Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chinese Social Credit Score

Q.  Lynn,  What is going on in China?  I recently heard of a system they are using called a "Social Credit Score."  I saw a story of a man who could not travel outside the country because his score wasn't "high enough."  There are installing cameras, spying on everyone, and without due process, there is little the people can do.  Can you please look into this?  I'm afraid this will spread as a way to spy on everyone.  Thanks.

A.  When I look at this I see some very distinct paths emerging for the citizens of China.  For those that are fearful and are in survival mode (most of the population), they will become compliant.  They (the government) will monitor what they say and do in order to maintain control.  The people look to buy into this reward system in that if you "behave" and are a model citizen, you will continue to live as you have been.  Having surveillance and privacy being breached will be accepted as part of life and they will become numb to it.  One of the side effects of living this way looks to be passive behavior being passed on to future generations, which is the goal and agenda of the Chinese government.  (Note:  I hear the phrase to "always remember the root words of government, govern=control and ment=mental/mind.)

The challenge is for those that don't even realize they have breached some kind of rule or behavior, and find themselves banned from something (like travel or a loan).  These people are used as an example to show "what will happen to you if you do not obey."  I get the guidelines of what is permitable are very strict (so strict that as word gets out people will be afraid to do anything, even something so simple as having an opinion).  This also opens the opportunity for the government to "change the rules" to fit their current agenda or plan for the time being.

Then there are people that will test and try to defy the system.  This group looks much smaller, but still emerges.  The people are basically powerless against it as there is no true "due process" or legal system that supports the challenge, but few will try.  I just don't see much success.

Lastly is the scariest group (well scary for the government).  I get you can only control people for so long before people start to stand up for their rights.  I'm told "the look of how people stand up can take many different forms."  Eventually a group starts to form that "appears" to be the perfect citizen, but they are passively planning a way around this or a way to take it down.  I keep hearing the phrase "District 13" from the Hunger Games. It will be a slow process, and a few years in the making, but looks to be inevitable in our current timeline.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Bee E-lightened said...

Humans are being treated worst than animals, meaning animals can roam wherever, namely birds, unless humans hinder/kill/capture them. Humans are the worst

Karoline said...

So China has their own agenda as well? Does it coincide with U.S. agenda?, or is there a top dog that watches all countries agendas?

SMG said...

I heard the Chinese Government harvest and sell human organs from slained political prisoners.
Lynn can you see if this is true ?

Unknown said...


"I heard the Chinese Government harvest and sell human organs from slained political prisoners.
Lynn can you see if this is true ?"

You don't need psychic powers to know all about this truly depraved facet of Communism. This has been going on for decades, and has been widely reported even in mainstream news. The UN formed a committee to investigate it, and there is a movie about it called "Human Harvest".

Buddhist Lady said...

Does anyone else feel like the Solstice hit them like a truck? This is ridiculous.

Bee E-lightened said...

You can bet the american govt is deep in it too

Amelia said...

@Buddhist Lady ..Yes!! Especially the couple days prior. I walked into my regular Trader Joe's usually full of vibrant, happy, and talkative employees, only to see that everyone appeared and behaved as if they had been hit by a truck and in need of a serious siesta/nap. Normally chatty people were barely even saying hi. I'm talking everyone in the area, uniformly. Had I not felt similar energy personally prior, I may have thought the entire store had just received terminal news and facing some kind of doom & gloom pertaining to every customer and employee in the store.

Overall, the entire 6 weeks prior has seemed like a roller coaster of energy where as soon as we seemingly recover from a few days of feeling an unrelentless need to lay down on the spot and sleep midday or whenever (comparable to effects of post Benedryl), we find ourselves thrust back into another wave again. I have had all the different symptoms at varying times recently, including incredible lethargy at odd or unusual frequency, muscle achiness/ heavy limbs, overwhelming emotion, light headedness or a ditzy feeling, incredibly memorable and intense dreams, calm surrender, lots of seeing things out of the corner of my eye, flashes of light, energetic sky, intuitive nods, and most notably, random jumps in time, both speeding up and slowing down of time, a great need for lots of rest and sleep for the last few weeks and May in particular. If it weren't for my training regarding Reiki attunement natural detox process I might have thought I was losing it.

If specific symptoms or emotions come up out of the blue, remind yourself that they are just things coming up to be released.. acknowledge them, bless them, and allow them to be on their way. Take it easy, be kind to yourself, and drink lots of water!!

Hope said...


Gee! I have half of your symptoms but I thought I was catching up with my age! :)

I even dreamed that I saw a UFO flying in the night sky and a bright light suddenly approached me. I was expecting to see an alien but instead the rest of the dream was confusing and it didn't make sense. From that dream, I understood that I was supposed to apprehend the message given. But alas, nope as everything happened so fast.

Anyway, I make get back fast on my two feet instead of blaming it on my age! Hahaha!

Thanks Lynn for this post. Do you foresee the Chinese govt fledgling its muscle worldwide and replace the PTW ?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! Yes, we did have some energy warps come through, but it looks to level out now (mine felt like my perception of time was completely off!). Thank you for sharing and remember to focus on being grounded. Hugs!

Amelia said...

Haha, great reply, thank you! 😊 It's so easy to blame other things when we have no proof otherwise.. but the confirmation always helps! I am a cross between "I still feel like the same kid I've always been," to looking in the mirror saying, "Who's that old woman?!" Such is life! ;)

Amelia said...

Time has been so off lately!!