Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mind Manipulation.. 2 Unrelated Questions with Related Answers....

Q. Hi Lynn!  I would like to know if you can see if there's some sort of conspiracy or mind control issue about the standardization of the tuning for the musical instruments in general. The standard tuning is A=440Hz. Practically all the music we hear today on the mainstream is at the 440Hz tune.

It is said that some of the great composers of the 1880's preferred the 432Hz tuning because it sounds more natural and was in tune with some patterns in nature, like the Fibonacci's Golden Section, the Pythagorean Scale, the Schumann's Resonances, and so on. Currently there's a movement about tuning the instruments back to the 432Hz, and this would help to raise our conscience, make us feel better, make music sound better and more profound, and so on.

Is there any real change in the mind of the listeners of 440hz against the 432Hz tuned music?

Thank you so much for your amazing work!
A. I see that there is a change in the mind.  It looks as though the natural sounds not only "feel" better, but look to become in sync with you (or you with them).  I see brain function increasing in not only the conscious mind, but unconscious too.  It looks to exercise and stimulate parts of the mind that are normally sort of "dormant" during conscious / wakeful thought processes.  432Hz creates a more direct response between conscious and subconscious thoughts.  

When I look at the effects of 440Hz, it looks to feel more "harsh" on the system.  It is as if your subconscious has fluid processing going on, and it (this pulse) creates a stutter to those thoughts. I get that the music can sound beautiful, and you may really enjoy it, but the subconscious activity is something you may or may not recognize. 

It also looks as though this 440Hz allows for subliminal ideas to be relayed.   Things can be put into the background, or overlayed in the music which the listener doesn't consciously hear, but the subconscious (that is constantly having this energetic "stutter") pauses to take in...I get this happens all the time and why the movement to convert back to older standards will be fought long and hard! At the 432Hz, our mind can't be manipulated in the same way (we are in more control, because we are in balance).  

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you take a look at Daylight Saving Time and what it really is about? Is there any conspiracy behind it? Does it really save energy as advocates claim? Why is it still being practiced? Does the Daylight Saving Time adjustments have any ill effects on the human body?  Thank you.

A.  As I ask this question, I get there is no real benefit to it.  Losing light at one part of the day to add it to another really makes no difference with regard to energy savings.  

In looking at our bodies, it interferes with our body's natural rhythm with the Earth.  We are forcing our bodies to wake and sleep at alternate times, and then readjusting six months later.  Our bodies are synced with the earth and other planetary bodies.  We are used to a flow, and cycle of vibrations.  The altering times of the sleep state (more importantly the brain wave activity that occurs during the sleep state) effects the mind and body.  I get that the reason that people have depressed feelings during this time extends beyond the lack of sun (even though a contributor), but because their rhythms are off and their body is reacting. 

I get this originated as a "Reptilian" idea that was pushed on people as a way to say it benefited them.  In reality, it was a way to keep natural circadian rhythms out of balance.  Keeping this imbalance helps to keep vibrations low due to the constant imbalance (and need for grounding and re-centering which many people don't or know how to do).  Lower vibrations stunt free thought, and provide opportunities for manipulation..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gender of our Soul

Q. I have a quick question. I know that every soul has a soul mate and for each pair there is a male soul and female soul. If each soul has spent many many incarnations as both male and female, how can you tell what gender your eternal soul is? I've tried meditating and guided meditations without a clear answer. My gut instinct says i am female but i just don't know. Is there any other way to tell? Thank you!
A. I get your sex is a physical trait tied to your human body.  The soul itself is actually both.  I cannot see a defined female or male soul, but rather a soul that is encompassing of everything.  We can incarnate into our human body as a male or female, and experience that lifetime as that sex, but when we pass, we go back to being a soul (energy that is part of the Universal consciousness with memories of experience and growth).  For us to grow and expand through our experience, we must experience all things and be all things.  I get if you had a soul that was assigned to a gender, then when you incarnated to the opposite gender (as part of the necessary growing), it wouldn't be able to connect properly.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Lamar Odom

Q. I am curious about the Lamar Odom situation. It is like you were saying, that they are turning the news into reality TV. I just get somethings not right here.
A. I get it isn't either.  I have had several questions on this topic, so I would like to address it, but in some way I want to keep this short and sweet because putting energy into this is doing exactly what the agenda wants.  I get that the Kardashians are very much tied to the PTB with regards to money and the power that comes with having money, and their only purpose is to serve as a distraction in exchange for feeding their ego.  

