Monday, July 2, 2018

Gold, Silver and Financial Market

(As I go into this, I do need to reiterate that I am not a financial adviser, and everything I get comes from an intuitive perspective.  Please trust your gut and do what feels right for you.)

Q. Financial gurus are now saying that a worldwide financial market collapse is inevitable and it is coming soon. If this is so, then should we be investing in bullion or in crypto currencies? What will help the population remain solvent as the collapse takes place? 

(The second part of the question was from a different contributor, but still relevant..) I have been following Armstrong the last +10 years since he was jailed... I really have learned a lot from reading his free blog. Is he 100% non deep state? The gold community is doubting it because he talks negative about gold (so far - at least until 2020). They suspect that this was the deal which got him out of prison (to spread false information).

On the other hand, the gold community has many hypotheses. One of the top gold experts, Jim Sinclair, predicted gold to be at $650 USD when gold was $250-$300 USD 20 years ago, and it did get to $1920. Now he talks about an overnight/over-weekend reevaluation to USD $50,000 as a cornerstone in a new monetary system. Armstrong talks about $5,000 USD max., if not all the money rushes into stock (which he thinks is more likely. I wonder, Lynn, if it is simply impossible to predict such things because all kind of timelines are continuously developing and changing the end result?

A. When I focus on this, I hear "ideally you should diversify, but always pick tangible assets over electronic assets when times feel uncertain." Even though precious metals are slow to grow, and are falsely being suppressed, they have real value, and even during times of inflation, they will hold value (not their true value until a complete reset, but a value none the less).


Bullion feels like a secure investment, but you may want to consider smaller quantities, i.e. 10 1oz coins versus a 10oz brick (in the event you want to use it for barter or currency). Cryptos feel and look as though you can make some real return on your investment, BUT you need to really watch market fluctuations, and when things start to peak set some kind of guidelines for yourself to cash out (I see a big peak, and then a drop on a saw-tooth graph). I get with cryptos some of the biggest challenge is to know when to walk away as the gains can be real, but the crash is very real too. I get to be really cautious toward the end of summer (August) through fall (October?). Cryptos are not a "set it and forget it" type of investment.

Ultimately a gold backed world currency still looks to emerge (gold backed crypto???). It will be electronic (not tangible) and people will be encouraged to convert to this currency. It has a taxable and trackable component like nothing we have seen before (transaction taxes??). The IMF (???) looks to control it, but lets China be the administrator of it (this is why China is so determined to stock piles of gold to prove solvency). I get that having two entities, the IMF and China involved, it creates a better checks and balances when compared to current structures of currency. Individual countries don't look as though they are forced to relinquish their monetary system, but international trade will be done with this newer form of currency. Slowly the individual forms of money will become inconvenient (discouraged), and eventually a single form of money will dominate.

Jim Sinclair
When I tune into Armstrong, I do get he was very brilliant at seeing patterns and predicting economic trends. I also get that because of his success many people looked to him for advice and insight. The PTW (Powers That Were) knew he had a following, and used fear and a hope of release from jail as a way to make a deal with Armstrong. I get that he did spread some disinfo (or enough to leave people feeling confused or less confident in their decisions).

I do see the value of gold and silver resetting to rates taking inflation into consideration (creating a true value). It does look quick and steady (doesn't pop overnight and stay at that value), but looks like a teeter todder on a graph (precious metals increase as the dollar decreases). In looking at this, I would describe the value reset similar to a saw tooth graph as well. It looks as though this precious metal reevaluation occurs at the same time the cryptos start to crash (and the new money system is released). People lose confidence in electronic money due to the volatility, and those that have money to invest want to possess something solid and secure (and want to hold a tangible asset).

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-
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Raymond said...

Does it feel like it will be happening to us anytime soon ? Will it happen in the next 3 years or is it longer term; like ten years?

Can China be trusted with the administration ? They don't have the same standards as the West with respect to Accounting Standards and Transparency.

Thanks for your blog Lynn!

Neeraj Chadha said...


Thanks for the reading. According to Q an anonymous military insider, July will be the month when the world will discover the truth. Is Q correct & if yes then how the truth will impact our world?

Neeraj Chadha said...

Interesting development happened recently i.e Mexico Election. Anti- Establishment, Anti Globalist leader by the name won Obrador. Jim Stone Freelance Journalist made very interesting comment on his website - " The New World Order and NAFTA were the dream of Bush, remember that! Trump killing Nafta is a strike against the New World Order, and Obrador is definitely good enough to negotiate an alternate deal that is actually good for both countries.If Obrador pulls Mexico totally out of the "New World Order", it is going to F*** the NWO plan irreparably."


What do you see? How future will play out for humanity? Thanks

Raymond said...

This morning, China manipulated their currency to drop in value against the dollar.
The idea is that if Trump places tariffs against China, then China will devalue their currency against the dollar to match the tariffs. Their yuan does not float like other currencies such as the $Dollar, Euro and others...

So what is going to happen if they 'manage' the new currency? Can they be trusted? Will they manipulate it to the advantage of China at the expense of everyone else?

Thanks Lynn!

King of Pentacles said...

Thank you very much, Lynn. How do you define tangible assets? Home (real estate), gold and silver and also stocks even if the nowadays are held in electronic form (no longer paper)?

Moonflower Ice said...

I still wish that, one day, humanity will work for the common good by choice. It won't be money or material self-gain that will drive us. Instead, we can work because it benefits many.

There are people who relinquish the use of money and continue living. I resonate with why they do this; they have multiple reasons with very similar core ideas. They stop living with money for their spiritual journey. The way I see it, money is a form of external motivation, and can distract us from the actual value of one's work. And many occupations won't be done if not for being paid for doing them.

At the very least, I dream of a world where people care for each other enough that it won't matter what currency we use. People won't go hungry, we'll have a place to live... Such is the ultimate utopian ideal.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi and Thanks!
1)Politelly Dutch PM says NO to Trump (watch:
Trump pretends being unique wih his war on tariffs, but Bush Jr. failed when trying to impose high trade barriers on steel back in 2002. The EU also has clever lawyers and they forced the US to lower theyr import taxes (pretty selective memory you have guys, sorry!).
2)Two weeks ago China announced a 34 billion import tax rise (
3) Canada a former ally now also faces trade war with US...
4) Weird retalliation on Harley Davidson for outsourcing assembly line which sells bikes to the EU (thats due to Trumps import tax raising policy, everybody can see this! Harley's CEO has to explain his actions to the company's share holders not to Trump who now tries to bend the law against them).
5) Mexico next?
One does not need to be a Psychic to see that Trump is doing a big favor to the next democrat candidate running for the WH!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Had to chime in on this one...

Do you know what will pass for currency on the 4d earth: EGGS!

Much more practical.

King of Pentacles said...

I better start hoarding eggs then ...

Neeraj Chadha said...

The Digital Currency Research Lab at the People's Bank of China has filed more than 40 patent applications so far all as part of an aim to create a digital currency combining the core features of cryptocurrency and the existing monetary system. The ultimate goal, according to PBoC's patents, is to "break the silo between blockchain based cryptocurrency and the existing monetary system" so that the digital currency can sport cryptocurrency-like features, while being widely used in the existing financial structure.

The Gold Backed World Currency is coming, check the below article for more:-

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments!

It does feel to happen soon. I would say we will see a huge shift in the next year.

I too feel a little worried about transferring this responsibility to China... We need a checks and balances, but not sure that is the right solution...