Thursday, March 5, 2015

Concept of Time, False Memories and Alternate History

Q. Hi Lynn, Time is perceived as linear when we are alive on Earth, but it is not perceived as linear when we are on the other side. I don't understand how time can not really be linear. How can our past lives, current lives and future lives be happening all at once? Do you have any insights on this?

If time does not exist beyond Earth and it is not linear........then how do you measure the consumption of 'time'. How do you measure how long it takes to complete something, get to work on time, birthdays etc... I have never seen a reasonable explanation.


Golf Life and Style said...

Can we exist in different time zone simultaneously ?
If not, what happen to that person in the original time zone when he slips into another time zone. Ie. Did he disappear or die?

Charlotte Bailey said...

I've always wondered about the body. Right here and now, I'm in the physical. With a different time line, would one still feel they're in a physical body as well? I've heard one can be in multiple alternate realities, but in order for that to be, whole new environments need to be simultaneously recreated, instantly, over and over!! GAAAA!! My brain hurts!!

whitelite 1111 said...

So is this how déjà vu happens? Are we experiencing or remembering a time loop? Thank you so much!!

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you for this post too!! Is the following story an example of alternate history? Otoman (now Turkey) admiral and cartographer Piri Reis compiled a map back in 1513 that not only gives the correct contour of eastern South America but most intriguingly gives the real contour of still unknown Antarctica (as if it where free of ice!! For example: Queen Maud land was icefree according to geological records some 6,000 years ago). Did he have some kind of spiritual assistance, or recall of previous incarnation(s)? Thank You!

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the answers Lynn.

I wonder if you could RV or astrally travel to another self of yourself in another dimension and see how you live in that world ?

I wonder if you could converse with yourself and learn anything ?

Raymond G said...

BTW, nice pic you used to illustrate your results. Interesting........:)

siketa said...

@ Watchand Knock: I read he was using some older sources that existed in his time.

a2k said...

Hi PF! In Indian mythology, time/Kaal is always represented as " Wheels of chariot" . I think it wanted to convey that Time follows a circular path rather linear. I think to us humans trapped in 3D level, concept of timeline is more valuable than time itself. In a timeline, events progress linearly within certain resonant frequency level. So each timeline is characterized by a resonant frequency level.Taking frequency in consideration, there can be innumerous timelines of past, present & future. But one origin & end. At the end of a Kalpa/Cycle, all timelines merge into one like a river originating from one point, distributes into several while flowing taking different paths, but all eventually fall into sea. Like wise different timelines merges into one and end up. Is it correct? I don't know how I knew it instinctively!

Watchand Knock said...

hi @siketta. It is known that Vikings visited the north American continent way before Columbus, but they didn’t leave a map. Cuneiform handwriting (which started about the same age of the period when the Queen Maud Coast was probably free of shelf ice) was known only locally and they had no way to represent more detailed drawings because of the matter they recorded it on (clay) and the size which had to be small to prevent breaking into pieces. There are no remains of vessels (or drawings hereof) that where capable to make the long way to Antarctica let alone circumvent this remote continent. When Piri Reis compiled that map, Antarctica was completely unknown to the civilized world (Portugal was proud of having (re-)discovered Brazil. OK maybe Piri Reis received the map from somebody, but where did the person who first draw it on a parchment/sheep skin get the info from? In addition the Piri Reis map, as outlined before, shows Antarctic continental mass devoid of its icy (floating) ice outskirts (as we see it today). BTW the cartographers real name was “Piri ben Hadji Mohammed” he was the nephew of the well known “Kemal Reis”. Today about 44% of the Antarctic continental outline is represented by ice shelf. The exact map of the outline of Antarctica landmass was presented only in 1952! Last not least, in contrast to the north polce ice cap, the south pole ice cap has a real continent in its center. I hope I explained my question better this time, thanks!

Roger Riera said...

Hi to all. It is the first time I comment in this awesome place, for I have an experience related with this that I want to share. It is very uncommon and I only talked about it with my family. I think this can help persons that have experienced the same, so here it goes!

About a year ago, I woke up one day with some additional or "overlapped" memories that i didn't had before. Memories from 7 years ago, when I was 17.

I was an athletic and cocky teenager at that time and found pleasure impressing people. Summer was approaching and I held a "end of academic year party" with my classmates at my parents' house. I drank quite a bit and felt powerful. So I decided(don't ask me why, I don't know even today) to do a handstand at the top of the balcony railing(I lived on a 10th floor). In my "normal" memories I did it no problem, and lived until now.

