Friday, June 11, 2021

Unique Question.. Ghost, Mandela Effect or Glitch???

Q.  Hi Lynn, 

I have a unique question, it could be something interesting for the blog. I know I’m certainly fascinated by this! 

So I was reading something on subReddit called r/glitch_in_the_matrix.  This guy shared his story about a good friend he had in high school who he had a dream about recently, so he decided to look him up on social media to reconnect.  Since he didn't have his number in his phone he looked on social media, but he couldn't find him there at all. 

Apparently he spent a lot of time with this friend, and thought that everyone else would have remembered him so he started asking about how to get in touch with “Tyler."  Nobody from school remembered him. He said Tyler was on the football team so everyone should have known him. The poster remembers his last name too, but left it off for privacy reasons. 

So, he did more searching and more strange things have been discovered. There is no evidence of Tyler in the high school yearbook or in regards to their football team. 

After searching for a while, the poster was able to find one picture of them together, but that’s it. He showed it to his friends and still nobody remembers him. The poster doesn’t know what to think. He also mentioned that Tyler never really wanted to come to his house, and he never really wanted to hang out at his own house, but the poster didn’t think much of it at the time. 

What do you think? Is this story true? If so, do you know what happened to “Tyler”? Is he a ghost? Or did something happen, like a Mandela effect? 


A.  Very interesting.  When I focus on this situation, I get this was a very real experience for the guy.  He absolutely interacted with Tyler, and Tyler was very real to him.   

As I view this closer to determine where Tyler is, or what the circumstance are surrounding Tyler, I get that this was a time line glitch that resulted in a Mandela Effect.

I have always seen that multiple timelines are going on at the same time.  Time is all relative, and on spirit planes the past, present and future can all coincide. In this situation I get a past timeline was overlapping the current timeline in reference to the guy.  This allowed him to see and experience Tyler in the present moment.  I also see that other people experienced Tyler (saw, interacted, etc), but with time and distance from him on our linear timeline (after graduation) the current 3D reconciled, including memories, and only the guy asking the question had a residual recollection of Tyler. 

I've always seen in general this is how the Mandala Effect works. A group or person witnesses or lives through an event, and after the event passes and the timelines reconcile, a majority will recall an event one way, but a few will have the memories of what happened during the timeline glitch.  Most times there will be no tangible proof, and the memories will be in their mind.  In this case it is amazing he had a photo to reflect on.

Great question!  Thanks for sharing!  Happy Friday everyone!  

Love and light, Lynn 

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Truth/knowledge Master said...

Lynn, I found this news:

Seems like the PTW is getting bolder to mutate our DNA. :'(
Any idea to make them fail. I choose to buy the vaccine certificate illegally, I don't want to be mutated & died painfully of covid vaccine. :'(

Someone need to stop the PTW.

Ryno said...

The timeline thing is such a hard thing to grasp. So are there multiple versions of me experiencing my life (lives?) with different twists and turns? Am I going to experience my life again or is it more like our souls split and we can experience multiple versions of similar lives? I don't know if what I typed even makes sense, lol.

Truth & light said...

@Truth - where can you “by” a certificate?!

Robert Schoen said...

When I read this story before seeing Lynn's take on it, I thought it was possible this boy with no history of records could have been a future DS agent in training (like an Obama or less obnoxious David Hogg), placed in a normal high school to learn how to fit in like the Russian family in "The Americans." This would explain Tyler's reluctance to meet with his friend at either home and how records were erased. Also note how the only photo of the two together is with them both wearing masks covering their features. Why others don't remember him, who knows, although the Philadelphia Experiment and other dark operations show the DS does have the ability to erase memories. I suspect if it was a time glitch Tyler would've behaved like a normal teenager & not be concerned about covering his tracks. Great mystery which is even more incredible if it is a time loop event.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Truth Master: I agree. The only way it will stop is to hold someone liable. I see the shift being on the airline, school, employer, etc. Only then when someone has to pay will this stop. We are getting closer though. I wish I knew were to "by"- I need to research.