Lamar didn't want to be a part of this association that he found himself in, and yes he was depressed and used drugs.  He wanted to isolate himself from the negative fame and go down a different life path, but he was too tangled in it.  When he sought help, and went to the hospital the Kardashians got involved.  I get this man really needed help, wanted this kept private, but it got turned into this PR stunt to get the Kardashians in the media and being talked about.  The Kardashians don't produce or make anything aside from their media appearances, so they need to do what they can to stay "fresh" in the news. 

And that is all I have for this.  Thank you.    

Monday, October 26, 2015

Mystery in Egypt.. What is this on Google Earth?

Q. Hi Lynn. First of all, thank you for your service!

I'm part of a group of people from various nationalities that discuss matters about world events, ufology, The Event etc.  Yesterday one of the guys sent us some links of a structure in Egypt that we can't identify. First, I watched this video

Then, I went to Google Maps, where I could inspect it a little more
I've read some interesting comments on the video but nothing that could explain well what it really is. I looked for similar pictures on Google Images Search but there's no similar image on the web. So, if Google doesn't work, ask Lynn! Could you please do a reading on it? Thank you

A.  When I first tune into this I see a brand new craft that appears to land.  It is ET in origin, and has a sheen to it as if it was newly created for a mission to Earth.  It looks as if it was an intentional land purposeful landing (the ship / craft / ET vessel) and everything was functioning properly.  As I mentally explore why it was there, I get there is a underground cave system that leads to a base, and this ET craft landed right on top of that location.  I also get that this cave system connects to a system beneath the great Pyramids like a labyrinth (that is for a different reading).  

I hear this trip to Earth was meant to be a "one way ticket."  They had no intention of leaving once they got here.  They came to reinforce a very scarce base and create a home deep underground.  in fact, this craft was meant to be a "lid" for the base that could be activated to leave in the event of an emergency.  

I keep getting images of the Great Sphinx of Giza, and get that this craft has been here since 3000 BC, and was buried by wind and sand over the years (like the Sphinx).  I also hear that the craft has been here since even before the "original" Great Sphinx (that looked like a cat) was built. 

Q. Who are they and what do they look like? 
A. The image of the original Sphinx keeps coming forward, and get a relationship between these ETs, and the "cat looking" Sphinx.  These ETs look to have many "cat like" features, but are also humanoid in design.  It was as if the Great Sphinx was originally created to pay some kind of respect and honor to this Cat ET species.

I'm shown that they came from a star system located in Orion's belt.  They came to Earth to colonize an area, and when the "Dog ET and Cat ET" war came about and they left Earth, a few of the Cat ETs remained and went underground (along with the Reptilians).  The Cat ETs numbers were very small underground, and when things calmed down, and the Cat ETs that originally fled felt safe, they returned to meet with their fellow kind.  

Q. Are they there now?  What are they doing? 
A.  Yes, they are there now and deep into the Earth.  I get that even if the sand is completely blown off of the UFO structure, you will not be able to penetrate underground.  The UFO looks to "lock" on top of the entrance and no technology we have will allow us to gain access.  If things are too threatening, they will leave, but they don't feel intimidated by humans right now.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, October 23, 2015

Five for Friday #21

by Lynn & Da-da (A Man Called)

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #21. It's looking to be a special All-ET/Truth-Out Friday, so let's get into it.

