Thursday, October 11, 2018

From a Land Far Far Away...

Q. Hi Lynn, can you tell us about Cintamani Stone? I have heard it is from the Star system Sirius and is helpful during ascension.  I have also heard it is a black magic stone. Thank you for checking this out.
A.  I do see it came here via a comet that landed here on earth.  It looks like when it came into or atmosphere it was in a liquid form (?) and it crashed into a desert or beach (I see lots of sand).  When it connected, the sand bonded with the liquid, and when it cooled it created this stone.  I get it you were to test it, you would see a lot of unique properties to it because of the way it was formed.  

When I focus on the origin, I cannot confirm Sirius, but I can say I'm drawn to Orion's belt.  It looks as though it came from a system from that constellation. 

I see it has similar vibrational properties to crystals.  It also works in similar ways.  It is the intent you put in it that determines if the effects are in the light or the dark.  If you wish ill will, or work against the greater good, bad thing around you can happen.  If you put positive intent into the stone, it will amplify positive effects.  The stone itself is not good or bad, it is a tool to direct your intent.  The stone can't make you ascend, but if you work toward increasing your vibration and ascension, I see it being beneficial.

Q.  Hello Lynn, Supposedly, several flashes of light, perhaps even a laser beam was seen emanating from Saturn on September 11th. Is this a legitimate video or is it CGI? If it is real, what are the light beams and why are there two colors, red and blue? Was Saturn celebrating a planetary holiday and broadcasting their colors?  
Thanks for your blog!
A.  I get this is legit, but I see it being a different cause.  There are ET bases all over our solar system.  Saturn has a base (looks underground due to the hostile environment and atmosphere).  The base looks like a temporary home to some very tall, dark skinned Greys. These beams were really frequency beacons that were sent out, and our eyes took those frequencies and converted them to colors.  The frequencies feels like some kind of binary communication, and the two pulses came through as being "red" and "blue."

Q. Our asteroid belt... Why is it there? What happened? What did it used to be?

A. I get there was a collision with earth on the Pacific Ocean side.  It looks like it happened when our moon was being brought here.  At the time of the collision, earth "exploded" and the shrapnel from earth flew into the atmosphere and created the asteroid belt.  That is why our Pacific Ocean is so large, and the land masses are relatively close together.  
Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you individually take a look at a list of 10 Earth-like planets and see if there is alien life (ranging from microbial to advanced humanoid alien or non-humanoid alien) on those planets? Also, which one out of the ten is the most suitable for humans to settle on in the future?  

Here are is the list of the ten planets (and a bonus one).  Thank you very much.
Here is a YouTube video that talks about these Earth-like planets:
A.  Let me look this over, and give a brief response to each..

1. Gliese 581d:  Cannot see life
2. HD 85512 b:  Cannot see life 
3. Kepler-69c:  Humanoid (Not as advanced, but fleshy skin, walk on two legs and has two arms). 
4. Tau Ceti e:  Cannot see life
5. Gliese 667 Cf:  Non-humanoid (I see aquatic life such as water snakes and lizards).
6. Kepler-62f:  Non-humanoid (I see small insects.  I get a visual of something similar to a cockroach.)
7. Gliese 667 Cc:  Cannot see life
8. Kepler-62e:  Humanoid (These look like very small humans.  They have light colored, pinkish skin, light hair, very dark eyes- I cannot see any white.  They have two arms, two legs, webbed fingers, and big, adult sized feet).  This looks like the most habitable place for human life.)
9. Gliese 581g:  Cannot see life
10. Kepler-22b:  Microbial life
Bonus: Ross 128 b: Cannot see life

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-  

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A Man Called Da-da said...

Hm. You have a pic of moldavite for the cintamani, which I'm sure was b/c you don't have any pics. How is moldavite different, I forget? And, if you set intent and concentrated, couldn't you turn pretty much ANY rock into a magic rock?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: Good catch! I just googled cintamani and when that came up I randomly took it. LOL I will have to put a new pic up there. Moldavite has very similar properties, but I get it was made here (on earth). And to answer your question, yes, the stone may help to amplify your intent, but it is the intent itself that does most of the work.

Raymond said...

So, the light bursts were binary messages? I wonder how many messages we have missed in the past because we did not understand each other?

Kepler 62F - A planet full of cockroaches? I'll pass that up for the planet that rains diamonds.

Thanks Lynn.

Alex said...

Good post. I saw a video that it was Nibiru, our twin sun which caused the collision with Earth that created the asteroid belt. If not, what caused the collision?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: Interesting. I saw it had something to do with the moon, or our moon was involved in it (or caused the explosion). I need to think more on the twin sun (that is plausible, but didn't come through to me that way).

lacham said...

I thought that the Asteroid Belt was formed by a planet that either exploded or was blown up many years ago. The Asteroid Belt is located between Mars & Jupiter. How would debris get from Earth to that area and maintain the Asteroid Belt orbit between Mars & Jupiter?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Iacham: If I understand what I'm seeing, it looks like the explosion catapulted things so far, and they finally lost momentum and were "grabbed" by the gravitational forces in that area (but bits and pieces are scattered everywhere in little pockets even still). ???

Alex said...
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Alex said...

@Iacham @Lynn

That's because Earth was originally in between Mars and Jupiter. When the collision happened with our twin star system Nibiru (one of its planets), Earth was catapulted into our current orbit while the fragments of Pacific Ocean became the Asteroid Belt. That's why the total mass of all the asteroids in the Asteroid Belt is only 4% of the mass of our Moon.

If it was the remains of an explosion of a planet, the total mass of Asteroid Belt wouldn't be so little.

The aliens brought in the Moon to stabilize Earth due to the collision.

Lynn got the keywords correct in past readings - Moon, collision, catapult, aliens.

I got all these information from the video below starting at 5:16 mins.