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(The following are a summation of many requests each broken down by section) - Psychic Focus
8:15 PM

In trying to get prepared for natural disasters, and one big concern is going through a long term loss of electricity. is there any type of "free energy" device available out there? Some people are not in an area where solar power is practical.
A-One of the first images that I see is a hillside and there is tall grass with the wind just whipping through it, almost saying to me that during these earth changes it is like we are going to have a lot of increased winds.  I feel like I am getting a message that harnessing wind power will be valuable....And the second thing that I see is a clear glass beaker and on the bottom it is round and it being heated..and as it is being heated and the steam is being pulled from the top, I looks like we are combining the heat from the steam and the pressure from the steam to power small devices.  I feel like we are going almost back in time using resources that we used to use you know 150 years ago.  But with like a modern day spin to them....
Q-So do you see any free energy devices out there?
A-I will just describe what I see.  Um on the sides of houses and other buildings that are outside there are these huge rods that look like what I would call like lightening rods.  But they extend above the rooftops by like 15-20 feet.  And it looks like the center of the rods are hallow with some kind of a coil that goes down the middle and it is like they make this sound that electric bug zappers make.  And it is just like that dzzt, dzzt, sound.  And it is like they are extracting electric from the air.  But there is not lightening or even a storm, it is just out of the air.
Q-What year do you see these rods, and if we had them today would they work, or only after changes occur to the earth like the ionization of the air.
A-It has to do with the earth changes and the air is ionized, it is like we are able to pull that electric energy out of nothing, but the weird thing too is, like under the ground where these long rods are, are some kind of a battery system.  And each house is NOT connected to others houses.  And you use what you are pulling and it seems to work.
Q-What year do these rods?
A-I feel like 2023 or 2024
Q-Does conventional fossil plants still work for electric generation?  Or did we just decide to go green?
A-As this played out it tied into a lot of things.  As the gold standard got phased back in and inflation really hit the US hard, we did not have the funds to keep buying these huge amounts of oil from overseas so out of necessity we started to go green and that was phased in.  And it is not that we could not make our current methods work, in fact some of the hydro is still very functional it is the coal plants and the fossil fuel based things that we were forces to have to not use for power, and that is how this all came about.
Q-But the US has huge reserves of coal.
A-I feel like it was used for something else but not electric, I feel it was needed for other types of products.
Q-There is a method of the gasification of coal.
A-I feel like was being reserved for something else, like it was being treated like it was precious and could not be wasted for electric.
Q-What about fracking and getting to the natural gas reserves, is this continued or does a negative outcome come from it, especially in New York area, what do you see?
A-I do see them doing some fracking and it is successful for a little while, like up to the end of 2013.  But two things happen that make them stop.  One we start to have a lot of mild earthquakes.  I am seeing a lot of things rumbling around, we start having huge issues with thing eroding and sinkholes.  I am like visualizing a landslide like happening, and then the second issue that we have is it starts to contaminate the water table in certain areas and I have a visual of a lake and it is like sparkling as if it is the most magnificent thing in the world.  And I just feel like people are like desperate to have that crystal clean water.  I am getting a picture too of someone turning their faucet on and the water is so contaminated that it looks a little brown.  And after enough of that happens they are forced to quit.  I even see people like driving to that sparkly lake with like empty milk jugs and containers, it just that they are so desperate for that clean water.

Can you shed any light on all the predictions about a tsunami or wave displacement that is apparently going to hit Sydney before June 2013?
A-I am actually looking at a map right now, and I feel that the coastline of Sidney is going to experience some flooding.  I see it more as a high tide rather than a tsunami or huge waves.  As I look at Australia I think all the coastlines are going to be affected by the earth changes, but I feel the most drawn toward the northeast shoreline.  I feel that out in the middle of Coral Sea, by the Coral Sea island I think there is some volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean.  I feel like they are active right now but more in passive way where they are like slowly giving off some kind of gas, I actually visualize some bubbling at the bottom of the ocean in that area.  I feel like what is going to happen is in probably May or June of 2013 the pressure build up and conjunction with almost a planetary earthquake experience, this is going to force those volcanoes to erupt and that is going to create some very high waves that come in on that northeast part of Australia   I do not feel it is going to be a tsunami, but I definitely feel there is going to be some high waves and hide tides at that time.  I think when it is all said and done the beaches in that area will be absorbed by the ocean and I feel like inland about maybe like 100 to 150 feet there is almost like a small mound or embankment and I feel like the ocean will ride to that point.
Q-To clarify the ocean rised 100-150, or just the coastline comes in.
A-It comes in about 150 feet from the coastline inward.
Q-That seems like no threat at all, most beach are longer than this so is there nothing to fear?  Focus on a enlarged view of Sydney. (Discussion of Sydney and shoreline)
A-I mean after looking at the map in more detail, I feel like all of the cities that are on that coral sea coastline are going to flood.
Q-I am sure the questioner wants to know that if you lived in Sydney.  What would you do seeing where it is located?
A-I do not feel like Sydney has too much threat, I feel like the beaches will get flooded out and maybe a few of the streets that are close to the beaches, but the city as a whole feels fairly safe to me.
Q-When looking at Australia which place do you feel is least safe, city wise.
A-Least safe, ok...I would say that Townsville or Mackay

