Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What's In Your Envelope?

Q.  Dec. 5 was supposed to be a day when a lot was going to be revealed and the funeral for the elder Bush seemed to push all the scheduled congressional hearings with Comey and Huber's report away for at least a week.

However, many little intrigues took place that were recorded by TV. There were programs on everyone's seat, and in Hillary's there was an envelope that fell on her lap when she opened it.  Jimmy Carter took note and even looked in his own program to see if there was something, and there was not.  

Other tv angles showed that Pence's wife and Joe Biden also got envelopes with the Biden's looking shocked when they read it.  Then as the flag covered casket passed, Laura Bush read something with a horrified reaction, and then showed it to Jeb, who went from smiling to being totally deflated. Laura shows it to W and he nods, like it's true.

So did Trump use this conveniently timed funeral to set a trap? Like were they served indictments? Did they show the Bush's that GHW Bush signed a confession to JFK's murder or 9/11? Did Hillary get served? Did Pence get called for treason or being a plant? He was Jeff Flakes best friend and many said both were pedophiles? Did W try to warn the Obama's by handing Michelle a note that everyone was told was candy? Were the Obama's indicted? Below is a great series of stills showing the blow by blow of Laura Bush, Jeb and W on Twitter, the videos start at 8:35 mark on the Youtube video.


A.  So I thought it would be best to tackle these one at a time.  Let's start with Hilary...  I feel like all the messages were short and to the point.  Somewhat cryptic, like a Q Anon post, but direct enough that they knew something was happening.  I get Hilary's said something to the effect of "We're almost ready for you" and alluding to something about Gitmo (but in a code that only a Secretary of State would understand).

Biden.. I get it was a mock ticket to a very "special island" that is know for "pedocentric" activity.  It was done in a joking way, but one that he knew what the message was (and it wasn't funny to him).

The Bush's..  I see there was a collage of sorts.  One photo was Bush Sr. with Kennedy (no words, just a photo), another photo on the collage is him shaking hands with Bin Laden and the third is him with (my impression is a drug dealer) in a poppy field (the image reminds me of the Wizard of Oz) and is miles and miles long.  At a quick glance, the message was clear that something was happening. 

Oddly, I get George knew or suspected (though a contact) that something was happening, and did try to warn Michelle.  I also get that is why he delivered the eulogy saying his father believed in telling the truth (because the truth was about to be released, even it was at his death that it occurred.)  I saw things somewhat play in reverse, and got an image of Bush Sr allowing (out of some kind of guilt or peace offering???) these photos to be leaked, and George W knew (hence the importance of his eulogy).

What was amazing, is even with the leaking (or overhearing and rumor spreading of a conversation that wasn't so private), it got back to Q (who already knew, but this somehow sweetened the pot).  I then got that in each and every "message" they were signed "Looking forward to getting the party started, Q.  I expect that Q will release other public messages regarding this if he hasn't already.

I hear the wheels are in motion, and just like force, once in motion, it will stay in motion.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Much love to you all- Lynn

[As an added note, I realized that once I was done with this I didn't address the "Pence" envelope.  I took a moment to focus on this, and I get his was short and to the point.  A simple "Get Ready" with the above signature.  This prompted a conversation with Trump, who responded with a smirk.]

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Robert Schoen said...

Awesome Lynn and thanks! The reactions of the Bush clan, as the casket passed, pretty much said the jig was up as far as letting them off the hook for their many crimes dating back to the JFK assassination, 9/11 done by W at the start of his presidency, and their massive ongoing opium drug trafficking business in Afganistan which was the true motive for being at war in that country since 2001.

Some think Bush Sr. died weeks or months earlier and they arranged the funeral on December 5th because of the many messages on https://qmap.pub/ saying [D5] the world would change on that date, in other words the funeral would be a week long distraction from announcements of Huber and other investigative agencies, or arrests. But D5 also refers to a Directive 5 an oversight agency that controls governmental activity. Q knew they would arrange a distraction, and the messages delivered was his response.

Some were speculating they could have been indictments in those little envelopes but the idea that they were incriminating images with a message from "Q" makes a lot of sense and confirms these bad actors, at an event strategically timed to delay justice, would not be let off the hook and were even being called out during a pompous cerimony honoring their crime boss patriarch. GHW Bush was the ultimate Gemini living two realities simultaneously. He truly had a decent side but also was embedded in the dark underbelly of the Skull and Bones and CIA and the secret banking ruling class of this country. Trump does not want to destabilize the country by arresting politicians still supported by half of Americans, but wants for people to wake up to all the crimes and abuses that have been going on for decades so that they demand justice.