Image #1: Gigantor UFO in India
Here is this past week’s big UFO photo. Real or fake? (If fake, it’s a good one.) If real, can you see which ETs are in there? What’s their purpose? And when are they coming by Da-da's house?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is real. These are light-skinned greys, very pale/off-white skin; they look related to the greys. I get that they're there to heal the earth, doing basically 'earth-reiki.' It feels good, positive. The ship is a tool used for healing, transmitting good vibrations into the earth. As for coming by your house, all I hear is laughter." [Da-da will take that as a no.]

Image #2: UFO Swarm Over Fresno

Like there’s ever a time when there ISN’T a UFO swarm over Fresno? So… real, or fake? If real, who and why?

What Lynn Saw
"I do get that a lot of things are drawn to Fresno [really?]. There's something about the earth there, the energy there. There's some kind of intense beacon energy that draws things in. This area actually serves as a point of reference in ET travel... though this specific swarm is a fake, but represents something very real; there really is a lot of activity there, but just not in this case."

Image #3: The Chip in Nappy’s Head
A french researcher allegedly found a chip in Napoleon’s skull (not sure if the image is the actual chip, or not). So… was there really a chip found in Napoleon’s head? And if so, who put it there and why?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that the researcher made the story up. He spent all this time and did all this research and really found nothing interesting, and he was desperate to get some fame from his work, so he made this up. He's now very sorry for what he did. The lie is really eating him up."

Image #4: Ancient Japanese UFO?

This is what some think is an ancient (now heavily overgrown) UFO in the mountains of Kumano Mie in Japan. Da-da has his doubts, but he’s been wrong about a million times before. Just ask his wife and kids.

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there's really nothing there. The people there WANT something to be there, to make the the place special, but there's really nothing... save for the people who live there; there's a good feeling to the place, but I don't connect that there's really a UFO there."

Image #5: Back to the Whaaa?
Ok, let’s get to this. Did Robert Zemeckis, the writer/director of the "Back to the Future" films, really somehow get a glimpse of the future? If so, how? Was it a warning, or is he just doing the cabal’s pre-reveal?

What Lynn Saw
"I see this as a warning AND a reveal. The PTW [Powers That Were] have their hands in so much of what we see, through any number of ways, that this was just another one. This info was inserted into this film, as they were already doing planning for 9/11. All this stuff was planned. I feel like the writers were in the know; not directly told a plan, but knew about it and used their creative filming as a way to let the knowledge out. I was curious why they were allowed to do this (and not killed) and I get that the masterminds were so cocky about what they were doing that they felt untouchable at the time and didn't care."

Image #6: BONUS: The Big Thing in the Way

Ok, Da-da got lots of nudges to include this one. Astronomers recently detected some BIG THING that transited star KIC 8462852… a big thing that was apparently NOT round [that def leaves out Santa]... so astronomers jumped on the ET/Dysonsphere alien construct bandwagon... which seemed a little conclusion-jumpy to Da-da, but he's not been the same since that trip to Chuck E. Cheese's. So, what was the thing that passed in front of this star? Gynormous alien construct or natural object?

What Lynn Saw
"When I tune into this, if I'm seeing it correctly, it looks like there's some overlapping star system there. The occluding object looks round... it just looks like a regular star passing in front of another one. I get it is a combination of eclipse action with the star that's visible, and also various gases, etc. It's in very close alignment to what is visible and will slowly move away. It's entirely natural."

And there was a complete lack of rejoicing. Sorry 'bout that. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #22.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Economist

Q. Hi Lynn, US Treasury Secretary first indicated that the USA would meet its debt limit on Nov 5 and now has revised that date to Nov 3.  Both of these dates appear on the front of that famous The Economist cover as 11.3 and 11.5 in the lower right corner.

Some have indicated these are dates of planned large scale false flag events (Atlantic seaboard tsunami and or faked alien invasion).  Can you discern what's going on here?  
As always, thanks for your important work, Lynn.

A. When I tune into this I see an image of a target and feel these are projected and targeted (preplanned) events.  There is so much going on in this picture, and so much symbology it is almost overwhelming to see it all.

