Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Missing Items That Reappear

Q. I posted a question maybe two months ago about disappearing items that seems to come back in places you didn't put them after it's been gone for a while. The first time this happened it was a shirt now it seems to be my iPod. I'm just really curious in general that if phenomenon exists and if so who/where/ what takes it? Thank you so much your gift is a blessing:)
A.  The first image I get is a fork in the road, as if two separate (and completely different) things can happen, both end up in having missing things that seem to reappear.  The first being (and I hear the phrase) "hidden in plain sight."  I get that with this, an object disappears and then reappears in the same location.  This comes to me more like an optical illusion, or a trick your brain is playing on you.  I see an example of someone going to the fridge, looking for the mayo that they know is there, standing there looking at every shelf (even moving things around) and cannot find it.  They look so intently for it, they cannot see it.  Then someone else goes to the fridge, opens it, and finds the mayo in about two seconds.  It was there the entire time, but the first person could not see it.  

Then another example comes into my mind.. A person is writing something (story, note, email, etc..) and they reread it to fix it for proofing errors.  It looks great to the author, but when it is received the person reads it and sees writing errors.  The first person could not see what is in plain sight because your brain knew what was trying to be said and completely glazed over it.  A person's mind can play tricks on them, especially when you are very focused on an object, etc..

As I back up and go down the other path in the road, this looks to address things that have disappeared and moved locations before they are found.  I get with this phenomenon many times you are moving it, but have no recollection of doing it.  One way this occurs is by something I describe as a "time slip." We mentally "lose or gain" a few minutes- time still exists, we just can't recall what happened in our conscious being. During one of these "slips" if we move something, it appears to be lost, but in reality it is there, just somewhere else.  

In reference to "time slips" I am also given the example of conversations.. It is posed to me like this: "Have you ever had a conversation with someone, they are adamant they told you something (or vice versa) and you have no idea what they are talking about?"  I visualize these "time slips" as a very brief moment when our brain loses sense of time and sort of scrambles for a minute (like a bug in computer software) causing us to lose perspective (or recall) that specific time.

What causes the "time slip?"

I get it is because our nervous system and brain is highly complex.  Occasionally signals (electrical impulses) aren't flowing properly and we need a "reset" or sorts. I keep visualizing a computer being restarted, as if our system (in a much more sophisticated sense) requires some kind of action like that.  Subconsciously we are still very present, but this effects our conscious (waking) mind.  It is nothing to fear, or worry about- it looks to be a "check and balance" system for your neurological system.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version on YouTube.

Deceased People and the Afterlife..

Q. Why haven't any dead people come back in a vision/dream to let us know what really happens in the afterlife?
A.  I get it is because once a person passes and decides to go to the "light" or "greater consciousness" they are not able to share or communicate that information, and I will do my best to explain why...  When a person passes, they (in spirit form) are able to describe everything that happens- the images, sensations, experience, view of the light, etc... But once they actually cross over, they are absorbed into the "oneness" and at that moment I see and hear their vibration of their energy change (it sounds like a low hum at first, and then it ramps up to a very high pitch, fast hum).  The difference in the human vibration, versus the vibration of a soul contained in the higher consciousness it too great to communicate with directly- low vibration to extremely high vibrations- it would fry our system, so we need a filter of some kind to make that transition.(I get the analogy of trying to plug a hairdryer into an electrical substation- you cannot do it and need some kind of transition in the middle).. This is where connecting to your higher self is so important.  Your higher self creates the connection and a safe filter between our low level human form and our highest level energy forces in the "greater consciousness."  Even when you think you are connected directly to the greater consciousness, I get your higher self is present to keep you protected and allow that transfer of information to flow safely..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Q & A: XXXI: Missing People / Mysterious Deaths [Group Post]

Q. I would like to ask you about the death of William Colby, former CIA director in the early 70's under the Ford administration. It was said to be a drowning/heart attack in a boating accident near his vacation home in 1996. He was probably killed(age 76)...Who killed him if so...Was it because of Alien information he had and wanted released or can you say why? Was he connected with the elite at top of world... As well, his death was not researched very well...Why didn't his family demand more verification on the circumstances of his death? Was he a good man in this difficult organization (CIA)and why did he leave his first wife and family? Thanks and looking forward to hearing about his he may have been one of the few good men in the CIA.
A. I first get that he was a "truther" and wanted to expose something.  He felt it was relevant to the population (they had a right to know), but fellow CIA members disagreed.  I get he really pushed the issue to the point he was first bribed in exchange for his silence, and when that didn't work his family was threatened.  That was the real reason he left his first family- out of love and a way to protect them.. His death wasn't researched because people close to him were paid very well to not ask questions- the money helped, but the fear was the main reason they stayed quiet.  As I finish the last sentence I am left with many X-Files references, telling me that the nature of his knowledge was centered around ET life, and more importantly their close proximity to earth.

Q- I don't know what it is, but I have been feeling called/ drawn to message you and ask you about the recent elderly (late 80's) couple Shirley and Russel Dermond. Russel was found in his home in a gated/affluent neighborhood - decapitated and his wife 's body was found in a river. They have no idea what happened in the safe area and they cannot find his head. What happened? Why? and where can they find the rest of Russel's body? My heart goes out their family! Thank you so much
A. The first thing I see is Charles Manson, and the second thing I get is cult... I feel I am being tugged in the direction of this being a cult based crime, that was completely random (similar to how Manson chose Sharon Tate).  The randomness of the murders makes the murderer even more difficult to find.  I don't have the name of the cult or the name of a leader, but I do get they are in close proximity (within 50 miles) of this crime scene.  I also need to clarify this isn't a gang, but rather some kind of a cult in which the members live in some kind of communal setting. [I didn't pick up on the location of the head, as if it doesn't exist anymore, or they did something with it.  ??]

