Friday, June 8, 2018

Mystery of Language, Ley Lines, Hawaiian God Pele, Kilauea Eruption

Q. Hi Lynn, this is a blog request. Could you do a reading about the energy of English (the language)? Also about Spanish. What is the energy of those languages?
A. English has been so manipulated, that is has been turned into a "spell casting" device.  "Old English" started pure, and the PTW (Powers That Were) got a hold of it, and changed it to their benefit.  The energy used to feel rich and pure, and now it is full of mind tricks.  

To those that don't see what is happening, our language keeps us weak.  It starts young with children (i.e. learning "spell (casting) words"). We reinforce the PTWs wishes daily through our dialogue (which sounds grammatically incorrect if your say things any other way), telling people to have a good "weak-end" and good "mourning."  We go to work, and after the "weak" is done we "urn" our paycheck.  We are slaves to the system, working and "urning," buying and consuming, with retirement ages being further and further into the future (just the way the PTW want it).  When the etymology of our language is studied there are hundreds of examples of how we speak to one another in the course of our day.  

Spanish feels mostly pure (and a little raw), but also direct.  The language, even though it does feel to have a mix of other languages in its' infancy, feel to be direct and clear at the message.  

[As a side note, when I first read this question and thought on it, I felt upset at our language and what has been done do it.  It is difficult, even with being mindful, to avoid certain words and phrases.  I even make a point to say Have a Happy Friday versus Have a Good "Weakend", etc.  I have thought and done readings on this before, and I have realized that our intent adds so much to what we say.  If you are saying something with kindness and love, it is given or received with a high vibration.  Be mindful when you can, but more importantly, have positive intent in your message.]    

Q.  Hello Lynn,  When people talk about ley lines and energy lines, they usually include remarks about enlightenment and positive experiences. Are there energy lines that create bad experiences or bad feelings?
A.  I get there are no naturally occurring ley lines or energy lines that are negative.  There are "man made" portals that are negative and hold a negative space, but are directed to the sky, and not Mother Gaia.

Q.  The volcano in Hawaii is supposedly protected by 'Pele', a local god.  Many people have reported bad experiences when they have removed rocks and other souvenirs from the volcano. In 1935 they tried bombing the volcano to stop the flow of lava. It stopped, but it was more likely a coincidence. Several weeks later, several of the pilots died in a training accident.

Does Pele' exist? Is the volcano protected by a god with consciousness or all these events just a coincidence and a nice story?  Thanks!

A. Things happen because they need to happen.  It could be fate, karma, the universe finding balance, part of a life lesson or a combination of the above.  I get that Pele' does exist, and he works to protect Mother Gaia.  

The 1935 bombing did stop the flow of lava, but the people that stopped it were later killed. It was as if the volcano erupted, the life path of the pilots were to stop the lava, and they then were led to an early death (to which the agreed to at the time of incarnation).  Their death worked through the god, Pele'.

Q.  Hi Lynn, Looking at the recent example of the Kilauea eruption, curiosity struck me about the hows & whys being attributed to this natural event and maybe others that eventually follow.

On Kauilapele's Blog, KP posts the likes of Ben Fulford and QAnon and even GaiaPortal which attribute the volcanic eruption to nefarious acts. Others like Tom T Moore, who I glean important information from, irrespective of the fact he has not met up with his extraterrestrial source to date, comments for Mother Earth's soul/spirit Gaia who said she is merely moving magma to build up the island of Hawaii. It's interesting because some inituitives say we do not have weather technology sophisticated enough to make targets (I am thinking Pamela Aaralyn) and others say we are well beyond advancement in these areas.

What is going on here in terms of reality?  Are all of these tellings true in some respect based on the readers point of view? What can we learn from these seemingly different readings on the same subject from various communicators? I am betting the number one takeaway is to learn to discern from your own inner truth but I am looking for an answer that leads to more truth telling about this Earth Experiment construct?

Thanks again for your dedication to this blog and the work you are putting out there!  Cheers!
A.  In looking at all this, I will say that everyone sees and understands things differently.  We all have spiritual gifts, and some of those gifts are stronger in one person verses another (one may have strong intuition, while someone else may have clear clairvoyance, etc).  When I tune into a situation, and see, feel, hear, smell or even taste what I get, someone else cannot come in and fully interpret what I get.  Likewise, I cannot fully read someone else's vision and get the same result.  Most times the truth lies where the readings or messages overlap.  Then, take what overlaps and run it through your own intuitive checks and balances.  If nothing seems to overlap or make sense, then it is up to you to trust your intuitive instinct to determine what really rings true to you.  Your inner self (subconscious) will guide you.

HAARP Rainbow
When I tune into this, I see that Mother Gaia is expelling a build-up of energy. The earth, like any living thing, absorbs energy from the sun.  Energy isn't created or destroyed, therefore; it is stored in the core of the earth.  After so much buildup, the energy needs released.  This is done via earthquakes, volcanoes of both.  In this situation it was the eruption of Kilauea.  The result will be a buildup of the island, but that is secondary to the main goal of releasing the energy.

It is true that the ability to control and manipulate weather exists.  If the PTW wanted to erupt this volcano, they could (even though when I see them manipulating HAARP, their images manifest as children that don't fully understand what they are doing, but know enough to be dangerous).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Bee E-lightened said...

I love when nature shows us, humans, whos in charge

Watchand Knock said...

A happy Friday (!) to all!


