Monday, June 18, 2018

Tucson Camp

Q.   The following questions / comments are a few I have received regarding the camp in Tuscon.  I wanted to take a look and see what I could get when I tapped in to this area:

⤑I have followed the Tuscon camp and it looks to me that this was not a child trafficking location, but instead a spot migrants stopped at after crossing the border. Craig Sawyer came out and said his first instincts were incorrect and a great YouTuber, Unirock has chronicled the issue.

Still we all know it's a huge issue that seems to be making out to the mainstream despite the efforts of the PTW (Powers That Were). That's just the time they could set up something that turns out to be false to discredit us. I guess I've been burned before with these sort of operations. If this camp is "false flag" that gets discredited later tells me we are close two the truth and they are working overtime to set up a narrative.

⤑I got first impression that this was a real child trafficking camp. And I still do. Further, I get that the locals are involved in it, as one can't do something this bad and big without people noticing.  I feel they are working overtime to bury, burn, plow it under, purge computer systems, put out false stories, threaten those who disclose, and get things to discredit it into Snopes and other fact checkers. If they are not successful at burying it, it could be the crack that breaks the dam wide open and the cesspool will drain.

⤑Many people who went there to help are camping on private land with the landowners' permission. Ranchers have been killed by the traffickers and gangs. It used to be a few hundred migrants a year, and the locals would help them when they could. Now it's tens of thousand if not more. Someone mentioned watching a long livestream and at some point they spoke with homeless people who said they didn't go near that area because it was so dangerous. Personally I think there was some truth to the situation but some individuals tried to turn it into a psyop. 
A. When I focus on this, I get that there is some darker activity going on.  It feels like a "multi use" area for criminal activities.  It looks like the PTW knew of this, protected it and tried to keep it going as they used this as a revenue stream.  I see this being used like an underground railroad for drug mules coming to and from the US, and also pathway for human trafficking. 

It also has a complexity to it, as it appears that there was some kind of a schedule and toll paid to the PTW for it's use.  When traffickers were using the space, the drug mules weren't, and vice versa.  Some weeks were dedicated to the mules, and some weeks for to the traffickers to move people and product in and out of the country.  I hear the PTW don't like to mix business. 

I get the gang members were funded by the PTW to keep this area clear and out of the public eye.  This "protection" was covered in the "toll" that was paid for it's use.  Gangs would "hang out" in the area to make it less desirable (even "unsafe") to keep people away.  The crime and and dangerous activity was in some way encouraged as a way to disguise this place from the public, and even the police. 

The PTW are very upset their operation is being stalled.  They are trying to quiet this story, and create confusing and conflicting stories so people don't know what to believe.  In the meantime, they are destroying and tampering with the evidence to prevent connections from being made with political and high government members. 

[Please take a moment and put the intent out there that the officials will collect the proper evidence before the PTW have a chance to destroy it.  I do see that some of the evidence is still remaining, it just needs uncovered (I specifically see a note written by a little girl tucked at the foot of a fence..)  Even though some of the officials have been approached and bribed, there are still some good ones out there that can expose this.] 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Robert Schoen said...

I really get the feeling these horror story days are coming to an end, at least as far as the deep state enabling and running of these types of operations. They really do hate humanity and that such monstrous acts make them special. I feel a wave sweeping over the planet of a new awareness that people can change what they've been forced to accept.

I also get that our collective thoughts prayers and hope for a better world is working and that it is just a matter of time before those who've been fooled, refusr to admit they could be wrong or are afraid of becoming social outcasts for not going along with the propaganda program and old way of thinking will start to see the light as things continue to get better. Pray for the victims families.

AL233 said...

Do you think someone got to Craig Sawyer? His dismissal of the story influenced my opinion.

Carol said...

Thank you Lynn for making this more rings true to me!!!

Carlene said...

Maybe a connection?

Carol said...

Yes, I agree Craig Sawyer did a complete flip.....maybe they threatened him some how??? He is suppose to having a series come on Netflix???

Buddhist Lady said...

I'd like to contribute a song I've been learning (my spirit guides are telling me that my voice has frequencies needed now...just to sing for people around me...nothing fancy). I like Elvis' version (I've listened to maybe 15-16 versions). I've stripped the song of Christian connotations so the spirituality can be enjoyed by everyone (5D Ascension believers, etc.). But here's the version I like so far...but with a heavier beat and some blues riffs.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments! I too really think this stuff is coming to an end. The awareness is becoming too great that it is difficult for people to ignore..

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks, but how do you guys spell the name? Is it Tuscon or Tucson? :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

You got me! I looked at this 100 times and never realized it was spelled wrong. Thanks for calling me out. :-)

Watchand Knock said...