Friday, June 15, 2018

Health: Physical, Mental and Spiritual

Q. Is there a spiritual advantage to being a vegetarian, or does it even matter?
A. I get it really depends on the person as there is no "Universal" rule.  I'm always reminded that it is the intent behind the consumption that is most important.  Meaning, if you have gratitude for the life force given to you, and express thanks for the food, it will serve you well. 

Some people in general feel better when they reduce animal protein from their diet, but that has more to due with the ability for your body's resources to be allocated in other areas (such as healing and detoxing).  Animal protein does take a lot to process, especially for the liver.  Just be mindful that protein is important, so you need to consume it in other forms if you do eliminate meat (and soy is NOT a good replacement). 

Other people may feel worse eliminating animal proteins.  This can be due to not enough other protein resulting in fatigue and a poor mood.  It can also be part of a detox that occurs when meat is eliminated. 

All people are unique, so do what makes you feel like your best self.  Just remember, a moment of gratitude before every meal can mean everything.

Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering about illness / diseases / conditions.  Do other ET groups also get sick or is it unique to humans / earth life? Our DNA was spliced and modified by the aliens.  If they have that kind of ability, they should also have the ability to remove all 'disease-causing genes'.  Or perhaps they are the ones who planted these disease-causing genes? If so, why? Or again, is the reality of illness / diseases inherent to 3D life? If so, do other 3D civilizations outside earth also experience this phenomenon called disease / illness? Thanks.
A.  I see two things with this.  In our 3D life, dis-ease is part of our world, and creates opportunities to learn and grow through experience (even if the experience is viewed as 'bad" it is still experience).  It is a necessary component to this reality. 

Also with the existence of disease, is the spiritual opportunity to learn the infancy stages of healing ourselves.  Many miracles (or what seems to be miracles) have been witnessed.  These diseases help to open and strengthen the gateway to spirituality (which is further accepted and expanded upon in the 4D).  The higher 3D beings such as light workers and healers emerge, and dis-ease shows them how to manifest a different reality by teaching others the power of intent, thought patterns and belief in Source. 

Q. Hello,  Is taking ormus or monoatomic gold a DNA healer / frequency increase / pineal gland stimulant? Or is it a tool by the cabal to mess with our DNA in order to keep us in the 3D with them. 
Thank you for all you do!

A.  I get a little of this is ok, and can have some very productive effects on the pineal gland, but too much can be toxic.  It does feel like a powerful element, and you should do your research before taking.  I also get that IF you decide to experiment with it, it is best done in cycles (one month on and one week off, for example).  I also get that some headaches can be a normal part of the pineal opening process, but they should not be debilitating and could be a sign that you have too much of this in your system.  

Q.  Hi Lynn,  Below is a link to a webinar that provides a good introduction to the Emotion Code and Energy Code founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Recently (through synchronicity) I met a practitioner of this new healing modality so have had firsthand experience with this revolutionary new healing system. I can personally vouch for its efficacy as I've experienced a profound shift in my own physical and emotional well-being since trying it. I would be interested for you to do a reading on it as I feel that it is a real game-changer in the way we "think of" and treat disease and will be of benefit to many people who are desperately searching for answers to health concerns after having exhausted other avenues.
Thanks and blessings to you!

A.  I too see this as a great way to approach healing.  Tapping into and looking at energy fields is a great way to access current and past traumas.  Many times these traumas can manifest into physical symptoms if they are not dealt with and purged.  Clearing a field and healing in this way can most definitely transform a person.  He does feel real, honest and sincere with his technique.  This is worth exploring to see how it resonates within you as an effective modality of healing. 

Q. How effective is tideglusib for restoring human teeth from damage by cavities or external trauma?
A. I get it depends on the severity of the cavity or trauma (are the nerves involved or it is close to the nerve?).  In the event that the damage or cavity is more superficial, it looks to be effective, but in more severe cases, I cannot see it making that much improvement.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have a question regarding this supplement. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula. "The Ultimate in Immune System Support This product represents 4Life's highest level of immune system support." This product was recommended for a family member that had cancer. The reviews on amazon are amazing. I've taken it before, and I remembered I didn't get sick that year. Does this supplement really give what it says?

A.  I get with a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes, this can be really effective at promoting and maintaining health.  It doesn't feel like a "magic" potion, you will need to put effort into your health, but looks to be a great supplement to allow natural healing to occur. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 
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The Sharing Bridge said...

Nice info today! I have been so interested in the spiritual association with food since I read James Redfield's, Celestine Prophecy. In his book, James suggests the plants scream when they are cut. Whether I believed that or not, it gave me a moment of pause. I asked, why do we pray before a meal? And then, there is the Native American Culture that holds traditions of gratitude prayers around their food source - hunted or picked.

I love this compilation of Bashar (Darryl Anka), Abraham Hicks (Esther Hicks) and the Pleiadians (our ET Brothers & Sisters) on the same topic Lynn covered on Vegetarianism:

I am also aware of the Medical Medium giving us his take on food and health. I am cautious to jump in and believe everything he gets is of pure source all the time, enough to write books and create the following he has to date. I think the take away is - LISTEN to your OWN intuition FIRST! Then educate yourself and collect the facts tempered with an intutitves reception on the same topic. Good stuff!

Raymond said...

I believe that there is something special about buildings and other items designed to Sacred Geometry, Pi, Phi, 3,6,9, and the Fibonacci Sequence.

I wonder if there are any foods that have the same design as sacred geometry and might have additional benefits beyond nutrition?

Thanks Lynn!

Denise Christensen said...

Great reading, Lynn! Thank you so much.

I like your description of disease as being a gateway to our spirituality. It's not surprising that so many people talk about their illness as being the best thing that ever happened to them because it offered them a more expanded awareness and deeper appreciation for life.

Anita Moorjani (author of "Dying to Be Me")offers an interesting perspective on how she would deal with her illness if she ever got really sick again. For her, it would be less about taking in all the latest health tips (she calls them "dogmas") and more about letting go of what is not her, or saying no to what makes her feel overly burdened. I think for her, having already experienced an enlightened state through her NDE, she came to the profound realization that healing has more to do with our state of consciousness than any earthly remedies (as helpful as they might be).
Here's the link if anyone's interested:

icqgirl - ice - said...

Hi Lynn. Just dropping by to thank you for your reading!

Still loyally following your blog after all these years. :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and sharing. I really do appreciate it!!