Saturday, July 19, 2014

MH17 Plane Down Over Ukraine - Extended Version / More Complete Reading....

I wanted to take some time and do a more detailed reading addressing some questions in the original post and making a little more fluid sense of the recent events and the actions regarding the MH17....

Q. How is the MH370 related to this event? Was the Malaysian government / authorities knowledgeable of what was happening?

A.  I see the MH370 being taken over by an Asian group that I have later put together (though physical characteristics of military and personnel around the plane after it was diverted and landed) to be a combination of Chinese and/or Malaysian government / military.  (There is some underground allied plan going on that I am still sorting out.  Malaysia wants to be in solid with China as China begins to emerge as the new superpower.  I sense some kind of a deal was made.??).

When the MH370 was taken I kept seeing ET involvement, cloaking, very different and very advanced technology being used to "hide" the missing MH370 plane.  I then determined that ETs may have been involved,   but the bigger clue was the technology or intelligence stolen was in reality something that seemed advanced and more technologically advanced than anything ever seen or used before.  The ET inference (I saw over and over) was taking me down the path of the technology taken, which was the much bigger clue.  In my "mental dictionary" when I see ETs I think of higher level thinking, mental communication, telepathy, etc- and I feel the "universe" was trying to make me understand the magnitude of this technology (physical and human based knowledge) on board the MH370. (I much later understood that the people on board the MH370 formed a private group developing this very high-tech technology... truly it was some of the passengers that were the asset and not the plane itself; however, the plane ended up being part of the plan as well.).

After the MH370 was taken , it was "hidden" and guarded on the Great Cocos Island where it was prepared for its next mission (the end goal being to get the technology back to the main country in disguise either on board or attached to the plane).  Time after time I saw the plane as guarded and people doing work... I would see wires pulled out, soldering being done etc... The plane was guarded, felt protected and the energy was stressful and intense.

I saw many references to the islanders while focusing on this plane (I see they were somehow protective or concerned for these distraught MH370 passengers).  I saw many times a group of passengers with the islanders in the central part of the island where there village was... as if some of the passengers were able to escape and were being helped??? (still not sure but I definitely saw a group living with them).  I also got images of native trees, fruit, spiders, etc... I feel fairly confident they were located on Great Cocos (or within miles of there) during this "prep work."

In a recent post I felt the energy surrounding the MH370 had changed, as if the plane was separate from the people (I think some - like a group of 5 or less did escape and hide with the islanders).  There was a big disconnect of energy.  As I focused on it I saw the MH370 passengers in holding.  They weren't being treated great, but they had the basics of what they needed (food, water and a cot to sleep on).  It looked as though they were in some kind of a warehouse in a desert?? The temperature is very hot and dry.  The building is huge and I keep seeing them looking up at the 20 foot ceilings with tiny windows surrounding the top perimeter of the building.  It feels detrimental to the passengers to go further with that, so I will stop there...

Q. Why were the MH370 passengers kept alive?
I get they still proved to be of value.  A small group of individuals aboard this plane had important information and had knowledge of (what I get) "earth changing" defense weaponry.  As China rises to a superpower, this defense is essential, and drastic measures would be taken to keep it safe.  China feels ruthless and obsessed with getting the upper hand in this defense weapon.

Q. How did the swap of the "prepped" MH370 and "old" MH17 occur?
A.  I see during a moment of down time with the MH17 Chinese military (possibly Malaysian, but I get a stronger energy from the Chinese government) flew the old MH17 to the Great Cocos Island and flew the MH370 (painted up like the MH17) back into circulation.  People boarding the MH17 were really on the MH370 in disguise and didn't know any different.

Q. Was this a false flag or did it really happen? Did people lose their lives?
A.  Yes, there was loss of life. People on board the (disguised MH370) MH17 were killed in the explosion.

Q. What happened prior to the plane going down?  What was going on with the pilots? 
A.  I get the pilots were the normal pilots.  They were not military and were not suspecting of anything being unusual when they took off, and even began their flight.  Then I get something unusual happened during the flight, and either their instrumentation was off, not calibrated, or they realized something wasn't reading right (direction, altitude, etc).  The plane was directed into a war zone, which was then shot down.

In the background I see someone else flying this plane like a remote control. I get the feedback the pilots were getting at the time was somehow false, but something different was occurring.  (For example they were told there were in one location based off the instrument panel, when reality they were somewhere else).  The objective was to get the MH370 (disguised as MH17) back into the country.

