but see the date being shown in the number 11.3 11.5.  I get we are being told without being directly told.   

I then flash over to the accusation of ISIS being behind this attack.  I get that they have very mixed feelings about being falsely blamed.  They like that it gives them a fearful, "tough" image, but feel insulted at the way they deduce it is them.  It looks like a discussion going down, and they (this ISIS group?) is talking about how no one in their cause would be dumb enough to carry, much less leave their passport at the scene.  They like the tough image, but not the one that they are stupid.  

Then I see what looks like two cartoon characters talking... One is "ISIS" and one is the small group of countries that hired ISIS to do their dirty work to help get agendas through. The discussion is ISIS saying "You hired us to do a job, but you didn't hire us to make us look like fools."  The group is responding by saying, "You will do what we tell you, you hide your face so there is no shame, and occasional leaks of evidence can help to save millions of dollars and lots of time."

Q. Will there be more attacks?
A. I do see this happening more, and I see the energy behind the attacks ramping up until a war breaks out.  In some way when we hear of these tragic events we feel an enormous amount of compassion for the the people, but we are slowly becoming not as surprised (I need to clarify that it is not because humans don't care, but rather we see so much tragedy and are bombarded with negativity in the media that are minds are becoming less reactive). It is as if they want to keep the shock and awe factor, so the attacks will be more and more grandiose.  I keep seeing sporting events (specifically soccer) when I focus on future events that should be viewed with caution.

Money is made on both sides of war, and many economies are hurting.  War also lends the opportunity for countries to go in and occupy other countries (and influence governments to be allies).  The attacks look to happen mainly in Europe, but I sense something big happening in New York within the next nine months.  I can't exactly see all the details, but get it has to do with the utilities, or somehow the utilities are involved.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please take a minute and send some healing love and light to the families in France.  -Lynn

Link to previous reading on the Economist:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Earthquake in California??

Q. Greetings, Lynn!  At Minute 1:38:20 of this video, Mehran Keshe, based on his knowledge of the gravitational and magnetical forces of the Earth, explains what he sees as the potential for very big earthquakes in California within the next
18 months or so.

Lynn, it would be most helpful and beneficial for all to know what you see about this whole scenario noted by Mehran Keshe. Many thanks and blessings for all you do!

A. When I tune in, I do see an energy buildup in the California area.  It feels like it goes back to the Yellowstone area, and also some kind of volcanic activity in the Pacific.  There is some tectonic plate activity happening, and it is due to all kinds of reasons building up.  

The earth is slowly growing, creating many shifts (tugs and pulls) on the surface.  In addition to that, the energy under Yellowstone is reaching a high to where it will need to be expelled in some way (our ET friends out there are trying to assist us with that).  There also looks to be a volcano that has been dormant for a long time in the Pacific that is building pressure as well.  The stretching, pulling and pushing due to the energy buildup from every angle does look to create some kind of earthquake activity in California (and Mexico and Western Canada)... 

I have always seen similar images on future maps, and they involve a great divide in the United States at the Mississippi River.  The river slightly widens, but more importantly it floods out on the shores taking land that is low with it (as in sandy soil that washes away), or sinks (as in water rises too hide to recede back down). The mouth of the river that goes into the Gulf expands quite a bit as if so much water is rushing down the river that it erodes the land away creating a much larger waterway for drainage.

California looks to get hit with changes too.  I see the border of California cracked and water coming up through the crack in the form of bubbles and mud.  This looks to be as a result of an earthquake.  I don't see it being a high level earthquake, but rather several small ones.  I hear someone make the comment "Is this ever going to end."  They don't feel disastrous on a large scale, but annoying, shaking and leaving people worried.