In reference to the 11.3 and 11.5, I do see these as dates.  I see this as a sign to the PTW to pay careful attention to the stock market.  I get that around the time (or even exactly that day) the stock market will take a drastic dive.  The people in the know are telling their business "partners" what is happening, and pay close attention to their finances.  I get an emotion of concern tied to the stock market.  Stocks can only falsely be manipulated for so long, and at some point things need to become true to value just like the housing market bubble burst.

This isn't meant to create panic or fear, but rather to spread caution.  I see a the sign of a false high occurring before a drop.  Looks like a high spike before a drop.  I hear a message about "if the market looks like it is growing in a way that is too good to be true, it is."  The PTW have created some kind of situation in which it looks like they are able to get one last good rise before things go bad...

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, October 19, 2015

Random Objects Disappearing..

Q.This is a very minor question to be bothering you with but I was wondering if you know much about household objects literally disappearing. I've heard a few things about this on forums and stuff, considering my interests I was bound to run into this subject at some point. 

The reason I'm bringing this up is that I have a black drumstick that I keep next to a chair that I sit in. I twirl the drumstick in my hands when I'm bored and I do it regularly, it's like a personal object or trinket that would be associated with me; like my cat, my xbox controller, or my necklace. I was flipping this drumstick and it went behind me and to my left and when it did, I was expecting to hear a loud noise from it hitting a wooden cabinet behind me or at least a thud from it hitting the floor but instead I heard absolute silence. I felt the stick hit my hand as I tried to catch it when it was flying back there and then nothing, it just completely disappeared. I checked everywhere in the vicinity, even places it feasibly couldn't be, and it is nowhere to be found.
A.  I see this as a phenomena that happens to a lot of people.  It can happen with physical objects or "moments" like a conversation or recalling an event (previous reading on this is attached to the bottom of this post). I visualize this as being associated to time slips or time line jumps.  I see as two separate time lines "glitching" and either crossing or combining for a brief moment.  I get our reality is like the Matrix and occasionally our 3D reality alters due to some unforeseen freewill, and the result is a temporary glitch until the Universe resets itself.

Eventually the Universe will realign (much like fate) and self correct.  The time lines will separate to maintain their different paths.  When this occurs a person will many times "find" the random missing object (most times in the same location as where it was thought to be lost, but not found after countless inspections).

The following is a previous reading on memories that were factually different to different people:

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mysterious Silver Timeline....

Q. Can you over the next few weeks do a short/quick reading on the death of the dollar?  And, if you still see trouble by Christmas?  And, the rise in gold and silver?
A.  Every time I tune into gold, silver, the dollar or the economy in general, I see Christmas trees.  I get a strong connection to December or early January.  I see that last Christmas (Christmastime in 2014)  there should have been some kind of collapse, and freewill from some key players intervened and prevented it from happening.  This financial shift looks inevitable even though it didn't happen when it was "supposed" to happen.  I am looking for this "event" to occur at the end of 2015 or early 2016.  The energy toward this feels very strong..

During a recent discussion I had in which gold and silver were being discussed I was asked what the Christmas tree looked like, and I realized it looked to be somewhat symbolic also.  I always see a "cartoon" version of the tree (I will include an image in the post).  This looks to be symbolic of the time the "shift" is supposed to happen (ie Christmas, winter), and ALSO what the lead up will look like in regards to the market.  Let me explain...

I see saw teeth (also in cartoon form) showing me what the market will do in reference to silver.  I always see the "saw teeth" (in cartoon form which I included a picture) after I see the Christmas tree.  If you turn a tree on its' side, it also looks like saw teeth.  My impression is that I am being shown a time frame, and also an image of what to expect (with the highs and lows, which slowly grow in valuation with regards to silver).

