Friday, October 19, 2012

With these earth changes and coming financial collapse - what do you see for australia and particularly south australia? Is it wise to stock up on food supplies, etc or any other information, about adelaide and australia for the future would be great thank you.

8:48 PM - I see Australia having a lot of flooding around the whole perimeter, but I see most the devastation being on the North East side of Australia.  I feel off the coast of NE Australia there will be like an earthquake or volcano go off and it will create a lot of high waves that will hit the shore.  I do not see it like a tsunami, but there will be a lot of flooding and it will take some time for those areas to go back to normal.  The Central part of Australia seems fairly unaffected.  I see the Central part and the Western part pretty dry and pretty hot, and I see the Southern part being more your farmland and area where you can grow food.  I think overall your farmland will be reduced because of the flooding and the dry intense heat that the west and central part will experience.  I feel like a lot of people will probably migrate toward the south and southeast, I think it is a good idea to stock up on some food items until the displacement of people is organized.  I feel like within a few months of any earth changes, people will have a strong sense of where they belong and what they need to do.  I keep getting an image too of a very dark skinned African American woman and she is holding a baby and I do not know if that relates to the requestor but that image would not leave my mind.  You can ask me questions, I do not have anything else.
Q-Anything specific to Adelaide?  What do you see and when?
A-I keep seeing this image and I do not know how to interpret it, I keep asking but it keeps showing me the same thing so I will just relay it.  I am seeing the wicked witch of the west on the wizard of oz, and it is the scene where she is flying through the air and she spells out surrender Dorothy.  And it makes me feel like you are having chemtrails in the air or something toxic in the air that you need to be cautious of.  I do not feel that it is life threatening, I just think you need to be aware of it.  That is all I get, I just keep seeing that.
Q-When will this Volcano / Earthquake occur?
A-It feels like lake spring, or early summer of 2013.
Q-Australia and the US have different season, is that in respect to which country.
A-To us, the US, I feel like April or May.  
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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I live in NE Australia near several old volcanoes & I've hear the exact same thing from another psychic for at least a year now. A few days ago there was an earthquake in Indonesia that came down through Australia & was actually felt in my area, leading experts to believe a previously unknown fault line exists here (as we are not in a generally earthquake prone region)! Not only that, but we have a total solar eclipse happening here next month. Thanks so much for this vital information!

Julie said...

thank you for the reading about south australia and australia.
interesting times!