We are all in for changes, but they look as though we can sustain and recover.  We can't fret and add fear to the mix, but just be prepared and educated.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Theories About Earth... Growing Earth, Global Warming, Flat Earth and Hollow Earth

Q. Years ago I had a significant realization that the Earth has been growing, gradually over millions of years. Lo and behold I searched the idea online and found others who believed the same theory and then I found this video produced by a well known author and illustrator:

What do you see about this? Has the Earth grown to it's current state and is it a constant evolutionary pattern for this planets or all planets in general? If this is all a true thing, when growth has happened in the past did it happen in rapid spurts that caused cataclysm or has it been gradual changes accompanied by periodic geo-physical events like we experience today (earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, volcanoes, etc.)?  Thanks for all your work!

A.  i have always visualized the Earth as a growing living thing.  When I meditate and tune into the Earth, I see her breath much like how lungs expand and then collapse.  There is a living life force tied to Mother Earth.  

The sun nourishes this life force much like it does the plants and animals on the surface.  The energy is transferred and used for healing and also growth.  As the sun hits the ground, what is not taken and absorbed by the plants and animals looks to be soaked up by the ground.  Energy isn't created or destroyed, but I do see it being stored by the Earth.  The Earth slowly grows and expands by using this energy.  I always see this expansion occurring at a faster rate at her belly (the equator) versus the poles. 

This is a very slow process, only a few inches or feet a year, but steady and constant.  I see that occasionally a great crack would happen because of the pressure involved (I immediately go to the Grand Canyon) or earthquake (again due to pressure buildup).  

In its' infancy, our solar system was much smaller and the planets were closer to the sun.  The orbits do not look like concentric circles though, but rather may various orbits, some on top of one another, orbiting in every direction.. As the planets grew, the orbits changed and so did the gravitational forces involved (this is why we used to have mammoth sized animals and plants, because the gravitational force was much less).  It has taken millions and millions of years to get to where we are now..

Q.  I've been wondering about the whole cooling/warming phenomenon we're experiencing around the world. What can you tell us about the next 3-5 years about the general trend? Are we cooling or warming? What parts of the world will experience the biggest and most lasting change? Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift with us all.?

A. There are a few things going on with our solar system.  As the sun becomes more and more intense, the solar system in general is heating up, and different planets have atmospheres capable of retaining that heat, causing the planet surface to warm as well.  

Earth is heating up, but the other thing going on is a shift in true north along with a planetary wobble (so what does become truth north sort of "dips" down from time to time giving erratic weather).  I don't see the wobble "sticking" in a certain spot, but as true north shifts, those patterns will be more predictable.  

I also see all over the world within the next 3 to 5 years (as the Red Comet becomes closer to our field) we will experience temperature fluctuations all year long.  Weather patterns will be hard to predict, and things will be extreme.  We will see more earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc documented when compared to years past (in record breaking amounts). 

Q. Hi, Lyn There have been several videos and blogs about the fact that the earth is really flat and they have come up with proof as well as the reasons that it is not logically possible that the earth is a circular sphere.. What are your feelings about the flat earth idea and will they eventually change the teachings in the schools so the students will learn the truth?
This next video has a map that shows the Antarctica as surrounding the flat earth.
A. There are evidences that support both ideas, and when I tune in I see myself float above earth, and what I see looks like a rotating sphere.  I keep zooming out, and see the rotation causing night, day and the variations in between in comparison to the sun. Even though there are ideas that support a flat Earth, I cannot connect to it.  

Q. Seismologists learned a lot about the interior of the Earth through seismic waves generated by large scale earthquakes that penetrate into the depths of the Earth.  These earthquakes were recorded at seismic stations.  The data from the stations later gave rise to the interpretation that the Earth had different layers based on the wave speeds at which the seismic waves traveled through the Earth at certain depths.  Based on the speed at which these waves traveled through, the materials of the layers were determined to be silicates or metal, hence giving rise to the layers of the crust, mantle, and core.  Earthquakes generate different kinds of waves, where one kind (Vs) can only travel through solids and not liquids, and another (Vp) can travel through both.  This is how it was determined that the outer core was liquid.  

