Friday, February 25, 2022

Are We Approaching a Zombie Apocalypse

 Q.  Full disclosure.  I had an ENTIRE post done regarding the zombie apocalypse and what they are doing.  The original question I addressed pertained to a certain additive starting with a "G" [graph***] that is found to be in the beer bug shot.  This component has also potentially been found in things like supplements, vitamins, etc.  The question and post also talked about a certain company in the UK that got approved to tap into the water supply using this "G" component in the name of filtration.  The entire post just deleted itself from my drafts, and is unrecoverable (trust me I tried everything to find it, but the only thing that remained was the title of the post).  I don't believe in coincidence especially since Blogger is ran by Google....  So onto the reading and points I was making..  There must be truth and something those controlling the censorship don't want released.  

A.  As I focused on what they are doing I saw that they are injecting this "G" substance into people via the shot.  They are attempting to figure out how to (and are) adding it to foods, vitamins, air and water, but this magnetic substance it is not as effective when delivered to the body through that means.  Adding it in a way that the body has to process/digest it results in it being digested and excreted before it can be absorbed.  For this reason they need to push the shot because the easiest way to get this in your system is to inject it into the bloodstream.  

Having said that, they still are trying and experimenting.  These people are trying to get this to the mass population in any way deliverable. 

So, how does this lead us toward the zombie apocalypse?  I get this metallic/magnetic component stores in protein sources, mainly the brain and neurologic system.  Once 5G is directed toward the target, it creates a situation that the target can be controlled.  The result may be a docile victim or more aggressive result.  The Powers That Were don't really know what they are doing, so they are like kids playing with a very powerful and destructive tool. They do know they have control of the victim, but have to determine how to manage them once they do take partial control.  In some situations the victim is like a zombie and unable to think freely or think for themselves. It is as if they have a voice in their head controlling their thoughts and actions.

What is being pulled from people that pass after having the bug or bug shot?  People doing autopsies have reported strings of white material in the arms and legs.   I get what is being pulled from the deceased are parasites.  I don't see the parasites being a result of the shot but rather the result of the tests given.  I see the Q-tip scrubber being the tool used to administer these elements at the brain barrier.  All of these people that passed that have evidence of these parasites appear to have contracted them via the test that came up "affirmative" rather than the shot itself. (Watch for things like Morgellons to be on the rise!)

Please be safe and be cautious.  Do your own research and listen to your internal compass.  

Love and light, 


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goldenrainbowasana said...
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goldenrainbowasana said...

So sorry, I also meant to say thank you for the reading. It’s hard to write from my phone.

Thanks for all you do for us 💜

A.L.Rod.88 said...

Hi I just found your youtube site. I apologize I used the g word in the comments section on post you made a day ago. I agree that if you are unaware of the power of your body and the potential within it this could be very detrimental. In a bigger picture focus, All systems have become corrupted. This had to rise to the surface to see so shift can occure. Collectively we need to do self examination to find where we are out of balance/ alignment with true Universal Law. We are here to expand, love is an expansive energy/ vibration. Fear/ guilt/ hate are dense low vibrational energies. The "puppet masters" have sold their souls to this negative energy and can not exist in higher field of vibration. We as a collective can anchor and shift the energies by learning to let go of fear & to trust our God given ability to create our own realities. That is why they took over media and desperatly try to distract. Like minded groups will come together across the globe to activly shift and create a New World. Lower vibrating frequencies will natually cease to exist. Love & Light are Our true essence May All Beings of Love Shine brightly to wake the eyes that have been held in the dark so they could not see.

Karoline said...

Goldenrainbowasana: can you pls provide a link to that research?

Jc mchezo said...

w8 is there literally gonna be a zombie apocalypse

Robert Schoen said...

Awareness of the Globalist Dark Side and the evil of the PTW should not turn into enabling the spread of fear porn. The truth is no one knows what's going on, but the reality is you are seeing people rising up against this medical tyranny. If you are near the route of the Truckers "The People's Convoy," go support them when they pass on the way to DC. A lot of good is going on behind the scenes you don't hear about. We know Bidet, Obamy & Co were making deals with sleazeballs in the Ukraine, which is the equivalent to if an enemy was creating a base of attack on the US in Cuba. What if Putin is a White hat and "they" were using Chernobyl as a base to create more bioweapons like the beerbug next door to Russia? Put your mental energy into projecting the world you want rather than waste time enabling fear which is exactly what they want.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@goldenrainbowasana: Thanks so much for the detailed comments. I do think this was originally your question (that mysteriously got deleted). I had combined it with some one else's. You are most welcome!

@AL Rod 88: No worries. I don't know how all these algorithms work, I just avoid certain words and phrases when I'm writing or talking. I know they will occasionally get missed.. I just can't have it show up a bazillion times. :-)

@Jc mchezo: More symbolic for when the 5G kicks on and they direct it at certain population groups. Total mind control at it's finest.

@Robert: We do need to support those standing up for what they know is right in their heart. I agree.

goldenrainbowasana said...

I think Robert Schoen is right about focusing on what you want and not the fear porn.

I have taken a break from "the world" in the last few days and have been focusing on the life I want. What a difference! I have been feeling much better mentally and have enjoyed the time off social media and other things. I have been watching videos that I enjoy and that help me to think in a positive way.

I have a very curious mind. However, I have read and been told countless times that we create our reality here, so I am going to focus more on what I want instead of worrying about what might be.