In the "overlapped" memories i got about one year ago, when I was doing the handstand, I lost balance, the grip and I fell down. I fell facing the sky, as I saw the building growing bigger and bigger until I touched the ground with horrible sound. There was no pain. For a second all was darkness, I thought I was dead but realized that I was thinking, opened my eyes and was still there! My classmates in the balcony were screaming and crying, and I shouted: "Hey! I'm alive, I'm OK!", but they kept on. Then, instinctively, I turned to my right side and saw my corpse, quite f**d up, I had a very bad sensation. Then I saw the light, the environment got fuzzy and darker and the light began to embrace me, giving me a feeling of tranquility, but, suddenly, I instinctively wrapped my head with my hands and arms and I began shouting:"no.. no.. NOOO!!!!". Then the light disappeared and the environment appeared again. I was in the same place, where I fell. I wanted to go to my parents'home and before I knew it I was flying there. I entered, everyone was in shock. They could not see nor hear me. And I couldn't touch anything. The police came, my parents came, they were devastated, hysterical. It was painful for me to witness their sadness, but on other side of me I was feeling free, like I downloaded a huge burden from my back. I stayed at the side of my parents. They were on the kitchen, sitting and crying. I then began to tamper with my "new" abilities, like all-seeing and all-hearing or passing trough walls(with a very strange feeling, as I saw how the inside of the wall was when my "eye" passed trough). A moment later, from the wall of the kitchen a light appeared, and my grandfather who died 20 years ago appeared in front of me. I was very glad to see him, but he was upset and told me that what I have done, that this couldn't happen, that we must find a solution to this. And here ends the memories.

I have meditated about this and I know it's not a dream, although I know it is very hard to find an explanation.

I'm sorry I don't give a more detailed recalling, but this is what my level of English allows me to.

I hope this anecdote can help in some way. I am glad to post here!

Love and light for and to all!


Raymond G said...


That is an intense story.

Glad to see things worked out and got better for you.

Juli T said...

Lynn, I'm not quite understanding the second answer. You mean Mandela's faith was to die in prison but 'something' made him turn his destiny? Or backwards? Like he maybe took a wrong choice and died bu it wasn't his destiny?
'Someone' decided which one was the right path based on what was best for history?
I'm sorry I'm not getting it :/

@Roger Amazing story! (and please stay away from alcohol! :p )
Once i had a very bizarre dream where at some point I passed through the walls and I could see and hear the 'molecules' of the cement or whatever it was while I was passing.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Golf Life and Style: It is shown to me that we physically exist in one zone at a time, but can spiritually travel to many zones… it seems like the travel can be simultaneously to different areas all at the same time..

@Charlotte: Once you incarnate into a physical body, that body grounds you to one reality. You can spiritually (one you learn how to leave your body) go anywhere, on any time line.

@whitelite: Déjà vu is like that- you have been there either physically or spiritually before.

@watchandknock: I do see this the result of a spiritual experience. I get he was able to astral travel to that area and explore this land for himself. He documented what he discovered.

@Raymond: People can connect to that through meditations. That is exactly how past life regressions work. I have personally done this as well to understand myself in this life better.. I would recommend it- very insightful.

I thought that was a cool pic too. What I do is type of the reading (with all the typos just to get it out), then I re-read it and look online for a pic that ties in. This just popped up and I liked it.

@a2k: Thanks for the comment. You do see it right..

@Roger: Thank you for sharing that! What a powerful story!!

@Juli: Time is running in a loop rather than line. Things are happening simultaneously, and as humans we pick one path and stay on it so we don’t “see” the loop. If in one cycle free will intervenes and changes the path, fate will reset it. On one cycle he died in prison, the other he didn’t, but fate synced up and in the end he did die. There is no right or wrong, but fate will reset it.

Repórter ressabiado said...

This discussion definitely caught my attention, and I felt I should share this information with you and perhaps Lynn could do an intuitive reading into it...

This excellent article is about my favorite unified theory of psychics.

There are some other's out there, but I had to share this one with you since the article, besides using clear and inclusive language (definitely not esoteric!) addresses the Theory I consider the only one, so far, that explains from a non-conventional physics point of view, the essence of Consciousness, Ascension, Afterlife and the label we call "Time".

Welcome to the Universe of Motion!

The wonderful thing about RS theory is that discards easily concepts like "gravitons", "strings" and most importantly "mass"...

None of the above makes any sense under RS.

You see, our scientific paradigms still hang on to outdated belief systems derived of early Euclidean physics of "indivisible particles".

There are absurd concepts like a "particle can be without motion", "a particle is a wave and particle at the same time" or a "particle can be there and not be there at the same time" but the most laughable is the concept of "singularity" from "Physics Idol" Stephen Hawking... a point of infinite density where natural laws do not apply anymore.

Because a known natural law does not fit the observed behavior, we say that they do not apply? WTF?

Fortunately things are opening up a bit as the latest movie "Interstellar" tries do disclose in a kind of clumsy, but truthful manner.

All of those theory's are dead ends because they are leading the scientific community to search for mass, weight, speed, direction, tangible and measurable aspects, hold by constrained beliefs build upon layers of artificially constructed "reality's" supported by "out of touch" mathematical models(in regard of naturally observed behaviors and patterns) when we know intuitively that what drives behavior and evolution is an animated source of intelligence, not spatially constrained, that bounds everything in the Universe.

The point is, according to RS and Dewey Lawson, that there is no mass, weight or particle. Those are all abstractions we use to understand and navigate reality with our material mind.

There's a material sector and cosmic sector and they are reciprocal. This is the origin of the Yin and Yang dual nature of reality by the way.

