Saturday, October 27, 2012

What is God? When was the universe created? What were the original races, human or extraterrestrial? Thank you

7:55 PM - I think the easiest way to do this is to break the questions down.
Q-What is god?
A-The easiest way to describe god is to think of a huge ball of energy and knowledge, and god is like the master that holds this energy and knowledge, or better yet God is the name OF that energy and knowledge.  And every living being also has a piece of that energy and knowledge within them, and when you spiritually ta in to that knowledge base that is what allows you to psychically see things that are not in front of you.  That would be my best explanation of what god is.

Q-When was the universe created?
A-I am getting two things with that answer, when I focus on the universe, I see it as infinitely old, like on a timeline I tried to look back and get a date, and my mind is saying NO it is older, and then I focused on another time and said to myself it it a billion years old, and my mind said no older.  So I feel like it is infinitely old, like the universe has always been there.  Now the solar system which is the second part of what I saw, I saw within the universe, and explosion happen which created the birth of our current solar system, and I keep getting a number of 6 million years old, for our current solar system.
Q-What were the original races, human or extraterrestrial? 
A-I have answered a similar question to this before, but I still want to refocus and make sure I come up with what feels like the right answer.  I do see the races being human, however, it looks as if when one set started it was 100% human and grew through the evolution process.  But then another set of human race was started and it actually contained alien DNA.  So they were all human, but some had different DNA.  And through time they have all evolved and interbred.

Q-Was the universe created by god, or is it god?
A-I feel like the universe and all the knowledge within it, is god.  And I still feel like it always was there, that it was not created from anything.
Q-Why if the solar system is only 6 million years old, do we believe earth and our planets to be much older?
A-I do not know, that was just the number that was given to me.
Q-Is our dating methods flawed?
A-....I do not know, I keep getting that again and it is not clarifying it.  I was even asking if it were earth years or measured in a different type of years, and I am just not getting it.
Q-When the requestor asked what the original races were and you said human, were you referring to earth?  How to you account for all the other races have previously described?
A-I was referring to earth only.
Q-Let me rephrase their question. What was the original humanoid form or race created, not necessarily on earth?
A-I do not see anybody looking like humans that are not on earth, or people that look like us.
Q-Again to simplify.  What race is older Greys are humans?
A-Oh, Greys
Q-What races is the oldest?
A-Hmm...I keep going back to the alien council but I cannot remember what they are called, I keep seeing it but I cannot get a name.  And then I see the greys being created next, they are almost like a derivative of the type of aliens that are on the alien council.

Q-Is the order in which the races were created, the order of their spiritual evolvement.
A-Actually yes.  And humans are on the bottom of the list.
Q-Are any of these races ever confused with Angels, like the jealous ones in the biblical sense?
A-I am getting God as YES, but angels no.  People confuse alien activity with Gods, but not necessarily as angels.  Angels are more of seeing or experiencing higher spiritual activity for a moments.
Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?
A-This was a pretty cool reading, the concept of god and describing it almost gives me a completely overwhelming feeling because it is so infinitely huge.
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Does the moment in time that we have experienced exist after we no longer experience it?

7:32 PM - Hmm..It is coming to me like this, as you experience a moment, on one layer of time it is the past, on a different layer of time it is the current, and on another layer it is the future.  And all of that is happening simultaneously.  And free will can change the future but it cannot change the past or the present.

But if you use free will to change what you do in the future, it is like it updates the past and the current also.  You can ask me questions it is kind of confusing it is like I see it in my mind but I do not know how to explain it.
Q-Just describe what you are seeing.
A-I mean I feel like the past present and future all occur at the same time.  But if in this current life plane we alter the future because of free will that past and present moment is altered even though you do not live through that experience.
Q-Why would the past need to be altered or updated, it is already past.
A-Because the past, present, and future are all occurring at the same time, so when you change the future you change the past as well.
Q-Can you describe what you are seeing
A-it is more of a concept, in my mind it make complete sense, but to put into words, it is difficult.
Q-How can one move between these layers?
A-I do not think you do physically, on a spiritual level you can.
Q-So how do I not know that I have lived this moment already, went to sleep, but just woke up in my past, which is today.
A-I feel like you do have memories of your future.  It is called deja vu, like at a place you have never been and you had deja vu.
Q-Are you tapping into your future knowledge to do these reading or another source?
A-I think it is a combination of universal knowledge and future knowledge, and I feel like your physical body experience a linear time, so when you say how do I not know my future, that is because your future existed in another spiritual form that has come back to live in this physical body.  I do not think your physical body lived in the future and then came back, I think that your soul did, and those are the memories you are tapping into.
Q-So are you saying our lives are like a DVD collection, we just pick the one that we want to experience at this time?
A-For the most part yes, I do feel like that is how it works.  But I see your life being one track within one DVD collection.
Q-Are all these experience logged into our DNA or our Soul?
A-I feel like it is in your soul, not your DNA.
Q-Are any memories logged in our DNA.
A-I think instincts are in your DNA, memories are in your soul.  Like a bird knows how to build a nest because of it's instinct in its DNA.  But if it gets eaten, that is not logged into it's DNA, that is a memory in it's soul.
Q-How many lives have you lived?
A-Without doing a past life regression it is hard to tell, some people have many and some people have a few.
Q-Do does my free will today, affect everyone elses present and future?  Example, I kill myself, that affects my wife, children, kids, work etc.
A-Yes I do, even miniscule things like your car not being on the road, using gas, eating at chipotle on Friday.  It affects in in minor ways, but Yes.
Q-So our fate is also determined by everyone elses actions also.
A-In some ways yes.
Q-If a soul or spirit were to travel into the past, would that not then become the present for that soul, with an alternate future?
Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?
A-I will say during this reading the overall concept seemed very clear and sensible in my mind, but for some reason trying to put it into words seemed incredibly complex.  So I am hopeful that when you read this, it will trigger some kind of clarity in your own mind because i feel like I did not due it justice.   I did not feel like I intricately described it.  
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I was raised in a house that was built on an Indian burial ground. When I was 5 I had an experience with a spirit. I feel I had an out of body experience one night. I get the sense that a spirit wanted to play, like it was a kid too. Also there was a not so nice spirit there too. Ever since, I feel there has been a guiding force in my life. I have prayed a lot for guidance and feel I have received it. 1. Do you get a sense that I have been communicated with? 2. If so by what or who? 3. I felt pulled to be where I am living. Do see I had guidance or no? 4. If so why? To save me or for a purpose? 5. If for a purpose, then what?