Q. Who shot down the plane and why?
A. I get that during the entire time the US was searching for the missing MH370.  The talk of it crashing was false and a distraction.  As soon as the US got word of the MH370 being missing a red flag went up because there were some powerful / important people on the flight.  Even though no intel came in beforehand regarding the plot of the MH370, the US soon put it together once the plane was missing.  Diego Garcia base was frantic trying to find this missing plane.  I get that the US military had an idea of where the plane was, but couldn't "see" (still putting this together) it to retrieve it.

The US military (with the support of the Ukraine) finally gained some useful chatter once the "swap" of planes occurred.  The plane was being tracked, and once it was over the "war zone" it was confirmed that this technology was either on board or a part of the plane- possibly even being tested remotely but failed.  (I get a strong impression that they plane was flown into the warzone remotely and on purpose to test the effectiveness of the "new" technology and failed.) It was a tough decision, but the US and Ukraine couldn't risk the Chinese gaining this technology and or modifying / enhancing it to strengthen their position.

Q. What are they going to do with the real (original) MH17? 
A.  I see two paths with this.  If this first mission went successfully they would use some scrap off the original MH17 and plant it in the ocean and call it MH370 wreckage.  It was a way to dispose of the real MH17, end the MH370 story and give the families of the MH370 some closure.

Now that this mission failed, I see them trying to revisit this plan and try to figure out a way to use the MH17 to do what the modified MH370 could not do..  I get this plan is being created and evolving currently.

Q. Where to do we go from here?  What's going to be said?
A. First, I get that Russia will be made to be the scapegoat in all this.  It will enhance the current tensions with Russia and the Ukraine.  It will also help strengthen the Ukraine's position in the world with regard to allies and other country's support. Many things will be said that won't add up.  There will be twists and turns to the story that will not resonate as true, or even logical once they are pondered.

The questions I am still trying to sort out and gain some clarity:
Why did I get such intense images of ET interference?
Why did I sense they were in a parallel time? Was all of this related to this superb technology that was about to be released?

Original reading after first hearing about MH17:

Link to MH370 reading and follow-up comments:

And that is all I have at this time.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.


Unknown said...

Thank You Lynn! Flights to Europe from Asian based Airlines are U-turn flights. Today MH16 arrived at Amsterdam at 6:40 AM. The same Aircraft (reg. Nr. 9MMRF) was scheduled to return at noon (and did so although with some delay). Therefore, imho, there's no need to fly a certain Boeing777 to Asia once it did take off from Kuala Lumpur less than 24 hours earlier. (data from Thank You!

Waityurturn said...

Thank you psychic focus. So was the technology destroyed?

Alex said...

Dear @Psychic

There's another big puzzle.

Since the plane was in Cocos Island, why didn't the Chinese/Malaysian military fly it back to Malaysia which was much nearer than Netherlands ?

Then the plane could disguise itself as another direct flight from Malaysia to China and China would have got the plane. Why fly all the way to Netherlands ? It doesn't make sense.

There are no desert in Malaysia or South East Asia, so the desert is most probably in the Middle East or Pakistan.

Does Obama intend to force those MH370 prisoners to reveal the cloaking technology to the USA ?

Samuel said...

Please see

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok, Da-da's a little confused. Was MH17 in actuality MH370 with a new number? Same aircraft, different designation?

Unknown said...

I concur with alex. Why not just fly to malaysia and china instead of heading to europe? Also i dont get the swapping of the planes..the real mh17 could have done the ams to kl flight and the real mh370 could have just flown back to civilization. Why the trouble of a swap?

Truth & light said...

MH 370 disappeared months ago. So it didn't really disappear, they basically had it at a location until they were ready to swap MH17?!? Why so long? This swap thing is very confusing. Sorry but it's still Confuzzles me quite a lot. Am trying to make sense of it all. Did they go to the location if the disappeared MH370 and swap the passengers to MH17?!?

Sejanus said...

To leia franc & Alex.

I bet its because they didn't want "americans" to find the plane, if they just fly it americans will spot it instantly.

Trying to disguise it as something else was their only option, but even that wasn't enough!

They have very high technology to monitor everything & everyone.

NHA said...

I think the moment when the swap might have occurred is intriguing. If you look at the flight history for MH17, there were a lot of flights back and forth between KL and Denpasar Bali. Could the swap have happened in Bali, which is closer to Cocos Islands?

This still begs the question about the involvement of international countries - there must be a trail of some sort (air traffic control for landing/takeoff, warehousing, radar/GPS tracking, staff) over the movements of MH17 in order to enable the swap.

