Tuesday, October 2, 2018

50 Shades of Greys

Q, When someone, like myself, decides to do research on “grey aliens” it can become a bit confusing. At first, it sounds simple.. gray, three fingers, with a big head, and big black eyes—but then more information pops up like, tall Greys, white Greys, small Greys, medium sized Greys, and Pleadian-type Greys. Not only that, some of them have blue eyes (that may be the watchers).

So far I have some of their characteristics written down, but its hard to tell them apart when it comes to pictures. Especially since there are so many interpretations of what they look like online. It can become quite mind boggling.  I put together 50 of the most common images of “Greys” and thought it would be neat if you could point some of them out.

I wasn’t sure if it would be safe for you to put it out there in the public blog post, but I would personally like to know which one looks like the one who escaped from the observatory? 

A.  I agree it can be overwhelming.  I get confused too.  There are many variations within the same species, just as humans are all individual.  I will point out some of the things that come to me as I focus on these pictures.  

#4 Feels very authentic.  I get this is an average Grey.  The "tall, short, light skin, white, etc" are variations of this main Grey.  These feel the oldest, and this is one that feels deceased.  I get when they are "mummified" this is how they appear. 

#9 Comes across as a fictional character.  This looks like something they portray in movies, and lacks intelligence (almost making fun of them). 

#12 and #14 Looks like the tall white Greys I see in my mind.  They are menacing at times.  They do not trust humans, but like to observe them.  They are drawn to energy pockets (portals) like moths to a flame. 

#13 The Pleadian ones look a lot like this in the face, with a body shape of #37.  They aren't just light, the have very white skin that has a clammy texture.  

#26 Really jumps out at me.  These group is the most intelligent.  Most times when I communicate with a Grey, they look [almost exactly] like this in my mind.  Ironically, when I get the "sh" sign with a finger to the mouth, it means, "you are done, don't go any further."  This Grey feels like a protector, or one that wants to watch out for humans and their greater good.  

I get that the Greys that fall in this specific species are very split.  Some, like the one I communicate with, are caring.  These caring ones, almost feel like rebels and go against the other half of their species.  The others within this group are more curious, and involved in abductions to learn about our reproductive system, and how our emotions work.  

#30 Feels like a great artist impression of the Greys.  Most look like this.  Height is the main variable, but the body shape is very similar across the species. 

#31 These look like the shorter, green Greys.  I've only seen shorter ones that are no taller than 5  feet.  They are curious, but not malicious.  They are almost like children.  They feel very immature.  

#35 This pic looks a lot like the shape of the shorter, green Greys.  This image feels very realistic. 

#36 Also feels authentic.  This could pass for a real pic (if it isn't). 

#41 and #48 Feel like a fear based image.  This would be what is used in propaganda.  There feels like a lot of anger behind these pics.  

#43 Looks like a child.  This is how I see the children looking. 

#47 This is what the average Greys looks like.  This along with #26 give me the same vibe.  

Regarding the observatory, I get it looked a lot like #47 with slightly larger eyes.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  I look forward to the comments and you sharing your experiences.  Thank you.  Love and light-  

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CartalkByJJ said...

What percentage of human DNA is grey DNA- in general? Like if you took skin tissue from an average grey and skin tissue from an average human- would we actually be directly related... 100%? 50%? Many thanks!

Robert Schoen said...

This is a pretty amazing assembly of images of Greys and Lynn's reading as to which of these images resonate with her as authentic is really impressive and shows they have as much variety of their characteristics as we humans. It's interesting that since the late 1990s mainstream media has been trying to raise awareness of the Greys through both investigation reports and fictional movies, sometimes demonizing them for abductions and cattle mutilations, whereas some of Lynn's earlier readings seem to suggest they are more benign protectors or observers of humanity.

R L said...

Thank you so much for this awesome reading!!! This answered so many questions and I feel like I can picture them much better in my mind! I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this. This will probably become a wonderful resource for your other readers too. I know I’m going to save this and use it as a guide! :) thank you again!! 💕

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@CartalkByJJ: I would say it is more diluted.. like 25%

@Robert and RL: This was a fun reading. I really enjoyed it!!

Robert Schoen said...

Lynn, are the Greys our "zookeepers" or are they more like antropologists studying us as a species? Are they native to earth, like our smarter neighbors? They were the beings of the saucers shot down in Roswell and one of the fifty images may have been of a dead one from that incident. It seems to make sense they would be native to earth to be so interested in us.

Serene said...

Yes, #9 is a fictional character. Actor Ken Hall, played a Grey in the comedy series People of Earth, which ran for only two seasons. In the final episode of the 2nd season, the support group (Alien experiencers) had been brought onto the ship. The date of the 3rd season was announced...but that date came and went, as did another date...and then the whole series was mysteriously cancelled in June 2018 with no explanation. (I think what really happened is the series was getting just a little too close to the Truth....)

R L said...

@ serene I agree!

Raymond said...

Why do they look so similar if they come from different places?
Maybe I watched too many Star Trek episodes, but it seems like aliens should look as different as the planets where they live.

IF you channeled an alien, what would they tell you? Would they tell you where they are from and what their lives are like ? What would be off limits?

Thanks Lynn!

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, the "black eyed" people (who often showed up as black-eyed children or teens, are all gone. They were bad news.

Robert Schoen said...

Hey @Da-da, what about Creepy Joe Biden? He's often seen with black eyes and that creepy grin, almost like a slip in the mask, and it's been said he underwent a lobotomy to "correct" his pedophile and other sexual predelictions (look up on Youtube the C-Span videos of his pawing of young girls during award cerimonies.

King of Pentacles said...

I would very much like to see pictures of good looking blonde blueeyed female alians with good intentions, if some of you guys have any?

R L said...

Look up Nordic aliens on google

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: They were more like anthropologists.

Love all the comments. You guys crack me up. xoxo-

EA RW said...

#4 looks like the "alien autopsy "clip.
and # 36 could be from the alien interview. Where they telepathically communicate.

The enlightened one said...

If we want to know what they look like, I figure their own self portrait would be a good way to know.


Unknown said...

Believe me or not but I've seen these dudes on a couple of occasions. #47 is the closest. Realize they are only a bit over 4 foot and super frail. Also, it's extremely hard to maintain consciousness in their presence. Their full 4th density energy overwhelms you. They have this small tool that looks like a pen with a light on the end. It connects to your 3rd eye and completely knocks you out if you are not out already. This is why most memories are through dreams.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Unknown: Thanks for sharing. I too felt something with 47.