Monday, October 1, 2018

Elon Musk

 Q. Elon Musk,Tesla has been getting lots of scandal, maybe he caused trouble and is under attack by the PTW (Powers That Were, AKA The Powers That used to Be)?  What do you pick up on? 

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Warcy said...

It seems that we have to pay to read her blog from now on? It's no longer a free blog.

King of Pentacles said...

Do you work for free, Warcy?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

The blog will always be free. I will still do two or three posts a week. I'm just trying to also build up my Patreon site because when the censorship cracked down on alternative sites, I lost ad revenue, and am also having to rebuild new video channels since since YouTube suspended me (which I also do free of charge). The Patreon site is a donation site to offset costs for my time (I spend hours upon hours each week maintaining it all). As a thank you to the Patrons on that site I am giving them a private post / video at least once a week. I love the community and always want to keep it going, please just keep checking back for new content.

mycale said...

I think it only fair to start drawing peoples attention towards the patreon. She's invested personal time for free very long. These readings and maintaining the site cost time and money.

Besides, Patreon is a great way of support and I think everyone that gets something valuable out of these posts could send a token of their support, even if it is just USD 1.

Bee E-lightened said...

I said the same thing. I am not interested to go to a 3rd party to read post. So I miss out in those

Bee E-lightened said...

Thats not the point. I am happy to pay for personal readings not a blog

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I will always offer a few per week on here and will still take your questions. I love the community that has grown. I am just looking for a way to expand and offset the cost of the time I put into this. I love doing it, but it takes many hours away from my family. I didn't mind as much when YouTube was monetized and I got ad revenue from the blog, but censorship has cut that off. Patreon is a way for patrons to donate towards the content creators they enjoy (that is why you hear about Patreon all the time on videos), and the blogs I do on Patreon are my thank you to them. xoxo-Lynn

R L said...

I think Paetron is wonderful and I agree with everything mycale said. I don’t mind the $$! Lynn is much cheaper and reasonable compared to the other psychics (many of them are not even that accurate). She could use our support, especially since she puts herself out there so much and risks getting flagged by the ptw.

Perun Roberts said...

I find it interesting just how much Elon Musk and Thomas Edison look alike . I did a side by side color and a relative same age picture of both for a comparison of looks. Amazingly, I would say they are about 80% similar looking- coincidence? I find it interesting that back in the day, Edison lost control of his own company (GE) revoked by his own Board of Directors. First Edison was on the electrical scene then came Nikola Tesla. Tesla worked for Edison at first. Elon Musk uses Tesla as his company name. Elon is beginning to lose control of his own company.

Live Kryon Channelling
Albuquerque, New Mexico
February 14, 2010
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

As Kryon has said , "By the way, he's back ( Tesla). I'm not going to tell you where. Maybe he will read this and know what to do next?

Tesla Quote:

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine”

So, perhaps they will work together again? Maybe 2019= 12=3 . The base 12 being the 3,6,9?

Nikola Tesla is back? Is he?

Dan Walker said...

Elon Musk is slated to die soon. It will be ruled as suicide.

Bee E-lightened said...


Perun Roberts said...

(Had to repost due to grammar errors)

Dan Walker, I doubt it. Elon Musk is bought and paid for..IMO. The purpose of Tesla Motors is to be the main focus of electric cars and space travel interest etc etc. What is so special about his tech? Nothing really advanced that changes the Energy Industry landscape nor technology. Nothing different than say what GM, Ford or any other car manufacturer can do or produce. Electric cars using DC batteries ( Edison tech) is not anything new or changes anything. Elon is just being used as a perspective view of change and new. Those that I assume would want to kill him , actually need him for this purpose. Something actually new and viable would be electric cars that are continuously charged wirelessly . His tech, or any electric vehicle tech in this now, is still requiring batteries charged (DC Edison) via AC (Nikola Tesla) power by method of having to plug-in . Still to this day, 90% of electricity is generated/produced by oil and gas. Elon is not creating nor inventing anything new that is going to replace this fact; so no, I don't think he would be assassinated because of this- they need him to change nothing as he is doing just that. He is bought and paid for ( kind of maybe why he wants to hold private?)They need him to continue to do no-thing of change of value added to change the energy world. If he invented wireless energy and energy that would be vastly more efficient , replaced oil and gas, was environmentally friendly and wireless, then yes, he would be assassinated IMO.

We are in a kind of time loop ,in my opinion . Edison is Musk and so Tesla must be back too! The soul of Tesla might be back also? Being smart, being quiet, waiting. So he is mot suicided. Lo lololol. Crystals are awakening!!!!! That is what will be new/old. History in this now is this last repeat!!!

What's going on in Arkansas ?? ( Ark-ansas ) There is a big huge master crystal deep underneath there from the Atlantis days. It's awakening! What is/ was the Ark of the Covenant? A big battery so-to speak. Many many more than just one. One for every Pyramid, in every pyramid.

You'll see. See'ers can only see , for what is allowed by the Light!

Be advised,


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Perun: Thank you for sharing! Interesting comment!! One thing my husband and I have discussed (and your comments brought the thought up) is wouldn't it be cool if the roof of the car or window tint could really be a solar panel that extracted energy from the sun and recharged your battery while you drove- just a thought..

Perun Roberts said...

Lynn, yes that would be "logical" and fantastic. I am not tech knowledge educated but I have extreme Earth science technical innate understandings that I can tap into that cause me to research through guidance. I try to understand what comes to my mind. I have to look up words that come to my mind from my higher self that gives me mental gymnastics lol. I always wondered why is it that our typical motor vehicle can charge the car battery via the alternator ( what is the Tesla coil) but we cannot charge these electric cars ( we'll really they are just "battery cars" , not really electric) in this way also? Why is it that that whilst our cars a moving , can we not use this "motion" to harness the motion to create electricity? I researched some and can't find the answer but perhaps there is a good logical scientific reason? Our earth scientist only have working theories about what is electricity, gravity , ocean tides, lightening etc etc. Scientists officially only have hypotheses on all of these- Google this fact if you need to.

Here is something though, that will be questionable to most and brushed off as theory and void of any fact- the pyramids are part of the "key" to natural unlimited free energy. Your idea of the solar panel on cars to charge the batteries.? There is new tech currently being developed for such a purpose. For houses and cars. Google , Facebook, Saudi Arabia are investing billions into this new tech. But it's probably never going to see the light of day. It is a special product made from sand. It is limited and not the real great system utilizing the sun.

The new tech that will come around once again, as was in the times of the pyramids purpose for being built all around the world; will be of quartz crystal. But it will be only be when such a time that this tech 'cannot be weaponized' . It will not be before such a guarantee. This wind power, solar power stuff will not replace oil ,gas ,coal, nuclear power.

As some of your readings have touched on-"the ancient crystals are reactivating". This is directly related to the Schumann Resonance. Once we raise our consciousness vibration and frequency , which we are as one with the earth and tied together in this. Then we will have this "free energy" and many many new techs that come along with it. In one of your readings of the cover of the Economist you touched on one " tesla tech "that was lost or suppressed or something like that- cookie cutter houses I think was the example.

Any tech known today is not anything of what this Free Energy is going to be in the future. This knowledge is not safe enough yet- lest we want another Flood This tech is what caused the Flood- the weaponizing of it!!

Tesla and Edison are back. They were here then also.

In my opinion, of course!