Most importantly, recent news coverage point to the plane being shot down by pro-Russian rebels, not the Russians themselves. Is this still true? Or was it the Ukrainian authorities who shot it down then fabricated all the leads pointing to the rebels?

Thanks Lynn for all your time and effort!

Unknown said...

I will assume flight 370 was damaged and could not fly. They had to wait till the right time to get hold of the same plane. Why it headed to a war zone is perhaps maybe there was a tug of was; a power stuggle and whoever was controlling it wanted it shot at or figured that was a good place to have it happen and it could also be used as a reason for us to go to war with Russia by the United States. Since our minds can't conceive of the evil that goes on that we don't know about. We may never get a true grasp on it all.

Hope said...

I am in a state of shock to read that Malaysian govt/authorities have a part in these two tragedies!!! How could it allow its own people to be part of the collateral damage to China’s ruthless ambition? Many of us suspected that the Malaysian govt was not telling the whole truth about MH370 tragedy but to be part of it, this is beyond belief! And now “MH17”? Didn’t it learn anything from MH370 tragedy? What does it get in return? Lots of investment in Malaysia from China? Oh! God! Have mercy on Malaysians to have such a govt!

One thing I don’t understand, who intercepted MH370 on 8th March initially and how did it eventually fall under China/Malaysian authorities, hiding it around Great Cocos ? It couldn’t be China (Beijing being MH370 intended destination) nor US since you said that no intel came in beforehand regarding the plot of the MH370.

You said “ I see two paths with this. If this first mission went successfully they would use some scrap off the original MH17 and plant it in the ocean and call it MH370 wreckage. It was a way to dispose of the real MH17, end the MH370 story and give the families of the MH370 some closure.”

If they have intended to use MH17 as some closure for the families of MH370, what do they intend to do with the rest of the less-important passengers of MH370??? Damn! We are talking about lives, innocent lives! And many of them are from China and Malaysia!

You said “Now that this mission failed, I see them trying to revisit this plan and try to figure out a way to use the MH17 to do what the modified MH370 could not do.. I get this plan is being created and evolving currently.”

Oh! My God! Don’t tell me that there may be another MH tragedy in the making with China’s obsession of wanting to get this technology home and if US intercepts again??? And Malaysian govt/authorities don’t give a damn of a possibility of another tragedy? This is insane! This is insane!

If China is figuring out a way to use MH17 to do what the modified MH370 could not do, it means it still have access/knowledge to that defense technology (I thought that the technology was gone with the crashed MH370), isn’t it?
Psychic Focus, do you see more tragedies to come because of this cat and mouse game between China and US over that defense technology?

Truth & light said...

I read men in uniforms took over the flight control tower temporarily...this is why we cannot get info re flight pattern

loralei5551 said...

Carlyle is understood to be part of the secret government, which does exactly as it pleases. It appears that Freescale is a US company since it can apply for patents. It seems that the US/secret gov has great motive to remove those 4 people from "existence" and hence would have motive to be the one to make the plane disappear. Could these 4 people be the ones that you saw that escaped on the island and hiding out with the natives?

On the other hand, China is wanting to get its hands on the technology, or those Chinese employees of Freescale, and you said Malaysia is wanting to be allied with China in the future and is jockeying for position--cutting a deal--showing it has power too--could it have been the one who diverted its own airline in order to have negotiating power with China, withholding the arriving assets until acknowledged in a future alliance?

That could almost suggest that both the US and Malaysia have a shared investment in having the plane go missing, but for different reasons. You said the US was scrambling to find the plane, which was probably cloaked all the while. All parties had reason to want the plane destroyed even aside from carrying technology since it took care of the gorilla in the room and they didn't have to put anymore energy into hiding it.

loralei5551 said...

Here is part of the actual text from the above link given us by Certified Translation--compelling for this discussion:

“Have you pieced together the puzzle of missing flight 370 to Beijing China? If not, here are your missing pieces. “Patents Patents Patents. “Four days after the missing flight MH370 a patent is approved by the Patent Office, four of the five Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX. “Patent is divided up on 20 per cent increments to five holders. “Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Freescale Semiconductor (20 per cent). “If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will. “If four of the five dies, then the remaining one Patent holder gets 100 per cent of the wealth of the patent. “That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.” It adds: “Here is your motive for the missing Beijing plane. As all four Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane. “Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. “However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved. So when the plane went missing, the patent had not been approved.” Although a Freescale patent does exist under number US8650327, none of the names listed actually appear on the passenger manifest released by the Malaysian authorities.”

loralei5551 said...

