Friday, December 21, 2012

Are these shooting massacres staged?

8:15 PM - Ok, I want to first say that with all the controversy, I hesitate even doing this reading, But with so much media talking about it, it is hard not to focus on it, and I keep just getting random images every time the topic of these shootings come up.  Initially when I thought about it I saw three gentleman involved.  And my impression was that two of them kind of knew what was going on and pre planned it and the third guy who actually was killed I felt was completely a scapegoat.  I even had the thought that they should check the shooter's hand for gun powder and I would have been surprised if he actually shot a gun at all.  And the other two that were with him that actually did the the shootings were wearing faded out jeans, a tan Carhartt jacket and their hair was kind of like greasy looking and they had a lot of stubble on their face as if they needed to shave.  And I felt like those two individuals after everything happened escaped out of the back of the school and I almost can see them going out a window, I do not think they walked out a door.  And then after that happened I had a flash back to the movie "Red Dragon" and in that movie the killer sat up high in some trees and I felt as though those two individuals did that and then once the parents were called and everything got hectic they escaped by going through the crowd of people.  One of the guys for some reason kept like rubbing his thumb across the tip of his nose and at one point I thought maybe he had a runny nose and kept doing that, but that kinda did not feel right, and I think what he was doing was rubbing his nose but talking to something at his wrist.  

Then later by about 3 or 4 hours I seen something on the news I think which made me think about it again.  And then completely at random I saw this older guy and he was at a golf course with his buddies, and I sensed that he was really well to do.  Like a high member of society, and what was kind of comical was when they were on the golf course it felt like him and his buddies tried to outdo each other with their outlandish golf apparel, and it just felt like a good ol boys club.

Then I kept focusing on "What is this guys name?"  And he looked like he was in his fifties, his hair was so grey it almost looked white and the only thing his friends kept calling him was "Bat Wing".  And it was an inside joke of some kind because this guy had an obsession with Batman but it was like they called him Bat Wing just as some joking nickname.  And I could not get any other name than that.

And then the very last thing that I saw was them driving off on a golf cart and on the back side of the golf cart it had the name "Tradewinds" and it was in green writing and the T kinda looked like a palm tree but it was all green, all the writing was green.  And that is kind of the sum of what I have gotten in my random thoughts and now I will focus on specific questions.