With regards to the east coast of Canada -  Will there be a seismic event felt in the maritime provinces.   Any thoughts on a tsunami in the warmer months next year 2013?
A-We wills start with Quebec and Newfoundland because it seems to be one of the east most areas.  I do feel that Canada will have some earthquakes and I think the result of one if not two will be that fault lines that they may not even realize that they have will become evident.  I mean I have a visual of the earth and of ground like cracking apart.  I feel like it is going to be fault lines that run north and south.  Because as I think of a globe in my mind it is like the longitude lines are what are sticking out to me NOT the latitude.  I feel like a lot of this seismic activity will be closer to the Arctic Circle because I kept seeing huge ice chunks and I did not realize Canada extended that far north.  I feel like the worse is going to be long W120 degree longitude.  Any thoughts on a tsunami...I do not see a any kind of a tsunami or even a hurricane on the east coast.  I will say I feel like the east coast of the US will have hurricane activity, I do not see the eye of the storm as going as north as Canada but they will probably get, like violent storms but NOT hurricane grade.  Ok, west coast...I think the west is going to get much more of the earthquake activity, I keep hearing that screeching noise that the Titanic made when it cracked in half (referring to the movie) and I just feel like the earth plates are in real tug of war in that part of the country.  And now that I think about it, I think that is where the visual of the fault lines came from, because of the tugging of the earth plates.
Q-What about winter weather.
A-I feel like the east side of Canada will get a ton of snow, much more than normal.  I feel like the west side is going to be very cold like a lot of below zero days, but hardly any snow.
Q-All the changes you mentioned up to this point in the reading, are they before, during, or after the influence of your Red Comet?
A-I would say during because I think the Red Comet is already influencing us, and what I am talking about is effective now through most of 2013 and beyond.

Do you see the area on the eastern side of Iowa, near Davenport Iowa being safe with the coming changes? The Mississippi river runs through there between Iowa and Northwestern Illinois. The area is also called the Quad Cities..
A-I am pulling up a map to look at that. (Pulled map up on Google Earth).  I will say that area makes me feel very nervous, I think that the Mississippi is going to flood the entire length of the river.  I could see up to 1/4 of Iowa being underwater eventually and I also think it will extend into Illinois as well.  I hate to evoke fear but I really do feel that the Mississippi is going to flood and consume a lot of land to the point where the United States will actually be divided by the Mississippi and we will have an East and a West United States.  And then I just got a random thought of the Wizard of Oz of how there was an East witch and a West witch.
Q-How quickly does the water rise and is it complete by the end 2013 or gradual.
A-I see this as gradual and it is just going to slowly keep rising and I have an image in my mind that, it is like it is flooded from the north but then it floods from the south also and it just like creates this plug in the middle an it just stays there.
Q-So are you saying ocean water from the Gulf floods north back up river?
A-Yes...yes, I don't know how it happens.
Q-Two theories, the land gets eroded away and dissolved, or the continent rises and falls.  Which do you see.
A-I keep hearing the world gyroscope.  I has to do with something that is happening as the earth is rotating. our rotations slow down somewhat.
Q-So the earth has bulge of water in the middle due to it rotation, if the rotation slows, some of this bulge levels back out to the northern and southern hemisphere, is this slowing and water going north and south the cause?
A-That feels right to me when you say that.
Q-Less tectonic and more of earth's slowing rotation.
A-It is not an earthquake that causes this, it is more the earth itself.  I still keep hearing the word gyroscope over and over like I am supposed to know what it means.  I keep seeing that toy ball that you have.
Q-So will the earth wobble more like a gyroscope slowing down?
A-It is like I see it slowing down, but I do not see a wobble.  It is almost very erect like a toy top, it seems very straight, actually with very minimal wobble.
Q-Does the wobble and or tilt that we do have go away?
A-I see the earth straight up, if there is a wobble it is minimal.  I am not seeing it tilted.  I keep seeing a happy meal toy top being spun straight up.
Q-Does the earth remain in the typical orientation with the Artic Circle at the top, or does the glob spin in a direction, like name two cities you see the future equator going through, describe the new poles.  
A-I feel like the US might have a slight shift to the south, but the most significant change is that we will be straight up and down and lose our tilt.
Q-What will the future weather of Ohio be like. 
A-I am seeing like hot and it looks steamy to me, like, it is not fog, but steamy, like moisture in the air but not rain.  Somewhat tropical, and the biggest issue we are going to have are insects.  I can see a guy keep slapping his neck like something is biting him.  I mean it is almost nuisance level.
Q-Could it compare present day Florida?
A-Yes but we have a lot more vegetation, plants, trees, it is not sandy ground that you cannot grow much in.  And it is coming to me that is why it is so steamy is because we have all the plants that hold the moisture.