The discrepancy I'm trying to resolve here is...  Why is it that seismologists aren't able to detect this hollow portion of the Earth, as well as with the inner mantle and crust?  I guess my expectation is that at least the Vs waves wouldn't be able to travel through this portion, leaving a trace on the seismograms.  Is this hollow space more like a "pocket" within the Earth that is too small to resolve with the current coverage of the seismograms on the surface of the Earth?  Would it be possible to observe more layers (another silicate mantle and crust, and empty space) beyond the metallic core if one were to look closely at the seismograms, or are they somehow "blurred out" in the data? There was a recent discovery of an "inner-most inner core" a couple of years ago (a structure within the currently determined boundaries of the solid inner core).  Does this feature somehow relate to any of the currently undetermined/unknown structures that are related to the inner mantle, inner crust, atmosphere, and inner sun as you see it in the hollow Earth?

A.  As I look at the center of the Earth, I get that to get to the center there is a series of tunnels, caves and portals.  These (in the big scope of things) are very small and would difficult to detect on a scientific reading.  I then see the middle most portion that IS hollow, and again I see this as such a small area in comparison to the larger portion of surround Earth that it would be a blip on a reading.

If you were able to take the data and study it closely you could see anomalies where the inner crust mantle and inner core are located.  I also get that when many of these tests are done, they don't start at one point and send waves out the other side (like poking a pin all the way through a ball), but they send them to the middle and let them bounce back out.  This type of testing hides a lot, and if you could go through the true center rather that just "to" the center, it would help to get more accurate readings.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fire in the California Sky

Q. Hi Lynn,  Today, a bunch of us just saw this in the sky.  It's all over social media and youtube.  What do you think?  

Below is a link from CNN where they claim it was a "missile".  It wasn't, we all saw it.  It lasted like 15 minutes.  And since when do missiles freeze in the middle of the sky, and turn blue? 
A.  When I tune into this I get that California is in desperate need of help.  With Fukushima waste in the incoming waters, drought, chemtrails, the threat of Yellowstone and being a vulnerable area for a Chinese / Russian attack, the energy surrounding California is really intense.  Those ETs that want to help are being drawn to this area more and more to offer assistance by semi remote means.  I see this light tied to some kind of high tech defense that emits a high vibration beam (like a beam of healing light).  I see it focusing on certain areas both on land and also in the atmosphere.  As the vibration of the beam changes, the color of light changes, and when the healing and offering of protection was done (I get it needs to happen in many phases over a period of time because human free will is constantly changing things) for this session, it left.

I see the beings on the ship as being the taller and paler version of the Greys (that I have been seeing show up more and more).  They look to be here helping us.  They don't want war or to see human destruction destroy the planet.  In fact I get something was different about the air right after this craft showed up, like it was cleaner, lighter somehow and offered some energy of peace.  I get in addition to the healing, some kind of intervention was occurring (like some sort of Russian retaliation attack was thwarted off).  I see no harm or ill-will being done as a result of these beings... They look to have the greater good in mind..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday #22

Hi all, and welcome to Five Photos for Friday #22, where learning is what's for dinner. Let's get started.

Image #1: Your Basic Kentucky Trail-Cam ET Transport Orb
Submitted for your approval, an odd white orb captured by a trail-cam in Kentucky -- which is RIFE with trail-cam orbs these days. So, what’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that what you're seeing is a being being teleported down here. There's a ship above this. This portal thing opens up and during this transfer, the beings convert their physical presence to energy, then back to physical form again. Sometimes it stays as an orb. So, it's just your basic beam-down. The beings are positive "white-looking greys"; I can't get a name, as I can't get my mind around how they pronounce things. A lot of the names are simply unpronounceable with human apparatus."

"It was the woodsy part that was the attraction; they weren't going to KY for the bourbon, but rather the seclusion of the woodsy area. Provides a lot of cover for when they feel 'vulnerable.' I get when they are transporting to the ground, they can sometimes feel weak; they aren't afraid of humans, but rather other ETs and attacks."