1:50 PM  Q-Do you get a sense that I have been communicated with? If so by what or who?
A-I am seeing a young Indian girl, she looks like she is four or five years old, she is wearing a tan skirt, she has kind of beaded thing around her neck and she is wearing her hair in pigtail braids.  I keep hearing a name that sounds like "Narna", I guess you would spell that NARNA.  I feel like she died on that land when she was really young, I am getting an image of a mother fleeing and she is trying to leave with her and the look like they get attacked by another Indian tribe, I am seeing arrows.  And then I flash forward and I see you when you were a child, and because your mind was open enough that you were able to see her she stepped forward to you...And I feel like she did make contact with you.  I feel like the she had a good spirit, I feel like a lot of positive energy around her, I think she did want to be your friend, I am seeing what looks like little plastic horses on the floor, like you played with, or she was wanting to play with them with you.  I do  not think she told you what to do, but I feel that she gave you positive influences.  I kinda feel like she might have stuck with you in the form of a spirit guide..I also think that if you meditate, you will be able to see her and even though you have gotten older the picture of her will still kind of remain the same.

Q-I felt pulled to be where I am living. Do see I had guidance or no?  If so why?
A-I do feel like you were pulled to be where you are at, I sense that it is a really sunny location, and I think for you personally you need that sun for your emotional health, your mental health, and your physical health.  And you were drawn to be where you are at for that reason.  And I just keep seeing this really intense sunshine.  It was like a guiding force within you, it knew you would suffer health issues if you were not where you are.
Q-To save me or for a purpose? If so for what purpose?
A-Let me think about that..I um see you as in a role in guiding children, and it looks like you are in nature when you are doing it, and it is like it is a big long string and I see about ten kids holding on to this string and being guided through a hiking path and I feel like you have a knack for like surviving in the woods or nature and I feel like your purpose will be to teach others and guide other people as to how to live off the land, that is kind of all I am getting.
Q-Do you get anything in regards to the not so great spirit?
A-I am seeing and Indian and he looks like he was a fighter, he has a lot of face paint and he has a lot of feathers in his hair, and I see him a just a very like power hungry angry type person.  And he was angry because he was struggling to get control and power over people.  And he was mean and ruthless and even killed some of his own tribe to instill fear and gain control over them.  And even though he is dead he still has a strong spirit about him.  And if you allow your mind to open up to him he will still try to influence you, but the positive thing is that since he is dead and is in spirit, if you do not allow him in or focus any energy towards him he has absolutely no power or strength.  It is like he preys upon the weak.  And I am getting an image of a person actually saying leave me alone, and leave this place directing it towards this bad spirit, and he does leave.  Because he is powerless against that intention and thought put into those words.
Q-How do you know the requester is a female?
A-I do not know it just came through to me that way, I guess I felt a lot of female energy.
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Hello, my name is Nikky, birthday 9/29/86. My father was John Ball, birthday march 2nd. My father passed away when I was about 17. We had a very, very complicated past/relationship. When he died, I almost didn't know how to feel about it. He died so suddenly, I never got to say goodbye. There was no funeral/burial. My mom spilled his ashes without telling me/without me and I never got any sense of closure. I want to know if my dad has a message for me or anything he wants to say. The last thing that happened the last time I saw him was that he gave me a record album. Do you know what that record was? Do you see any significance or mental images regarding it? I really need to get some closure with my father and his sudden death. Please help me. Thank you.

Nikky, I would really enjoy doing this reading.  I am taking personal readings via email.  My email is outlined on the Focus Request page.  Please send your information there.  That way I can keep personal information confidential.  Thanks.

Hello, I have sent in 2 requests, The first was anything about ALASKA, good or bad and the 2nd was for more information on myself and my future. My name is Tammy in Anchorage, AK, 10/25/68. This is more related to the 2nd one which I can't find and more has happend since then. Anyways, my boyfrined saw a ghost, you heard me right .... the ghost was behind me as I sat at the computer reading/working and he was cooking dinner. It freaked him out tremendously. He said " she" was just looking over my shoulder and then disappeared when he made the discovery. Is there anything I should know about who is around me? I don't feel threatend at all but weird things have happended and I am really curious. Still interested in my future as well.... Thank you so much, I love to follow your readings. October 7, 2012 2:48 AM

Tammy- If you could send your personal requests to my email I would appreciate it.  Directions are on my Focus Request tab.  I have been doing personal readings that way to keep personal information confidential.  Thanks so much and I look forward to your email.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am from North Carolina and currently live in Largo, Maryland. I have several physical characteristics which I have read are considered unique to the lineage of Reptilian gods. Can you tell me what these physical anomalies mean about my genetic lineage?

8:31 PM - As I think about the question and focus on the reptilian gods, I am seeing an image of this reptilian alien that can almost change it's outer appearance to make you think you are seeing something you are not.  Like they are some type of master of disguise.  And then I switch over and try to think of you as a person and I am seeing someone looking in the mirror like they are brushing their teeth, but when they look at their face it seems different like they do not know who they are or maybe they look close up at the mirror and there's something about your eyes that seem weird to you.  I am also getting an image of you looking into your eye as if it is a window into your soul, thinking "Who is this person".  I am seeing a scenario playing out in my mind and it seems that back in ancient times these reptilian aliens bread with humans and even though the offspring were human, there is something about their DNA that still holds a trace of this reptilian race.  Now I am seeing time fast forward to now, and with people becoming more spiritually enlightened, they are taking that feeling of looking at themselves and know that something is not right, and somehow you just know.  I also feel like people that are carrying this strain on their DNA, that their vibrations now are slightly elevated and even though you might not meditate or focus or have any kind of mental interaction with this alien race, I feel like this heightened vibration has allowed you to get some type of influence from that race.  And that influence is what is causing you to ponder all of this.