Q. Was Stanley Kubrick murdered?
A. I get that he was killed, and it was by some kind of chemical induction.. I don't see drug overdose or incorrect drug usage, but rather some kind of unknown chemical induction.  I then get the message that when he made his films, he agreed that he would "see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil" in exchange for privileged information.  Breaking that "contract" could be grounds for death, and even knowing that he walked the line very closely- too closely.  At one point it was viewed that he breached this "contract" (referring to the hearing, seeing and speaking no evil) and people in power were afraid that top secret information would be leaked or made too obvious to the public though his "telling, but not telling messages."

Q. How did Jacob Limberious really die? Was it an accident and by who?
A.  I see it was accidental by playing / showing off with a gun and he really did do it to himself.  This wasn't malicious, or intentional.  It was a horrific accident.

Q. Have always wondered what the true story was behind the Hannah Anderson kidnapping and murder of her mother and brother. Do you have any insight into this?

A. I get she knows more than what she is saying, but it was too real too fast, and fear has her quiet.  I get she knew of his plan before it even happened. What she thought about losing her family, and the reality of it were very different in her mind.   She used DiMaggio as her way to freedom, and looked at him as a way out.. Pretty much used him to get what she wanted, and then put him in a situation to be killed himself.  When I focus on her I get a disconnect of what emotion she feels and what emotion her physical body expresses...?

Q. There are a number of celebrity deaths that have much speculation around them. The media, of course, reports one thing but the threat of their influence on the status quo leaves many wondering if they were under some kind of attack. I am hoping you would look into a few names and tell me your thoughts: 
Paul Walker:  I get this really was the result of a terrible accident.  I don't see any "outside" people or things creating this to happen...
Bill Hicks:  I get an outspoken, fearless energy about him.  He didn't really care what people thought.  I do get death of of a natural causes and not induced by anything or anyone foreign.
Aaron Russo:  I first get an erie, suspicious feeling...Also feel like I am always looking behind me.  He knew someone was following him, but could never actually catch this person.  Then I get this symbolic image of a scene on a tv show in which someone injected a drug into water bottles with a micro fine needle with the intent to poison someone slowly.  I see someone intentionally creating his illness that he later died from.

Q. Hi, thank for all your hard work and energy you put into running this blog. I was wondering what you pick up on the disappearance of Peter Falconio in 2001 in Australia?
A. I get Bradley Murdoch really did do this.  He was under the influence of something, which made a situation of road rage even worse.  He (Peter) was lured out of the car, and the confrontation got ugly.  Peter was shot, and the passenger was kidnapped (or attempted) because she was a witness to the shooting.  I also get that Bradley took the body with him and disposed of it in the desert like 30-40 miles away.  The area looks to be northwest of where this happened (and feels hostile with wildlife).  

Q. Can you please do a reading on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Was she killed or is she still alive & living in Aruba? What happened to her and who was involved in her disappearance? If she's still alive, will she be reunited with her family in the future? Thank you!
A.  I first see a lot of drinking, and then it looks like she was physically attacked because she didn't return the advances of the men accompanying her...  After the attack, she was still alive, and kept (kind of like a prisoner) until she died of some fatal wounds she endured at the time of the assault.  I see she finally passed, and is at peace.  (I get this angelic view of her with a golden and white glow about her).  [A final thought I had is that they know who did this- she was at the club and with them.  I feel like I see pictures of it or a video of some kind.  The media has broadcasted it, and they are right- looks like two men.. ]

Q. Could you do a reading on the disappearance of Tom and Eileen Lonergan

A.  I immediately feel fear and terror- in a way that is hard to even put into words.  This was an exhausting, both physically and mentally final few days for these people.  I see exhaustion is what took them after these few days (I want to say two), and at that final moment I see they made some kind of a pact to go together, holding hands and it looks like they drifted off peacefully.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.
(As a side note, I found this to be a more difficult reading... I feel like in some of these situatiaons there was a dark nature to them and I was partially blocked from seeing the full picture... It was as if something was guarding me from the negativity..??)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Strange Animal Behavior - Overtourn Bridge and Jatinga, India

These are two different, but interesting questions regarding strange animal behavior... 

Q1. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading on the Overtoun Bridge? For some reason hundreds of dogs seem to have gone crazy here and have leaped to their deaths. 

A. The first thing I get is I hear this beat in my head that reminds me of a heartbeat... .Then I get that it isn't a sound coming through in that frequency, but rather some electromagnetic pulse is "beating" which somehow "scrambles" the dogs brain waves for a moment.  The dogs feel disoriented for a moment (then I get the analogy that it is similar to the feeling someone with Alzheimer's gets when they find themselves lost and alone in public- complete panic and anxiety stricken).  That feeling and moment of what feels like dementia creates this odd behavior.  The are confused, terrified and anxious all at the same time.

Q.What created the odd electromagnetic "beats?"

A. I get there is a huge amount of paranormal activity here (the area had a lot of death, and I get the death was disease related?).  This paranormal behavior that looks static to this area has shifted the balance and altered the normal flow of energy.  The constant need for balance is being fought by the extra energy force that resides there.  There is a constant push and pull of energy.  Every tug of energy in an opposite direction creates the "beat" I sense.

Q2. Jatinga, a village in India, has a strange phenomenon where annually around the same time "As the sun sets, hundreds of birds descend on the village and fly full speed towards buildings and trees, crashing to their deaths." What is going on in this bizarre place?

A. I keep seeing particles in the air that reminds me of very thick dust.  The air feels very heavy and it is difficult to navigate through (Then I get the random image of a car pulled to the side of the road during a rainstorm because they cannot see to drive?)  I then focus on a bright light at the center of town, and from a distance it looks like a lighthouse, and I find myself trying to fight this heavy air to get there.  To my surprise there are obstacles that prevent me from getting there, and from that point I see the birds cracking into stuff.  They aren't doing it on purpose, but rather die accidentally trying to make it to the lighthouse..