Please focus on Hawaii, particularly the Island of Maui. How is it geographically affected by the Pacific plate shift? Tsunami's? Volcanic eruptions? Sea water levels? Food and drinking water? Do we have Chinese or other foreign invasion? Round ups and FEMA camps? At what altitude is it safe to be? Do we continue to have electricity and tap water delivery? Are any store type goods still delivered to Hawaii?
A-I feel like Hawaii will experience some earthquakes, I also see that when the plates shift Hawaii as a whole will kind of shift with the plate.  I do not see a tsunami but I do see a lot of violent waves and I see it approaching more so on the west side.  I feel like that southeastern part of Maui is probably the safest area and central Maui feels pretty safe to me also.  Ok, so volcanic eruptions.  Like I see a lot of smoke and steam, I feel like that is going to go on for days.  Like 2-3 weeks.  And I see a lot of ash coming out of it, out of the volcano but I do NOT see any red lava.  And I feel like the air is going to stink almost smell toxic.  Like I see people putting rags over their face just to walk outside.  I feel like there is going to be ash everywhere, to the point where people hesitate even driving because they do not want to suck it up into their car.  Sea water levels...I do not really see that at a big problem there.  I think the beaches will be absorbed but I get the sense that where most people live it will be fairly safe.  Maybe people do not live close to the edge, I just feel like most people live near the middle of the island.  Food and drinking water...I think there will be some issues with food and water because all of the smoke and ash will not allow planes to come there.  And I feel like your supplies will come on like big huge boats.  But they will be very slow in getting there.  And a lot of the supplies will be depleted.  I feel like I need to tell you to store enough food and water for a month supply if you can.  Because even though you may need 2-3 weeks, I feel like there is going to be a neighbor there that you are going to want to help out.  (this is for whoever sent this question).  I do not see any kind of foreign invasion or any issues like that with Hawaii.   No I do not see anything like  that or FEMA camps going on in that area.  (Viewing Altitude of Kahului)  I keep hearing like 12-14 feet above sea level.  So it is safe above 14 feet.  Electricity and tap water....I still see you having tap water, but I feel like something happens to it that you have to boil it to be able to drink it, almost like there is a big water tower or tank of some sort, and something happens or gets into it, and you will have to boil it.  After boiling you will be able to consume it, and that is in regard with the current supply on the island.  I do see temporary power outages, but it looks like you are able to recover from them within a few days.  And I see this going on for a couple of months, having these random power outages.  As far as the food and the water, as I said those will come on ships and not by air, and it will take a while for those items to actually get there. 
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Please focus on the UK in a place called Doncaster South Yorkshire can you tell me if this area will be safe. Also will the flooding of the UK be sudden or gradual?
A-I do not see any significant flooding in that area, that location actually feel pretty safe, there might be some gradual water rises around, like the shorelines, and slightly in the waterways that are within the UK.  I do not really feel any kind of devastating activity in your area.
Q-What about weather, cold, heat.
A-Let me think..I keep seeing the princess all wrapped up in a toboggan  scarf, and mittens.  I feel like that climate will be colder than what is normal, but I feel like it will not be until what England feels is springtime, when they realize it is not going to get much warmer.
Q-Will this be permanent.
A-Yes, it is like they are in a forever wintertime feel.
Q-That makes sense, if the warm water pump ever stops, or if the pole shifts cause it is on the same latitude as Siberia.
A-I keep hearing the "Game of Thrones" that winter is coming.
Q-Do you see any external threat, disease, lack of food, war?
A-I see England as wanting to be on good terms with other countries, but it is almost like they kind of annex themselves off and want to be self sustaining.  I do not really see them as suffering from any kind of external threat or anything like that.  And I am seeing these huge greenhouses erected so that they are better equipped to grow their own food and not really rely so heavily on other countries.  I think you will go through a time starting around April or May of 2013 that your cost of food will go up to maybe double what you are used to paying now.  And then as things become restructured, food will not be as cheap as current day, but it will be much more manageable.

How does Africa feature in all these coming events (north, south, east and west) floods, static electric atmosphere, food shortage, etc.
A-Ok....In my mind I do not see earth changes as Africa's biggest threat.  I see like the whole northeastern part of the continent like in a ton of civil unrest.  Man it is like people holding signs and just mobs of people.  It is like they are all fighting against their government authorities.  I mean I will say it does look like there is a lot of food shortages and that is also leading towards the civil unrest because people are hungry.  I do not see any kind of tsunamis or hurricanes or anything like that.
Q-Will many African's die, and if so what is the major cause.  Food, drought, heat, water, other Africans?
A-Um..first I got contaminated food supply.  And then I was trying to figure out what that contamination was and then I saw a lion running, which took me to some of the animals that they eat there will have an illness that will be transferred over to a human once they consume that animal.  From there the human gets really ill and can pass away from this disease.