Q-Do you see this person having reptile eyes, or is the physical characteristic in his eyes.
A-I do not think she sees it all the time, I think she gets glimpses of it.  My impression of what she sees with his eyes is just a fraction of how the reptilians were able to disguise their appearance.  And there's something in the subconscious that allows this to be seen, but it is like just a moment here or a moment there.  I do not feel it is constant.  And also I kept seeing this as a woman.  I am feeling a lot of female energy behind this question.
Q-Do reptilians exist, like 100% full blooded?
A-I feel like they do deep down in the core of the earth, but on the surface no.
Q-Do you feel this requestor does have a reptilian lineage?
A-I feel like the do but it goes back like a 1000 to 1500 years ago, I mean it is back far.
Q-Do reptilian hybrids know they are reptilians?
A-I feel that they are waking up to that.
Q-Do reptilians disguise themselves physically, or project a different mental image of themselves to the viewer?  Like do they make up perceive them with humanistic characteristics.
A-I do not think they try to perceive anything, I think that they do not know that they are part reptilian so any mental influences are from their subconscious.  I feel that the physical traits are so subtle that only the individual picks up on them from time to time.
Q-Do reptilians have a traditional soul or spirit?
A-Yes, I feel they do, the human hybrid ones, yes.
Q-Are your or I a reptilian?
A-There is something about people with blue eyes....hmm.... people that have this reptilian component in their DNA usually do not have blue eyes, so I would have to say NO.
Q-Can you sense if you have ever met a reptilian?  If so who?  Celebrity or personal.
A-I do not want to say the persons name and have it on here, but I will say this.  People that you meet, that you feel have a lot of charisma and have you agree with them on an issue that you deep down do not think is right, and then you leave that situation and you go back to your original belief, and you feel like they pulled a Jedi Mind trick on you, that person could quite possibly be a person with reptilian DNA.  Like they have the power to make you believe but only when you are in their presence.
Q-So reptilians can perform Jedi mind tricks persay.
A-Yes, I do not think they mean to, I do not think they set out to manipulate someone, I just think that they have an extraordinary gift of charisma.
Q-The person you do not want to disclose, was it someone in public, or personal.
Q-Can reptilian hybrids breed normally with humans.
A-Yes, they are part of us.  They are still human, they just have this piece in their DNA.
Q-Do full blooded reptilians have the ability to communicate telepathically or how do they communicate?
A-I see it as telepathically.
Q-Is there anyway for a person to determine if they have reptilian DNA, what would the test be?
A-There is a strange image that came to my mind, there was with big talon, and it looked like it was from an eagle.  I watched someone take that talon and scratch their arm, and where that scratch was it caused a violent reaction.

Q-What kind of eagle talon?
A-Any eagle, I think they are all the same.
Q-What about other birds, like parrots, or something more common.
A-It just keeps showing me an eagle talon.
Q-How do you feel about this reading?
A-I feel pretty good about it.  A strange thing is that I have done quite a few personal reading about people wanting to know if they were reptilian.
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My son’s name is Vlad and he is 14 year old born in 1997. He likes to create in virtual reality on video games, more inclined to virtual simulation. Would you please focus on his professional life future? I would like to know if this is what he will have to pursue, and if so does he will succeed on?

8:20 PM - I see him as a tall skinny guy with dark hair and he looks like he is like a software engineer.  I see him at a desk and he works in a cubicle, there is a lot of people his age around him.  It seems like an up and coming company, when I see where he works in my mind I think of yahoo and how they started up being like the young new thing, and I feel like this company is the same.  I see him playing video games in his spare time though, that is always a part of him.  And it looks like he also does programming for fun on the side, but I see his main job as a software programmer or developer at a really new and upcoming company.

Q-How old do you see him?
A-He looks like he is 23 or 24, early twenties, like fresh out of college when he starts this job.
Q-Where is he living?
A-I was just going to say that...I feel like he is going to be drawn to the California area, I am going to say the San Jose area.  And he looks like he is single and just having fun with his friends, I do not see him in serious relationship and he is ok with that.
Q-How is his relationship with his mother at this time?
A-I feel like they live long distance, but I see him talking to her a lot on the phone, they have a good relationship, they just do not live near each other.
Q-Can you see him further and if he is successful?
A-I kind of have an image of him in his mid thirties, and it does look like he does get pretty high up, he is in management, but it did not change him, he still clowns around with his workers.  I also feel like he is a dad by the time he is in his mid thirties, I think 2 kids.  And his wife looks like she is dark complected with dark brown hair.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-I feel pretty good about this reading.
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Hello. I am going through a bit of an identity crisis concerning my career direction. I am self-employed but things in terms of money flow, have come to a grinding halt. Nothing seems to fly in terms getting things going. I have a lot to share and am able to move people, but how to do that and if that needs to be branded so people easily identify with me is a source of confusion for me.

8:13 PM - I am feeling a little lost, I need more information to focus on you I suggest you visit my focus request page and you can send me a personal request to my email, you can find this on the Focus Request tab.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi, is Long Island New York going to be flooded and if so what time frame would you suggest would be the best to leave and how far inland to travel to safety? Thanks for your time!

