Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are Zombies Real?

7:15 PM
Something in me made me want to do this reading. ..  I actually do see people and they look like they are running around in a jungle setting.  Visually they look hysterical, dirty and have pieces flesh falling off their face and parts of their body that I can see that are exposed....  I sense they are diseased and the reason they are in this jungle setting is because they have been "exiled" from their towns or tribes.. Almost like they have been sent to this place so they don't infect others.. and they pretty much roam around until they die.. and the ones that are living, because they are still humans with basic needs turn to cannibalism to survive..   I'm seeing a visual of an infected person that is roaming the jungle and they are mentally very much aware of their diseased state; almost roaming in desperation for help.  They are starving and look very dehydrated and that is what's giving them their pale appearance.  Then I look over and I see several people in the same situation and they are flocked onto a deceased person trying to eat because they are starved.  I keep getting the word "leprosy" over and over in my mind, and can't help but feel that this disease that is plaguing this group is somehow inter-related..

Q.  I'm asking myself, what time period this was all going on?
A.  I keep getting  around 700 to 800 A.D.  It feels somewhat close, but we are removed from it. too.

Q.  I'm thinking about where this was?
A.  I keep focusing on the central portion of Africa.  I see trees, but it feels humid.  It definitely has jungle feel.

Q.  I want to know why they are called "zombies".
A.  I can't get definition or place of origin for the name, but it was term created to explain these individuals.. People feared them because of how they appeared, their erratic behavior and nature of their contagious disease.

Q.  Now I want to ask myself where this disease began.
A.  I see someone eating something that looks very tough.. As I zoom in it looks like the heart of an animal.. I'm getting that the culture of that time was to eat the entire animal, and nothing waste.. it feels like a very poor time.  It wasn't done completely out of respect for the animal but a necessity for survival.. So my impression is that people were eating parts off of an infected animal, and that's how the disease transferred to humans.. and I side note it looks like under-cooked meat too...

At this time this is all I see... I don't know why I was drawn to this.. and what I saw was very clear.  It was a very different reading for sure.
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Anonymous said...

So what's with the zombie apocalypse?!?

Anonymous said...

This is why we need assault rifles!

Anonymous said...

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Falun Dafa teaches that when people eat uncooked meat, the spirit of the dead animal can enter that person, that is because all particles of a being are in the same image of that being. So when people drink snake's blood, for instance, those tiny snakes are getting inside them. That is why it is very important to cook meat before consumption, for those who consume meat.

What you describe sounds to me like the spirits of those killed animals took revenge on the people and entered them. It is similar to how nowadays many people are possessed with bad spirits or animals.

Psychic Focus said...

very interesting ozareniye..

Anonymous said...

Hansen's disease Mycobacterium leprae
Leprosy people will avoid them because they know it's infectious disease especially in the past where they didn't have medicine for it.