Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chris Watts

Q. Hi Lynn, This is a news story that I’ve been obsessing about for weeks now thinking somethings off about it.

So there’s a case that’s been on the news for at least a month about a man named Chris Watts.  He appears (in all the videos I’ve watched) to be a loving, doting husband and father.  So on the news he’s seen pleading for the safe return of his pregnant wife Sha’nann (pronounced shuh-nann) and children Bella 4, & Celeste 3,  having no idea where they are.

Then the children’s bodies are somehow found within a day or 2  in oil tanks hundreds of feet tall reachable by ladder only, at this oil company that Chris supposedly works at ‘Anadarko’, the wife’s in a shallow grave adjacent to the tanks (and on gated private property isolated from everything.) In many videos it looks like they work for a company called LeVel.

The wife Sha’nann has tons of videos online where she’s pushing this “Thrive” product line (owned by LeVel) and somebody keeps adding more videos to YouTube, but won’t state who they are. (I did see long curly hair in a reflection). I’m talking about 50 videos a day or more. Supposedly they were heavily in debt and filed bankruptcy in 2015.

Is the ‘Chris’ in the news her husband? Are the children and Sha’nann still alive and perhaps moved to North Carolina? Is this real or a psyop? (Nobody seems to be able to cry on camera) And, what is motivation behind it?

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Suz Nagel said...

I really don't like watching videos can someone write a quick version of the long version video because I really do want to hear the answer

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Suz: I really did think on your comment, but I'm not sure what you mean. The video today was 8 min. YouTube does have a cool feature in the settings that you can speed up the timing (I do this sometimes on videos I want to hear, but don't have the time). I don't have time to do two separate videos for each post (or really know how to word them to be shorter), but if someone wants to volunteer to do this, I am open to it and I can post it on my channel.???

Guest said...

I'm not interested in watching videos for the simple reason that I am hearing impaired - plus I struggle with accents at the best of times. Closed captions are next to useless. I don't understand why you can't just put "cliff notes"-type responses on here, and then readers can go to your other site to watch the video if they want to know more. While I'm here, I'm curious as to why you always delete my requests, but accelerate others' questions? I've been waiting for a couple of years for one of them that I submitted. I've been with you since the beginning but feel like it's a waste of time visiting now if it's just a plug for your other site.

R L said...

I am deaf and enjoy watching the videos! YouTube has great captions btw. They are not useless. I depend on them actually. Thank you so much Lynn for posting your videos and blogs. I love reading the blog too, along with the comments. I may not respond as much as I used to, but I still love coming here to learn. Pateron is not just some plug, nor is this blog.. I love the benefits that come with the memberships. If you need answers faster you could try asking for a personal reading? Hope this helps. 🙏

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn:
Thank you for being so open and guiding all of us. It is eye opening for me and my spiritual growth.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Guest: I type the blog and do videos on three platforms. Of the 3, YouTube does have cc (which seems to be getting better). I guess the typed up response on the blog would be like the cliff notes. Honestly, I have a list with tons of questions, and I just pull one that I'm pulled to at the time. I don't delete anything unless I transfer it to a list I keep elsewhere. If there is something you want, let me know (or I offer a blog request under the appointment tab). If you looked at Patreon (you don't have to join to do anything to browse me or tons of other people), you may like it- there are lots of talented people there. This really isn't just any site. It allows me to offer something in exchange for support for blogs/videos. It isn't required or expected.

@RL: Hugs!

@Unknown: You're welcome!

Kim said...

Can anyone tell me what Lynn said about this question? I don't see it on YouTube and I don't use patreon

Kim said...

Can anyone tell me what Lynn said about this question? I don't see it on YouTube and I don't use patreon