8:37 PM - I do see flooding in Long Island, the east coast will not be hit as bad as the west coast, but waters are definitely going to rise, I see water in the streets, but I do not see what as much as the concern as I see a ton of garbage floating around, and I feel like it stinks really bad once the water starts to rise.  I feel like the worst of the flooding will be gone probably within a few weeks, but there will be some residual water in some low lying areas.  I feel like this will be happening around, I am seeing June 2013.  I feel like some warning will go out, but it will labeled as storm or something common and people will not take it serious and when the flooding happens the traffic is going to be a total mess.  I mean I am seeing a huge metal bridge and it is in a complete gridlock.  So I feel like if you left when you got the warning of a huge storm, you would be safe because most people will not leave.  And those left behind are going to be in just a big tangled mess.  I see military people approach this flooded area on boats in order to get close to it and that is how they will rescue most of the people that are there.  And I see this really affecting maybe 10 miles inland.  I feel like it will be the result of a big storm.  I feel pretty good about this reading, the timeframe I saw June, but then I felt like it might be slightly later in the summer, but nothing confirmed that for me.  I just feel like you need to pay attention to the weather warnings.  8:46 PM Link to Audio

Thank you in advance for your readings. Please focus on why extraterrestrials perform animal mutilations and the excision of organs?

Thank you in advance for your readings. Please focus on why extraterrestrials perform animal mutilations and the excision of organs?

8:15 PM - I see a group of aliens and they are wearing lab coats and I see what looks like a cow and one that looks like a goat.  And they are both strapped down to a table inside a lab and it looks like the extraterrestrials are slicing them open and taking out different organs and putting them in glass jars.  And then they are taking those organs and they are studying the different tissue samples they get from them.  And it looks like they are doing two things, one they are working on how to clone animals, and two they are trying to figure out how to make like a hybrid species like taking two different animals and making one creature from it.  It looks like they keep some of the animals alive so that they can breed their genetic mutations with the pure bred animals to see what type of offspring it can create.

Q-Which alien species is doing this?
A-At first I thought the greys, but I need to look at my alien page link to know, I know what they look like, they are the light skinned ones that look kind of human, but are not the nazi ones that live on the moon. (Lyrans) see

Q-Why do they use cattle vs monkeys?
A-I am not sure that they have not used monkeys, but the projects they are working on now involve cows, and goats, and I think pigs.
Q-Do they experiment on humans?
A-My initial reaction was yes, but when I focus on it I cannot see what they are doing, it is not obvious to me.
Q-On your alien page you describe Lyrans, as human like aliens but with different internal workings.   Is the race you see?
Q-What do they gain by making hybrid animals?
A-I feel like they do it just to see if they can.
Q-Are these the same aliens, who are blamed for trying to create human / aliens hybrids?
A-I just get an image of the terminator so I think yes that is true.
Q-How long have they been doing these experiments?
A-I am kind of getting 1000s of years and that is why ancient people were scared to death of some of the alien races.
Q-What do these aliens eat or consume for nourishment?
A-I actually get an image of one drinking blood.
Q-Have these aliens ever been mistaken for vampires?
A-I would say yes, and then I heard in my own words in my head, that the Sunlight thing is a bunch of crap.
Q-I just thought that your previous description of human like pale aliens, with mental telepathy drinking blood, seem vampiric.
A-I agree, I have never even considered that thought before.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-It was an interesting read, but a hard read, for whatever reason stuff came very slow to me and I do not know why.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Please do a reading of the ocean sunfish also known as mola mola. Origins and intelligence.

8:40 PM - I am envisioning this bright orangish yellow fish and down the middle of it's back it has super transparent fins.  Kind of like a shark fin but not as big.  And I see the fish as being maybe 2 feet long.  Actually between 2-3 feets, so it seems bigger.  I feel like it also has some kind of a stinger on it, and I am getting this weird burning feeling in my throat like if it stings you it could kill you because it does something to your throat.

Q-What about the Origin?
A-I am conflicted because I feel like it is somehow related to shark, but has the intelligence of a dolphin, so let me break that up and focus on it.  I cannot get anything more than it is from a shark, but...  And I see a ton of coral around it.  It does have intelligence and I keep seeing a dolphin.  I feel like it is smart enough to travel like in a pack, or school...I feel like they are aggressive and they do tactical planning to get their prey.  And when you see them they have a beauty about them, but then I just see like this evil shark also...That is kinda all I am getting.
Q-How is this species?
A-I am seeing 2000, so 2000 years.
Q-Are they self aware?
A-Yes I think they are.
Q-Can they communicate with dolphins?
A-No I do not think they interact.
Q-Are they aggressive towards humans?
A-Yes, I feel like they are.
Q-Anything else?  A-So I was either on or off with that one because I drew a ton of blanks. 
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Have Bolsheviks taken over the U.S. government and are they steering the country towards a Communist society?