It annoys me when I hear people say "Yeah--no". Also infuriating is "It's almost like". If you look up the definition of literally, it literally says that for informal use it means figuratively. Yeah,no,it literally blows my mind. It's almost like words are meaningless. It's almost like we should literally
say what we mean and mean what we say. You know what I mean?

Domestic Goddess said...

Hope you could read into the back to back suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, both by hanging. Kate Spade used a red scarf and so did Chris Cornell who used a red band.

Domestic Goddess said...

Asia Argento who spilled the beans on Harvey weinstein was Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend.

mosmos said...

Ok But why do non-englsh speaking nations also operate in the same way? Even if they're not under the 'spell' of the eng language?

Robert Schoen said...

I am completely in awe of the force of nature display on the Big Island, which seems largely ignored when it should be almost the primary focus of the world's attention, as Bee says, reminding us of who is in charge. As horrendous as the displaced lives in Hawaii, Guatamala and other areas of the world suffering earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters which may be cause by expansion connected to an upcoming shift of consciousness, we should be contemplating why all these events in different areas all seem to be happening at the same time. Maybe the media ignores them to keep our attention focused on relatively petty stories and distractions.

It will be interesting to see how the English language continues to evolve as it takes on new words like dotard, spam, and hashtag.

Conrado said...

Hey Lynn, great topics. And very interesting things related to the "power" of languages.
would have anything to talk about the german language?

I, somehow by instinct, feel amazed by the german language (hochdeutsch), it's like if it was "powerful". And I think it maybe linked to some mind atribute. There are a high concentration of the most notorious scientists, mathematicians, physicists, philosophers as persons that have german as a native spoken language. All these "intelectual" things seems to develop pretty well with them.

EA RW said...

Maybe the reason behind the manipultation of the english language is that it has to work in law.
By todays standards every body is by definition a "person". What do you mean with that and what are you saying? that I'm a corporate body or corporation with legal rights?
Just like you thinking that you are "the name". I'm sorry but you don't own the legal name. It's a mindtrick. You have given up by consent.

Raymond said...

If Pele exists was he created ? Is he an angel worshiped as a god? Or does he exist as a tulpa, when so many people believe in his existence that he was created from
'thought energy'?

Martin Armstrong created a software program with 31,000 variables that predicts social and economic trends. It's amazingly accurate. He suggested last year that 2018 would be a big year for volcanoes. He is a super smart guy.

Thanks Lynn !

Serene said...

StillDistilling....I call those "interim words," phrases people say as their mulling over other ideas. Also it's part of the language we hear growing up. The meaning of the words aren't heard anymore, still the sounds remain familiar and become part of everyday language.

Old soul said...

If you look up her instagram page, she's a really scary dark soul. I feel as if she influenced him, maybe not deliberately but her dark energy weakened this already weak man.

Old soul said...
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Old soul said...

What energy do you get from the Polish language? It's one of the hardest languages to learn (as a native speaker I struggle with it haha). Is this language being manipulated as well?

Serene said...

Yes Lynn I would absolutely love to hear your brief take on the German language! xoxo Serene

The Sharing Bridge said...

Nice combo of questions! Ok, interesting regarding #2. Here is a vid on how to discern by Gigi Young and another she recently posted on her Insta act June 10th. Some may want to dig into her stuff too:

Psychic Red Flags

I get that some intuitive folks are more focused on the conspiracy-line-of-thinking, while others choose not to go there. They may stay on a path toward spirituality/metephysics - and then there are so many more paths or lines of inquiry that require focused intention in that direction. Maybe there are degrees of gifts - ability to hear/feel/touch/see and maybe there is a range of folks who have it dialed in for a cleaner, more clear messages? And maybe there are many things going on cocurently and its a matter of tuning into that radio station? Maybe they are all true? Sounds good to me.

My belief is Mama Earth is letting off steam that is transformed energy that we, or others, or for other reasons, came to be in the form of a natualy manifested event. It is pretty spectacular to watch a historic event like this unfold. I had a friend lose three homes on the Big Island so I understand how deeply humans have been affected too. He is keeping a high vibe view of the whole situation. :)

Thank you for the blog entry.

The Sharing Bridge said...

Regarding the line of discussion around AB> Here is a Tarot Reader/Inutitive doing a reading on him and his passing:

Psychic Reading - Anthony Bourdain - Why Did He Commit Suicide

I always find a dip into the intuitive world can be so telling and/or help us think in different ways - outside of the box. I agree with the intuitive reader in this video when he says that it is a bit early for a reading with Anthony, especially considering a potential suicide (lots of emotional clutter), but when he asks Tony's ancestors - we get a better reading. Let's see if any of this pans out or comes to light... it's long. The Intuitive did a thorough job asking the questions ... Correction: Anthony has a daughter not a son (child). Do read the comments section, One mentions friends comments on Cuomo last night, another tells us his recent gf is a red witch-whatever that means, another comments that the intuitive read the cards too quickly and they could point to suicide, murder or both. Another mentions AB astro chart predicted money woes and problems with the wrong kind folks - mob or otherwise?! You decide for yourself and may be Lynn will do a reading in the weeks to come!!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! I'm just getting a chance to get caught up. :-)

I did find the suicides rather odd... I definitely think there is more to this story and is worth a reading...

@Mosmos: It changes the collective consciousness by influencing large groups. When the collective alters, it alters all of us. That is why I like to create an awareness.

@Raymond: Thanks for the info!

@Serene: The German language does feel very strong and direct. I don't see too many handprints put on it.

@Sharing Bridge: Thank you for sharing this!

Haley Carey said...

I see "weekend" as a good thing. It is the end of the weak, the beginning of the strong.