Also Can you show the areas {include Alaska/Hawaii} of the USA that you see the Russians/Chinese taking over as you discussed in a recent article?  Try to look at a timeline of events.
See below Map, or download from this Link

In general what should we buy aside from food, water and first aid?
A-Seeds, leather boots, good hand tools, any kind of spare cloth that you may have.  I am getting a picture of curtains that have a rubber backing on them, and am hearing that they have a ton of uses.  Cookware, medicine, I am hearing antibiotics will be invaluable.  Plastic containers...that is all I am getting right now.

Do you see wide spread bank failures and the dollar being worthless any time soon? Also what do you foresee about the financial collapse in America?
A-I sense by the end of next year (2013) a lot of small banks will collapse, the few big banks that are left will be struggling, but they will still exist.  Like I see the financial system begging for more financial assistance, but the people revolt so bad that they banks are not given any releif.  Inflation still even through 2013 is a problem.  Our dollar is not completely worthless but other countries are starting to look at the US as having financial problems.  Within the next couple of years, probably by 2016, China is really going to make a push to try to get the gold standard back.  And I see the UN becoming involved at that time, and start to propose a worldwide currency.  When the threat of the gold standard starts and then the UN begins their discussions, that is when our financial situation really begins to collapse and I see the dollar really losing it's value.  Like maybe even as low as half of what it is worth today.  The real value will be in physical precious metals because that is what the UN currency will be backed by.
Q-What does 2013 hold as far a stock market performance?
A-It looks very volatile to me, I am seeing a graph and it looks like it is going from low to high and low to high.  Almost as if it is being manipulated, because there is no real in-between.
Q-Does it end the year higher than it started?
A-I think it ends on a low actually.
Q-Do your recommend investors to put money in this year, stay the level, or pull out?
A-If you are smart and know how to sell when it high and buy when it is low, it looks like you could make a good amount of money.  But you really would have to babysit your accounts.  If you did not want to be that hands on, I would recommend buying assets NOT in the stock market such as physical gold and silver, that type of thing that you could liquidate later if you needed to.

What have you, Psychic Focus done to prepare for these upcoming times?
A-Well, we tried to diversify some of our investments to have physical assets and not to rely solely on the stock market.  We prepared food in the event that we are unable to purchase it, and also need time to begin growing our own food.  We have stock piles some dry goods such as toilet paper, paper towels and that kind of thing.  We have done a lot of MENTAL preparation as far as different scenarios and how we would handle things.  We have shared out ideas with good friends and family so that we approach this with them, to have strength in numbers and to have other people on board with us.  I can add to this list at a later time.

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Can you do a reading please on the Lion People, also known as the Pachats, Hathors or Feline Beings.. Thanks so much :)

7:35 PM - ...I mean I am seeing a group of people and I think that they worshiped lions and also panthers, I feel like they had an appreciation for their sleek movement and their ability to be stealthy in their behavior.  The word panther keeps coming to mind and I just keep seeing these sleek movements through the jungle.  I feel as though this society had a lot of wealth to it.  Like they were very elite members of society, I see a lot of gold jewelry...I think they either used makeup or tattoos to try to emulate what a lion or panther would look like on their face.  I feel like the higher members of society wore a lot of animal pelts and I am seeing a big huge main surrounding a guy who appears to be a king.  And he is wearing this big pelt instead of a crown.  On the map I keep seeing the Mediterranean sea and I am being drawn to the southern part of it like Africa...I also keep getting an image of their shoes and it looks like sandals with leather straps that kind of braided up the front of their leg.  I am kinda of feeling a weird pain...on the left top part of my head, I feel like they were wiped out by a disease, but it is like it affected their mind.  And that is all I see if you want to ask me questions.

Q-Were these people you see imitating other beings or aliens, or just worshiping cats?
A-They look like a sophisticated Indian tribe that actually worshiped the power and strength of large felines in general.
Q-How long ago did you see them living?
A-It is weird you ask that because I saw the number 1200 BC and I was trying to hone in on it right before you ask me that question....
Q-Do these people have any connection to the Egyptians who worshiped cats?
A-Hmmm...I feel like they do, a in fact when I first started the reading I was kind of being drawn toward Egypt but it did not feel right completely, so I definitely feel there is a tie to them almost as if the society was created by someone who left Egypt.  And I feel like that individual had, or at least was thought to have some kind of sorcery power, and even though I do not feel like they were bad I keep hearing the word sinister in my mind.
Q-So these people you are 100% human?
Q-Do you see anything about other beings who may resemble felines that are not human?
A-Hmm...I do not and the reason I say that is because I am getting a definite image of whiskers which is very specific to the feline community and I getting no images of any type of alien with whiskers.  I feel like the whiskers are a very specific message to me.
Q-Do you see anything else?
A-I do not..But what I did see was pretty clear.
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Are these shooting massacres staged?