8:12 PM - I see both Russia and China being involved in our government, I see all three of them together however, the Russians and the Chinese look like they have made an alliance and they look like when they are together they are more powerful than the US.  I do see them trying to influence us in the US and it almost looks to me like we have a game face on.  As if we are trying to stay strong, but behind the mask we are scared, weak, and vulnerable when it comes to Russia and the Chinese.  And I do not see it as them forming an alliance for us to be communist or socialist  but it looks like a bully just trying to take over.  I also see a lot of soviet and chinese military bases being set up here, but it looks like it is mostly in the midwest area.  If I were to look at a map of the US and focus in it look like it is in the most central part of the United States.
Q-Have the Bolsheviks take over the US government?
A-No the have not yet taken it over but I have the impression that they want to, and they are going to align with China to do so.
Q-Why do they want to do this?  What is their motivation?
A-I have seen this image before and I am getting the same thing again, and they want our land to be able to grow food.  To them the most valuable thing the US has to offer is it's land.
Q-How does this sit with US citizens?
A-Not well at all and I see the reason that they have these military bases out west is so that when rioting starts the military can just take over.  and i will say this too, when i look at a map, I feel like our country ends up divided and most of the Soviet / Chinese focus will be west and the east will be fairly left alone.  And it looks like the divide is around the Mississippi River.
Q-When does the first invasion occur, or is it covert?
A-I think it is covert and I think the bases are already starting now, it will be one of those slow subtle takeovers and before you know it, the Soviets and Chinese will already be here.
Q-But Russia is so big and has so much land, why do they just not grow on their own land?
A-The types of crops they want to grow, cannot be grown where they are.  I am seeing that most of their land has a lot of snow in the Northern part of it.
Q-Should the US embrace this change, or fight it?
A-Reject it and fight it because we will be like slaves to Russia and China.
Q-What happens to our military might?
A-As I am seeing this play out in my mind, at the time when this starts happening China is going to push to get the gold standard back, and when that happens our dollar is going to drop and we will have no funding for a huge military.
Q-When do you see us revert back to the gold standard?
A-When I look at a time line it looks about 10 years from now will be the big push and everything will be in alignment.
Q-How long has the plans been in place to take over the US?  Or is this yet to develop?
A-It is still developing but I cannot pinpoint when the initial talks started.
Q-Will American citizens be disarmed before this occurs in ten years?
A-I do not think so, I still see people with guns.  I do say they look like old fashion guns, but people do still have guns.
Q-How will our children view this?
A-They look scared, I mean they look scared.
Q-Will there be any great battles before this happens?
A-I feel like I see um...I cannot tell if it is like a missile or a bomb going off in certain parts of Russia, but I see nothing happening here because they do not want to tear up or tant our land.
Q-Do you see any major loss of life?
A-I do not see anything major and I do not feel anything will happen on our soil.
Q-Will we still have a president, or will our government structure change?
A-The west will change but the east will remain as is.
Q-Will alien disclosure occur before this time?
A-I just got a flash of the TV and on the TV it was talking about the UN Alien ambassador  but it will not come from our Government it is going to come from the UN.
Q-When do see this announcement?
A-Late 2014.
Q-Which race or races will be exposed?
A-The only ones that I see are the Greys.
Q-Is there anything we can do to change this path in the future?
A-The scene that just played out in my mind is that Russia and China have done projections and they can tell that they are having a food shortage, or are going to not be able to feed their populations.  And I see us giving them huge burlap sacks of corn kernels, like the way you would give a bully something to buy them off.
Q-So as long as we feed them, they will not invade?
A-That is how it played out in my head.
Q-Is there anything else?  A- No  
8:38 PM. Link to Audio

Friday, October 19, 2012

With these earth changes and coming financial collapse - what do you see for australia and particularly south australia? Is it wise to stock up on food supplies, etc or any other information, about adelaide and australia for the future would be great thank you.

8:48 PM - I see Australia having a lot of flooding around the whole perimeter, but I see most the devastation being on the North East side of Australia.  I feel off the coast of NE Australia there will be like an earthquake or volcano go off and it will create a lot of high waves that will hit the shore.  I do not see it like a tsunami, but there will be a lot of flooding and it will take some time for those areas to go back to normal.  The Central part of Australia seems fairly unaffected.  I see the Central part and the Western part pretty dry and pretty hot, and I see the Southern part being more your farmland and area where you can grow food.  I think overall your farmland will be reduced because of the flooding and the dry intense heat that the west and central part will experience.  I feel like a lot of people will probably migrate toward the south and southeast, I think it is a good idea to stock up on some food items until the displacement of people is organized.  I feel like within a few months of any earth changes, people will have a strong sense of where they belong and what they need to do.  I keep getting an image too of a very dark skinned African American woman and she is holding a baby and I do not know if that relates to the requestor but that image would not leave my mind.  You can ask me questions, I do not have anything else.
Q-Anything specific to Adelaide?  What do you see and when?
A-I keep seeing this image and I do not know how to interpret it, I keep asking but it keeps showing me the same thing so I will just relay it.  I am seeing the wicked witch of the west on the wizard of oz, and it is the scene where she is flying through the air and she spells out surrender Dorothy.  And it makes me feel like you are having chemtrails in the air or something toxic in the air that you need to be cautious of.  I do not feel that it is life threatening, I just think you need to be aware of it.  That is all I get, I just keep seeing that.
Q-When will this Volcano / Earthquake occur?
A-It feels like lake spring, or early summer of 2013.
Q-Australia and the US have different season, is that in respect to which country.
A-To us, the US, I feel like April or May.  
9:00 PM Link to Audio

Please explain dark matter and its function in our universe.

8:12 PM - I see it as a like a dark plasma blobs, I would compare it to what it looks like on a space shuttle when someone would have water, how it would congeal I see it floating around kind of randomly.  I am also sensing that it is electrically charged.  I am getting an image and it looks like it is charging up like a battery and then occasionally it will discharge it's static out.  Then it will just keep doing that cycle over and over again.  I am getting an image of the sun, as if the sun has something to do with this matter also.  It looks to me that it is the sun that is what is creating it's charge, and the it builds up and expels, and it looks like a little electric shock.  It looks like something in it, and I am talking on a small scale like a molecular size, almost like it has some kind of reflective quality to it..And whatever this reflective substance is, that is what is holding the energy to it.  And the image I am getting is that these little reflective molecules are to it what a chloroplast is to a leaf.

Q-What is it's function in our universe?
A-As I look at it, I do not see a function, but what I do see is that you need to take caution around it.  I am seeing things being drawn to it almost like a magnet.  And I get the feeling of danger when I think about it.  Almost like it can suck you in and swallow you up.  And as I am watching it floating around trying to determine its purpose, I just see like rocks being swallowed by it.  I had an image of a like a spacecraft being swallowed up by it, because I was trying to determine if aliens used it for some purpose.