Q-Was the two other guys with Bat Wing the shooters?
A-Hm..I do not feel like it was because the two guys that were with Bat Wing were in their fifties, and the guys that were with the shooters even thought I felt like their appearance was a costume (that is how it came to me), I feel like they were more like late thirties to early forties.
Q-Who Masterminded this?
A-I feel like it came from the guy that they called Bat Wing.
Q-What was his motive?
A-.......It....It is something about there is a guy that is above him, and he is wearing a black pillowcase over his head.  And I keep getting that image on "Prison Break" of the guy that was called "The General" and he did not talk, and he did not interact with people and he remained anonymous.  But this guy wearing this black pillowcase made some kind of a financial deal with this guy called Batwing to try to get the guns banned.  And the deal was...there is a lot of money to be made, if you help me get this accomplished, and I am getting a strong impression that if the guy wearing the black pillowcase, if his identity was found out, we would be at some kind of war.  Like I am starting to feel anxious and uncomfortable.
Q-One name, who wanted  the guns banned, Pillowcase or Batwing?
A-Pillowcase does, and Batwing is doing it just to make money.
Q-Why does pillowcase want it done?
A-I keep hearing the word "Shaman" I do not know what it means, but I keep hearing it over and over again.
Q-Are these two Americans or another nationality.
A-I will say I am am seeing a lot of those "Worm" words and I am trying to focus to see if I could try to write it out.  In my mind it seems like cursive lowcase h's,j's, and z's.  I am also getting a name called Rubio.
Q-Is the school shooting related to the theater shooting?
A-I feel like the theater, the temple, and the school shooting are related.  I feel like that senator lady was something different.
Q-What is Batwing's agenda, or motivation?
Q-How can he make money by getting weapons banned?
A-Because that is the deal the guy with the black pillowcase gave him.
Q-I am sorry, I meant to say Pillowcase, what is his motive?
A-There is something going on that, there is like a new technology coming out for guns and I feel like it is the material maybe that it is being made from is like superb to anything that exists now.  And they only want that type of technology and quality and technology to be in the hands of certain military groups.  So they are fine with citizens buying up everything that we have now to deplete inventories.  Because when this new type of weaponry comes out their will be laws in force that normal citizen cannot obtain it.  And the military will have the superb weapons.  And I feel like it is by far, like this is going to be some really great thing and they DO NOT want citizens to have it.
Q-Can you see what this technology may be.
A-I feel like it is metal or the quality of the gun.  Like it will be ultra clean when you fire it, I feel like it will have better muffling of the sound and be more lighter and portable.
Q-Gun power based ? or magnetic projectile?
A-It looks like a bullet, but the sound it has when it is shot sounds like how when you heat plastic over a fire and when it drips it makes that weird sound.  That is what it sounds like when the bullet is released.
Q-Is it loud?
Q-So a more silenced weapon?
Q-So motivation is to get laws in place to limit future weapons from being obtained by citizens.
Q-So NOT to protect citizens from weapons?
A-Oh, No it has nothing to do with that.
Q-Is the President in the know of this?
A-I feel like he does know.  I do not think he agrees with it, but I feel like he is being forced into it.
Q-Why do they want to limit civilian weapons?
A-Well the image I am getting is people at war, and I am seeing one side with a bow and arrow, and the side with a gun, and the side with the gun I feel like is this military and they want to ensure that people cannot compete with the weaponry that the military has.
Q-When will this new weapon type be introduced?
A-I am seeing like July or August of 2013.  I feel like Germany is somehow involved in the manufacturing of all of this.  I do not know if they make weapons or not.
Q-What is nationality of Batwing?
A-I keep seeing a swastika so that is like creeping me out, but I cannot tell if it is directed toward Germany, or one of those little like dominantly Jewish countries.  Because I keep seeing this very intense swastika  but I feel it is definitely in that region of the world.
Q-Going back to the school shooting, was it all premeditated?
A-Yes, by the two guys in the Carhartts, I almost feel like the guy that was labeled as the shooter thought he was really going inside to talk to his mom.
Q-What type of weapon did you see these two use?  Pistol, Rifle, what?
A-I see it as a pistol they had concealed on their body.  I do not see any long guns.
Q-How did the patsy or son die?
A-I feel like one of the guys walked up behind him and grabbed him, the other guy knelled down in front of him, and then just stuck the pistol kind of up under his chin and...shot him that way.
Q-Did they kill the son, first or last?
A-They did it last, because they knew everyone would be hiding and their would  not be as many witnesses that way.
Q-Would the son not protest them shooting?
A-I feel like he was half out of it.  Like I keep gettting the phrase in my mind "Dodo" which means to me that he was not clear headed.  I do not feel like he was intoxicated, it was more like he was in some sort of a trance.
Q-Did he have gun?
A-I think one of the guys with the Carhartts left their gun with the shooter after they shot him.
Q-Wouldn't witnesses have hear simultaneous gunshots if their were two shooters?
A-I feel like some of them probably did hear it.
Q-How did they all get into school?
A-I feel like they just walked right in.
Q-How was the school and patsy selected, and why?
A-....I really do not know, like nothing is coming to me.
Q-Was the mother targeted specifically?
A-I feel yes, in fact I feel like I am seeing a woman;s face and she is being vocal about something that has people pissed off and she was targeted because of that, but it is unclear to me as to what the specific details are.
Q-Are there more shootings to come?
A-I do not really feel like there are.  I really hope I am right about that.
Q-So Batwing, being a Batman fan, orchestrated both of these shootings.  Is it true the "Sandy Hook" shown on the map of the third Batman movie was intentionally put their, or coincidence?  And do you want to see that.
A-No I don't want to see, but I do feel like it WAS intentional, and I feel like they were sending a message, but no one could understand it until it was too late.
Q-Was the families of the shooters targeted randomly, or based on their motives and positions, like to give lesson to others.
A-I think it was motive driven and ...I feel it is being viewed wrong.  Like rather than look at the shooter and his mom and brother or whoever else died.  It was like the mom was killed and all of her family.
Q-So the killing of the mom and son was to send a message to whom?
A-I feel it was to the mom, like it was directed towards her.
Q-Why did the theater shooter tell the police about bombs in his apartment?
A-I think he was having like a moment of clarity and guilt and hoping for maybe a little bit of...I don't know forgiveness or something.
Q-Did the theater shooter actually shoot and were there accomplices?
A-I feel like other people did the shooting, but the movie guy or  I do not know what his name is, was convinced to believe that he did do it.
Q-What method was used, drugs, hypnosis, peer pressure?
A-I think it was drugs.  And I think it was something that he snorted.
Q-Is there any link between the two accomplices, like did the same person help out at both incidents?
A-I think there is a good possibility of that, in this theater I see them dressed like a SWAT team, but they feel the same to me in the way that they move.
Q-Will Pillowcases' agenda come true, or do you see future citizens possessing advanced weapons?
A-I think citizens WILL get advanced weapons, but it is going to be like 10 years from now.
Q-Are they planning some type of war on the citizens?  I mean wouldn't they profit more it citizen too could buy their weapons?
A-I feel like these head people are already rich, what they want is POWER.  I do not feel like a war is being planned, I just kind of feel like they want to plant the illusion that they are in control.
Q-What is your personal view on gun violence?
A-I feel like if you take guns away from the American people, we will have more violence because criminals will still have guns, and I feel like limiting guns to the law abiding citizens is not going to decrease these catastrophes because if someone wants to you know plot some kind of an attack, they are going to find a way to do it.
Q-How did you feel about this reading?
A-I feel really uncomfortable about it?
A-Because this is just way huge, it is more than just a mentally ill guy going into a school, I mean there is a bigger agenda, a lot of money, high up officials, and other countries are even involved and I do not really want to be associated to it.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading! It does make a lot of sense that there are always higher agendas.