8:15 PM - Ok, I want to first say that with all the controversy, I hesitate even doing this reading, But with so much media talking about it, it is hard not to focus on it, and I keep just getting random images every time the topic of these shootings come up.  Initially when I thought about it I saw three gentleman involved.  And my impression was that two of them kind of knew what was going on and pre planned it and the third guy who actually was killed I felt was completely a scapegoat.  I even had the thought that they should check the shooter's hand for gun powder and I would have been surprised if he actually shot a gun at all.  And the other two that were with him that actually did the the shootings were wearing faded out jeans, a tan Carhartt jacket and their hair was kind of like greasy looking and they had a lot of stubble on their face as if they needed to shave.  And I felt like those two individuals after everything happened escaped out of the back of the school and I almost can see them going out a window, I do not think they walked out a door.  And then after that happened I had a flash back to the movie "Red Dragon" and in that movie the killer sat up high in some trees and I felt as though those two individuals did that and then once the parents were called and everything got hectic they escaped by going through the crowd of people.  One of the guys for some reason kept like rubbing his thumb across the tip of his nose and at one point I thought maybe he had a runny nose and kept doing that, but that kinda did not feel right, and I think what he was doing was rubbing his nose but talking to something at his wrist.  

Then later by about 3 or 4 hours I seen something on the news I think which made me think about it again.  And then completely at random I saw this older guy and he was at a golf course with his buddies, and I sensed that he was really well to do.  Like a high member of society, and what was kind of comical was when they were on the golf course it felt like him and his buddies tried to outdo each other with their outlandish golf apparel, and it just felt like a good ol boys club.

Then I kept focusing on "What is this guys name?"  And he looked like he was in his fifties, his hair was so grey it almost looked white and the only thing his friends kept calling him was "Bat Wing".  And it was an inside joke of some kind because this guy had an obsession with Batman but it was like they called him Bat Wing just as some joking nickname.  And I could not get any other name than that.

And then the very last thing that I saw was them driving off on a golf cart and on the back side of the golf cart it had the name "Tradewinds" and it was in green writing and the T kinda looked like a palm tree but it was all green, all the writing was green.  And that is kind of the sum of what I have gotten in my random thoughts and now I will focus on specific questions.