It looks as though these birds are exhausted and have a hard time navigating the air (the quality of the air seems to be a big issue??), which causes them to fly as hard as they can toward the relief of some central lighted location in the center of town.  In the process of getting there, many are injured and many more die. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Siberian Crater

Q. What do you think of the Siberian Crater? The following is the link to a news article:
A. As I focus on this I see a puff of air come out of this hole as if there was an underground air pocket that was super heated or filled with pressure and exploded.  I see it as a volcano, but rather than lava it was this explosion of air... I hear it loud as if it sounded like a bomb.

Q.  I asked myself what caused this to happen? 
A.  I first see a pocket of air encapsulated in the earth.  Directly below this "pocket" I see a pooling up of magma (a volcano that is encapsulated and unable to reach the surface due to the type of rock or earth that exists surrounding it that creates a barrier that made it unable to erupt to the surface??).  To be a little more clear, there is a pocket of air, and beneath that pocket and in its' own capsule is a pocket of magma. As this magma below the surface heats the pocket of air above it, the gas within the air, or chemical composition of the air created a combustive explosion that erupted on the surface.  I will try to draw a diagram to better explain... 

Q.  What will happen to the magma?  Will it ever erupt into a surface volcano? 
A. I see that the "explosion" has created weak points in the earth below the crater that were not there before.  The area looks volatile and I feel the extreme sense of caution, especially with regards to exploring this crater.  I do get that eventually there will be a volcanic eruption at this location (within the next 3 to 4 years).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Narrated version on YouTube.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Reptilians HIding in the Public Eye

Q. Hi again! Love the help you have given to help us learn truths. In the search to find out how the world works and who's in charge..(knew it had to be something without a soul)..I've stumbled upon the realization (on YouTube) that pretty much everyone who is famous, in a high power/public position is possessed by reptilians or some kind of force in one way or another.

Q Why would anyone agree to let these beings take over their bodies? Are they tricked into it?
A.  I first see the image of "1s" and "0s" as if this reptilian influence is either on or off, but contained within many of the people in power or of influence.  This component of reptilian DNA has bread into a lot of people. Some it is more intense (I get that certain bloodlines or families focus on maintaining a more saturated amount of DNA in their blood because they like the power and influence that is associated to it.- It is similar to a Royal bloodline, but of the reptilian influence.)  In some people it is heavily diluted, and in others (especially if you have the intent to maintain the bloodline) it can be much higher.

Back to the question, so you have these people that are influential or in power.. It would seem that we chose these people through popularity, voting, or choice or some kind.  The reality is that people with reptilian blood exude some kind of energy that has a subliminal quality to it, and they "make or influence" you to pick them or put them in power.  

I also see a situation that if a person that "wants chosen" doesn't have reptilian DNA, or have enough of it to create the subliminal "type" thinking, if someone with the DNA wants them in office, then THEY can actually create the energy to make that happen.  It really is quite powerful, and I see this has been going on for centuries- Since reptilians first mated with humans (they were considered the "chosen" children of that time).

It isn't a trick or an agreement, but rather who they are.. "If" the DNA is present, and "turned on" it is there.  The person may feel as if they are superior, entitled or worthy- and may (depending on the family line and talks of importance of maintaining purity) or may not know why..

Q Are there different kinds? Full blooded, hybrid, mind controlled, cloned...
A. I don't see full-blooded, everyone I visualize is a hybrid of sorts, some more saturated with the DNA than others.  I don't see any clones (they may exist I just don't see one).

The thing I notice is that some appear to be more in control and others seem to be more mind controlled.  The ones in control are very clear on their ancestry, and feel they are here on earth for a certain purpose.  They are very clear-minded and goal oriented.  

Others that are more unsure of themselves or direction I see the "1" being turned on remotely.  As if something is using that piece of DNA within the human to connect remotely and provide influence and create direction. The direction may come in the form of inspiration (I see movies?), a goal (I see campaign posters), an idea (I see a doctor giving an injection), etc..

Q I guess the most important question is how to avoid becoming "taken over or possessed" by one?

A.  Do your best to maintain self awareness.  Keep your mind focused on who you are and what you want to believe in.  Question things- does it make sense?  I get your mind is like anything else, and if you continue to use it, then it will continue to work for you.  When someone is stagnant and allows others to do their thinking, they can become influenced easily (by reptilians, and then I see a Fox News emblem pop up??).  

The thought I am left with is to always focus on the greater good.  When you find yourself having doubts, or something doesn't add up, if you have a mental thought during meditation or just through the day that doesn't sit right with you, ask yourself "Is this (whatever it is regarding) in my greatest good?" Many times asking that simple question you will either give you a sign, clarity or give you strength to filter out the reptilian influence and allow your OWN thoughts to flow.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Technology- Providing Freedom or Enslavement

Q. I've noticed that we would not have international banking, the global economy, global satellite communications systems, and advanced military defense weapons without the explosion of technology that has occurred in the last 100 years. We would not have television "programming" which has caused society to fundamentally change in America. We would not have Hollywood and its movies and television shows which are shown all over the world. So my question is, what, if any, connection is there between technology and Satan and "God"? Why now? And what does this new age of technology mean for us - more freedom or enslavement?
A. The first thing I get is that technology isn't bad, it is people that make it bad.  I get that most things (technology based), when they are created, are created with a good intention..(I get a picture of a presidential race being televised- once this was able to be done over media voters could see candidates and hear issues much easier- information was spread and shared and the masses could experience it rather than just a select few in high population centers.)  Then I see corruption begin to take over like a virus- some people saw a vision of how to use this technology in their favor to manipulate people through selective news reporting, marketing, etc...

I do not get a connection of technology to Satan or God, but rather technology creates a division of free thinkers and followers.  Then I get that you choose whether to make technology your path to freedom or enslavement.  Free thinkers will use tools to gain knowledge, seek truth, make life easier (I see someone looking up a lawn mower manual online to do their own repair).  For a free thinking person technology can allow freedom and convenience.

Followers will gravitate to believing what they are told, use tv to tell them what they need to buy, look like, or live (then I hear that reality tv is the worst for creating false expectations of how life and relationships should be).  Followers also rely on tv to tell them truth instead of seek it out for themselves (I see someone going to the local Walmart and getting a flu shot just because it is free without asking any questions.).  I see these people more like the slaves of society...and don't even realize it.