Here's more background info from that link:

“Freescale Semiconductor, which makes powerful microchips for industries including defence, released the powerful new products to the American market on March 3.Five days later, Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board including 20 working for Freescale.Twelve were from Malaysia, while eight were Chinese nationals. Freescale’s spokesman Mitch Haws has said: “These were all people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people.“It’s definitely a loss for the company.” Freescale’s shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and former British Prime Minister John Major. Carlyle’s previous heavyweight clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden. The fact that Freescale had so many highly qualified staff on board the Boeing 777 had already prompted wild conspiracy theories about what might have happened. The company says they were flying to China to improve its consumer products operations, but Freescale’s fresh links to electronic warfare technology is likely to trigger more speculation and deepen the mystery.
Experts have been baffled how a large passenger jet seems to have flown undetected and possibly beaten military radar systems for up to six hours. Avoiding radar via “cloaking technology” has long been one of the objectives of the defence industry and Freescale has been active developing chips for military radar. On its website, the company says its radio frequency products meet the requirements for applications in “avionics, radar, communications, missile guidance, electronic warfare and identification friend or foe”. Last June it announced it was creating a team of specialists dedicated to producing “radio frequency power products” for the defence industry. And on March 3, it announced it was releasing 11 of these new gadgets for use in “high frequency, VHF and low-band UHF radar and radio communications”. The company did not respond to questions from Express Online, including whether any of its missing employees had been working on the defence products."

Alex said...


Excellent article! At least we now know why they targeted MH370 and who the patent holders are. It seems that the main culprit here is Freescale with the aid of the US government.


It's the US government that is ruthless and not China. China just wanted their patent holders who are their own citizens to return home with the technology. I don't see anything wrong with that.

My intuition tells me that the USA remotely controlled both MH370 and M17 since they were built by the Americans.

The hijack of MH370 didn't go according to plan by the Americans and the plane ended up in the Cocos Island. Somehow, the Chinese/Malaysians found the MH370 plane and decided to bring it back to China.


In order to avoid US intelligence, the Malaysian government decided to fly the MH370 plane to Netherlands and swap the MH17 over there which just flew in from Malaysia ? Is this correct ?

Did USA/Ukraine control the plane remotely so that the plane made a detour and flew over a no-fly zone ?

Then the US government are killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, China can't get a hold on the cloaking technology and secondly, they can make Russia a scapegoat and put more sanctions on Russia.

a2k said...

Here I am trying to figure out the plot taking help from various conspiracy articles:-

(1) China develops a highly sophisticated low-level-ground-to-air high-range missile.This is a real threat to US' Dark Cabals.

(2) A company called Free-scale semi-conductor funded by Rothschild develops a highly advanced beam-technology which can target precisely any missile traveling at any height and crash it mid-air. This tech. makes any missile useless here on earth.This is a counter to China's newly developed threatening missile.

(3) Scientist at free-scale semi-conductor have made this technology patented(in equal percentage) in their name.

(4) Rothschild desperately wants this technology to be secret and all the patents be assigned to his company Free-scale-semi-conductor.

(5) Rothschild conspires to use this technology first on MH-370 which houses all scientist and patent-papers.

(6)Rothschild fires electro-magnetic beam on MH-370 causing the Hydraulic-flaps get locked in one position. This causes the ship to climb abruptly high in air, leading ultimately to crash.

(7) ET's monitoring the situation with permission from heaven, comes in picture to rescue the plane. They brings the MH-370 aboard their large ship mid-air. So, flight- MH-370 being on ET's ship (Their ship resonates to 4th Dimensions and beyond) disappears.

(8) Landing the flight- MH-370 near Southern Indian Ocean, they take the passengers along with themselves in inner-earth.

(9) World media goes mad at this, as well as US' Rothschild.Chinese with malaysians and Rothschild are desperately searching the plane and scientists.

(10) While the world-media and population is assured of endless infinite search, Chinese+Malaysians finds the plane somewhere in southern Indian ocean.Now this plane is a crucial evidence and should be removed but not the patent-paper and technology.

(11) Chinese/Malaysians conspires to use this plane camouflaging as real MH-17. This needs to put this plane in circulation as normal MH-17 which is done.

(12) The camouflaged MH-370 is on its maiden trip from Amsterdam to Malaysia (like a normal MH-17 route.Remember they have to follow normal route to not let any suspicion arise)

(13) Meanwhile Rothschild has a intel on whole of this and conspires to destroy it.