Q-Was the two other guys with Bat Wing the shooters?
A-Hm..I do not feel like it was because the two guys that were with Bat Wing were in their fifties, and the guys that were with the shooters even thought I felt like their appearance was a costume (that is how it came to me), I feel like they were more like late thirties to early forties.
Q-Who Masterminded this?
A-I feel like it came from the guy that they called Bat Wing.
Q-What was his motive?
A-.......It....It is something about there is a guy that is above him, and he is wearing a black pillowcase over his head.  And I keep getting that image on "Prison Break" of the guy that was called "The General" and he did not talk, and he did not interact with people and he remained anonymous.  But this guy wearing this black pillowcase made some kind of a financial deal with this guy called Batwing to try to get the guns banned.  And the deal was...there is a lot of money to be made, if you help me get this accomplished, and I am getting a strong impression that if the guy wearing the black pillowcase, if his identity was found out, we would be at some kind of war.  Like I am starting to feel anxious and uncomfortable.
Q-One name, who wanted  the guns banned, Pillowcase or Batwing?
A-Pillowcase does, and Batwing is doing it just to make money.
Q-Why does pillowcase want it done?
A-I keep hearing the word "Shaman" I do not know what it means, but I keep hearing it over and over again.
Q-Are these two Americans or another nationality.
A-I will say I am am seeing a lot of those "Worm" words and I am trying to focus to see if I could try to write it out.  In my mind it seems like cursive lowcase h's,j's, and z's.  I am also getting a name called Rubio.
Q-Is the school shooting related to the theater shooting?
A-I feel like the theater, the temple, and the school shooting are related.  I feel like that senator lady was something different.
Q-What is Batwing's agenda, or motivation?
Q-How can he make money by getting weapons banned?
A-Because that is the deal the guy with the black pillowcase gave him.
Q-I am sorry, I meant to say Pillowcase, what is his motive?
A-There is something going on that, there is like a new technology coming out for guns and I feel like it is the material maybe that it is being made from is like superb to anything that exists now.  And they only want that type of technology and quality and technology to be in the hands of certain military groups.  So they are fine with citizens buying up everything that we have now to deplete inventories.  Because when this new type of weaponry comes out their will be laws in force that normal citizen cannot obtain it.  And the military will have the superb weapons.  And I feel like it is by far, like this is going to be some really great thing and they DO NOT want citizens to have it.
Q-Can you see what this technology may be.
A-I feel like it is metal or the quality of the gun.  Like it will be ultra clean when you fire it, I feel like it will have better muffling of the sound and be more lighter and portable.
Q-Gun power based ? or magnetic projectile?
A-It looks like a bullet, but the sound it has when it is shot sounds like how when you heat plastic over a fire and when it drips it makes that weird sound.  That is what it sounds like when the bullet is released.
Q-Is it loud?
Q-So a more silenced weapon?
Q-So motivation is to get laws in place to limit future weapons from being obtained by citizens.
Q-So NOT to protect citizens from weapons?
A-Oh, No it has nothing to do with that.
Q-Is the President in the know of this?
A-I feel like he does know.  I do not think he agrees with it, but I feel like he is being forced into it.
Q-Why do they want to limit civilian weapons?
A-Well the image I am getting is people at war, and I am seeing one side with a bow and arrow, and the side with a gun, and the side with the gun I feel like is this military and they want to ensure that people cannot compete with the weaponry that the military has.
Q-When will this new weapon type be introduced?
A-I am seeing like July or August of 2013.  I feel like Germany is somehow involved in the manufacturing of all of this.  I do not know if they make weapons or not.
Q-What is nationality of Batwing?
A-I keep seeing a swastika so that is like creeping me out, but I cannot tell if it is directed toward Germany, or one of those little like dominantly Jewish countries.  Because I keep seeing this very intense swastika  but I feel it is definitely in that region of the world.
Q-Going back to the school shooting, was it all premeditated?
A-Yes, by the two guys in the Carhartts, I almost feel like the guy that was labeled as the shooter thought he was really going inside to talk to his mom.
Q-What type of weapon did you see these two use?  Pistol, Rifle, what?
A-I see it as a pistol they had concealed on their body.  I do not see any long guns.
Q-How did the patsy or son die?
A-I feel like one of the guys walked up behind him and grabbed him, the other guy knelled down in front of him, and then just stuck the pistol kind of up under his chin and...shot him that way.
Q-Did they kill the son, first or last?
A-They did it last, because they knew everyone would be hiding and their would  not be as many witnesses that way.
Q-Would the son not protest them shooting?
A-I feel like he was half out of it.  Like I keep gettting the phrase in my mind "Dodo" which means to me that he was not clear headed.  I do not feel like he was intoxicated, it was more like he was in some sort of a trance.
Q-Did he have gun?
A-I think one of the guys with the Carhartts left their gun with the shooter after they shot him.
Q-Wouldn't witnesses have hear simultaneous gunshots if their were two shooters?
A-I feel like some of them probably did hear it.
Q-How did they all get into school?
A-I feel like they just walked right in.
Q-How was the school and patsy selected, and why?
A-....I really do not know, like nothing is coming to me.
Q-Was the mother targeted specifically?
A-I feel yes, in fact I feel like I am seeing a woman;s face and she is being vocal about something that has people pissed off and she was targeted because of that, but it is unclear to me as to what the specific details are.
Q-Are there more shootings to come?
A-I do not really feel like there are.  I really hope I am right about that.
Q-So Batwing, being a Batman fan, orchestrated both of these shootings.  Is it true the "Sandy Hook" shown on the map of the third Batman movie was intentionally put their, or coincidence?  And do you want to see that.
A-No I don't want to see, but I do feel like it WAS intentional, and I feel like they were sending a message, but no one could understand it until it was too late.
Q-Was the families of the shooters targeted randomly, or based on their motives and positions, like to give lesson to others.
A-I think it was motive driven and ...I feel it is being viewed wrong.  Like rather than look at the shooter and his mom and brother or whoever else died.  It was like the mom was killed and all of her family.
Q-So the killing of the mom and son was to send a message to whom?
A-I feel it was to the mom, like it was directed towards her.
Q-Why did the theater shooter tell the police about bombs in his apartment?
A-I think he was having like a moment of clarity and guilt and hoping for maybe a little bit of...I don't know forgiveness or something.
Q-Did the theater shooter actually shoot and were there accomplices?
A-I feel like other people did the shooting, but the movie guy or  I do not know what his name is, was convinced to believe that he did do it.
Q-What method was used, drugs, hypnosis, peer pressure?
A-I think it was drugs.  And I think it was something that he snorted.
Q-Is there any link between the two accomplices, like did the same person help out at both incidents?
A-I think there is a good possibility of that, in this theater I see them dressed like a SWAT team, but they feel the same to me in the way that they move.
Q-Will Pillowcases' agenda come true, or do you see future citizens possessing advanced weapons?
A-I think citizens WILL get advanced weapons, but it is going to be like 10 years from now.
Q-Are they planning some type of war on the citizens?  I mean wouldn't they profit more it citizen too could buy their weapons?
A-I feel like these head people are already rich, what they want is POWER.  I do not feel like a war is being planned, I just kind of feel like they want to plant the illusion that they are in control.
Q-What is your personal view on gun violence?
A-I feel like if you take guns away from the American people, we will have more violence because criminals will still have guns, and I feel like limiting guns to the law abiding citizens is not going to decrease these catastrophes because if someone wants to you know plot some kind of an attack, they are going to find a way to do it.
Q-How did you feel about this reading?
A-I feel really uncomfortable about it?
A-Because this is just way huge, it is more than just a mentally ill guy going into a school, I mean there is a bigger agenda, a lot of money, high up officials, and other countries are even involved and I do not really want to be associated to it.
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Hi I have a great interest in Mars can you see if any kind of life existed there and did it once have a great civilization and if so what happened there to end it. Also can you tell me if anyone came from there to our earth to escape the catastrophe Anything at all will be greatly appreciated.