Those of you who don't follow the Q posts, it is important to know they are a back channel of info set up by Trump himself written be others on staff and with those in militarty intellegence that often code things so as not to violate classified info laws, almost as a shadow line of communication compliment to his twitter posts in which he can let people know what he is doing behind the scenes, revealing things never reported in the controlled media. Trump had to find a way to bypass the propaganda media, which is successfully destroying its own credibility on a daily basis. It's hard for everyone to truly know what's going on, which is why we follow Lynn ;-) (just found this site that has good links to more honest reporting, https://www.whatfinger.com/)

Thanks for doing this reading Lynn, and I'll bet a lot of new people will start following you when they see this.

Unknown said...

Ive seen a video of Trump handing his jacket to Marine and a lot of people complained about it. I see it as a show of force. Like Trump showing the ptw that he controls the military, not them. Any thoughts ?

AL233 said...

Lynn do you get the feeling the notes were almost sing songy or rhyming? I focused on them as well and got an almost melodic kids rhyme feeling, maybe a playful riddle but clear enough.

Can you see how each program was provided to the?

AL233 said...

I meant to say provided to them? Were they placed on assigned seats before? You see Biden dropped his... had some risk that they wouldn’t be read or get to the right person.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the comments!!

@AL233: I would say like puns or a limerick... They definitely had a "Q" style, but very direct and clear to the point too.

AL233 said...

I know it’s not what it said but I felt like Hillary’s said something like, “it’s time to go to GITMO.”

Unknown said...

Thanks to the questioner and Lynn for doing the reading on this!! I have been watching these videos and was wondering about the envelopes and messages at the funeral. So many dynamics going on. I resonate with you say about it all ,Lynn,

Me thinks The Maestro ( Trump) is going after the Federal reserve eventually too!

There is a person on Reddit by the name of u/SerialBrain2 that does very in depth analysis of Q posts and trump tweets together. Full synopsis every couple of days. To understand his methods, better to read his past posts. " Peruvian Coffee" lol.

Raymond said...

Will any of their crimes be made public?
Will any of them be prosecuted, especially Bill and Hillary; for defrauding Haiti and for any of the 'premature deaths' they are associated with ?

Thanks for your blog Lynn!

Jason Mares said...

I visit everyday pretty much but always lurk. However, this event was extremely intriguing to me and I was hoping, very much so, that you would do a reading on the messages that were passed out at the funeral.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight! I was racking my brain trying to conceive of what might have been on those notes. There was so much conjecture and postulation online as to what they contained. But, oddly enough some people’s guesses were very much in-line with your reading. Quite amazing, exciting stuff. I feel like it was a very real and visible example showing that the wheels are indeed in motion behind the scenes against those who have committed heinous atrocities that are finally being brought to light.

MediumBrian said...

yes lynn is echoing what others in the truth community are saying as well. dont rely on just one person for anything people. lynn is correct on this one, and multiple other sources are saying the same. nobody is perfect though, recall lynns readings on flat earth for example.

Denise Christensen said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for a very interesting reading! This whole setup with the envelopes at the funeral feels like a game of intrigue better than any work of fiction. I feel like we (Q followers, truth seekers and the like) are being purposefully included in the game (via televised events, etc.), if only to bear witness, or perhaps to help in the rising consciousness of the planet (like a snowball effect).

I'm surprised that Obama didn't receive an envelope too, unless I missed something. Any thoughts on that?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I noticed that it was only the women that received something? Also , when Bush Jr walked by from greeting Carter and Hillary, Bush very subtly tapped with his right hand the wooden rail in front of Trump as he walked by.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for all the comments on this. It was definitely an interesting reading to do. A lot more truth is to come out, and I feel we are at an exciting point of a big "reveal."

Raymond said...

You read a lot of things online, but Bill Mitchell is a reliable source. I saw this post from him on Twitter. Maybe there was something in the envelope about Uranium One.

'Insider just told me there is already at least one indictment with @HillaryClinton's name on it. She is going down for Uranium One if not more.'

And Hillary just left the country to attend a wedding in India.



Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: I think you are right. I watched something yesterday saying that it would be coming out today (not sure publicly though) and it has to do with tax evasion among other things. I don't see that was what was in the envelope, but I do think it is out there.

The Sharing Bridge said...

Thank you for this reading! Q (Trump & the Military Intelligence Operation) just did a Q&A yesterday. (https://www.qanonposts.io for those searching via phone)

Here are a few topics covered on this blog and the last regarding this question specially - Q answered that :

1. Is JFK Jr alive?
A: No

2. Is the Earth flat?
A: No.

3. What were in the envelopes ???
A: Our promise to ‘counter

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Sharing Bridge: Thanks for sharing that. Very interesting! I do find Q intriguing.

RL said...

Sharing bridge— There are also q misinformation floating out there, I wonder if that’s why they said no on jfk jr because sources say he is still alive and faked his death??

Starry-eyed said...

Did everyone see the Donald's Instagram post of the funeral? I'd gone off Q for a while, but then saw this and my heart raced. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrBUqH_FgPs/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=16ndw950schl

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Oh wow... Thank you for sharing..