(14) The camouflaged MH-370 flying enroute, was traveling on the safe path where all of a sudden, this plane was remotely hijacked.(Remember every Boeing plane has a facility to remotely fly a plane in case of certain terrorists hijack or other circumstances)

(15) The plane was made to fly in unsafe war zone over ukraine where this was shot down by Ukrain's military jet.( The news of plane shot down by missile is false as missiles can't reach such a high altitude)

(16) This gives rothschild relief that plane , alongwith tech. is gone. This could also serve to escalate tension between Russia and US.

Unknown said...

Doing a swap in Europe not only would call to much attention but would get to expensive for a small air carrier like Malaysian Airlines (50 aircrafts). Furthermore every engine has its own transmitter which allows the manufacturer to keep track of its running condition. There's also a signal that is send by the plane to Boeing which also clearly identifies itself. Doing a swap without attracing attention would therefore no only take much time but also require an own hangar which they don't have in Europe.

Alex said...


You have narrated a good sequence of events but shouldn't the technology be 'cloaking technology from satellites' instead of a missile destroyer ?


There were reports that two Ukraine military jets accompanied MH17 minutes before it was destroyed.

Were the jets responsible for shooting the plane or was it a missile shot from the ground ?

The other big mystery here is why fly MH370 all the way to Netherlands ? Why not fly to the Middle East or India which is nearer and safer ?

Anonymous said...

KnockandWatch remember there are often silent partners in business. Who knows what gains the businesses we trust would keep us informed have or had in the technology. We don't have access to the information groups like Boeing have or really know what tracking information is received. We only have what we are told via media and most of that proves to be BS. It certainly isn't over.

Anonymous said...

I believe we are all merely brushing the surface of what actually happened. PF's visions can only be interpreted as she sees them. I think we should give her time, and even then we will still have to aid her in interpreting her visions.

Also please be careful PF. I hate to think that if they have technology like that already built, what if they have already stumbled upon this blog?They could take it down themselves when they see how close to the truth we are getting. At this rate, I think those monsters are capable of anything.

Please be careful, and thank you so much for all you are doing, and you have done.Really, it's a selfless act.


Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Hello everyone. Thanks for sharing all of your questions / ideas.. It really does help me kind my mind flowing.

I was told that some foreign govts have this site blocked (as someone mentioned in a comment) so I do have to be cautious (to a point).

I will update things as I get them, but I can say that Russia didn't do this. It was Ukraine / US military based that shot this plane down. The MH370 was painted up to look like the MH17. The new MH17 (MH370 in disguise) was hiding newer technology that the Chinese wanted. The MH370 in disguise (made to look like the MH17) was intentionally flown into a war zone to test the technology, where the US / Ukraine intercepted it. The passengers of the MH370 are being held alive (they have intellectual property that the Chinese want) in hopes of reconstructing a new device with this new technology..

Anonymous said...

They already know the existence of this blog. The reason that is still online is that is moving on the conspiracy track which is something good for them (if you think about it...)!

Unknown said...

PF, I was figured they would be watching this site. It's to on the money for them not take notice. I will send protection your way. I hope other's do the same!

Alex said...

Hi guys,

The US government have arrested citizens with remote viewing powers in the past so I caution people here to be careful.

Could somebody kindly move the contents here to a backup site just in case it's shutdown by the authorities ?

Now I know why PF saw 'Don't poke the bear' in an earlier reading because the bear here represents the USA.

Astrolofting said...

The bear refers to Russia. It applies here. If they keep blaming Russia, there will be consequences to follow.

Hope said...

With more sanctions, Russia will be more upset and China is already furious with the real crash of MH370, what was mentioned earlier by Psychic Focus in another posting is going to unfold:

"...... Once things escalate, sanctions, etc... I see China coming to Russia's aid. What ever the US and other countries do to deter Russia from trying to take over part of the Ukraine, China tries to help. I see China and Russia together being very powerful [in my mind's eye it looks like kids that are best friends] ....."

loralei5551 said...

Here's a potential angle: Freescale, as an arm of the secret government's quest to gain global control through technology, was ready to test their patent with their own guinea pigs--the Chinese and Malaysian nationals on board. Those employees could have had full knowledge, though, of the experiment to test remote controlling the plane, cloaking it, maybe even taking it into a parallel reality or time travel and needed/wanted to be present to observe the success/failure. And they could have been participating in the control of events on board the plane. Even if they were unwitting participants, as the timing of the patent approval could suggest, and being "disposed of", what a great opportunity for Freescale to test their product against the world's use of radar, disappearing from satellite tracking. Then flying from the Netherlands another opportunity to remote control the plane, wander in a straight diagonal into the war zone, play around with missile targets, etc. So convenient that access to the wreckage is denied, so they can clean up any identifiable parts and haul it away--pretty much the same operation pulled off at the World Trade Center. All that potential evidence was quickly collected and shipped offshore. Another clue to US involvement could be that no Americans were on board. That one guy could be considered mainly Dutch.