My overall impression I get is that at the end of the fourth quarter in 2015 or early 2016 we will have an economic shift.  I see the stock market having jagged highs and lows (like a Christmas tree on its' side or teeth on a saw) leading up to that point.  People that know how to play the market will make money (buy low and sell high), and it is their last ditch effort to make money before the collapse.  They will also use this opportunity to buy physical silver low (because of the manipulation of silver that is going on) and using this advantage to diversify their investments to retain wealth after the shift by slowly converting their gains into a physical asset.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fake Shootings [Group Posting]

Q. Hi Lynn, can you tell us if and when the general public will wake up to the fake shootings that have been in the news; examples: Oregon shooting, Virginia news anchor shooting, Charleston church shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, and Aurora, CO shooting? What event will happen that causes the true story to be revealed?

Can you please look into whether the latest shooting in Oregon was a hoax or not. It seems to have similarities to other known shooting hoaxes. Also, the alleged hero just happens to be the former fiance to Bristol Palin, (what are the odds?) and I've always felt he was a shady character who would do anything to make a quick buck. Was he truly a hero or is he in on the hoax, assuming this is a hoax? 

A. When I tune into these questions and this topic, I get that our media is turning into a "reality tv show rather than news."  Media competes for ratings, and I get that our current media works much like the the plot of the movie Anchorman, worrying about ratings, advertisers and stock holders in the company.  The people controlling the media aren't telling the people what they need to hear (true issues of the world from an unbiased perspective), but rather what they want to hear from an entertainment perspective.  The assumption is that people that want true information will seek it out for themselves. 

This tactic also helps to push agendas because in keeping with the "reality show" the PTB can use the media outlet to deliver subliminal messages (you need to buy this, eat that, take this medication), keep people divided (race, political affiliations, etc) and manipulate us through emotions to be able to take our rights for our "protection."

In the above mentioned "hoaxes" I see the big drive to be guns and gun control. I am being shown a plan that was outlined.. It started with a huge fear of guns being banned, which ultimately armed a lot of people (they rushed to buy guns for fear they could not buy them later).  Now that guns are out there (And I am reminded that this isn't a "bad" thing.  Most people that own guns are responsible, good people that appreciate their rights.  I am also being told that criminals will get guns whether they are legal or not, or stoop to other measures like a baseball bat if need be to carry out a crime..). 

Back to what I was saying, now that guns are out there, they hope to put this fear out their to pass a law to tax the ownership of guns.  The talk will be that it is to keep track of owners, and what they have in their inventory, but the reality is that it is another tactic to make money through taxes.  They are hoping to get enough fear out there that people will willingly pass this law, not realizing that another right has fundamentally been taken or manipulated.  

I get the truth to all this will be outlined to the people, but it will remain between the lines.  People need pay attention to what is really happening and they will see this unfold.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Underground Fires

Hello, Lynn, Quite a few articles on this subject recently:

"St. Louis Prepares For "Catastrophic Event" As Underground Fire Nears Nuclear Waste Cache"
"The proximity of the two environmental hazards is what worries residents and environmentalists. At the closest point, they are 1,000 to 1,200 feet apart."

If the underground fire reaches the waste, “there is a potential for radioactive fallout to be released in the smoke plume and spread throughout the region,” according to the disaster plan."

This appears to be a looming environmental disaster in which the smoke plume carries radioactivity across the Midwest and onto the East Coast.

Q. Questions are: is any mainstream news agency prepared to alert people - is this going to stay under the radar as not to alarm? And, are governmental agencies going to find a solution for this - it's already the 11th hour. Thank-you
A. I don't see mainstream media coming forward because they don't want to cause a panic over something that they don't know how to handle.  I get the local (and even larger governments) are very lost in dealing with this.  I see when it becomes even more dangerous, they will plan mini evacuations, and you will see people start to slowly move away.  They won't leave because mainstream or larger government plans an evacuation, but more because of local coverage and people using their intuitive sense of direction.

I cannot connect to a solution.  There is no way to neutralize this, so I see them waiting to see what happens and they plan on dealing with the results.  St. Louis has some problems coming.  For those that are unable to leave, be cautious of the water supply.  I don't see the smoke plume to be as dangerous as the water supply, but some caution should be taken.  

