Monday, October 8, 2018

Schizophrenia, Glyphosate and Energy Auras

Q. Hi Lynn,  I saw this video just recently although it was recorded in 2009. Oprah interview a little girl (7 years old at the time) that was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The little girl had "more" than 200 imaginary friends. What interested me the most was the part where the little girl told Oprah that there were imaginary animals on the border of her world and our world. For a little girl to be separating different worlds is astonishing. My questions is if this little girl actually sees something? If so, what or who are they? And, from what dimension? Also, her little brother self inflicts himself. Is there something in their genes that makes them like this? Or is this something else. I have included the link of the interview.
Thank you for all your wonderful readings.

A.  I get people with schizophrenia live and experience multiple realities at the same time.  The frustrating part for them is that each reality FEELS "real."  It is as if they never can get peace because their minds are flooded with "chatter" on many different level.  They see glimpses and hear voices of these other realities (or worlds). 

People with schizophrenia do see things.  Sometimes it is in their minds eye (still very real) and other times they manifest to wear their 3D eyes see them.  I see this little girl having both experiences.  

The real issue I see is that people with this challenge are very sensitive, intuitive and even psychic.  The openness they express (with ease), allows many beings on all different levels and vibrations to come through.  Beings on different levels want to be heard, and will rush a person that is open and willing to communicate with them.  In many ways (and I need to state this is what comes through intuitively, I am not a doctor) people with this should be taught how to set spiritual protection to prevent these lower vibe beings from being able to come through.  They need to learn is something is "bad" they can mentally command it to leave.  They can also set boundaries allowing only high vibrational beings to be around.  

Calming techniques, such as meditation, also looks to be very helpful.  The goal would be to be at peace and feel in control of what people see and feel in their "other worlds."  After they get in control, they can slowly learn how to incorporate both worlds.

Q. Does massive glyphosate contamination have anything to do with the alleged steeply dropping birth rate in the western world (and other regions where glyphosate is used.), or is it mostly economics?
A. The first, very dominate thing I get glyphosate is one of the biggest contributors of digestive and intestinal issues.  

Glyphosate does contribute to infertility, but there are many other factors too.  More people are waiting until they are older to have children, which starts to reduce your odds, and dictate your family size.  

There are also other toxins being introduced to people that weren't once there.  We have environmental toxins, toxins in our food, toxins in our water and even airborne toxins.  Taking that all into consideration, fertility and family size is affected.

Q. If you are in a room with thin walls, such as a home or a hotel room, can the auras and energy of people in the immediate area influence your mood or even your dreams?
A.  I get that it can influence you.  You could even be influenced by residual energy of someone that was there, and has left the room or area.  I would encourage anyone staying somewhere to pay attention to their mood, and IF they feel off, take a few deep breaths and mentally imagine yourself calm. Or, remove yourself from the situation long enough for the energy to dissipate. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  I look forward to the comments and you sharing your experiences.  Thank you.  Love and light-  

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Kim said...

Reminds me of movie ghost, when all of the ghosts swarmed Whoopi Goldberg after they find out she could here them!

Raymond said...

I wonder how many people that are aware of lives from other dimensions are mistakenly diagnosed with mental illness? Are people with psychic gifts happy with them or do they regard them as a nuisance and try to ignore them ? Thanks !

Sun Wisher said...

Glyphosate is brutal, I've been telling people at some job sites to stay away from round up with their weed killing. I can't believe this stuff has not been banned completely!

Found you on Real.Video :) -> Psychic Focus on Is Chivalry Dead? and I totally agree!!

-Ingrid Khadijah

King of Pentacles said...

It has been common practice to spray the wheat with roundup glyphosate 2 weeks before harvest; will take care of there green leaves, then everything becomes nice and yellow and ready to take through the harvester