I don't think people should be worried about any monitoring of this site--I mean, come on, Snowdon has already shown they've long since infiltrated your own emails. They are the ones with something to hide, not us.

Unknown said...

I'm sure they monitor the site but any action would just solidify the information. The US does not care if American citizens are on board. I don't consider that a factor but I feel they are involved. They can read my email all they want and the fact that "they" have something to hide is why we are all on this blog. I'm not good with massive amounts of info and facts. I just go on gut feelings.

tcb said...

Flight MH17 Conjures MH370, Exposing Western Deception, Was it a Staged Event?

Unknown said...

Some of this might have been covered in other comments, so I apologize for any repeats. This is what I have come across.

The patent holder angle has not been verified. A patent does exist. But the VP's comment as to the value of the Freescale Semiconductor employees on board MH370 is undeniable, and they were most likely kept alive for their knowledge. A dozen were Chinese, and eight were Malaysian.

The microchip business of Freescale was bought by the Qiaoxing Group in 2009. This purchase was heavily bankrolled by the Beijing government.

The MH370 flight was a a test run of the cloaking technology by the CIA. To destroy the evidence before it could be discovered, MH370 was painted to become MH17 then flown over Ukrainian airspace where an explosion could be blamed on "Russian separatists" with advanced firepower.

I think with all the media attention on this, it was the U.S. government stealing technology that was rightfully China's. The Chinese economy has been growing aggressively mostly owing to foreign investments. The U.S. Treasury regularly accuses them of currency manipulation and worries that its own status as the reserve currency is imperiled.

The acquisition of Freescale's microchip business was specifically mentioned in a 2010 paper by the Rand Corporation on precisely this subject. Here is a link to it. It's definitely worth a read.

fairyfloss said...

Thank you Lynn. I got a vision of when MH17 was lost on radar just before coming down, the missing and cloaked MH370 was flown from somewhere else and was uncloaked and took the same track as MH17 was cloaked and taken off elsewhere with the 100 or so researchers on board. MH 370 was probably loaded with bodies a few days old and possibly a virus and bingo no one is looking for a missing MH17 plane nor occupants and MH370 is no longer needing hiding. Convenient that its in a zone no one can access even the poor relatives of those believed to be deceased. All people alive, no MH370 to be found, and no one looking for a plane now. A bit of saber rattling to incite the West to join Ukraine in a war against terror again this time with Russia and meanwhile eyes off what happening in Gaza. Pretty crazy right. But truth is stranger than fiction. Not sure about the technology.

Alex said...


I'm still confused about several issues.

1. Who planted the cloaking technology on MH370 ? Do China and Malaysia know that the technology was planted on that plane ?

2. Who flew the plane to Amsterdam ? It can't be the CIA because the swap can't possibly be done under the nose of the Malaysian Airline staff.

3. Why choose Amsterdam ?

I think this must be one of the biggest conspiracies in modern times.

siketa said...

Cassiopaeans say it was a planted bomb.,35463.msg508567.html#msg508567

patz said...

Is it possible there were dead bodies and infected blood on board as cargo of the MH17? this article describes the situation

Wendy said...

Hi Lynn, So there are people in a warehouse and people on cocoas island in a parellel demension. So is the cloaking technology really the ability to change demensions leaving the planes cloaked or unseeable because it is in another demensio? Sort of like the big foot travels in other demensions so we cant see him.In total how many passengers are missing now? Are the set in the island of cocoas important people or just casualties of this experiement? Look five years from now and see if they are dead or alive. Thank you

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Thank you everyone for the energy... I will continue to read the comments to keep my mind working and give some feedback later in the week. This one is pretty intense...

Go with love and light,

a2k said...

Dear PF, do you see unfoldment of a divine plan with intriguing cases of Malaysian MH-370 & MH-17? Like Will it get disclosed that MH-17 was actually MH-370 painted up and will this lead to revealing of more and more truth regarding propagandas?

Dante said...

Is Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko "in the know" about what really happened?

Alex said...