As I was doing the YouTube recording it came to me, "why now?"  It is because as humans we are highly competitive.  It is a quality found in many of us, and that is how we have continued to propel as a species.  We just needed pointed in the right direction, and from there all things are possible.  I see at first technology was slow to get started.  It required work, vision and inspiration, but once it did it grew exponentially.  It see it growing even faster in the future. 

I am left with the final thought of there is good and bad in everything.  Everything that is a gift to humans has a factor of being detrimental, and technology is one of those things.  As an individual we have to make that conscious choice of how we are going to use these "gifts."

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soul Contracts and Suicide

Q. According to information from Dolores Cannon, when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime - a karmic debt that they are not able to escape. I read your recent reading on suicide and I presume the unique situation is considered on an individual basis? For example, the karmic "debt" would be different between the suicides of an individual that cannot cope with the stresses of life as opposed to someone that suffered an extremely traumatic experience due to someone else's free will? I was wondering if you could see if there is, in fact, a difference? Also, I am wondering how abortion and euthanasia fit into the scheme of things? If, on the other side of the veil, we have a choice of the life we incarnate into and the soul enters the body at conception, why would one choose to enter a life that will be terminated before it is even fully started? And with euthanasia, do you see that humans are meant to suffer through death or will there be a karmic debt to repay for that also? What about animals? Humans, with the intention of compassion, "put down" suffering animals quite often. Is this viewed as murder or compassion from the universal perspective? Thank you!!

A.  Regarding the first part of the question "when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime" to an extent you are right.  If you are given a difficult life path because of a lesson you are here to learn, and you chose to leave that life before the lesson is complete, karma will follow you into the next life and you will be forced to deal with another situation that may be different, but essentially the same situation.  Then I get the example that maybe in this life you felt neglected by one or both parents, in the next life you may be neglected by your spouse you have children with, or maybe your witness your spouse neglect his / her children- you will be forced to deal with the difficult issue of neglect.  How to overcome neglect, deal with the feelings, see the hurt in your kids- you will have to deal with it..  Once you effectively process your lesson and truly learn through experience, your debt will be paid and you can move to the next lesson. 

In you are in a situation that someone's free will causes trauma unto you, and you cannot deal with the pain and take your life, you will still have to come back and learn what you were sent to learn in the life you left early, but it is "forgiven" in the universe.. Be clear, it is still not encouraged because we learn from all life experience- both good and bad, but it is forgiven..

With abortion I see two things... One, it is the life lesson / experience of the woman making the decision.  It is her experience (and I hear loudly - It is also the man's and that shouldn't be discounted- men have emotion too) to do this (and carry the feelings emotions associated with this) or not have the abortion..  Fate knows what will happen even before we do- it may feel like free choice, but I get that deep down gut feelings will overrule and either allow it [the abortion] to happen or not too happen.  Some women are very torn, may seek a sign, and find what they are looking for in an answer... In some ways this is predetermined.  

The other thing I see with abortions is that it was that souls life plan to come here for that short time.  For what ever reason, they needed to come to earth for that short period as a reset and then go back to the consciousness (I got an image of some kind of discharge of energy??).  That soul will return and if it is meant to be in the woman's or man's life, it will (other children, etc..).

Euthanasia...  It came to me that a certain element of pain and suffering [can] be a normal part of the life cycle.  I get ideally everyone and everything would pass in its' sleep.  Then when I ask of needless prolonged pain- how is that viewed?  I get that if it is inevitable that a person or animal is going to die, allowing it to pass peacefully or ending the final traumas on the soul is allowed.  I also get that if something horrific happened that is unrecoverable, stopping that pain could even prevent a future life trauma (such as a phobia) from happening... Then I see someone in an inescapable house fire that resulted in an unnatural fear of fire in a next life- if the person could escape the pain of the fire before being tortured by it, they could have highly reduced their phobia of fire in their next life. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Enlil and Enki

Q. Who was Enki and Enlil? What was their role, if any in creating humans on Earth?  Is Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today?
A. The first thing I get when I focus on them is that there is something off with the names.. As if these gods (or aliens) did exist, they came to earth, but the names feels like a place holder and they were either said differently, spelled differently or existed in tones that our human vocal chords cannot say.  I get they came to earth after humans were already here (I see an image of them communicating mentally with the humans).  I cannot see they created humans, but there was definitely a connectedness with their consciousness- as if in some way they (Enki, Enlil and humans) were all connected in a spiritual/psychic/subconscious level.

I see the Enki and Enlil came to earth to lay claim to portions of it.  (I get an image of Columbus laying claim to America- not really owning it, or even having rights to it, but claiming it as his own).- This feels like the same thing.  They came here for resources and a haven from home, with no real right or ownership, but took command.  Enki ruling the land and water, and Enlil controlling the air and atmosphere.  They did a good job of keeping balance for all life, and earth had a "good feel" to it during their rule.

Something then happened that tilted the scale.  The balance of energy became off (jealously, control, competition??).  I see the weather was effected, and therefore, life was effected too.  I see air infiltrating the earth (like a downspin of air causing huge waves in the water, and winds damaging earth).  I also see the earth and water trying to infiltrate the air in the form of volcanoes and flooding.  The imbalance was hostile, angry and detrimental to earth overall.

As I see this hostile atmosphere I get that there was a debate about the humans that were there.  One god/alien wanted to wipe the earth clean and start over (of which he would have been a part of), and the other god/alien wanted to save earth and felt with the guidance or interference humans could be redirected- they needed some kind of enlightenment, or energy come over them that would increase the density / vibration that we lived in... 

The battle between these two gods/aliens lasted a long time until someone else came in and intervened (I am looking at Orions belt and I want to say Zeus??).  I get it was a powerful, strong god/alien.  They were both forced to retreat by Zeus? and his small army that followed. (There is also an importance of the sun, or a god affiliated with the sun that was very influential in this peaceful retreat as well. The emotions are intense, and the sun feels very relevant, but didn't see it clearly..)