The ONLY things that really exist in RS perspective are MOTION, ANGULAR DISPLACEMENT, RESONANCE and RATIO OF CHANGE.

I hope these videos help

Also you can check a whistle-blower's perspective on the history of the Universe and our planet based on RS theory

It will blow your mind, 100% guaranteed.

I'm still struggling with some of the concepts since I don't have a mathematics background, but even then it's much more intuitive than most of the current paradigms, I can assure you.

Juli T said...

So both realities exist, he died twice, but why we choose one reality as the 'correct' one? Why we decided to stay with the story that he died later?
I'm sorry i'm not getting it :/

mobius CDXX said...

your in all time zones in creation. You simply are that time like every moment your already looking thro the eyes of a different version of yourself. So 5 minutes from now the one you are now is not the same exact one from 5 minutes ago . Youve already travelled through billions and trillions of similar self created versions of yourself. But the one you "left" is also still there. Just in the same frame it was in when ur conscious stream went thro it..

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Reporter: Thank you for the comment and all the info!

@Juli: The way I first made sense of it is I viewed the times lines like countless versions of the same book. Each book had the same beginning, but each book may have a chapter or two that are slightly different, however, the ending in each book is the same. We start where we are suppose to, experience life allowing influence and free will to intervene, and end the way we are suppose to..

Juli T said...

Thanks Lynn!!

Hannon said...

@ Repórter ressabiado, what a mind blowing experience and awesome story, thanks for sharing it. It makes me wonder if things like that happen to people more often than we think, maybe even regularly and you just happened to get a rare glimpse of it. You have me wondering if it's happened to me :-)

Also, I'll check out the links from your cosmology post when I get a chance, I usually like that type of martial. Have you ever heard of the Electric Universe theory? It's basically theory from a group of researchers and scientist who have been offering up a cosmology based on Tesla type physics, in direct contradiction to the Einstein type model(which I believe is an intentional fraud). Their most recent claims to fame, are predicting the results from various government's missions to study comments, and getting it correct before the probes even complete the missions. Anyways, I thought you may be interested in it, their website is: and youtube channel is:

Colaborama said...

Hi Hannon! I'm @reporter ressabiado I've just changed my nickname to @colaborama ;-)

Regarding the electric Theory it's interesting but revolves around the same Eucledian Physics principle that Lawson was trying to batlle with the RS unified psysics theory...

That "particles" don't exist... really.

That time doesn't exist as we view it, we just measure the efect that a non-visible sector of the psysical universe has upon "the visible" sector of the Universe, thus "clock time" is just motion measured in ONE of the DIMENSIONS of TIME . This means we don't really measure TIME, just the abstract ratio of change between two sectors. Just observe the Yin and Yang symbol. That's the "hidden" meaning of it...

Regarding RS Theory one has to wonder why the cabal has tryed SO HARD to repudiate it or Ridicularize it... just do a search on rational wiki about RS theory and you'll get my point

Of course if RS Theory was to be used as the standart model for explaining the psysical Universe their power over the masses would be severely compromised to say the least...

Counsciousness, psychic senses, after life, ascension, it's all there... just see the link of the wistleblower that uses the RS theory models to explain those phenomenon, as well as the possible true history of this planet...

It would surely be very interesting to hear what Lynn has to say if she decides to to a reading about it. A psychic reading upon the theory that explains psychic abilities in the first place... the irony it self is worth the effort don't you think?

Highest frequency's!

Hannon said...

@ Colaborama, I watched the first video and half of the second video on the youtube playlist so far. I've heard similar type things before, but explained in hard to follow ways and spread out through tons of different venues. Just the first video so far, exposes how Academia's modern version of science, attempts to measure the concepts of "reality" by applying the very same theoretical concepts as a form of measurement to those original concepts, but does so in a simple, easy to follow way without dragging the idea of "scientific laws", or attempting to go through the monumental task of trying to expose the fraud of well funded and powerful people connected, current mathematical models. So far the first video is an absolute gem, and even if I or others don't agree with the over all theory(which I'm not that far into yet), it's a powerful tool that can show even a five year old child how to see the fallacies in our current paradigm.

I agree with the EU model not being even remotely complete, or some kind of end all say all, but it has the potential to begin the process of steering minds in a new direction. If their work forces us to see the electrical phenomena in space, then we'll have to ask how it's where it comes from, then how it's possible, then it'll lead us to Tesla's longitudinal lines of forces, if that happens we'll have to figure out how those are possible, and we move on down the line of unwinding "science", the rest of the fraudulent cosmology will come crashing down.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to going over the rest of the RS model, a piece at a time :-)

Colaborama said...


Just some additional info. You can review other's Q&A regarding RS in the forums where this and other issues are being discussed in , and .

Just make sure that your questions aren't already answered by reviewing the contents.

Don't be afraid to ask anything, even if it seems a "basic" question from your perspective.

Understanding the RS theory requires a hell lot of "Deprogramming" from our cultural and social inceptions.

Quite honestly I've been spending more time "deprogramming" my mind and after that I'll engage in the process called "learning"... but I can tell you that after that heavy dose of "deprogramming" RS feels as natural as drinking a cup of water...

Highest frequency's