Friday, July 13, 2018

Intuitives, Psychic Awareness and Emotions in Spirit

Q. If you were in a room full of psychics and intuitives, would you get along with them on a personal level?  Would you be friends with each other because there are so few in society (statistically) and have similar personalities (helping others)? Or would it be difficult because you would be in a room of mentally active people that would give you discomfort?  
A.  Intuitives and psychics are like everyone else, some you mesh with, and some you don't.  It really depends on the person.  I do have friends that are very gifted and intuitive, and I'm blessed to have them cross my path.  We have great discussions, and the synergy that forms makes me feel like it recharges me in some way.

I have also come across some very spiritual people that focus on love and the greater good, but have a hard time accepting things such as the existence of the PTW (Powers That Were) or negative activities in the world.  I still get along with them, but I do have to hold back and watch what I say because they are not ready to hear it.

Q. Is there a level of psychic awareness that is considered the best or the highest?  There are several abilities like Clairaudience (hearing) , Clairvoyance (seeing), Telekenesis (influencing objects), Remote Viewing......

Does knowing one in particular elevate you to a higher Spiritual level than others?  In other words, does learning one Gift make you a white belt in martial arts, another make you a brown belt and another one make you a black belt?

Are there any psychic abilities at higher levels that the average person is not aware of that might be withheld from the general public?  
A. All psychic and intuitive abilities are gifts, and I cannot see one being better than another.  Having and recognizing abilities is just the beginning.  Developing  and trusting your gifts is what will help you elevate to a higher spiritual level.  

You may have the most amazing, vivid clairaudience, and not experience other "clairs" and be more advanced than someone with two recognizable gifts that are undeveloped.  Take what you have and work with it, and don't worry about "rules" of advancement.

At the higher level, there isn't anything hidden that I can see.  The big difference is the clarity in your messages, and your ability to relay those messages without altering the meaning.  

Q. When someone dies and passes to the other side, do they 'sleep', do they dream?  Do they feel sad or happy?
A. I cannot see that they sleep / dream.  They look to always be active (and "on call" should you connect with them).  I do sense emotion from them, so yes, a wide range of feelings can be detected from them.

A Few to Revisit:

Q. Ancient  aliens has some interesting ideas on their show even if some of them might be fantastical. Recently, they had a show profiling Chaco Canyon which housed several thousand people but they are still guessing as to why it was abandoned.  They lived in kivas, round circular homes; with wooden roofs.  At least that is the assumption.  What were they used for and why were they abandoned?  Did they build them on their own, or did they get assistance from someone else?
A.  Dada and I worked on this topic in a History's Mysteries session.  I thought this question would be fun to pull, and I included an excerpt from our post: 
Chaco CanyonSo, who originally built Chaco Canyon? What happened to the civilization there? 
What Lynn Saw" The people who built this had very dark skin and straight dark hair, the native american tribe that built this community here. It feels like there were a lot of battles and fights over land and resources here, a lot of competition for survival. It was built with a big wall as protection, to protect against invasion, as terrible brutality existed at this time. The people within had a good mentality; they were just trying to protect themselves. They built the wall first, the rest later. It was its own little town. This tribe stayed there all year round. I also get that, as competition increased to survive outside, it became harder and harder to feed the thriving community inside. The resources dried up and the community was forced to abandon the area. They tried to reestablish this same community elsewhere." 
Q. When people talk about ley lines and energy lines, they usually include remarks about enlightenment and positive experiences.  Are there energy lines that create bad experiences or bad feelings?
A.  I tuned into this in a past reading, and wanted to share it with you again.  Here is what I was able to see: 
I get there are no naturally occurring ley lines or energy lines that are negative.  There are "man made" portals that are negative and hold a negative space, but are directed to the sky, and not Mother Gaia.
And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn...I was wondering.

Question 1: How much do you think a psychic's political views influence what they "see" or "understand"? Would this be a particularly hard filter to disassociate from a reading? To get clarity? Since 2015 when I finally "woke up," (the awakening, as I look back, had been slowly ongoing since 9/11...I have to shamefacedly admit very slowly...but, hey, I was working 12 hr. shifts) I began reading many channeled sources because I wanted the truth and knew that I wasn't getting it from traditional sources (and I've believed since I was a teenager that psychic abilities are real...although there are some quacks). I've seen a huge political spectrum...or what I determine to be political "slants" in their perspectives in channeled material. I'm not bothered by slants because I start with the assumption that we are all human and all fallible...beginning with me! I also believe it is incumbent on the person who views the channeled material to use/develop their wisdom/discernment to understand the content! I have always been struck, actually, by the many, many similarities in channeled material presented from unique many identical concepts and me, this is startling and confirmation.

