Friday, October 5, 2018

(Non-Political) FOO 4 Friday #1!

by Lynn and A Man Called Da-da

FOO words! Words that are inoffensive! Words that unite! WORDS FROM BEYOND. FOO words! (Didn’t we just say that?)

Ok, Lynn and Da-da look at various photos of ET craft (called FOO during WWII, the name since co-opted by some band) on Friday, no less. Hooray! (“Fu” also means “lucky” in Chinese, who knew?) Alas, while we ran into a ton of foo-fakes, included at the end for shaming purposes, the rest are all just electrostatic swamp gas reflecting off ice crystals channeling Venus. Right. So… feeling lucky? Foo-wards! 
1. Jack the Pumpkin King's Foo
A: Whose ship: [unpronounceable]
B: Origin: Dark Side of the Moon (from one of the many ET bases there)
C: ET appearance: tall, black, very thin, stick-like, big round head (like Jack the Pumpkin King) 
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad; kinda hostile (has a love/hate relationship with Xmas)
E: Mission: Mining some mineral on the back of the moon, and they don’t want any human interference; they’ve been there quite a while.

2. BIG Lumpy Solar Dorito [Note: the cube part of the pic is pixelization NASA put over the image so you couldn’t see it. Censorship!]
A: Whose ship: Alnitakan?
B: Origin: Far left star in Orion’s Belt (what we call, “Alnitak”) via one of the sun’s portals
C: ET appearance: A hybrid between Pleiadian and human, like an albino with really whispy white baby hair, light blue eyes, and light, clammy skin, texture like a frog’s skin, and with three fingers. Every girl’s dream date!
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Neutral
E: Mission: They’re looking for intelligent life (they'll have to look hard on this planet). 

[Note: Each of those blobs on the ship are bigger than the earth.]
3. Mothership and Babyship (ball, lower right)
A: Whose ship: Pleiadian
B: Origin: Pleiades (Duh)
C: ET appearance: Fair skin, light eyes, no rhythm
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Good
E: Mission: Lessening a natural disaster (involving water; the ocean?).

And now an ASIDE...

This same ship and ball (above) appeared in a mass sighting in Nuremberg in 1561, the Pleiadians were fighting the arch+ns. Here’s a woodcut of the event: 

Wow. And it happened again a hundred years later, in Berkshire (1661)

The Pleiadians have been trying to protect us from the arch*ns for like forever.

4. Blobby Foo Go Home
A: Whose ship: [unpronounceable]
B: Place of origin: [unknown]
C: ET appearance: "Average Grey (#26)"
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Neutral
E: Mission: Leaving earth for one of Jupiter’s moons, from a base near this location.

Note: This is actually just one ship in the process of leaving, which created an intense vibration or buzz before zooming off, showing up as multiple ships.

5. Purple Blob Foo Flies Coach
A: Whose ship: “Lyrian” (aka, “Lyran")
B: Place of origin: Constellation Lyra
C: ET appearance: Nice greys
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Good
E: Mission: Healing; working on balancing earth energy for Lufthansa Airlines.

BONUS. Black Dot Foo (Black Foo Dot?)
A: Whose ship: U.S. Military
B: Place of origin: Earth (well, kinda)
C: ET appearance: Human
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Neutral
E: Mission: Testing ET tech, trying not to barf.

And that is more than enough foo for today.

But wait… there’s more... Scroll to the bottom to see all the Pretty Foo-Fakes (Eleven!  Fooey.)

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Robert Schoen said...

This was the perfect followup post after the great "Fifty Shades of Grey" and I always wondered if the WWII Foo Fighters, which were seen by many US fighter planes US as balls of light flying on the side next to them, were acting as wing men protecting them. The Germans developed actual Flying Saucers back then, but they were limited by the materials and technology of the late 1930's and early 40's.

One thing that is fascinating to me is how the long motherships and balls of light are consistently depicted throughout different epocas by the Indians (Eastern), Germans, and even the Italians during the renaissance. Lynn once told me that many of the images in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings in which St. John or the Virgin Mary's mother is pointing upwards is a secret symbol acknowledging our visitors in the sky, which the Catholic faith had no idea how they fit in, except as blazing chariots described in the Bible.

These ancient depictions of craft raise an interesting point: If you think of humanity's extreme technological advancements over the centuries, it seems the Pleadians' crafts would also similarly advance by "Light years" as far as being different in their outward appearance from the shapes they had centuries ago. What gives? Is it complacency on their part or they just don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel, err, flying saucer? Thanks Lynn and Da-da for a great post, perhaps the first ever alien language is interpreted by human voice! Lynn, your videos keep getting better and better, and those just reading the blog are missing a lot not hearing Lynn's interpratation of spoken Pleadian!

Alex said...

Dada is back! This series and the past/future life series are the most interesting.

Thanks Lynn and Da-da

Neeraj Chadha said...

Thanks Lynn & Dada. Lynn who flew over white house in 1952.

Thanks for all your post, really appreciate your hark work. Thanks once again. Blessings.

Portis said...

Wow, Lynn and Dada, very nice work. Of course, i have many questions, but I'll just say that I like the debunked photos almost as much as the real ones.

And the headline for the previous post, "Fifty Shades of Grey" deserves some kind of award. Brilliant.


Raymond said...

It's hard to imagine a space ship larger than the Earth.
I wonder how they built it and what kind of society they have.
People have suggested that if astronauts leave Earth and spend a lot of time in space or on Mars that they will lose their identity and want to establish their own society and rules.
I wonder if something similar has occurred to them?

A Man Called Da-da said...

All those fakes were infuriating. I still don't get why people insist on creating false images. It must be part of someone's agenda, to flood the world with fakes to try and control the narrative -- and exhaust the rest of us with having to sort through them.

The enlightened one said...

The fake picture to the lower right corner looks like a caterpillar?

Raymond said...

Da-Da.........maybe some of the fake pics were created by the government to mislead people.
If enough of them are discredited, then eventually people think that all of them are fake. Then, it becomes easier to hide any classified projects. Just an idea....

The updated blog looks good Lynn !

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the comments! This was a fun post to do!

Chatty Cathy said...

Where you describe the first beings as being “black”, do you mean the actual “pitch black color” (devoid of light) or are you applying it as the descriptor used for all hues of brown-skinned humans who have origins in Africa?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Chatty Cathy: I did mean black. In fact they were charcoal in color.

Chatty Cathy said...

Ok, thank you for the clarification; a fascinating subject; as always.