Friday, November 20, 2015

Five for Friday #23

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #23.  Let's get started.

Image #1: Crisis Actors? Again?
The recent false flag attack in Paris has once again dragged out the same tired script. It looks like it, but are all these pics of the same crisis actor?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, I get that they are, and then I hear this phrase, 'Man, is she good.' Then I ask myself why they're using this same woman so blatantly, not even changing her hair, and then I hear this cynical laughter: they're doing it as a joke, putting it in our face to see if we can figure it out. They feel that the media is so stupid that they'll put anything out there, and that you're all too dumb to figure it out." [So, there's your answer on the Paris Attacks.]

Image #2: Lost in Transition
This is an anomaly, or a creature, or a loose leprechaun recently caught in a pic from Texas. Or is that just a lens flash?

What Lynn Saw
"Interesting. When I see this, I heard that this is 'bigfoot's friend.' I get that this is a being that lives in the same dimension/vibration as bigfoot, and they can walk in and out of our world just as bigfoot can. If it went completely physical, it would look like a small bigfoot, almost like a relative. When they're still energy, they can actually walk on water."

Image #3: ET Solar Collector
Here’s a recent giant cube ship/anomaly/glitch near the sun. Galactic Police CUBE cruiser? Big piece of space cheese? What is it?

What Lynn Saw
"When I first see this, I'm seeing ships all over. There's a whole fleet here, but only this one is being shown. I get that these ships are like batteries, energy storage devices. There's no one inside this ship, but they're flown automatically by some kind of high technology. 

I keep seeing the far side of the moon. It's as if these crafts are sent out to extract sun-energy, which then deliver energy to the far side of the moon, for a variety of purposes. The ship has its own mind, like a smart boomerang."

4. The Djed Pillar
The Ancient Egyptians called this a “djed pillar.” What was it used for? Egyptian WIFI? Definitely something electrical.

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I hear is Van de Graaff Generator. In my mind I can see static electricity coming from the four bars. I can see the static electricity coming into the guy's fingertips; he's grounded and the pillar is not. Sciencewise, I see something falling out of this thing. These are hollow tubes with sand in them, or maybe its salt, dirty looking salt; in the last pic, with the skirt around it... there's sand or salt inside the tube, but under the skirt it looks like salt water in there. The fork on the top allows these to be set up in series... it's a wireless power distribution system. People needed to keep away from this or they'd get shocked. It was very unsafe, but it worked."

Image #5: Crop Circle Vibes
Here’s an impossibly ornate crop circle from 2014. Provided it’s real, what are our moon-based ET friends trying to tell us here?

What Lynn Saw
"This is interesting. I'm getting it's a vibration. I'm visualizing water hit by a certain vibration. I can't see the frequency. But there's a healing property to the water possessing this vibration. The ETs are trying to help us. [Da-da guessed that it was 432 hz.] Yes! And what we are seeing here are six pulses hitting at once!" [And since you are 73% water, you can vibrate like this, too.]  


As we've discussed on Lynn's site before, in modern musical tuning, things were changed to A=440 hz (that's the note A, versus 432 Hz, which is Bb in the current A440 system). While this may seem a petty distinction, you can SEE the difference this makes in water vibrating in the pic above, not to mention feel it yourself.

Here are some interesting 432 links:

On that healing note, please join us Friday-after-next for Episode #24.


Robert Schoen said...

What a great set of images and answers, going from the pathos humor of a frequent flyer crisis actor (the Meyrl Streep of mayhem) to sasquatch's friend, to our overlooked moon neighbors and ancient history and technology of the Egyptians,to the sublime with the crop circle hint for us to retune to 432 hz. Thanks Da-da and Lynn! The last time you wrote about the 432 hz, I wondered if there was a simple way to reconvert music and there is an app you can put on your phone to do just that. It would be nice to print this crop circle on the bottom of a water bottle, for that matter.

Unknown said...

Robert Schoen, I like your comments. I love the water bottle idea. Thank you

Unknown said...

How about putting a bottle of water in front of a speaker projecting this sound(432 hz) and then drinking it?

siketa said...

Just listening to some great rap albums in 432 Hz.... :)

Skelly said...

About that photo of the woman who (supposedly) keeps appearing at these tragic events.

Of course, with all the information that is out there today some ppl are wising up to what is going on in this world and calling bullshit on the way the media is making up their own story lines. So the PTW see this and try to counter them by making up their own conspiracies to prove that conspiracy theorists are crazy.

Yes, Lynn you are right on in your evaluation of it. Some of can see right thru it. It will confuse ppl who are just coming into the know.

The PURE EVIL know this, so they try and make mayhem with a counter conspiracy.

Unknown said...

Thank You Lynn for the wonderfull answers on these 5 pics + A440Hz vs. A432Hz comments! There is also this picture here which might deserve your attention sometime as well: who lived in this cavern in earlier days? ( Merci Beaucoup!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok, three things:


2. As one enterprising reader suggested, you can use Audacity (a free sound editing program) to change the pitch of ANY digital recording from 44100 Mhz to 43200 Mhz. (You do it on the bottom left of the panel, after you download and run the program.)

3. Water-infusion-tone-wise... it's all about intent. If you have a piano, or a Bb (432 Hz) tuning fork, or a tone generator, you can hear the pitch and sing it as you make what I call "Yogi water," which is basically just taking a pint glass of water and tossing it gently into another pint glass, back and forth gently, with the glasses about two feet apart (over the sink), while imagining energy going into the water from the air. It's supposedly all around us, like Congress. But please, DON'T imagine Congress and then do the Yogi Water technique as you'll suddenly develop cravings that far beyond the scope of this blog. And if you think of Yogi the Bear, that's the kind of water to drink while rifling through picnic baskets. Seriously, try the Yogi water technique while singing a Bb. I'll try it, too, and write about it after my medication wears off.

Sorry, I watched a quick Jim Carrey video about Canada a few minutes ago, and I'm now programmed to be Jim Carrey:


siketa said...

It's easier with Foobar on PC or 423Player on smartphones.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the feedback and comments. I like your comments about the water too. There is definitely something with this, and worth trying.

Raymond said...

Nice Pics !

1. I wonder if they are doing this as some kind of a joke or a social experiment like they did with that poster a few years ago. The one with the average looking guy they posted on telephone poles around the world.

4. Interesting. If they had mounted those pillars could they have harnesses wireless electricity, like Tesla ? Was the wireless energy they created as simple as it appears with a bunch of pillars with salt oriented to north etc...Could you tell us how it was done or would this violate your privacy agreement you have with the other people ? When you finished RVing free energy for them, did you feel confident that you had enough information that it would work ?

5. I know that some crop circles are man made. But I don't believe that the ones things this complex are. There is too much detail and it is too precise for it to be done by a bunch of drunk guys in the middle of the night. Have you ever worked on a team and tried to get everyone to agree on something and steer them in the same direction ? It's not easy. I just wish that the aliens that make these would speak English instead of Zeta Reticuli or Digital Computer Code. It would certainly make their messages easier to understand even if they are not as pretty.

Many thanks !

Alpha Equinox said...

I know you'll see it but I just posted a long blog request related to the Paris attack false flag and just wanted to mention it here as well since Photo #1 is all about that topic. There is clearly some really big agenda involved with this event and it's crazy how many world powers seem to potentially be on the same page with this one.

John Casey said...

Thanks Lyn and Dada!

In the crop circle photo, the pattern in one area of the inner shape is different than the pattern in all the other areas. Any idea why that might be?

Could the "grief-stricken" woman be identified with facial-recognition software?