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Q. Hi Lynn, Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but lately I have been coming across a lot of articles about Elvis

Did Elvis really die in 1977? I have read that Elvis had a younger brother named Franklin who died of cancer, and he was used to fake the death of Elvis.

Also, there is a man named Pastor Bob Joyce which people are saying is Elvis. He definitely looks like Elvis, has the same mannerisms, walks, talks like him and definitely sings like him. I have attached a link of Pastor Joyce singing American Trilogy

Is there any truth in this Facebook page

Is what Priscilla says in this video (“it’s exactly what he said the other day” in 2005) an honest mistake?

Thank you for your time Lynn.
A.  I spent some time focused on this after looking at the YouTube links (to get in the energy of this person) I do get that Elvis needed to fake his disappearance when he did.  Between what he had going on in his personal life, and the expectations he put on himself from his fans, he was full of pressure to perform, act and be a certain way in the public eye.  The pressure ended up being too much, and he needed to escape.   I see him really torn with the decision as he loved performing, but he had made ample money and deep down knew it was he needed either get himself sorted out, or it would be the end of him (I see a doctor telling him if he didn't change his ways he wouldn't be here much longer for his family).  

I get that setting up his own death was what he felt he needed to do.  Close family assisted him, and shortly after I see he went to a rehab center under a false identity to try to put himself back together.  He felt he needed the time and attention of an in-patient facility to help him get his health, addictions and mental state back on track.  In this facility he leaned on faith to get him through and stay strong.

When I look at the actual funeral, I see an empty casket.  (I'm not sure if this is literal or symbolic of something).  I cannot connect to a younger sibling being in the casket or taking his place.  This feels more like a play that was set up for the public eye versus reality.  ???

Taking this a step further and looking at Pastor Joyce, I do feel a connection, but something also feels off too.  There is a tie between the two, and even though he is flattered to be compared to Elvis (because I get he is indeed Elvis), he doesn't want his identity blown.  I get in talking with him, he may say little things, but he will not confirm it to anyone.  There is this thing that he loves and reminisces about the old Elvis life and performing, it was also a dark time too and a lot of it was suppressed.  He used religion to help him through his dark time and to find his way- that was his inspiration for going into theology. 

I do get that he and Priscilla do keep in contract.  She didn't misspeak, but rather slipped up.  

Elvis feels to be doing well.  He still has a love of singing, performing and helping people.  Love and light to him and his family as he truly does try to help people and be a positive influence on their lives.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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One World Society said...

He's alive!

Randy Atlantis said...

Elvis would have been 86 if he was alive today. Pastor Bob looks 65 if that. imo

Robert Schoen said...

Elvis always struck me as great comedy, like Michael Jackson, where the idolatry and fakeness surrounding them was more fascinating that their talent as entertainers. You can tell the pastor's not Elvis because of his close set eyes while Elvis's are wide apart. I do believe Elvis had a twin brother that looked like him but with a more pug nose who went in the army while he did movies. They use twins a lot when they make someone big so they have a backup. Miles Matheson wrote a great study on this.

I think he faked his death and was for a time an Elvis imitator, the perfect cover he could pop in and out of. John Lennon did the same and you can see in in "LEt him Be" a movie with him playing himself (wearing a rubber nose) hiding out. They did kill the 27 club members but a lot of music stars faked their deaths including M Jackson.

A really funny mock-documentarty "Elvis Found Alive" is hysterical and really well done and claims he's been undercover working for the FBI fighting Bill Ayers, Obama, and drugs. You can see it free on Amazon prime.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you guys for sharing this. I will say there was some disconnect that I mentioned, but it felt tied to not finding out or admitting truth (maybe I didn't understand it right and this is a relative????). Interesting perspectives!

Buddhist Lady said...

Well...Elvis or not...I would have liked a dad like Bob (minus the pastor role) singing Elvis around the house. Add a brother like Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) or Eddie Cochran or Carl Perkins playing guitar around the house (or maybe a sis like Wanda Jackson)!!!!!

Denise Christensen said...

Wow, this one threw me! Their voices sound the same to me but is Bob the Pastor old enough to be Elvis?

I would love to believe that Elvis didn't OD but rather got clean and escaped the madding crowd. As a child I always felt in my gut that he hated the "idolatry and fakeness" (to borrow Robert Schoen's as-usual eloquent words) and yearned to be closer to God the Creator. Michael Jackson too, for that matter. They were sensitive artists and beautiful souls in my book (call me a sap, I don't mind).

tara said...

The way people look as they age is deceptive, who knows where he went first when he dropped off radar, he may have been somewhere that sorted out all his internal/medical woes. Dark hair and eyes like elvis they keep their look young quite late in life, depends on genes. I know people of 90 that could pass for 60. Its a lottery but maybe when he vanished he had extra help of unclassified type.

tara said...

BTW years ago when I first had the internet at home, I'd experiment a lot with randoms searches. I discovered a number of sites that help people disappear so they can get a new life. wow.

Astrolofting said...
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Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the comments!

@Astro: I am happy to add that to my list. Thanks.

Watchand Knock said...

@Randy Atlantis your remark is 100% correct but plz be aware that some "Liberals" like to Flip-Flop on free speech as this article points out. Here they like most those sheep followers who never question anything... ( Thanks!

haydeeally said...

I superimposed both pshotos using Photoshop. Turned the last one to the direction of the first one, and dissolved it lightly so as to see the previous one.Surprise: THEY FIT!!!!!!