8:02 PM - The first image I see is this very tall human looking person and they are very thin...The image is coming through really cartoonish to me.  The shape of their body reminds me of those black and white characters that you see on clip art, and I will have to attach a picture.  The faces have a very distinct jawline and very thick pronounced chin.  The individual I am seeing is wearing a metallic ring around their head and he appears to be the leader...the terrain looks like red clay and it almost looks like the structures are molded out of this red clay.  It feels very dry and hot.  I feel like most people reside in underground tunnels.  And the above ground structures are more like fancy entrances to the cave system underground.

Q-Does any life exist there now?
A-I do not see anything in the shape of a human, but I think there is a couple, or at least a couple of animal species there.  One kind of looks like a wild boar, but it's skin looks more lizard like....And out of the blue, I am seeing a rainbow and I am asking why? And the answer I am getting is because you need moisture to have a rainbow.  So there is water in their atmosphere.  I am trying to zone in on other animals that are there, and it is like I have a sense that I know they are there and I cannot see them, but it like they are hidden underground.
Q-Can you describe these boars in more detail size, etc.
A-Ok..I think they have the ability to walk on their two hind legs, or walk on four legs.  When they are upright the look to be between 3 and 4 feet tall.  Their skin is kind of a really deep reddish brown, but really dark like a brick red.  I feel like their language is unspoken, that they communicate through thoughts to one another.  It is like I see these weird little plants with like a tubular stalk, NOT a woody stalk.  And they eat the roots of this plant.  The mostly live underground in the tunnels.  They are the most sophisticated species that lives their.  And they kind of control the planet.  I do not know what  normal pig looks like but these have like two toes on their feet.  And one is showing me it's foot and is like spreading it's toes and making like a peace sign at me, so I sense that they are friendly.  But they also feel private like they do not want to be messed with either.  
Q-When you say toes, toes or hoofs.
A-It is kinda a cross between both because they do not have a thumb, or a toe that looks like a humans, it is more hoof like but it is jointed, like there is a joint in it.

Q-Are these human like with intellect or more animal like with instinct?
A-I am seeing that book that I had to read in high school  were the animal talk, so my impression is that they are intelligent like a human, but even more so because they have that instinct too.
Q-Describe their faces, reproductive organs, do they have a tail?
A-Their face is the shape of a pig, the texture of their skin is more...I would say like an elephant, it does not have hairs on it.  The strangest thing is that it has thin human looking lips.  Normal snout.  And that is standing out as far a face goes.  Tail...It does NOT have one, but there is like a numb where one could grow but it is smoothed over.  And I am getting some message about, how could they sit comfortably if they had a tail in the way.  Reproductive....Like they are all male AND female.  And there breading is the same as how other animals bread.
Q-Like a penis and vagina?
Q-What happened to the humanoid species that lived on Mars?
A-It was something about the planet got really hot, even the internal part where all of the tunnels were, it got too hot.  And because they did  not sweat or have a self regulating aspect to their body temperature they were forced to leave.
Q-How long ago and where did they go, and what mean of transportation did they use.
A-They did use a space ship..I am getting that they left around..between 2000-2500 years ago.  And that people on Earth actually saw them leave..And I am seeing Jupiter, and I feel like they live on a moon of Jupiter.
Q-Have they ever to Earth?
A-Yes they have...and I feel like there is cave drawings somewhere describing that experience.  And I feel like they came here a lot.
Q-Are there any here now?
A-Not directly, but some of their genetic code has been left here through their offspring, like they mated with some  humans.
Q-Somewhere I read that Bigfoot was a descendant of Mars, what do you see.
A-I saw it as more like Giant sized people, they were not hairy but more like humans that were like 11 or 12 feet tall.  But those individuals have died and there is a very diluted gene-pool that remains here.
Q-Was Goliath one of these offspring or Martian?
A-He is being shown to me in a cartoon form just like the original Martians, but he has a humanistic look also, so I feel he was a crossbreed of both. 
Q-What do they call themselves?
A-Sounds something like GLUCK-TIN and I asked them to spell it and they said their are no letters.
Q-How did they communicate?
A-They could either speak with their mouth or communicate mentally.
Q-Can you speak with one of them?
A-I can try....and I see them like where your adam's apple would be, I see their throat moving in and out, like they make noises in their throat.
Q-What do they eat, do they teeth and such?
A-They do have teeth...And they eat mostly vegetable looking foods and plants....One of them showed me a rabbit, and when I asked if they ate rabbits they said, NO they do not have rabbits their, but they do eat meat in the form of small animals, but not often.
Q-Did their plant mars ever have life like earth on it?
A-I am being told that it did, but their atmosphere was destroyed and when that happened their was too big of a fluctuation in the temperature for life to sustain.  And then I am hearing like this sassy talk and someone is saying that Earth is like the new would that be?  Earth is the new Mars.
Q-What cause the change in Mars?

