Monday, February 14, 2022

Mystery Monday- Missing and Murder

I thought would be fun to compile a group of readings that are all unsolved mysteries.  I hope you like it.  Here goes! 

Q.  Hello Lynn, I love the way you solve mysteries. There is a bizarre disappearance in the Australian outback where a man named Paddy Moriarty from Larrimah simply vanished mid way through his evening meal along with his dog. Are you able to solve this mystery. Is his disappearance connected to other strange disappearances along the Stuart Highway.  
A.  Very interesting case!  When I focus on Padddy, I see a man and he is confused and wandering.  He has a blank look on his face, and appears to be lost.  As I look at him a little closer I get that this man suffered a stroke and was acting odd because he didn't really know what he was doing. 

When I place myself in his home (or where he was) I see him preparing his food.  He feels to have a routine and was going about his day like any other day.  His dog was by his side, as he normally was.  In a brief moment he feels different, and the look on his face changed to where he is expressionless.  He wandered where he was, took off his glasses and just did odd things around the house. (Did they find things out of order?  Maybe things weren't missing, but just out of order or put in odd places?). 

He then managed to get outside.  I sense he didn't recognize his own house and felt like he needed to leave.  He wandered into a wooded area and got lost.  His dog being loyal stayed with him.  I get he wandered deep into this wooded area that is very remote, and became so disoriented and couldn't find his way out.  His dog stayed by his side the whole time.  I get Paddy perished due to lack of food/water and the elements. This is now a recovery mission.

Have the searched wooded areas?  Look for a lot of downed trees and tree stumps.  I sense this was a area hit by storms.  It would be walkable within three (ish) hours from the town.

Please send some light that direction. 💜

Q.  Hi Lynn,  Did this young lady, the former Miss USA, kill herself or was this because she "knew" too much?  The whole things feels suspicious.

A.  I hear this is a "classic case of innocence lost." Cheslie feels to be very naïve as she went through the process and became Miss USA.  She didn't realize that competing and winning meant that she would become part of and participate in an agenda.  I see that shortly after she won she was approached by some older wealthy men and forced to be part of their "love triangle" in exchange for money.  She didn't want the money, but it looks like she was bullied in such a way (and then I hear) that "if you have to do something that disgusts you, you might as well take the money for it."  

This continued on, and she didn't want to be a part of it, but they would not allow her to quit. In fact (I hear) "the love triangle grew" and they wanted to pass her along to others in her "group."  Things were so out of control, she had no where to go, she felt no one would believe her and could no longer take it.  One day after a "pass around session" she decided she could no longer look herself in the mirror, and in a rash moment took her life.

As I tune into her I get mixed emotions.  She is at peace and thankful she is out of the situation, but also crying.  She is explaining that the sadness isn't because she is in spirit, but because she never meant to hurt her family or cause any of them shame.

Please take a moment to send some positive energy toward her and her family. 

Q. .  Hi Lynn, There is a famous case of a couple that were murdered in the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, New Year’s Eve, 1997. Their names were Olivia Hope and Ben Smart. A man was convicted of their murder but there is controversy around the police case with many people believing that the man sentenced is not guilty. Their bodies have never been found. What actually happened to this young couple?
A. As I focus on this I do get they convicted the wrong person.  I get the need to accuse someone and put minds to rest encouraged the police to arrest someone and get them convicted in haste.  I cannot get the name the the person, but I can see how the events played out.

I get that Oliva and Ben boarded a water taxi and were headed to a boat that they did not get on.  There was a "mystery man" on this taxi that offered to take them to his yacht instead and Ben and Olivia agreed.  It was New Year's and they wanted to continue to celebrate.  The taxi driver did note the correct description of the yacht he brought all three of them to, HOWEVER, the owner of the yacht was NOT the "mystery man" they were all trying to identify.  The "mystery man" lied to get this young couple alone.

Once they boarded this yacht, the man led them in a direction with the promise of celebrating a little more before heading to bed.  At which time he cornered them and did proceed to kill them.  The man was drunk and heavily under the influence.  He took the bodies and drove them out to sea in the morning on some small type of boat that was either connected to by this yacht (that may have been his boat).  I hear it was a schooner or scooner???  something like that.

The man did clean up his mess rather well, but did leave some forensic evidence behind.  When the water taxi guy was questioned, he did his best to describe the guy.  He was much more confident in recalling the yacht, and when the police learned the identity of who was real owner they railroaded some of the investigation and questioning which led people to "recall" some inaccurate facts.