I also see a tremendous amount of chemtrails happening above the city.  They will use those to attempt to mitigate the damage of the airborne nuclear waste.  The result looks to be an overabundance of rain to flush out the sky.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Be cautious and be safe.  Love and light-

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hollow Earth [Group Post]

Hi Lynn. Thanks for all that you do. 

My question revolves around the Hollow Earth theory, which you have covered. I've been researching this topic for years and have come to my own interesting conclusion. I was overjoyed when you covered it and much of what you said aligned with what I already knew. The only thing that didn't sit right to me was the idea the ALL of the being living inside the planet are malevolent in some way. My understanding is that it is much more complex...that various kinds of beings live deep in the Earth in subterranean caverns, miles in, before you even get anywhere near the actual hollow inside with the inner Sun (energy ball). My understanding has been that the inside of the planet is just as varied and complex as the outside of the planet, with all different kinds of being...some having been here long before we even dreamed of living on the surface. 

I also get that some of these beings are more technologically evolved (and that many of the UFOs we see actually come from inside the planet or from dimensions slightly higher than 3D) and/or spiritually evolved. I also get that some of these being are in fact malevolent and some are benevolent, and choose to stay separated from humanity until we get our acts together (spiritual evolution wise). I also have come to an understanding that many of the planets in our solar system are well inhabited, any most of their populations live inside these planets (and that this is in fact the true norm for evolution of intelligent life forms). Lastly, I also understand that the reincarnation process may be tied directly to the inner Earth and that our souls may actually pass through the inside of the planet on our way in and out of our incarnations. 

There are many accounts throughout history (even modern history) of average humans stumbling upon these inner Earth civilizations and even encountering humanoid beings that were much taller and spiritually advanced. 

Q. How does all of this sound to you? Does it resonate? Is there anything that specifically doesn't resonate at all? 
A. Much of this does resonate with me.  I too see many tunnels, passages and portals leading to the center.  The center can be reached through tunnels, complex cave systems and portals. It takes hundreds of miles to reach the center.  

I also see these beings as ranging from slightly higher than 3D to high level 4D beings.  There is a lot of complexity to the dynamics too.  It looks as though each "mini society" has different goals, and following different paths, with the ultimate goal of becoming 5D and graduating out / off earth.

When I first tuned into the inner earth beings, I repeatedly saw these ant looking humanoid ETs.  I was more recently able to see so much more going on.  The little "societies" in the inner earth are much like the different "societies" above ground.  Some are very aggressive toward one another, and others are very peaceful.  There is some kind of "law" to not encroach on someone elses established land (they aren't completing for land or space).  The higher level beings don't need or rely on taking each other over, but rather survival and evolving.  

Q. Thanks so much! Can you do another follow-up post about the Hollow Earth? This time it will be more about the physical details of it.  Are there only these negative unemotional alien species living there or are there humans and other humanoid species living there? If there are other humans and other humanoid species, can you describe them?
A. There are as many differences in ET species underground as there are differences in humans above ground.  They all look to be human or humanoid versions.  The humans below ground look like humans above ground (most look to have very dark hair, and wide jaws).  The humanoid ETs (the ant looking ones really stand out) walk upright on two legs.  

Q. Does Hollow Earth world experience earthquakes and volcanoes like the surface Earth?
A.  The phrase I hear is, "It's like Henny Penny's the sky is falling..."  I don't see the sky actually "falling" but I see beings look to the sky as if it was...

Q. Do you see the Hollow Earth world more developed or less developed in terms of technology than Western Europe, United States, and Japan?
A.  This world is highly developed, but in a different way.  They have different types of technology.  I see hover crafts, people flying in machines that look to vanish as they travel through portals.  But, the thing that really stands out is the craftsmanship and architecture of the buildings and cities.  Everything looks made of stone and metal.  I see no wooden structures.  Things are perfect and have a meticulous feel.  It looks as though they figured out how to extract the energy from the center sun to operate machinery and power their inner world.  

Q.Do you see clouds and thunderstorms in the Hollow Earth world? How are the weather conditions in the Hollow Earth world?
A. I see the inner earth like a terrarium.  It is humid and has a "moist" feel.  I get that it is a self contained system.  I looks like the same feel as being in a jungle.