A-I just had like their a weird dark feeling came over me, and then I got a message about I cannot believe that you do not know and it was something about the last time the red comet made it's loop around, they way that Mars was situated, the gravitational pull almost made the, well it actually made the planet stop and start to rotate the other direction, and when that happened it also destroyed it atmosphere at the same time.
Q-Is their potential for this to happen to Earth? is definitely going to affect Earth but not as bad as it did Mars because when it passes by Earth it will not be nearly as close to us as it was to Mars.  And I am getting an image of perspective wise, standing here on Earth and then looking at the moon, and this comet was so close to Mars that it would be like watching it pass between Earth and our moon, that is how close it was.
Q-Was Mars always in the 4th position from the Sun.
A-It always was in the 4th position, but it used to be closer and I am getting that actually the entire solar system used to be much more compact and that is why ancient people were able to identify and understand the stars more, because they were able to see the other planets.
Q-When looking at this picture of Mars, where did this crater come from?

A-Hmm....It was a near miss by and asteroid or a comet, I do not know the difference, but what that was, was that the tail of it was so close that when it went by it left that Mark.
Q-This was not the Red Comet?
Q-Was this before or after the Martians left?
A-It was after they left, and they did not have that protective atmosphere around them so they were very vulnerable to objects that were in space and I am seeing this happen, there was like an asteroid in space and it was like the gravitational pull of mars kind of steered the asteroid toward it, but it was like on it's own path as well (the asteroid), and the asteroid came close to hitting Mars, but it didn't but their was like this big slingshot of debris behind it, and it just slung it right against it, right against the planet.
Q-Does NASA know about these pigs and plants?
A-I feel like they do and they have even negotiated terms with them.  And that NASA has agreed not to exploit them or mess with their immediate habitat in exchange for just allowing NASA to do research.
Q-Have humans ever been to Mars?
A-I am getting YES, how do you think they negotiated with the pigs...Like yes it is obvious that they have been their.
Q-We we have any bases on Mars?
A-I am hearing the phrase, Dark Side of the Moon.  Which makes me feel like their is parts of Mars that either we cannot see or we are blocked from seeing.  And that is where they setup their research bases.
Q-So you are telling me that we have humans born on Earth currently living on Mars?
A-For research purposes, yes they are there, but just free living there.
Q-How did they get there?
A-It is like I am seeing the space shuttle, but then there is a part of it that looks like a flying saucer, and I am feeling like that flying saucer came out of a space shuttle.
Q-Did we build it?
A-See that is where I am conflicted because I am seeing a flying saucer that I have never seen on our TV with our NASA program.  It is painted all white with our US flag painted on it, but I do not feel like it is our technology.  And I feel like it went up on a space shuttle kinda to sneak it off Earth and once it got out of our atmosphere, it is like I see these doors open and it flies out.
Q-Did astronaut Gene Cernan slip when he said 'Buzz does want to go back to Mars'?  Have our astronauts been there?
A-Our astronauts HAVE been there.  What name did you say?
Q-Gene Cernan? 
A-Oh?  I keep getting the name Mike.  I keep seeing a guy with reddish brown hair and a reddish brown beard that is really thick.
Q-Is there many structure on Mars, and do they resemble our ancient pyramids and such?
A-I do see ancient structures, they looks like they are made out of clay, and as far as like their research base, it looks like it has a bubble above it, I am seeing a picture of the Wizard of Oz, like what the city of Oz looks like. (A Dome).
Q-Will any of our planets be affected by this Red Comet, other than Earth?
A-I am seeing like Venus and Mercury look like they are vibrating so I feel that they are rotation will be altered by this comet too.  But I feel like the far our planets really will not be affected.
Q-Is there life on Mercury or Venus currently?
A-I do not see that No.
Q-Was there ever life on those planets?
A-I am getting at one time Venus because it's orbit used to be closer to where Earth is now, but Mercury Never.
Q-Will we officially ever see a publicized manned mission to Mars in ours or our children's lifetime?
A-I am getting the year 2042 at random.
Q-Could our pig species cross bread with Mar's pigs?
A-I am seeing a pig shake it's head yes, so...
Q-Is any of our Earth based life based on Martian lifeforms?
A-No because when they came hear we had already existed.  They added some to our gene-pool but they were not the original source.
Q-On the Jupiter moon, do they live on the surface, in a ship or under the ground?
A-I feel like they live on the surface on NO ship, like NOT on their ship.
Q-Will anything significant happen on Dec 21st, 2012?
A-I do not see anything significant, possibly a meteor shower, but nothing catastrophic.
Q-What about in terms of World events?  Like what is going to be the next big news story after the school shooting passes.
A-Like I am seeing a ton of smoke billowing out of a building.
Q-What kind of building?
A-Like I cannot tell where it is at and I do not get anything when I ask.  But it feels like it is in the middle of a city.
Q-Do you think you are blocked from seeing events that are in human hands?
A-Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  I do  not know I do not really have a good answer for that.
Q-What is your thoughts on this reading?
A-At first I felt like I could not connect and I felt like I had to pause a lot and think about it really hard, and then about halfway through it got easier.  It had some cools stuff in there that I had not really thought about.
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