Anonymous said...

Am glad am awake and enlightened. This is a sad vile sinister world we live in. Thanks for doing the reading. Be safe now. The truth must be told!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you can update this reading with some more information? Possibly about the events that day, the timeline, those who were involved. Do the police know what really happened? Why aren't they telling us? They said a long rife was used and everyone was killed with .223 rounds, but you said the killers used pistols? Can you go into more detail about Adam Lanza and his role? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Of course the cops knows about it!!!

Rob Bizarrio said...

Thank you for your reading.
Out of the info you have gleened, do you see or can you look for a future event, connected to these sinister people??
Again, Thank you

Anonymous said...

Could the guy with the white hair "Bat Wing" be former Fl. Gov. Charlie Crist?

Anonymous said...

She said the ppl seem to be foreigners

Anonymous said...

Tradewinds Golf Resort, St. Petersburg, Fl. Someone should see if calls from the White House exist to that area around that time.

Anonymous said...

tradewinds is the maker of a golf cart, as well. she mentions the palm tree, which is also part of the tradewinds logo, as seen on their website.

what i would consider doing, is track the producers of "the dark knightrises". there is a list of them on the imdb site. now, executive producers are generally very wealthy. perhaps "batwing" is one of these producers. if a photo can be matched to the psychic somehow, then maybe we have something here.

also, the person that linked that patent: that patent was quite a frightening read. patents that discuss the use of non-lethal and lethal force against urban rioters are not pleasant. malicious 10 year old twerps are attempting to control the world we live in.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you everyone for your responses... I may do a more in depth reading later.. One startling thing was I had never looked at the Florida Governor, and when I did I can't say that it was not him involved- kind of freaked me out..

Thank you again for everyone's feedback!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. The media and Congress are rushing to condemn the poor mother, but Niall Bradley recounts the facts in this story in
Sandy Hook: Official story spins out of control Also see evidence of the massacre being planned in article Evidence of official foreknowledge
Keep telling the truth! Bless you!

Van Couver said...

Here is a link for Former Fl. Gov. Charlie Crist playing golf at the Tradewinds Golf Course:

Anonymous said...

When I see people like you actually making any kind of money from this quackery, I get angry. But then I remind myself that this is the price we pay for having civilization and good technology, which allow the soft and stupid genes to prosper instead of dying out.

So carry on, because you clearly are the recipient of some very important visions. Fate always chooses mildly autistic soccer moms for critical stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above me: You are a rude, arrogant ignoramus. Why does it make you angry? Mind your own business if you don't like it & keep your bigoted opinions to yourself. Thanx.

Anonymous said...

free speech.

Anonymous said...

I googled some info based off your reading and I feel Senator Patrick Leahy might who you are referring to. His hair is practically white and he appears to be a big fan of Batman and has even starred in the movie

tatoou said...

Then, lo & behold, in today's (5/3/14) news: A GERMAN gun mfr has invented a "Smart" gun.