Russia has proof that US backed Ukranian jets was trailing behind MH17 minutes before it was blown down. Read

MJ said...

Were the dead bodies found really passengers or there were a mix of dead + alive passengers before MH17 was shot down?

Was there any passenger from MH370 in MH17 disguised as another identity?

Why were there so many Malaysian passwords found in the video but majority of the passengers were from Netherlands? Is the video fake? Were the passports "planted"?

Interesting read:

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Hello everyone... I thought I would take time to do another update on this.

First, I do see that Malaysia and China are developing a relationship. They were both knowledgeable of the MH370 and the MH17- and everything to do with it. Russia was brought up to speed later, but was also on board. The US and Ukraine teamed up to stop this defense technology from getting back to China (or allowing China to hold it long enough to reverse engineer it and create more devices with it). I still cannot tell if the US / Ukraine shot the plane down in the "sincere idea" of it being the greater good of protecting an even larger population of people, protecting their own interests, or jealously that someone else had what they wanted???????

To answer about the bodies in the plane. I get that when the plane was prepped, "there was a convenient way of disposal made on board in the baggage compartment." I get the passengers on the plane were killed, but the plane wasn't as full of live people as they said. (there were some empty seats and they lied about how many people were really on board.)

I also wanted to address when the swap occurred- The real MH17 at some point had a layover or time of rest- it happened then and I get a picture of nighttime..

One last thing- I get they really wanted to use the real MH17 for parts to put in the ocean and call it MH370 (end this story and give closure), but now that can't happen since their goals were not reached...

And that is all I have. I will continue to tune into this...

Unknown said...

"3. Why choose Amsterdam ?"

Because the U.S. needs to get the EU on board for sanctions against Russia. So far, only the Brits are tepidly going along. France and Germany want nothing to do with it. Germany just kicked the CIA station chief out of the country.

Unknown said...

Also, read up on the BRICS.

South Africa

South Africa was a former Dutch colony, actually.

Unknown said...

Hello Lynn, thank you! Boeing has a remote flight device: this presumes that they can distinguish exactly the signals of each jet in operation. Furthermore every turbine sends an individual message to the manufacturer (at regular time intervals) which allows performance monitoration. The black boxes would have to be removed and reinstalled, etc, etc.. Therefore, it’s impossible to get two jets in one hangar , do the swap of turbines, hardware/software, black boxes (etc.) and do a run check in just one night. It’s not like changing number plates from a car.

JJ said...

Everything that I read in the mass media that threatens to question the status quo or the narrative... aligns with Lynn's vision of the events.

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

@knockandwatch: I don't see them in the same hanger... I see the MH370 prepped and basically ready to go except for a few small details.. In my mind it really was a matter of swapping an already prepped plane and parking the MH17..???

Many people are curious of why Amsterdam? I really haven't gotten a clear answer on that, but I will try to focus on what (if any) significance that had to in this.

Unknown said...

Thank You Lynn: but the more distant the kitchen the colder the soup gets before getting served in dining room! (you may have one plane located in Amsterdam and the other in Asia but it would take much more time to accomplish the swap!) Furthermore: it was the data from Rolls Royce turbine manufacturer that first pointed to the fact that MH370 flew for a while after it had llost radio contact! ("getting into the detail about aircraft turbines supplier RollsRoyce related to MH370: "Meanwhile, a report in the Wall Street Journal raised the possibility that the missing plane had remained in the air for roughly four hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, a theory that if true would suggest the aircraft could have traveled another 2,200 nautical miles based on the jet's cruising speed. That means the jetliner could have reached points as far away as the Indian Ocean, the border of Pakistan, or even the Arabian Sea, according to the paper. The report, which cited "two people familiar with the details" of the investigation, was said to be based on data transmitted by the plane's engines back to their manufacturer, Rolls-Royce. Such transmissions happen periodically during a flight so the company can monitor the engine's health."). After you do a engine swap you need to test them thoroughly to see if they perform propperly in the other plane! Or, if the swap was done supperficially, what would Rolls Royce say if the MH370plane turbines were back emitting signals? Thank You!

Unknown said...

Hi lynn. If Malaysia really was in on this, it is the sickest PR stunt ever. They are having an ongoing Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign and i dont know which government would purposefully do this to their national airline, except if this is all part of their publicity. It sounds insane but really they are killing 2 birds with one stone. Firstly, Malaysian Airlines is losing alot of money and maybe they decided to cut the losses and get rid of 2 from their fleet. In the long run it might make sense to loose the two planes and pay up the relatives than loose millions a day. Secondly, any publicity is good publicity and everyone will remember 2014 and Malaysia together.