@Ryno: It is confusing. It is confusing for me to verbalize (it makes sense in my mind until I try to describe it). I see it like different versions of this life, but each time you play a different character. ??

@Robert: That is an interesting take! This really was a cool reading. I thought it was a nice way to start a Friday.

SB said...

I wonder if this goes for previous lives as well we have all played so many characters even the same one just on different timelines. Just seems when people have past life regressions they all seem to have known Jesus.

Ice said...

Where is Tyler?

Gratitude said...

That’s what I was wondering, Lynn. I know you said Tyler was real. To the OP and that he was real to everyone else too, but that could mean different things. Was he a real, alive person, just in that timeline? Why do you think he was hesitant to go to his friend’s house or for his friend to go to his house?

Was Tyler just a regular kid from the same year or time that took a different timeline and happened to be at that school? Was he someone alive? He seems to have been, for so many to have seen and known him at one time. Does he “exist” in our world right now, living out a different life somewhere else? Can you identify where he is at?

I remember the original poster saying that he had to go through a lot to even find that picture, like doing computer type things that I don’t know how to do, so it was really hard to retrieve it.

I did let him know I had asked his question here and he said that was ok.

I get the feeling that if you know anything about Tyler it might help him to kind of resolve this confusion.

Thanks once again for all you do. I am grateful for your gift and for the effort you put into answering our questions. Have a happy weekend!

Robert Schoen said...

It occured to me that maybe Tyler was real to this guy in the same way Lynn wrote about her childhood friend "Emily" in her book "Psychic Focus Journey." He obviously forgot about Tyler for years before he started to remember him again and wondered where he was, only to find out no one else at school remembered him. Emily only showed up during Lynn's playtime and Lynn was confused when she once overheard her mother telling her grandmother she was playing with her imaginary friend again, whom she eventually forgot all about as she got older. Maybe Tyler was a ghost/past life time traveler who connected with this guy at his school, fitting in with a bunch of other students in such a way that this guy never realized he was the only one Tyler was communicating with. Was Tyler this guy's Emily, Lynn?

Fractal Futures said...

Curiously, the only photo not sanitized from the Matrix was this computer enhanced photo. We will take this up with an RV team and report on the findings in a few weeks. If this person "Tyler in dog face" has been removed from the timeline the blind sessions should prove interesting.

Maybe "Tyler" was communicating from his nether dimension saying "Remember me."

Anyone remember when Rense had an article in 2004 about the JFK driver being the shooter? There was an article with video, but now the video is gone and a lone still is panned with Connelly and his wife in the car (the current 6-person narrative). First time re-watching the "Zapruder film" at a friends house I noticed several problems with the new angle of the shot and the limo occupants and it hurt my brain to hold on to both timelines. Holding the multiplicity of timelines in the brain is difficult for Humans. In this instance we theorize that bad actors changed the timeline and only a small percentage can remember both.

Often imaginary friends are guides, helpers, or other aspects of yourself set along side of you to help with the transition into a chronically challenged amnesia-ridden Earth body.

Gratitude said...

@Robert Shoen, I wondered the same thing, and I thought maybe the OP was gifted. But if everyone saw Tyler then that makes for a lot of kids who were also gifted, for a time. By the way Lynn replied it sounded like Tyler was a real guy (well, everyone is real, but a person who has not passed) who got here somehow for a time. Why would that happen? Does it all go back to the name of the subreddit, just a weird glitch in the matrix, due to timelines? Timelines do confuse the crap out of me.

I am curious - where is Tyler now? I wonder if Lynn can tune into that.

I also now think over my life and memories I have and I wonder - did that really happen? What things switched in my life that changed my timeline so I have no memory of them? Could I get those memories back? I have done past life regressions and remembered past lives but I wonder if I have forgotten things in this life due to timeline changes.

