Thursday, December 27, 2012

Can you do a reading please on the Lion People, also known as the Pachats, Hathors or Feline Beings.. Thanks so much :)

7:35 PM - ...I mean I am seeing a group of people and I think that they worshiped lions and also panthers, I feel like they had an appreciation for their sleek movement and their ability to be stealthy in their behavior.  The word panther keeps coming to mind and I just keep seeing these sleek movements through the jungle.  I feel as though this society had a lot of wealth to it.  Like they were very elite members of society, I see a lot of gold jewelry...I think they either used makeup or tattoos to try to emulate what a lion or panther would look like on their face.  I feel like the higher members of society wore a lot of animal pelts and I am seeing a big huge main surrounding a guy who appears to be a king.  And he is wearing this big pelt instead of a crown.  On the map I keep seeing the Mediterranean sea and I am being drawn to the southern part of it like Africa...I also keep getting an image of their shoes and it looks like sandals with leather straps that kind of braided up the front of their leg.  I am kinda of feeling a weird pain...on the left top part of my head, I feel like they were wiped out by a disease, but it is like it affected their mind.  And that is all I see if you want to ask me questions.

Q-Were these people you see imitating other beings or aliens, or just worshiping cats?
A-They look like a sophisticated Indian tribe that actually worshiped the power and strength of large felines in general.
Q-How long ago did you see them living?
A-It is weird you ask that because I saw the number 1200 BC and I was trying to hone in on it right before you ask me that question....
Q-Do these people have any connection to the Egyptians who worshiped cats?
A-Hmmm...I feel like they do, a in fact when I first started the reading I was kind of being drawn toward Egypt but it did not feel right completely, so I definitely feel there is a tie to them almost as if the society was created by someone who left Egypt.  And I feel like that individual had, or at least was thought to have some kind of sorcery power, and even though I do not feel like they were bad I keep hearing the word sinister in my mind.
Q-So these people you are 100% human?
Q-Do you see anything about other beings who may resemble felines that are not human?
A-Hmm...I do not and the reason I say that is because I am getting a definite image of whiskers which is very specific to the feline community and I getting no images of any type of alien with whiskers.  I feel like the whiskers are a very specific message to me.
Q-Do you see anything else?
A-I do not..But what I did see was pretty clear.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reading.. That's interesting, perhaps some Spirits use this archetype symbolism of the feline to communicate with. A representation of their energy, rather than literal.

Anonymous said...

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