Q-Is there any located in our solar system or galaxy?  If so where is it?
A-The first image I got was Saturn and the rings around Saturn.  So I feel like it is here but it is very far out.  And I feel like if you were in space you would not want to encounter this.
Q-Is this the same thing as Anti-matter?
A-I ask that question in my mind and it did not give me anything so I guess I need to ask what is antimatter?
Q-Antimatter is the opposite of matter, if you combine the two you get nothing.
A-Then I would say no because this has a mass to it.  When I think about this dark matter I am getting this feeling of anxiety when I am around it.  And I am getting to where I feel like it is a gateway to somewhere else, like it sucks you in like a whirlpool and shoots you somewhere else.
Q-What you describe sounds similar to a black hole.
A-Yes but this actually sucks you in and spits you out.   And I am actually seeing a whirlpool spin around and it is that same effect, you do not have the option not to go through.
Q-Does it destroy what it touches or just transport it?
A-It looks very destructive to me.  I mean there is nothing gentle about it, it is very destroying when it happens.  I am actually sitting here sweating when I am thinking about it.
Q-Could this possibly be what is referred to a wormhole or portal to another region in space time?
A-A portal yes, but it is so destructive I would not call it an effective portal.
Q-Can it be used as an energy source?
A-I see it containing it's own energy but there would be no way to harness the energy from it.
Q-What would be the outcome if our sun encountered dark matter?
A-Hmm...Here is how it played out in my mind, if the Sun hit dark matter there would first be an explosion, the dark matter would obtain a ridiculous amount of energy from the Sun and it would grow so huge and get so powerful that it would essentially suck our entire solar system up into it and completely destroy it.
Q-What is the makeup of the Universe in percentage of matter vs dark matter?
A-I seeing it as 99.5 matter and .5 percent dark matter.
Q-Will anyone discover and find actual dark matter in our lifetimes?
A-I see it being created in a lab, and being studied, I do not see it being harnessed from space.
Q-Can it be created in the large particle colliders?  Like the Large Hadron Collider?
A-Let me focus on that name and see...When I focus on that word, the image that comes to my mind is scientist in white lab coats, and they are within a lab and there is a contained room that is about 12x12 ft, and they have this substance in a beaker sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room, and then from the ceiling drops down what looks like a microscope that get about a foot away from this beaker of substance, and it starts to shoot down out of this microscope a beam of red light and I was trying to determine what it was and I got the word gamma ray, I got like some sort of artificial sunlight, and then there were sound waves being bounced around in this contained room, and a collection of all of that is how they created it.  And another important thing, when all of this started happening, they had to reduce the gravity in this room because gravity has sort of an influence on how all of those items interact, so their was a precision of reducing gravity along with all these other items and that is how they created it.
Q-Is it what refer to a the God particle?
A-The way the sequence played in my mind was, you said God particle, so I focused on that, and then the thought of "Just a spark of life" came to my mind, and then I actually did see that this matter, being in the most smallest miniscule amount, could spark life, but in a large quantity it is lethal, it is just so destructive.
Q-Is there anything you will like to tell us about it?  A-No I am good.
8:46 PM.  Link to Audio

Monday, October 15, 2012

Does indoor farming yield the same quality crop as conventional? Is it detrimental? Is indoor farming a good solution to organic crops production on a large and sustainable scale?

9:20 PM - Immediately what I see is that when you are growing them inside I see this roof as a barrier, and it is not letting the sun get all the way through to the plant.  Even though the plants can yield nutrition, it is like they are not as nutritious as they could be.  I mean in viewing this image of a greenhouse, I just feel that something is lost with having the sun being blocked, or filtered.  I would say if the environment and air quality did not permit a natural outside growing environment, that indoor is a good solution.  However, I feel the most nutritious food is grown outside with unaltered air and sun.  9:24 PM.

Hello, I have been searching information about Planet X/Nibiru since beginning of this year. I heard the strange noises one night (these deep noises were heard around the world, how I saw on YouTube videos). So since then I started opening my eyes and found a lot of information about the TRUTH. People really need to wake up and watch less TV. People are brainwashed and they want to be in their little world.:-( I read on this page that you wrote that 70% of the people will be thinker. Will the Illuminati still control the World? Can you please tell me something about UK? How these Earth changes will effect on this Island? Will be flooding? How will people react for the catastrophes? Will be here as well food and/or clean water problem? Can you please give some information personally to me? My full name is Henriett Julianna Haragos, I was born in Hungary, Budapest 16.02.1980. I live in Cambridge, UK. Can you see me or my family safe here where I live now? Can you please also say something about Hungary? How Hungarian people are going to cope with the changes? Will they have flood or food problem etc. I would love to know if I have any message from my family member who passed away not long ago. Thanks for your time and help.

8:43 PM-Q-Will the Illuminati still control the World?
A-I do not think it is the illuminati, I see people and they are working on farms and things seem like they are going back to more natural part of time where people worked off the land.  I see the government looking like they are trying to be in control but in the end it looks like they are struggling with that.  I am seeing an image of Obama, and to me her represents the government.  I feel like they are still trying to tax people, but funds that they get really do not seem sufficient to pad the government as much as they want.  I really see people going back to the bartering system a lot which also avoids taxation because it is just trading goods for goods.
I just saw a really weird image of a super tall building, like 80 stories high and a bunch of business I felt were bankers or very well to do people just like ran and jumped out the windows.  Actually it kind of was creepy and gruesome but it look like it was out of desperation.  Almost as if things shift to where the common person that is capable and able to take care of themselves are fine even though they have daily struggles, but people who are very dependent on their wealth and that is all they have to offer there is like this sad feeling of hopelessness, I can almost feel this feeling.

Q-Can you please tell me something about UK? How these Earth changes will effect on this Island? Will be flooding?
A-I have an image I feel like I need to explain before I go to that...And when you talked about the noise that was heard and even the youtube noises, I see the earth making this screeching sound and it is the same sound that like you hear when metal bends and cracks, and I feel like I can see the earth almost expand like it is taking a breath and I see these little hairline cracks and they look like they are popping out everywhere and it is 99% in the ocean areas and they is super bright light that is shooting out of all of these hairline cracks.  So my impression is as this comet approached it is doing something really powerful to the core of our earth and it is creating some kind of an expansion in the crust.  Ok, now I can go back to the question.
The UK...I do see a lot of flooding around he coastline of the UK, as I look at the map it looks like there is a small strip down the middle that seems safe and where a lot of people retreat.  It looks very fertile and green in that area.  Is stonehenge in England?   I keep seeing stonehenge and when I am trying to figure out what is significant about it, it looks like people build some sort of a like twine and vine, it is like wood with vines in it, roof that is laid over the stones, like a fisherman's net, and I see people go there for spiritual reason and meditation, and it is used like some church, like a higher power, I mean it feel very spiritual.  And I definitely feel that area is safe, and very sacred.