After the retreat, earth regained balance and life resumed.  There was a lot of loss of life, but those that survived were strong, and a repopulation began to occur.

Q. Is Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today?

A. I do get we are being blocked, but my bigger question is "why?"  I get it has to do with the punishment of not being wiped out and allowing a fresh start of a new type of human.  We were unruly and in Enlil's eyes destroying earth.  We evolved from being submissive, to more analytical.  We were evolving in a way that was not approved.  Since they were forced into retreat, the way to punish the humans is to block them from the truth.  It stunts their spiritual growth- it is possible, and you can grow, but it is harder (I get an image of walking through mud, as if that is what it feels like on some people's spiritual journey to enlightenment..). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

MH17 Plane Down Over Ukraine - Extended Version / More Complete Reading....

I wanted to take some time and do a more detailed reading addressing some questions in the original post and making a little more fluid sense of the recent events and the actions regarding the MH17....

Q. How is the MH370 related to this event? Was the Malaysian government / authorities knowledgeable of what was happening?

A.  I see the MH370 being taken over by an Asian group that I have later put together (though physical characteristics of military and personnel around the plane after it was diverted and landed) to be a combination of Chinese and/or Malaysian government / military.  (There is some underground allied plan going on that I am still sorting out.  Malaysia wants to be in solid with China as China begins to emerge as the new superpower.  I sense some kind of a deal was made.??).

When the MH370 was taken I kept seeing ET involvement, cloaking, very different and very advanced technology being used to "hide" the missing MH370 plane.  I then determined that ETs may have been involved,   but the bigger clue was the technology or intelligence stolen was in reality something that seemed advanced and more technologically advanced than anything ever seen or used before.  The ET inference (I saw over and over) was taking me down the path of the technology taken, which was the much bigger clue.  In my "mental dictionary" when I see ETs I think of higher level thinking, mental communication, telepathy, etc- and I feel the "universe" was trying to make me understand the magnitude of this technology (physical and human based knowledge) on board the MH370. (I much later understood that the people on board the MH370 formed a private group developing this very high-tech technology... truly it was some of the passengers that were the asset and not the plane itself; however, the plane ended up being part of the plan as well.).

After the MH370 was taken , it was "hidden" and guarded on the Great Cocos Island where it was prepared for its next mission (the end goal being to get the technology back to the main country in disguise either on board or attached to the plane).  Time after time I saw the plane as guarded and people doing work... I would see wires pulled out, soldering being done etc... The plane was guarded, felt protected and the energy was stressful and intense.

I saw many references to the islanders while focusing on this plane (I see they were somehow protective or concerned for these distraught MH370 passengers).  I saw many times a group of passengers with the islanders in the central part of the island where there village was... as if some of the passengers were able to escape and were being helped??? (still not sure but I definitely saw a group living with them).  I also got images of native trees, fruit, spiders, etc... I feel fairly confident they were located on Great Cocos (or within miles of there) during this "prep work."

In a recent post I felt the energy surrounding the MH370 had changed, as if the plane was separate from the people (I think some - like a group of 5 or less did escape and hide with the islanders).  There was a big disconnect of energy.  As I focused on it I saw the MH370 passengers in holding.  They weren't being treated great, but they had the basics of what they needed (food, water and a cot to sleep on).  It looked as though they were in some kind of a warehouse in a desert?? The temperature is very hot and dry.  The building is huge and I keep seeing them looking up at the 20 foot ceilings with tiny windows surrounding the top perimeter of the building.  It feels detrimental to the passengers to go further with that, so I will stop there...

Q. Why were the MH370 passengers kept alive?
I get they still proved to be of value.  A small group of individuals aboard this plane had important information and had knowledge of (what I get) "earth changing" defense weaponry.  As China rises to a superpower, this defense is essential, and drastic measures would be taken to keep it safe.  China feels ruthless and obsessed with getting the upper hand in this defense weapon.

Q. How did the swap of the "prepped" MH370 and "old" MH17 occur?
A.  I see during a moment of down time with the MH17 Chinese military (possibly Malaysian, but I get a stronger energy from the Chinese government) flew the old MH17 to the Great Cocos Island and flew the MH370 (painted up like the MH17) back into circulation.  People boarding the MH17 were really on the MH370 in disguise and didn't know any different.

Q. Was this a false flag or did it really happen? Did people lose their lives?
A.  Yes, there was loss of life. People on board the (disguised MH370) MH17 were killed in the explosion.

Q. What happened prior to the plane going down?  What was going on with the pilots? 
A.  I get the pilots were the normal pilots.  They were not military and were not suspecting of anything being unusual when they took off, and even began their flight.  Then I get something unusual happened during the flight, and either their instrumentation was off, not calibrated, or they realized something wasn't reading right (direction, altitude, etc).  The plane was directed into a war zone, which was then shot down.

In the background I see someone else flying this plane like a remote control. I get the feedback the pilots were getting at the time was somehow false, but something different was occurring.  (For example they were told there were in one location based off the instrument panel, when reality they were somewhere else).  The objective was to get the MH370 (disguised as MH17) back into the country.

Q. Who shot down the plane and why?
A. I get that during the entire time the US was searching for the missing MH370.  The talk of it crashing was false and a distraction.  As soon as the US got word of the MH370 being missing a red flag went up because there were some powerful / important people on the flight.  Even though no intel came in beforehand regarding the plot of the MH370, the US soon put it together once the plane was missing.  Diego Garcia base was frantic trying to find this missing plane.  I get that the US military had an idea of where the plane was, but couldn't "see" (still putting this together) it to retrieve it.

The US military (with the support of the Ukraine) finally gained some useful chatter once the "swap" of planes occurred.  The plane was being tracked, and once it was over the "war zone" it was confirmed that this technology was either on board or a part of the plane- possibly even being tested remotely but failed.  (I get a strong impression that they plane was flown into the warzone remotely and on purpose to test the effectiveness of the "new" technology and failed.) It was a tough decision, but the US and Ukraine couldn't risk the Chinese gaining this technology and or modifying / enhancing it to strengthen their position.

