Thursday, June 24, 2021

Aura Glasses

Hi everyone!  Quite some time ago I did a reading on Dicyanin glasses that helped people to see auras.  After that post I was contacted by someone that makes a variation of these glasses that in seeing auras.  I was sent a sample pair to test for myself, and I'd like to discuss my findings.  I thought it would be great to go through the tips listed on the website, and go over the advice point by point to discuss my experience and how I applied these tips.

Here goes:  

1: Be calm.  Rest your mind.  Approach seeing an aura as you would approach meditating with a relaxed mind.

2: Relax and don't put pressure on yourself.  If you put these glasses on an expect to see bright colors immediately, you will get frustrated.  When I used the glasses I would put them on, and then relax my eyes as if I was looking at a "Magic Eye" book.  In various psychic development classes this is referred to as "wide vision."  This eases your mind and lets the faint colors emerge around an object

3. A plain white background.  This can make it easier for someone that is newer to viewing auras, but isn't mandatory.  I actually just looked at the objects (people) in their natural setting, with my gaze slightly above their head.  The aura isn't bright, but you can see their "energy" surrounding them.

4. Lighting (not too dull, yet not too bright).  You don't want the light to distract from what you are doing.  I used natural light and thought that was best.  

Some people start with their hand.  If you don't see it at first, regroup, relax your mind, and try again.  Put your focal point on the edge of your hand, and it will be subtle, NOT a bright rainbow color.  I actually felt looking slightly above a person was easiest- I felt it helped my "wide vision" see it more clearly.

Once you get to where you can easily see the aura, look at different things.  

For more information and tips please refer to the main page.

You can find a lot on the main website too:

Link to my video on Dicyanin glasses:


Carlene said...

Cool! Need all the help I can get. Have to determine if the colors have meaning I guess.

Weeze said...

In bed after your eyes have adjusted to the dark, hold your hands palms facing you with fingertips of one hand touching the other, then slowly pull them apart - you should see bands of light connecting the fingers of both hands. If you move your hands, the bands will follow the movement, keeping the fingers connected. To me they appear grayish, so maybe with the glasses they would appear blue? Or maybe there wouldn't be enough light for that. Anyway, this is an easy way to see something so you know what to look for. I hope this can help anyone who's interested.

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

@Carlene: It really does help. Just relax and be patient with yourself.

@Weeze: Thanks for the advice! I know it is different for everyone. :-)

goldenrainbowasana said...

I finally got some of these and they are so fun! They are helping me to see my aura’s subtle energy. I just wanted to share.


Unknown said...

Dicyanin has NEVER been against the law and can be ordered online from chemical companies for around $150 per gram so please stop perpetuating this outright lie.

Unknown said...

Look it up, Dicyanin is NOT illegal. I believe that these will work with Auras and I have purchased a pair of the Pro model. Will keep you posted after I receive and test them.