Once the word got out of this case, Watson (the incorrectly "assumed" mystery man) started to clean up his yacht (paint, etc).  He was NOT a good guy, into some drug activity, very mouthy and had a record, but didn't commit this crime.  He didn't want the police on him because he didn't want to be the scape goat so he wanted to make sure nothing was there on his yacht to be found.  He already did not have a good relationship with the law enforcement and didn't want pulled into this (or any of his drug activity to be discovered).

I get that the way to find this guy is to look at who had small boats at this port area.  The man that did this is NOT a yacht owner.  If they start there, this can lead them to the correct "mystery man." 

Very interesting case!

Q.  Hi Lynn,  Can you tell me whatever happened to Mrs. Levitz? She was the very wealthy widow of the furniture tycoon who owned the Levitz furniture stores. In November 1995 she disappeared and there were very peculiar circumstances. The case remains unsolved. Some speculate she was thrown in the Mississippi River. Her body has never been found.
A.  When I focus on this, I immediately place my mind to the question of who did this rather than why?  I see a family tree emerge, but it has an odd appearance.  It has dashes and lines as if the family is disconnected.  Multiple marriages and separations seem to make it confusing all the way down the line.  I do note that her last husband, the one that left her a large inheritance upon his death, had family that was not related to her (children or sibling, but I want to say child??).  It is that person that is (what I want to say) is one degree separated that looks to have been the person behind this.  They did not do the actual crime, but hired a gentlemen to carry this out in exchange for a "bag of cash."  

Apparently when Jacqueline inherited this money, the family member was furious and felt that it should not have gone to her, or at least not in the quantity it did.  From that point forward, their anger and rage manifested this to a reality until they fulfilled their wish to take this money from her. I get to follow the money trail and see how her assets were divided upon her death.  Look for someone not related by blood (in law???) who had something to gain.

So where did they put the body.  I (oddly) hear a laugh, and a voice says "Carol Baskins did it."  I'm understanding that Jacqueline had quite a sense of humor.  I then hear "Seriously, they made sure the body was never going to be found.  She was indirectly put into water, by doing  so in an area where alligators resided.  Look for areas near her home where alligators live.  This person was told to put her there and DO NOT leave the area until you know she is gone.  I also see tall grasses and a very old and abandoned dock (which is where this person sat and waited and watched).  This hired assassin also looks to smoke, and went through about a pack of cigarettes while he waited.  Go to this area and question everyone that had a business, gas station, store, etc. Forensic evidence at the site may be gone, but maybe some in that area saw something.  I get the person was there until nearly sunrise (I can see the sun starting to come up) before they left so it is possible that someone passed them.  

Q. Hi Lynn, I am wondering if you could do a reading of what might have happened to this Belgian backpacker, Theo Hayez, currently missing in Byron Bay. A lot of people had been going into the bush looking for him. The police are now stumped as to what may have happened to him as they have no more clues left to his disappearance.  

Reading from 7.22.19:

And that is all I have for these readings.  Thank you.  -Lynn

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Nurse1277 said...

What happened to Paddy's loyal dog, tragic fate as well?

Robert Schoen said...

Nancy Drew rides again! Thanks Lynn.These were all interesting and the Levitz woman was from around here, but I don't follow local news so I'll have to catch up on what happened. There's a tradition in the South of hiring hit when someone doesn't get along with a rich relative!

Blackbird said...

Olivia was sighted by several people the following day on a large launch, leaving the Marlborough Sounds ... those that saw her said she seemed to be in fear, staring straight ahead and not moving (and definitely not waving, as is custom to fellow boaties).

An NZ psychic was adamant she knew the final resting place of Ben and Olivia (below sea) and took the police divers there; nothing was found. Tides might have played a part in that.

'Lonebird', a drug smuggling yacht, was thought to be that which Ben and Olivia met their demise on.

The Malborough Sounds are seeped in mysteries and underworld happenings ... another case you might like to look into, Lynn, is that of Kerry Blair.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Nurse1277: It did feel tragic for both of them. They encountered harsh elements and Paddy wasn't able to care for his pet.

@Robert: Interesting tradition. :-)

@Blackbird: Thanks so much for this. I appreciate it.

Suz said...

The link for Theo says unsolved court cases but it does not go to that link it goes to

Also on Facebook the link to this post does not work because it is joined as part of the entire sentence it needs a space between the last word and https

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Suz: Thanks for pointing that out. I went in an corrected. If anything else seems to be broken, please let me know. :-)