Q. What are they going to do with the real (original) MH17? 
A.  I see two paths with this.  If this first mission went successfully they would use some scrap off the original MH17 and plant it in the ocean and call it MH370 wreckage.  It was a way to dispose of the real MH17, end the MH370 story and give the families of the MH370 some closure.

Now that this mission failed, I see them trying to revisit this plan and try to figure out a way to use the MH17 to do what the modified MH370 could not do..  I get this plan is being created and evolving currently.

Q. Where to do we go from here?  What's going to be said?
A. First, I get that Russia will be made to be the scapegoat in all this.  It will enhance the current tensions with Russia and the Ukraine.  It will also help strengthen the Ukraine's position in the world with regard to allies and other country's support. Many things will be said that won't add up.  There will be twists and turns to the story that will not resonate as true, or even logical once they are pondered.

The questions I am still trying to sort out and gain some clarity:
Why did I get such intense images of ET interference?
Why did I sense they were in a parallel time? Was all of this related to this superb technology that was about to be released?

Original reading after first hearing about MH17:

Link to MH370 reading and follow-up comments:

And that is all I have at this time.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysian Flight MH17 - Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine

I just heard about this and was compelled to do a quick reading....

Q. What happened to flight MH17?  Who and why was this shot down?
A.  As I focus on this I get that Russia didn't shoot this down, but rather it was shot down by Ukraine (possibly the US, but I want to say Ukraine with US military support).  I get this plane was the shell of the MH370 disguised as MH17.  I see that the Chinese had some kind of technology aboard that would prove very harmful if it got into the opponents hands (cloaking or technology of some kind- very advanced technology that I associate with ETs- but no ET involvement occurred with regard to this explosion).  I see this plane was in disguise and in route back into "civilization" with this technology aboard.  The Ukraine (again maybe US, but I want to say Ukraine) received intel with almost absolute confirmation that this passenger plane was housing this detrimental technology.

The Ukraine (backed by the US) could not let this (the disguised plane and technology) get out of its state of isolation, and made a very tough call, but the plane was shot down.

Q. How did this plane transform to the MH17 and get into circulation? How did it get on the manifest, etc...?
A.  I have to tune more into this, but at a quick glance I get some kind of swap occurred.  A different plane was swapped out for this "prepped" plane and flown into circulation.  I also get something very strange with the pilots of the MH17.  I get the impression that they were not physically in full control of this plane.

Q. Where are the MH370 passengers?
A. I get they are in a "holding" area.  It looks like a huge factory or building from the outside located in the middle of a desert area.  I get they aren't sure what to do with them, or when they will be released.  I want to know if they will be harmed, and that still seems unclear.  It was like the plan for the MH370 was so clear and completed with such precision, but there are parts that feel disorganized or things changed along the way making the "plan" go off track.

Russia is upset, and China is furious.  I also get that the world is blaming the wrong people, which further escalates the tensions.

And that is all I have for this quick reading.  Thank you. Link to narrated reading on YouTube.

As a side note, when I completed this reading and put it all online I got a thought that Malaysia is working with China on something, but couldn't get past the surface without really focusing... It feels like an unusual conspiracy..

Link to Malaysian Flight MH370 Reading and Comments:

Thiaoouba Prophecy

Q I read the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy." I see a lot of similarities of what you posted and what the book says. Could you please take a look at the facts described below and see what you can get?

In the book, it mentions numerous facts told by the ETs when the author was brought to their planet. The facts include that Jesus (before the age of 30) was a person that came from the embryo implanted into Maria's body. He was a different person than in the Bible for the Jesus after the age of 30, that later reappeared after his death was an ET who took the form of Jesus.  That's why he was able to perform the miracles. They did this because the Jesus that came from the embryo (first Jesus) went through the "River of Oblivion", similar to people on earth forgetting the past and current lives and the ways to perform miracles. The Jesus that came from the embryo later traveled with his brother to India, China (where his brother died), and finally ended in Japan, and died there. It is consistent with some theories that there is a tomb of Jesus in Japan.

A.  When I focus on Jesus in the bible I always see him as a humble man (normal man) that was spiritual and connected to his higher self.  He didn't want fame or to be worshipped, but rather wanted to world to see the powerful sense of self that he discovered within himself.  He wanted to show people how to be in tune with the Oneness that we are all a part of.  I never saw him as supernatural, but rather a man of that carried himself in a high vibration that made him capable of connecting to his inner self.  He also had an ability to do energy work (looks like Reiki) in a very effective way.  He used his body as a funnel for energy and healing.

When I focus on his "second life after death" or the Jesus after 30, I was always somewhat blocked... I knew something more happened, and focusing on this prophecy rang so much truth it helps to open this up... I do see an outside force coming in a saving him...

I am trying to focus now on why save him and who came in?
A. (I apologize in advance if this is offensive to anyone, but I am going to tell you what I am seeing). I see that ET life did come in and save him and this is known.  An ET didn't manifest as him, but rather healed him and gave him a new physical manifestation. I get that somewhere in the Holy lands this is documented and the truth is known and protected.  I get that this documentation is being held somewhere in or very close to Israel (underground?).  I also get that when the ETs came in and chose Jesus the Jewish community of this Holy area took that as a sign (this is really a large generalization and this view isn't currently shared by all Jewish people) they were the "chosen ones."  The fact he was chosen had nothing to do with religion, but rather Jesus exhibited the behavior necessary to get people to listen, and the goal of the ETs was to spread truth to people and the ETs thought Jesus had the power to help people spiritually evolve, increase their vibration and as humans begin transitioning to the next density of earth (There really are protective ETs out there that want something good for humans and earth).