This year has been just so messed up. Im sure youve heard the news of the two latest accidents.3 in less than a week. What is going on here? It cant just be storms and bad weather right? Are the aliens doing this? Are we being punished? Or is this just a really bad year for aviation? Are we going to see more aviation related accidents this year?

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

@knockandwatch: I'm not sure... It looks so clear in my mind, but maybe I am wrong. I am working on it. :-)

@leia: I need to keep working on it.. It seems too strange to be coincidence.. I am questioning why I had such strong ET images in the beginning of the MH370 mystery. I thought they were trying to tell me about the technology on board, but it could be even bigger.. I am working on it.

Lisa said...

Today afternoon, I heard this strange news in German radio:
One week after the crash, the investigators found in the forest somewhere away from the other plane crash parts, a cabin part of the plane with dead passengers in it. But, what they thought was strange, was: there were no signs of a crash around that part of the cabin....
i.e. trees around not hurt etc.
The reporter really mentioned that it looked like that this cabin was "planted" there later!

Astrolofting said...

I think they mixed in other wreckages and remove some.

PF, did you view the passenger Cor Pan's photo of the plane? It shows 9M-MRC at the bottom right of the photo but 370 is 9M-MRO while 17 is 9M-MRD. Did he really board that plane as MH17?

Al said...

Thanks for this reading. From the first moment I got that there was something very important on that plane.
Will the truth about what really happened be recognized in the whole world?
Will this incident lead to a new war?

Thanks, Al.

Alex said...


Something doesn't sound right.

If China/Malaysia found the plane in the Cocos Islands, why didn't they rescue the passengers and bring their own citizens back to their own countries ?

Alex said...
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Unknown said...

@ Alex China kept its own high-value passengers. My theory is they were allowed to keep the technology of the company they had invested in as long as they went along with the black flag to frame Russia for shooting down MH17.

Unknown said...

Think about it. It's a win win for China. They either own Russia after they have become isolated from the West, or the BRICS succeed and the dollar fails.

kris said...

Hi Lynn.I found the following today. Apparently its a radar tracking of MH17 - and MH17 didnt crash at all.. it kept flying! 'I get' the 'plane swap' and after watching this I would be interested in what you feel. And of course taking the radar into consideration, the bodies become another issue.

curious said...

Hi Lyn

Came across this recently.

MH17 Debris being switched and cut into.

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Hello everyone. I have been thinking more on this and plan on doing another update (hopefully this week). Thank you for your continued energy and sharing info here.

Alex said...

Great job! PsychicFocus.

Preliminary investigation by the Malaysian government has shown that the Ukraine government (and not the rebels) was the one who shot down the plane.


@Watch said...

Hello Lynn! Dutch security council decides not to release the integrity of data retrieved from MH17 Black Boxes! Why??? (news now confirmed by independent swiss news portal

Shifting said...

Hi Lynn, incredibly interesting. I just thought I should point out that there are two groups of islands with very similar names. The Cocos (Keeling) Islands, which is Australian territory. Also called Cocos Islands and Keeling Islands, is a territory of Australia, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Christmas Island and approximately midway between Australia and Sri Lanka.

What you refer to as "Great Cocos Island", should actually be Great COCO Island. Great Coco Island is part of the Coco Island group.. [from Wikipedia] they are located in the northeastern Indian Ocean. They are part of the Yangon Region of Burma. The Bay of Bengal lies to the west and the Andaman Sea to the east of the islands. The Burmese mainland is 300 kilometres (190 mi) to the north. The island of Preparis lies 77 km to the NNE of the Coco Islands.[1]

The Coco Islands were allegedly leased to the People's Republic of China from 1994.[2] The governments of Burma and the People's Republic of China deny this, and many members of the Burmese military categorically deny any agreement at all.[3]

Unknown said...

I would like to share it with all my friends and hope they will like it too.


shnorsukhairin said...

Hi Lynn,

Just want to update, this blog ( has revealed the logical theory and evidence what was actually happened to both flight MH370 and MH17. Seems that some of the discoveries overlap and has similarities with your readings made a year ago. That is interesting!

Unfortunately, the blog is in Malay language, maybe you can use google translate if you want to read the whole stories.

Btw, I'm glad I read your posting about this a year ago.

C said...

Due to the fact a brother and sister I know lost their parents who were wonderful people on MH17, this pisses me off so much. The deviousness of our government knows no bounds. Disgusting what they will do for power.