Q. Ideally for the human body and health, is it better for a human to live in surface Earth or hollow Earth world? Or does it make no difference where a human lives on the Earth?
A.  Ideally, the outer earth is better because that is what we have adapted to.  It is very possible to grow an adaption to the inner earth, but it would take some time to get used to it.  I also hear that the oxygen content of the air is less concentrated, so it also takes times for a human's lungs to adjust.  

I get that it would be like a person living in the deepest valley moving to the highest mountain top in Peru.  It is hard on their system, but they are capable of becoming used to it. 

Q. Do you see cars, televisions, computers, and other modern technological devices in the Hollow Earth world?
A.  I don't see cars, television or computers.  I hear that those things are "old fashioned."  The main source of their power is advanced solar technology, and they have made great advancements with technology with regards to that power. (Power, travel, life force, healing...)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, October 9, 2015

Five for Friday #20

by Lynn & Da-da (A Man Called)

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #20. There are actually more than five images this time, as Da-da was anticipating some fakes, so he gave Lynn extra pics. It was all interesting, so it's all in there. Enjoy.

Image #1: Shapeshifters

Ok, the set on the top is a shapeshifter UFO from NY, the one on the bottom a shapeshifter UFO from FL. Are they real? Why do they keep changing? Are they related?

What Lynn Saw
"I connect to the one on the top more than the other. A lot of these ships that access the earth are cloaked, or covered in some energy barrier. They emit this, like a protective coating that flows around as the ship moves, with the ship in the center. I can't connect to the one on the bottom, but the top one is definitely real."

Image #2: Mystery Disks of Russia
Scores of these large stone disks have been found in Russia. What was their original purpose?

What Lynn Saw
"The first image I get is of people standing around the stone, grinding and shaping it. This is definitely man-made. Then I get an image of a guy, like a healer of sorts, or a shaman of some tribe that lived long ago. He's sitting on top of this disk and meditating. These are ceremonial stones, to make a connection with the sun. The stone needed to be circular so it would absorb energy from all angles. The shamans extracted energy and knowledge from the sun. This was common practice for shamans in this area at this time. The composition of the stone is special, chosen just for this purpose. I want one!"

Image #3: This Polish Mermaid Walks Out of a Lake...
Besides being a joke in search of a punchline, Da-da’s guessing this pic from Poland is fake, but who knows?
What Lynn Saw
"First off, there really ARE mermaids out there -- but this isn't one of them. Real mermaids aren't the way Hollywood portrays them: no long flowing hair; they're more fish-like, slimy. But this pic is NOT a mermaid. It's someone in a costume. Just a put-on."

Image #4: Comet Near the Sun?

This is a recent satellite capture of what looks to be a comet shooting past the sun, but… it’s angling AWAY from the sun, which is unlikely for a comet. What is this thing?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a ship. I get that there are a lot of ET ships out there that can power up via the sun. Others, when they travel through time or dimensions -- travel that requires ridiculous speeds -- they can "ride the light" to get where they need to go. That's what's happening here. This ship is extracting energy from the sun and "riding a light beam" to travel to a different dimension and, if you could see this area a bit later, you'd see that the ship had vanished. The ETs associated with it were very strange. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the different types, especially when I see a new one; these were very similar to the Greys, but they had strange skin colors; some were olive green, some were pink and some were a really muted orange. I couldn't see or hear a name, just got a visual."

Image #5: Kammler
This is Nazi SS General Hans Kammler. He was head of a slew of ubersecret Nazi projects (V2 rockets, anti-gravity propulsion systems, etc.), and allegedly committed suicide in 1945… or did he? He was rumored to have been in charge of the German’s UFO program, is this true? Is he still alive?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he faked his own death. He's definitely not alive, now, though. He was heavily sought after, because of his activities and knowledge, and he didn't want to be forced to share this knowledge. He created some really cool stuff for the Germans after the war, in South America and Antarctica. He made huge strides in advancing the German space program after the war. I get he helped to fine tune the motion (being able to abruptly go left, right, forward or backward in an instant with their various crafts). Had something to do with the physics behind the gyroscope. The US wasn't involved, and in fact they tried to steal the technology. There was a tie to this technology and Antarctica, and they made it to the moon way before we did (they just kept it quiet)." Breakaway civilization anyone?