Q. Other facts told include that Moses was Egyptian, and that they wandered in the desert for 4 years, not 40 years, etc.
A. I get there was a big discrepancy of time, partly because of language misinterpretations, and the experience of time was different.  I also get that the years referred to were measured by when a specific planetary body crossed a point in the sky and not by our revolution around the sun which gives the point of reference a different meaning.  I do see it was closer to 4 years (actually I get 40 months)?

Q. The author was also told that the pyramids in Egypt were used for communications (with other worlds) and weather control purposes, and that they are currently not aligned correctly because of the changes of earth.
A. I do get the pyramids are associated to energy storage (not weather?).  I see they would charge and store energy like a battery.  I see the outside as shiny and made of pink stone? with a crystal looking capstone.  I get they would get so full of energy from the sky (electrical) that they would discharge bolts of lightening from the top.

I also see them as beacons to other worlds due to the massive amounts of energy housed in them.  When ETs would come here and communicate with the Egyptians they used these pyramids to guide them.

Q. People in ancient worlds celebrated death of the kings because they know that they will be reincarnated.
A. That is true.  It was a celebration of life and a celebration for their next life.  They didn't see death as the end, but rather a new beginning.  

Q. There are astral bodies for humans, and they are made of electrons, and that an infant comes to life when the soul or astral body enters it, and the heart starts to beat.
A.  Yes, that is exactly what I have seen.  At the moment of conception a soul (energy) enters the body.  That soul contains an electrical (energy) spark that begins the first beats of a heart. 

And that is all I have for this reading. I have not read the prophecy because I wanted to give my raw response to these questions.  I have included the link I was given to this for you (and me) to read.  

Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Q & A: XXX: Real or Not...True or False... [Group Post]

Q. Please see the following link on YouTube.  People seem to be disappearing (in mountains, national parks, etc).  What is going on (aliens, Bigfoot, etc)?  Is this real?
A. I see these events related to UFO abductions.  I get an image as I type this of a UFO flying above someone and taking these people by a teleportation method into their craft and flying away.  It looks as though these people are being abducted by the race of aliens that look like the ant / insect race I see living in the earth.  

I also see there is a galactic force of good aliens that is aware of this behavior and they are trying to prevent this from happening.  It looks like they combat what they can on the surface, but once the abductees get below the surface, that outside "pro earth" aliens are unable to to penetrate the ant / insect base?? It is highly protected, highly guarded.

Q. Is it real? If so, I have never seen a video like this.This flying humanoid creature was simply flying in air without any means (wings/instruments/device). I mean how is this possible to simply fly in air at that speed??? I have seen UFOs,winged reptilians,etc. all seem to fly in logical way.But this?? Then In our religion, hinduism, there is a lord-Hanuman often spoke of,according to myth,he is born of wind-God, and has the power to fly simply without any means. Was he my loved ord Hanuman?

A. When I watched this it did not resonate as true.  I see at one time ETs did fly similar to this, but their movements were more fluid (I see ballet movements) like gravity didn't have the same effect on them.  Air to ETs is how water is to humans- just a medium through which to move.  I cannot validate this video as being true (it may be, I just cannot see it).

Q. What can you tell us about the strange phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion, is it real? Thank you. 

A. It is very rare but is true.  When I focus on how this can happen, I get that energy flows through the human body constantly.  We are always receiving, sending, grounding or saving energy. In a rare situation (extremely rare!) the system blocks (due to extreme trauma, complete mental disconnect of physical body from rational and subconscious minds, etc) and energy cannot flow out and it continually gets stored (and I hear like a capacitor?) until it combusts (like a mini explosion in a battery).  It happens fast, and the person feels "strange" beforehand but doesn't know why.  I also get by the time it happens the rational mind shuts down and your system is in a form of shock, so the person feels very little pain- they are in a numb state (like nerves are deadened) when this happens.

Q. Can you confirm if Phil Schneider's claims about government and alien conspiracies are true? And about the Alien Agenda he was talking about where humanity's population is greatly reduced and aliens taking over by 2029? And is the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests really a cover up for bombing a massive alien saucer base? Can you also tell us more about the different kinds of alien species out there? If there are thousands, can you maybe describe at least maybe 5-7 of them?

A. I do see his claims were true, and when he tried to enlighten the world (he didn't want to keep this to himself- felt people had the right to know) the government didn't want this knowledge out.  Social media wasn't to the caliber that is is now making it harder to share knowledge, and it was easier to quiet the source by manufacturing his death. 

I do see a set of aliens located at the outer limits of the universe wanting to take earth back, but my time frame corresponds with the Mayan calendar- I see the Mayan calendar was the count down to their return to earth. I can't connect to the 2029, but do see a race that wants to have earth back and are being held back by a protective group of aliens right now currently (some refer to them as the galactics). 

I do see the Bikini Atoll happening, but what I get is that this was some kind of an energy portal (the way the energy flowed and absorbed into the earth created an opening) and by destroying it, it disrupted the way the energy was able to flow, shutting down this portal and eliminating an entry point to earth. The further distanced aliens use these various portals to travel here due to direct travel was not possible (too far of a distance).

There may be thousands or races, but I have only been able to connect (or see- some I cannot connect to) to about four of them.  I most often see what people describe as greys- I never get the fearful feeling with them.  I realize many people talk of abductions and torture being related to these, but I always get we are like their children in a sense and they will be here to protect us.  I have questioned many times if I am blocked from the truth regarding them (maybe it is in my greater good to not fear them?) but my communication with them seems consistent.  

The race I call the Lyrans seem to be the ones I am fearful of.  They are obsessed with humans and our behavior.  The intriguing thing they want to understand our feelings, emotions, etc, because they seem to be void of these emotions.  It is very confusing to them how we "feel" things.

On the dark side of the moon I see a group of aliens that I refer to as the Nazi aliens.  They are albino and humanoid.  I see they are working hard to mine material from the moon or look for something.  There mission is to find something that they think is on the moon and it is of great value to them. It looks like some kind of black artifact..? Money, time and resources have been spent by this race trying to find this. They don't seem to bother anyone, they just want to do their search mission.  They have a bigger plan, but for now they want their artifact.

