Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Men and Women

Q. Hi Lynn, I'd like to get your take on why men are responsible for 99% of the evil done in this world. I grew up in the Christian church where we're taught that Eve tempted Adam with the apple, men are the head of the home, etc. Was the Eve story written by men to obfuscate their inherent evil tendencies and put the blame on women in order to control them?

I realize, intellectually, that men aren't evil as a whole, and there must good men out there. But you can't get around the fact that it is men who do virtually all the robbing, raping, murdering, fighting, cheating, and so on.

From a spiritual perspective, what do you see going on with regard to this subject?  Thanks.

A. Before I go into this, I need to preface that I'm going into this with generalizations and am not speaking from absolutes (there are always exceptions to everything).  When you hear me refer to men or women, please realize I'm talking as general impressions and not the rule. 

When men and women were created, men were the hunters, protectors and conquers.  Their role was to keep their family safe to ensure their offspring would live their legacy.  In doing so men were created with more testosterone, making them bigger and stronger.  During a flight or flight situation testosterone (along with adrenaline and other hormones) can create an aggressiveness (needed for survival).  That aggressiveness can take many forms stemming from a primal (almost animalistic) instinct.

For the survival of the species there needed to be distinct roles to protect the offspring.  It looks like women were made to provide the nurturing support because they were gifted the ability to bear children.  You couldn't have women hunting or fighting wars because it would endanger pregnant moms and their also needed to be women to care for the children once they were born.

It is coming to me that when men and women were created, they were already designed for these roles.  Men were larger, and women were biologically designed with a reproductive system to grow a child, and breasts to feed it after birth.  Because men had the size and strength, women had their own strength.  The best way to phrase this it to be direct, and one (of many abilities, but we are talking about very primal and biblical times) is to lure men with sex.  I get the Bible isn't intended to accuse women of anything, it was to show them they had power, and men had a weakness too (this isn't meant to be offensive, but place yourself at the time of Adam and Eve).  

I also see centuries ago in looking at the dynamics of men and women, the concept of oppression didn't exist.  Men protected, and women nurtured.  Both roles were essential for survival.  Fast forward (I'm seeing early 20th century).  Men hunted and protected, and women still nurtured and cared for children.  There feels to be some kind of imprint in our DNA that when you incarnate as a man, you take a certain role, and women take another.  That doesn't mean that men and women can't explore different paths.  Now that food is bought in stores, and we (most generally) feel safe, we have opportunities to take different paths.  BUT, I will say in an apocalyptic situation I see us (mostly) reverting back to the roles of past centuries.  

This reading is also taking me down the path of current times.  The onset of the feminist movement, which started as a positive concept of equality, planted the idea of oppression where women didn't see it.  Rather than work in harmony with each other and compliment each other's strengths, feminism created a competition.  (This was also the start of the break down of families, which was and is the current agenda push by the PTW / Powers That Were at the time.  Dual income homes means more income tax, more cars, bigger houses, daycare, etc- I've done readings on this.)

The spiritual perspective is balance.  Both men and women are important, for our survival.  One will show strength where the other is weak, and vice versa. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Charlie the Tuna said...

and I quote" BUT, I will say in an apocalyptic situation I see us (mostly) reverting back to the roles of past centuries."

Do you see this type of future anytime in the next 25 years?????

Thanks for a great read.

Christina Gould said...

Thanks for great reading, Lynn!

Alice Liu said...

Those impulses are in a lot of women, too. But, they take the opportunities where they can and it differs from men. Look at the corrupt women in politics and you'll see the equality of evil. Also, we reincarnate as both males and females, so the separation is a 3D construct. The soul experiences it all.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Elizabeth Bathory obviously didn't get your message. Neither did the psycho bitch I used to get here (Who I call my 'incubator', since she sure wasn't a 'mother'.), or the rest of these chicks, with Lizzy poo being near the front page top of the list, here:

A Man Called Da-da said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

There have also been societal differences. For example, Spartan women were subservient to men, while their Athenian counterparts were heads of household and could vote. The patriarchal/matriarchal schemes are about 50/50. Only today have the media tried to turn women into snarky cigar-smoking zombie killers and men into spastic nerfbags. The cabal has worked hard to create as much gender confusion as possible, to keep us separated (psst, there is no separation). In reality, there are no sexes at all. Spirit HAS NO GENDER. We are all the same. Like Good and Evil, Up and Down, Good and Bad, Gender comes with the duality of the 3d illusion. It's simply not real.

Cheryl said...

I get the genetic differences between men and women and how that translates into different roles, but I'm not sure the question was answered about why the overwhelming amount of crime is committed by men.

There doesn't seem to be any useful or survivalist reason for rape, for example. And as a woman, I can't even fathom how forcing someone to have sex with me and maybe even beating them up at the same time would be pleasurable. Where the heck does that urge come from? And why are the vast majority of pedophiles men? And muggers, murderers, drug lords, vandals, and so on? I get that men's increased testosterone can lead to increased sex drive and competitive spirit, but what causes the increase in acting out in truly evil ways? I thought that was a really interesting question that was raised.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: You are so right... spirit has no gender and it is a 3D experience with 3D lessons.

@Cheryl: I see what you are saying. As far as the rape, back in times of pillaging lands they did it as a form to show dominance, but to also infiltrate their society. It wasn't meant to be pleasurable, it was to make their mark that they were there by leaving their offspring. With regard to the other evil doings, women are capable, but mostly chose not to do it (they protect the roost and don't want to be that aggressive). Sort of the same philosophy that most elementary teachers are women and most utility and smoke stack workers are men (their preference of nurturing versus willingness to be daring).

EA RW said...

What about lineage? Some africans are still concerned about their ancestors. Or does spirit simply doesn't care. I mean there are souls who where made for eachother.
Some men are procreating like rabbits. And most of the time offspring don't know who the father is. Wich is out of our own "family construct design".

Maybe men and women need to master themselves...