Image #2: How Many Ancient Egyptians Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?
These are bas relief tomb carvings inside the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, that allegedly show an Ancient Egyptian light bulb. Is that indeed what this is showing?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, I do see this as a light bulb! They had two ways of getting power: 1. the pyramid, used as a kind of battery, and 2. power from waterways. The Ancient Egyptians really had it going as a civilization."

"Timewise, I looked at a list of Pharaohs to see where I was being pulled, and I would have to say these were from Pharoah Unas' time [end of Fifth Dynasty, about 2350 BC]. And yes, I feel like there are still fragments, but you would have to go deep in the pyramids to see them, the rest in the open are gone. They used the light for defense (not midnight tic tac toe, LOL); rather than burning torches and depending on fire, they could use the light to see and keep guard. I also get that there was something about using oxygen to burn fire in the pyramids that was not good and they needed an alternate light source to go inside the tombs." [Hm. A lighted pyramid complex 6000 years ago would've scared the crap out of the locals.]

Image #3: The Floating Magic Mountain From Timeline X
This is a recent pic from Brazil of a floaty magic-mountain UFO thing with a white inverted pyramid tucked underneath. Happens all the time. Not sure if it’s a UFO or yet another glimpse into an alternate timeline. So, what’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I want to say that this is a glimpse into another timeline, but that upside-down white pyramid thing is throwing me. What I'm getting is that there's a cave system beneath the top of this mountain, in this timeline we're seeing. They'd use this cave system for healing. It was a very special place, specifically for healing. It's a sacred spot. So, when this peak manifested, this very significant portion beneath the peak showed up as well. These are timelines that are occurring NOW in a different reality (if a different timeline would have followed). I do see that mountain in our timeline BUT I get it has been leveled off and something built on it. I feel like it's in the middle east somewhere (that is where it keeps showing me on a map, but I can't fix on a spot). And yes, the pyramid is beneath it."

Image #4: The Giant Petroglyph of Peru
Here we have an ancient petroglyph of what looks like some kind of plant in Peru, nearly 600 feet tall and visible 12 miles out to sea. Who made it and why? How long ago?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing the number 1000, so I'm guessing this is a thousand years old, or is from 1000 A.D. It was done as some kind of protection. The people there believed that putting this there would keep them safe and protected. They were fighting with issues of disease and starvation, and thought some heavenly being was plaguing them. Most of them eventually died out. The figure is symbolic of a mind-body-soul thing, with the limbs as hands to stop the illness/sickness from permeating their civilization. Sadly, it didn't work."

"They really weren't being plagued by an evil being, but they thought they were. They had a lot of what felt like bad luck. They were stricken with disease and also a shortage of food. They were trying to ward off "evil spirits." I could not get what the object stood for (kind of drove me nuts trying to figure it out), but the plant idea makes sense (I would be curious to know what herbs are native to that area). It felt like it was a symbol for a living life force (I kept trying to think of animal), but a living plant does resonate."

Image #5: The One About the Cave in the Inner Earth
This is an image that Cobra included in one of his recent posts about an advanced civilization located in the hollow earth. He didn't come right out and say this image is from such a civilization, but... is this an image from such? Or is this just a hotel somewhere? [Da-da doesn't mean to cast aspersions, he's just curious about where this is.]

What Lynn Saw
"I don't see this as being the hollow earth at all. This is some kind of water park or spa somewhere. I don't have any visual from the hollow earth that looks like this. I keep hearing the term "hot springs" where this place is located."

"Cobra and Corey Goode feel like they are just credible enough to get attention, but incorporate some disinfo in their work to serve as a distraction. They make people think, and get those feelings of truth, but then follow up with something totally false. I feel like they are in bed with some pretty scary people who have forcefully guided them to reveal this type of info."

Well, so much for pathos. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #23, where more mysteries will be tossed down the Waterslide of Truth.