Image# 6: Dead Wildebeests

Here's another mass of dead animals that have been recently found, this time in Tanzania. Wave X?

What Lynn Saw

"I DO see this as Wave X. Like a weird puff of energy came down and instantly gave all these wildebeests a stroke in their brains, killing them instantly. Wow. I can't see any other bursts coming; it's hard to tell if it's because it's all done (which my gut says that it isn't) or if it's because it's in my greater good (for some strange reason) not to know. Just remember to lie down flat on the ground if you hear the sound!"

Image #7: Diamond Ships
These are diamond-shaped ships (no, really) recently seen over Florida. Who's flying these ships?

What Lynn Saw
"This is weird. This has never happened in a reading. I see humans inside these ships... but they're just shells. Hang on, let me look closer at this. If they took off their human cloaking thing, they'd look like a completely white version of what people call "the greys." They walk among us all the time, and look just like humans. They're very good ETs, here to help, but are cautious about disturbing us. They don't want to scare us, so they make themselves look human." Helpful AND considerate! (Makes you wonder who they emulate.)


Since this is important, we decided to include a bonus video of CERN's LHC in action. This is a real video. One person reported to Da-da that she lived 300 km away from CERN and has been having terrible headaches whenever the LHC is on. Many of us are feeling effects (try this to overcome them). They're developing a tremendous amount of energy on the earth -- operating energies 100,000 times greater than that of our magnetosphere -- all so physicists can make a breakthrough into what they keep calling "the dark universe." But who are they really working for and why? (Luckily, we already know they fail miserably; they'll at most be an interesting historical footnote.)

Be safe.

Join us Friday-after-next for episode #21.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fuzzy Man

Lynn, Sorry this maybe long, but I was wondering a few questions about this.  I just read this on and it's from the same Sars guy who talked about the stairs. This in particular happened with his coworker.  Ok, here it is.. I just copied and pasted this because this sounds exactly like one of the cases that David Paulides talks about in one of his interviews except the child called it a bear man.  The parents saw it too and said that it was like a man crouching behind a tree, but the kids are describing it as a bear because it is hairy.  He also mentions something being wrong with the face too. Now these people were the last family to see the child before it disappeared, not their own child but one that was missing miles away.  Around the same time it was reported that a 3 yr old vanished. They also said it ran on all four appendages, but was bipedal standing up right and was a carrying something heavy on it shoulders (presumably the little boy which they never found).

So my questions are:

Q.  What Is this fuzzy / bear man and is it a creature from this dimension?

A. I get this being mainly lives in the same dimension as Big Foot, and is related to Big Foot, but not as evolved.  There are very few of them, maybe 20 at most. Big Foot is a high vibrational being, whereas Fuzzy Man has a much lower vibration.  Fuzzy Man, like Big Foot, is able to come and go into this earthly plane in an instant.

Q. What does he want with children?

A.  I get that there is a fascination with kids, because there is a fascination with humans.  Children are naive and are much less threatening than adults.  I get that taking a child would be like an adult being curious about lions and taking a cub rather than a full grown lion.  Ultimately Fuzzy Man would like to be friends with humans, but they are too intimidating and unpredictable.  

Q. Why no eyes or mouth?

A. They don't need it.  They communicate telepathically and rely on their "super senses" (is the phrase I hear) to survive.  I also see they do have a mouth, but it isn't a traditional mouth with lips.  It looks more like a slit, and is camouflaged by their fuzzy skin unless they are eating.

Q. If fuzzy is not the same as bear man is he just some wild person living in the forest?

A. Fuzzy Man is not just a man in the forest.  He is an inter-dimensional being that travels between earth planes.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-