The last group I have seen is a humanoid version of ants/insects that live in the earth.  The want their own space and place, and want to do what they want without being bossed or interference from anyone.  They are very territorial.  This is a group that I also see abducting people for slave purposes in their colony.

One other thing to note.. I have tried connecting to the Reptilians, but I never see an alien.  When I focus on Reptilians I get pictures of certain people, facial distortions, feelings of superiority, castles, etc.. I see things that associate to them, or characteristics, but have never communicated to anything "looking" Reptilian. 

Q. Thank you for your posts. I would like to ask, do incubuses / succubi exist? if yes, what is the reason for their 'attacks'? 

A. I get that during times were there was sexual repression, or sex for pleasure was viewed as sinful, the suppression (or guilty of thoughts) of these natural acts would manifest thoughts of sexual acts in the subconscious during sleep (i.e. dreams).  The incubuses / succubi was a very real experience, but in the subconscious form.  The mind manifested this interaction as a way to release built up repression.  The stories (which were very real to the person) were shared and passed on.

Q.  Please tell me about the bird who turned into a woman in Lagos ( Can you give us your thoughts on this? Are the 2 other birds also witches? How was she able to transform herself into a bird? I am aware though that powerful witches are able to accomplish 'magical' things, like in this case transform into an animal and back to human. How do they do it? Thank you very much!

A.  She was able to do this the same way other creatures change internal vibrations and shift from layer to layer on earth... These creatures can appear and then hide in almost an instant in front of your eyes.  This "shape-shifting" is all associated to the creature's ability to alter vibration, or in this instance it wasn't a creature but rather a woman. 

I can't get a connection to the other two birds, but I get they were somehow directing and protecting her (like bodyguards of sorts).  I can't see what or who they transform to, but get they were very aware of this woman and her abilities.

Q. This guy claims to have traveled to a parallel earth and has a fascinating story, including that the Beatles never broke up there, and he brought back a tape of a never recorded (on this earth) album with him.

I'd love to hear your impressions on this. Thanks
A. I do see a parallel earth- one that feels like our earth's sister.  The density on that earth is much different than here- the vibrations feel overall higher.  On our earth it feels like psychic or spiritual development is hindered and you really have to tune in or put effort into working toward it- like mentally you have to walk through mud at times. On the parallel earth it flows easily- thoughts are shared telepathically.  It feels peaceful like how we describe utopia.  There is some negativity (there is always a certain amount required to maintain balance), but the majority of negative feelings and emotions such as judgement, fear, etc.. seem to be almost nonexistent. The focus there is forgiveness and love. 

Q. Also is the big pedophile ring in Europe real? The one that is connected with the the queen? is it true that she does these sacrifices and drinks the blood along with prince Charles? Does this sort of thing really exist??

A. I do not see anything like this associated to the Queen.   I get there are strict rules with the Monarchy, and they abide by old and outdated customs, but blood drinking and sacrifices are not one of these.  I see things like "you can't wear this color or eat this food on this day" type of rules. Very superficial rules, but important to them.

Q. Thank you very much for your work! You are really amazing.It has been said that a portion of humanity will shift to the 5th dimension and live a new life in a ‘New Earth’ created around these few years, while the remaining people will continue their lives in the ‘Old Earth’. Is this just a metaphor, or is something physical really happening but beyond most people’s perception (similar to that we cannot perceive radio waves with our body)? Could you please look into it?

A. I see the spiritually evolved (more enlightened) people graduating to a 4th density, but I don't see a 5th for humans here on earth.  I see the 4th and 3rd living together, but having a different experience and understanding.of life.  The densities are more an energetic experience rather than physical, but it is a way to explain where you spiritually are.  I see the 4th more "earth" based and fueled, healed and nourished by the earth versus our current existence  in the 3rd density.

Q. Did China really discover the Americas before Columbus? There are speculations that some of Zheng He's fleet sailed beyond Africa and reached the Americas in 1421. What is your reading on this?

A. I get a lot of people discovered America before Columbus.  The rush I groups I see are from China, Fleets from the Islands around China, and the Vikings (I see their helmets with the horns).  They were all here before Columbus.  Columbus just brought the first group that claimed ownership to the land (I see a flag being planted in the earth) and brought people here by the masses to settle here.

Q. Hi Lynn, I recently read on a website about the kabalarian philosophy, that an unbalanced name can cause some hindrance to your purpose, and they can assist you with changing your name to a more balanced one, to allow a better alignment towards your purpose. Is this true? I sometimes see when someone goes through a spiritual awakening, they change their names because they no longer practice old habits associated with their old ones.

A. When I focus on this I don't see the name as hindering you, but rather you hinder yourself.  I do see that when people enlighten, change their path or embrace a new part of life, changing your name can help to solidify that promise to yourself- like a fresh start.  Your name can remind you of your plan or path you want to stay on.  

Q. I Lynn, I read an article that lists leaked plans that the new world order will roll out. Do you see any truth to this? Gratitude in advance!

A. There is so much truth to this!  I see that the "Powers that Be" have designed this system as outlined in the article to be phased in very slowly so they can gradually change things and slowly take our rights to implement their plan of ultimate control.  False flags, government actions (chemtrails, immunizations, fluoridated water) manufactured and natural events have created situations in which the government has had to come in to "save us." They form situations to gain our trust, to go behind us and take something away.

Q. I would like to share that my spiritual guru says that we were in the "3rd dimension" of earth which was the dimension of electricity, and the date of Dec 2012 was when the earth began transitioning into the 4th dimension which will be the dimension of vibrations. He also mentioned that we will have to get very close with nature and use solar energy a lot more in the 4th dimension. Can you focus on this and give us your insight on this? 

A.  I do see that we are headed to the 4th dimension.  I too see it as a dimension that is more spiritual, and energies from the environment flow freely.  I see we focus on the earth for our healing and betterment.  The sun looks important, but not in the form of green energy, but rather powering ourselves through the use of the sun and other organic elements.

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.