Q-How will people react towards the catastrophes? Will there be food and/or clean water problem? 
A-I see the central grassy area as being very fertile, I do not see you having a lot of food or water problems, I see a lot of goats...I do not feel you will be big meat eaters.  I am seeing a rabbit being cooked.  So it looks like just small game and what you find.  But you will have access to vegetables and things that you garden.  I also feel that after this happens, England is going to separate and this will happen while people are re establishing how they take care of themselves.  England wants to be self sufficient and they just want their own independence and to feel like they can take care of themselves.  I am also seeing an image of a boat, it is coming over to England like a big ship.  And they are going there to look for resources, and it makes me feel like you guys have them and other people will want them and that will be your biggest battle is to protect your land.  But your benefit is that you are surrounded by water.  I got a weird Image of the hunger games (movie), and if your lifestyle and inner being relate more to the capitol, I see mass hysteria and chaos.  But if your sense of what is important and values relate to the districts, I think you will feel it is like cleansing and refreshing, like people seem happy.

Q-Can you please give some information personally to me? My full name is Henriett Julianna Haragos, I was born in Hungary, Budapest 16.02.1980. I live in Cambridge, UK. Can you see me or my family safe here where I live now?
A-I feel like her family is going to go through a period of anxiety, and the it kind of seems unsure, which is scary, but then things work themselves out and she will end up being fine.
Q-Can you please also say something about Hungary? How Hungarian people are going to cope with the changes? Will they have flood or food problem etc.
A-Alright, I have someone staring at me and I just need to tell you first and then I will answer that.  It is a woman, she had olive looking skin, she is wearing dark sunglasses, she has pigtails with dark hair and they are braided, and she is wearing a red scarf around the top of her head.  That is it, I just had to say that.  I think Hungary is going to struggle a little more, I do not see water being a problem, but food looks like it is a problem.  I will say when I focus on Hungary I do feel like a little worry and concern.  Like I want to say, please prepare now and be ready for an emergency.  I also feel like the climate there is going to be pretty hot.  When I see everybody outside they are wearing wide brimmed straw hats.  I really do feel some concern for that area and if you do have family that is still there, just possibly encourage them to stockpile some items just to be on the safe side.
Q-I would love to know if I have any message from my family member who passed away not long ago. Thanks for your time and help.
A-I am seeing a picture of an ocean, and the waves are really rolling in, there is like a ton of sea foam.  And then I also see some huge copper windchimes, and they are just blowing around.  Let me see if I can get anything else...I am seeing a picture of a makes me think of the Wizard of Oz, but I am more focused on the rainbow.  That is all I am getting.  9:17 PM
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While I enjoy your blog and that you answer our requests, it is not cool you ask for name, DOB and city in order to respond. Then people' person request/issues can be found on google. Can you change that?!?

You can still remain anonymous, DOB, parent's first names, even initials, it does not have to be too specific but the more info I have the better I can get into your vibe.  With the growing number of personal requests, I do not want to waste your time, or mine and my husbands time by focusing on the wrong person.  The more detailed info I have, the better the reading.  Some requestors just say child of John and Mary, born Aug 1977, Houston TX.  Give what you info you like.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is Nibiru really coming or is it all a scam?

7:38 PM - When I hear the term Nibiru, I see a fiery red comet, and that image never changes, every time I even think about the topic.  I do feel it is real.
Q-Is there life on this rock or comet?
A-I do not see life, it truly looks like a ball of fire.
Q-Has it been here in past the past history of earth?
A-Yes I do feel like it has been here before, maybe like twice.
Q-Where did it come from?
A-I am getting that it was like a comet from outside our solar system, it did not always belong here, and what happened was that when it came through it was like coming through sporadically  but then it was just at the right angle that the gravity from our sun, slung it and yanked it into our orbit, and it has been in its path ever since.  And to kind of explain it even more there was something that happened in another solar system and this comet looks like it was a moon from another planet and some kind of a collision happened and when that collision happened that is what set this flaming comet towards our solar system.  So it looks like it was a moon that belonged to a planet in a different solar system.
Q-How old in earth years is it?
A-I keep seeing like 3 million, like it existed a long time before thrown off of its orbit.
Q-I guess to rephase how long has it been in our solar system?
A-Ok, I am seeing something that I just need to say before it will let me go on.  The middle of this comet has a really strange core about it, it is kind of porous and has holes in it and it looks like it has a coral reef texture, and whatever it is made out of it has got some kind of metal and whatever it is when you rub it like kind of has a chalkiness and red powder comes off of it.   It would not let me get past that.  Now let me see how long it has been here.....Alright for our solar system I am getting 2 2 0 2 4 years.  22,024 years.
Q-In our traditional solar system, if Nibiru or this red comet is in our solar system where is it located now?
A-I feel like if we were to look at the sun it would be slightly to the west, but like millions of miles back.  I feel like it's...I feel like I want to say Saturn or Uranus, I do not know why I say that, for whatever reason I just wanted to say that.
Q-Will the comet have any effect on earth, and if so is it affecting earth now.
A-The main thing I see are the rising tides around the coast lines...Now let me think about it....I feel like when it gets close we are going to have a really intense problem with static electricity.   I feel like that will be something that we will definitely notice.
Q-Is this comet the same object that you referred to in a previous reading regarding the buildup of military in the south pacific?
A-Yes I believe it is.
Q-Will this object be visible to us and if so when?