Question 2: Do you see the % of people with some psychic ability increasing? Aren't, as some say, many abilities unfolding in people as the DNA strands become active and "meld" or whatever? Isn't psychic ability of some type a natural occurrence as this process continues on 3D Earth? Would this be one reason so many more people in the U.S. appear fed up with the tripe going on? That nascent thought...something isn't right here?

Ryno said...

I "passed out" for the first time recently that I can recall and the feeling of being somewhere else was so different than say a dream. What happens to you when you pass out?

Watchand Knock said...

@Buddhist Lady! Great questions!

Raymond said...

It would be interesting to live on a Ley Line. I wonder if you could produce one locally if you built a home to PI or surrounded it with a few crystals. The Chinese design homes with Feng Shui and Earth Energies. Is that related to Ley Lines?

Are ley lines pure energy, or do they have colors like the chakras and the different ley lines have different qualities to them?

Many thanks for your blog Lynn, I enjoy reading it.

Unknown said...

Ley lines are are around the world. Many churches,Temples...are constructed where one of several ley lines intersect. The energy concentration is available to amplify either positive or negative spirit work.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Buddhist lady: For me, I feel what I see and understand shapes my political views. I've never been one to vote for a specific party just because they are democrat or republican (I've gone both ways), but I feel people out and see who is best (or vote against the worst in some cases). Right now in our current times I see the alt left trying to destroy what this country stands for (many times not knowing they are pawns in this game). When you are able to know someone is lying or there is more to the story, you begin to question everything. There is so much more going on that what we are told.

Psychic and intuitive abilities are in the rise (or rather people are tapping into their abilities). People are fed up and that is b/c their subconscious is nagging them to do or change something.

@Ryno: I see when we pass out our body sort of resets... You are in a deep theta state of relaxation.

@Raymond: That would be interesting. It would be very energized, maybe even too much to handle (you would need to constantly ground yourself). In the right situation, this looks to be very powerful.

Kalamota Kook said...

I thought I'd drop this link to an interview for anyone interested, if Lynn doesn't mind me sharing. I don't know if it belongs under a different thread, but never mind. Shane at Unbiased And On The Fence talks to Jim Self about 3D and 5D. He is a very clear communicator and makes a lot of very useful points, and I really enjoyed it. I was especially pleased to hear that I go to sleep properly, nice to know!

@Buddhist Lady: I think as Lynn says, intuitive abilities are emerging and turning the volume up generally. I think it's why a lot of people are going a bit crazy, as they don't have a framework to comprehend what's occurring. I have found several kinds of 'clair' resonating more strongly in recent years, plus some new ones. I now find many people's voices very difficult to listen to, as I'm more sensitively tuned in to their real vibe that comes across in the signal, rather than the words they say. Deeper intuitive capacities sound wonderful, but sometimes it's actually quite painful!

Buddhist Lady said...

@Kalamota...I just finished the video you linked. Guess what's in my pile of unread books (whose height, at this point, could seriously threaten someone's life)? A Course in Mastering Alchemy !!!!!!!!!

In fact, while watching the video, several "loose" ends (within my perception) were "connected!"

The sleep space issue was very interesting. Since the Vernal Equinox, my nights became memorable. I became (almost) conscious all night of my spiritual traveling. I know. Sounds totally weird. Many nights I simply argued with my Guides/Teachers. I negotiated terms and conditions. Btw, although I "negotiated" terms, as time has passed, I see that what they wanted has come to pass.

Many times when they weren't there, I would just ask, "So...what's happening tonight?" A (I know this sounds reeeallly strange) being/spirit would come and take me high, high, high up. I would always be shown the same thing. I saw the Dawn over the edge of the Universe. So, I would say, "Groovy, man!" But I didn't understand.

The Dawn reminded me of a time when I attended a rock festival in Palm Beach, FL, while in college. The Stones finally took the stage at 3 or 4 in the morning. We watched most of the performance and left before the end to avoid traffic. We had to get back to school. We drove north with the dawn on our right coming up over the ocean for miles and miles. (Nothing like the dawn coming up over the vast ocean horizon.) I think I was coming down from acid, too (LSD). That's the dawn I saw...but coming up over the edge of the Universe.

So, when I recently wrote that I see "the Dawn," I now have an understanding of what and why those beings showed me that specific image many, many times during those nights of instruction. They were trying to tell me where I'm from and what my purpose is here. I guess that's "remembering." Don't know. Still too new at this stuff. But, at nearly 70 years of age, all this is kind of totally mind blowing.

Kalamota Kook said...

Wow Buddhist Lady, it sounds like this eclipse season is really unfurling some magic for you. Long may it continue!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for sharing. This is great!