And yes, where is Tyler now?

Existence is very….bendy, as one of my friends once said. So many possibilities.

I was thinking about some weird things that happen to me. Sometimes I fall into a twilight semi-sleep when the tv is on and the program on tv seems to sync up with the story in my dreams. What is weird though is that I know when the actor or actress is going to end their sentence. What does that mean? Does anyone else have that happen?

Life is very weird!

Robert Schoen said...

@Gratitude: "Existence is very...bendy" that's a phrase I'm alway going to remember. I really appreciate you bringing Lynn the question on Tyler, beyond knowing what the reality of the situation is. It's probably better to be left a mystery because any answer would be anticlimactic, like knowing how a magic trick is performed. Better to contemplate the existence of the mystery.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the great comments. I was out for the weekend, and getting caught up. I really feel Tyler is in another timeline.... Very cool, and this reading was very mind expanding for me.

Ice said...

The situation is incredibly interesting! It really makes me think that what we know about life is far limited to what actually is. Fodder for scifi.

Thoughts passing through me:

- When they go to the other side, does the person meet with Tyler and contemplate what happened?
- What about Tyler's family? That would mean they would have a son/sibling who wasn't born on this timeline?
- Possibly, this happens to us once in a while? We might have met someone whom everyone completely forgets about.
- If everyone forgets about me for a moment, might something happen with the timelines and let me "disappear" from others' memory permanently, and create another timeline for myself?
- Or the memory would be hazy, like a dream. Like a character we meet in a TV show, existing but not in our reality.
- I guess it's unlikely he will ever meet Tyler physically again. Is it possible to go into deep meditation and "sense" him in another timeline, and communicate? Then Tyler might remember his friend who exists, who happens to be an alternate version of himself? (What am I even typing?)

Fun stuff.

Gratitude said...

Well, since I let the OP know I posted here, I had wondered if he was here commenting or trying to find closure. I bet he would love to know where his friend went!

If like Lynn said, he just on another timeline, that makes me think differently about timelines. Do they ever re-merge?

@Fractal Futures, I had not considered that the one photo remaining could have been left or not wiped because it did have the dog ears added. That is far out! I don’t know what RV is but I am really curious to know what you find!

Oh, and I was wondering if the OP could do a QHHT or BQH session to find out more about what happened. Those hypnosis session get very bendy indeed. When do we wake up from the dream in the dream in the dream?

This really has been fun and interesting to talk about. Thanks Lynn and everyone.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Ice and Gratitude: timelines are interesting. The do waiver back and forth, and then coincide at times. What happens to a person in their experience really does happen. Memories can also remain, and sometimes wipe clean like a dream. Tyler in his timeline can also remember some bits of this timeline. This is why some people even have deja vu memories of a place or event.

Truth/knowledge Master said...

People, covid vaccine certificate actually can be bought illegally. I don't endorse anything, but I think that it's the safest way to stay alive. I care about my DNA, I don't want to be mutated to be worse. :(

I heard that it can be bought in the dark web, or just contact the doctor near your house, maybe they can understand your situation, and let you "buy" it. :)

I trust Lynn, I will not vaccinate myself.

RL said...

Wow! I wonder what type of events is on Tyler’s timeline that differ from ours.. is T their president?? Lol.. t also makes me wonder if I was a “Tyler” for anyone else on the other timeline...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

This definitely was a cool reading. I am amazed that there was photo evidence.

Thanks for the tip Truth/knowledge Master. I am certain this will become a popular way to deal with our current situation.

yeong pong meau said...

i think the buddhist can recite some mantra (can be found for example in the website from true buddha school of Seattle) for thousands of times to ascend himself spiritually in order to avoid some fated doom situation otherwise unavoidable due to karmic retribution of our previous wrong doing to others (I intended purely to help people resolve the current situation and not for converting anybody religiously).

yeong pong meau said...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@yeong: Thanks for sharing this.