A-I am getting an image of a highly sophisticated telescope, so I feel that if you have like a military setup or something like that with a very high power telescope that you can see it now.  I keep getting this image of the moon and I cannot help but feel like viewing it will have something to do with the moon.
Q-Is it in the visible spectrum of light?
A-Yes, it looks like a very intense fireball, I feel like when we see it, it will be bright red.
Q-When will everyone be able to see it with the naked eye?
A-I keep seeing March, and I still keep seeing a big bright full moon.  So I feel like it is telling me around the full moon in March of 2013
Q-Will it affect earth's electronic devices?
A-It is like I see some things still working, but I see a lot of things shorting out.  Like there is so much electric in the air, I don't know, like you walk out and you will feel your hairs stand on end at times.   I also feel that you will notice it more at night than you will during the day.
Q-Will it cause the poles of the earth to shift, or crustal displacement?
A-I do see that happening, but I do not feel like it is going to be huge, it is definitely going to happen but not by like thousands of miles.
Q-Will the changes be permanent or will things go back to normal?
A-Um...the earth changes look pretty normal, the static electricity will go back to normal, I think our days are going to be longer and that will also go back to normal.  I think that the tides are going to flood out a lot of land and that is going to last for a long while.
Q-How long will the affect us? When will it leave?
A-My impression is that it's effect will probably be noticeable for about a whole year and things will feel like they are trying to go back to normal around the beginning of 2014.  The biggest hardship will be getting all of the crops and food situations sorted out.
Q-Is it having any effect on us now?  If so what are the signs?
A-Yes...I keep seeing a bunch of swirls, which to me represents hurricanes...Somewhere in the oceans, and it looks like it is around Australia I keep seeing like gurgling gas pockets coming out of the ocean floor.  It also looks like there is crack in the ocean floor around Alaska and for whatever reason when I see this crack in the floor, it is making like this screeching noise, and it reminds me of the sound that the Titanic made on the movie when it like broke in half, that metal tearing apart sound.  All the things I described I think are happening now.
Q-Is it's timing in any way related to the mayan calendar?
A-I am seeing the Mayan calendar as a bunch of cycles, and then I am seeing this comet on an orbit and it is on it's own cycle.  And I get the impression that they are closely related because they are on a similar cycle, but it is not based precisely on this comet.
Q-But is the ending of the calendar specifically set to coincide with this event, even though the rest of the calendar servers other purposes.
A-I do not think it was meant to coincide with this event, I still feel like they are their own unique cycles and it just happens to be close this year.
Q-What is periodic cycle of this comet in earth years, when will it return?
A-I am getting the number 5,711 cycle.
Q-Is it's appearance and aftermath ultimately going to help or hinder mankind.
A- It is definitely going to hinder them, because we either have to try to get back to where we were or kind of accept a new normal.  Like I am smelling a lot of burnt electronics, we will have to recover from that.  People will have to be displaced along coast lines.  Flooding will be a big issue.  And I feel like we are going to have a year of tough time producing food. And the day I think will slightly longer, I mean we might gain a half hour, so instead of 24 hours it will be 24.5 hours.  Which the implications of that, I am seeing watches being screwed up, computer being screwed up, banking, atm being messed up. I mean it sounds like it is not a big deal but I see people in a frenzy over it.
Q-Will mankind be better off spiritually?  Like will this be a wake up call?
A-YES and I will be honest, something with the weird static charge around the earth, somehow helps people mentally wake up.  It is like it helps to open their senses.
Q-Like their third eye?
Q-Naming various space objects, is this comet Nibiru  also what is known as Planet X, Nemesis  Wormwood, The Destroyer, or are there other heavenly bodies in addition to this one?
A-I will say I DO NOT see this as a planet.  It looks like a fireball comet, so whatever nicknames that are out there pertaining to that comet, then I believe it to be accurate because I am not seeing any other flaming comets.
Q-Will the US be without power, and if so for how long?
A-I do think we are going to go through a spell where we don't have power, when I look at a map of the United States, I see pocket of power throughout.  It seems like the more central you are to the US, the darker it gets.  The immediate coastline is dark, but once you get inset from the coastline, there is kind of a perimeter of fairly consistent power.  I do not think we will be without for a huge amount of time, but possibly like a month to 6 weeks, and it just looks really scattered.
Q-Does the US Government know about this?
A-Yes because they are the ones with the high powered telescopes that can see it.
Q-Will Marshall law be declared?

A-I feel like that could happen, but when I look at a map I feel like it is more like West, more in the western half of the country.  It is like we are somehow divided like their is a western portion that they do it, but in the eastern part not so much.
Q-Will schools, companies, roads, stores etc still function?
A-I see that being based  around where the pocket of power exist, places with power and close to power will be fairly functional.  I will say one thing I see happening is a few weeks before the power comes on, the places that do not have power some of those people will try to infiltrate the places that do have power, so their is going to be some mild displacements of people.  Not a lot but it will be a concern.
Q-Will people be place FEMA camps?
A-I feel like out West yes, but for some reason the East does not seem to be affected.  I am getting the impression that it will be because they will need to keep control of them to prevent civil unrest and they do not want a mass amount of people infiltrating areas that do have power and like taking them over.
Q-Is the West Less prepared?
A-No they are just more affected.
Q-Is there anything we can do to be more prepared mentally and physically for this event?
A-I am kind of getting the message that....If you are one of the ones asking that question, you are probably already on the right mental path, but the ones you have got to be really cautious of, are the ones that are not even evolved enough to even think to ask that question.
Q-How will religions view this event?
A-I feel like religion is going to take the spin that this comet is a sign from their god and almost use it to evoke fear and strengthen the churches cause.
Q-Are cities a good be place to be during this time?
A-If you are a city with power, I think you will be fine.  If you are not I feel like a remote setting will be your safest outlet.
Q-How does Columbus Ohio fare.
A-When I look at Columbus it looks like a flower to me, with the heart of the city in the middle, and all these suburbs surrounding it like flower petals.  And for the most part the outer edges have I would say a fairly dense amount of power, but the center part looks really dark to me.
Q-Final Question:  Does this reading scare you personally?
A-It makes me feel cautious, not really scared.  Um, it makes me nervous for my kids, but I am hopeful what we have done enough preparation that even in a crisis situation we will pull through.  Thats it.  9:47 PM  Link to Audio (sorry some cut off due to low battery)