Monday, July 22, 2019

Unsolved Court Cases

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Q. Hi Lynn,  I hope all is well with you. I have a question for your blog. The Connecticut mother of 5, Jennifer Dulos, went missing over a month ago. She was in a custody battle with her estranged husband. The husband (and his girlfriend?) were seen on surveillance footage dumping blood stained clothing into dumpsters afterwards. My question is, can you detect where Jennifer Dulos body is? And what did they/someone do to her? Though both the husband and his girlfriend were released previously, they have recently been charged with tampering with evidence. 

Story here:  and also here:

A.  These cases are so dark, it can be difficult to stay with the reading, but I want to try to at least help and find some closure for the investigators and family. 

When I tune into this, I too am drawn to the reservoir as discussed in one of the attached articles.  I get they will need to drag the reservoir in order to find her because she is weighed down.  I see she is near somewhere where there is a waterfall or some kind of movement of water that has a distinct sound.  It looks as though her body has settled into the bottom of the water where there is a ditch or concave area (created by the erosion of the water "fall" or movement).  

I also see her tied, and has the appearance of a mummy (she is wrapped up).  She would not be difficult to find, and even if they boated around they may be able to detect an abnormality with some kind of sonar system to clue them in.  She does blend in well with the surrounding as far as a mass, but they will get some guidance if they pay attention.

I also get the ex and girlfriend are guilty, so the courts are on target with them.  I see this fight being over money, and some impending court case. Investigators have done a good job with that piece of the puzzle. 

As I look at her to see if she has a message, I see a smile.  I hear that friends and family really felt she had an infectious smile and could always make people laugh.  I then hear music, and she is saying (in a singing way) to "keep on smiling."  My impression is that is how she lived and she wants others to remember her in this way...

Q. Hi Lynn, I am wondering if you could do a reading of what might have happened to this Belgian backpacker currently missing in Byron Bay. A lot of people had been going into the bush looking for him. The police are now stumped as to what may have happened to him as they have no more clues left to his disappearance.  

A.  When I focus on this, I get they are looking in the wrong place.  I see him leaving the bar and heading to a beachy/water spot.  I realize they are looking in the bush, but they need to focus efforts on a shoreline.  I see him spending hours walking around and near the water, and throwing stuff in the water as he walked.  He was very intoxicated, and even passed out/slept near the water that night. 

It looks like when he was sleeping, he got bit by something.  The image I have is a snake (not sure if it is literal or symbolic for some other animal????).  This bite made him weak and sick.  I feel like he is still alive, but not doing well.  He really needs some medical intervention, but is unable to get to it.  

If anyone has any pull, please suggest they focus their search near a beach or water.  Also, he is not near a public access.  He feels to be in a remote area (where he wandered in his drunken state that night). 

Love and light be with him until help is found.  Please send some guiding light in his direction...

And that is all I have for these readings.  Thank you.  -Lynn

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Nurse1277 said...

Hi Lyn, regarding the missing Byron Bay tourist, will they find him alive? I'm so worried for him, his been missing for weeks now... thank you for this reading.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Nurse: He feels to be in bad shape and very dehydrated, but if they can locate him soon he should be able to fully recover... He really needs some healing light his way.

Suz said...

Hi Lynn does that mean as of this date Theo is still alive? its been nearly seven weeks. Will he be found?

Suz said...

How awful to hijack this sad article for advertising

mycale said...

Posting unwanted ads in discussion threads in general is bad but it's worse considering the subject matter. This will insure that I and the people I know won't use your travel agency ever, at least.

Anon 2 said...

Yes. Thanks for deleting whoever posted that ad, Lyn.
I guess it's worth a try, but it's good that you're onto them.

Psychic Focus, Lynn said...

@Anon: Yes, I get spammers... I try to prevent it with my security settings, but these people are relentless. You wouldn't even believe the list of stuff they do catch...