Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SubscribeStar: Missing Michael?

Q.  Since Jan 2021 Michael Baxter has been posting amazing accounts of arrests, trials and executions of prominent DS players like HRC, Brennan Comey and Podesta. He even reported they recently arrested Schiff and Amy Coney Barratt. But while he was making almost daily reports in April and May, he stopped posting June 3rd after covering the first day of Comey's trial and hasn't been heard of since. He did post on Telegram he was on vacation and would be back with new reports June 10th, but was a no show. I'm wondering if they took him out or if he's gone dark.  It is also possible that his site served as hope-ium fiction and a gaslighting trap to collect names for an enemies list of sorts. What do you think? It is possible he may show up later today but he's the only one reporting of these majorly important events and there's a big community of followers wondering what happened to him. 

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