Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Group Post: 4D Earth, Religion, Body, Time, Education and Something Just for Fun (Yanny vs Laurel)

4D Earth:
Q.  According to the book Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus described a major earth shift that would happen in (described using astrology) October 24, 2029. The map indicating the result of the flood is described here: http://www.to-en.gr/Nostradamus/p09.1_en.htm. Is this related to the birth of the 4D earth? Can you look at this and tell us what you see?
A. When I tune into this, and focus on the future, I see the earth going through a lot of shifts.  Some are energetic, and some are more physical.  I do see true north shifting, and I cannot see that stopping.  That shift will create some flooding and water displacement.  I cannot connect to it being as extreme as shown on the maps, but there will definitely be some flooding (I always see the flooding on the outlying edges and major rivers, such as the Mississippi River).  I also see the earth expelling pockets of energy through quakes and volcanoes which doesn't look to stop.

I don't see this as a 4D thing.  It looks like it is a growth and evolution of the 3D earth and would occur with or without the 4D earth emerging.  

Q. Does The Event include changing of the DNA and activating of more strands? Will the people in the 4D earth be taller, or less solid, or will live longer?

A.  I do see some DNA "upgrades" occurring in the 4D.  People are more spiritual, more grounded and more understanding of their gifts.  THAT alone makes them healthier, happy and have a longer lifespan.  

Q. What’s unique about Earth compared to the rest of the universe?

A.  Earth has an abundance of resources, food and water.  Our atmosphere affords life, and is gentle on most life forms.  We have intelligent life forms, which draws in other ETs.  

Q.  Why are angels portrayed in paintings with a floating halo above their head? Is there a literal circle of light or it only signifies something?

A. I get this signifies enlightenment, and illustrates the light they carry with them.  It doesn't look literal, but rather a depiction of the light they hold, and how it emanates from their crown chakra.  


Q. Why is lactose intolerance more common among Asians?
A. I get that a huge part of survival for North Americans and some other tolerant areas was based on milk and milk bases products.  They developed immunities and enzymes that allowed these milk products to be digested.  This ability was genetically passed down from generation to generation, leaving most people with the ability to have lactose in their diet (even if they have a sensitivity to it, they can digest it in moderation).  

I get Asians didn't have that need in order to survive, so they never developed the enzymes or immunities.  Without the evolution of enzymes, they have become (mostly) intolerant.  

Q.  Are premature births predestined to happen before birth? If yes, is this due to some astrological influences that are important to the incoming soul's personality or some ET race origin?

A. Your birth is predestined.  Many factors come into play such as astrology, and also what you've agreed to prior to reincarnating.  I get that is why astrology can be so accurate because you chose your path and lessons, and the Universe knows the best way to bring you into this world (what sign and alignment will bring you the best chance of tackling your goals).  

Q. Why do some boys start talking later than their girl counterparts?

A.  Men were hunters and fighters, and evolved physically to survive and protect their group.  Women were the nurturers, gatherers and helped to teach and take care of others.  Women needed the fine motor skills of communication to be better at fulfilling their role in society, and that developed to be a strong skill.  Men grew to be strong, and women grew to be communicators (for the most part). 

Q. If the past, present, and future coincides and time is merely a construct on Earth, is it possible for the future to affect or influence the past?

A.  Absolutely.  I get since they are coincide, what happens in one time line can effect the other, or even cause new splits (or events / experiences) to occur.  

Q. What is the significance of the speeding up of the Schumann Resonance?

A.  As it changes, it alters the collective consciousness.  This is an evolution the earth is going through as the 4D develops, and people ascend to the 4D spiritually even though they are physically still here.  

Q.  Considering the push towards Common Core (an example of a parent highlighting the problem with Common Core math: http://media.salon.com/2015/11/ccmath3.jpg), heavy brainwashing (e.g., radical feminism, anti-Trump pro-Hillary narrative, racism), what can regular American citizens do to avoid the PTW’s attempt to dumb down of the American society?

A. School does have its' good qualities, but it is becoming a form of indoctrination.  Some people may do private or home schooling, but that isn't always practical.  Speak up when you can, and monitor what your kids are learning.  Be mindful that learning isn't just what is in books, but it is the culture and influence that is being stressed on your kids at school.  I hear "it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease- be the squeaky wheel!!" Talk to you kids, and show them alternative ways of thinking, and support them when they think outside the box.  

Something Extra Just for Fun...

Q. Lynn, you have probably heard about the audio trick, Yanny vs. Laurel debate. Today a scientist explained that people hear two distinctively different words because they are on different frequencies. Could you focus on this and elaborate on what this indicates about our frequency levels?
A.  I get it has to do with the frame of mind you are in at the time you hear the phrase.  That frame of mind dictates when frequencies are dominant to you.  If you are in a beta brain wave cycle, listening to this will sound like Laurel.  The more distracted and zoned out you are (dipping in an alpha or even theta state) you will hear it as Yanny.  It truly depends of your level of awareness and attentiveness when you hear the words as the frequency of the word will be interpreted differently. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Watchand Knock said...

Hi & thanks! " What's unique to earth"? It's flat.... :)))

A Fox said...

‘Distracted and zoned out’ .. yep that sounds about right, it explains why I always hear Yanny. 😂

Raymond said...

Hello Lynn,

When people were painting halos in Medieval and Renaissance paintings, were they aware of the presence of chakras and auras around people? Especially gold around enlightened people? Or was it a tradition that painters followed without actually knowing why they did it ?

There are different kinds of astrology. Is one more accurate than the others?

Many Thanks for your blog!

Me too said...

I think what people don't see in Common Core is that there are different ways to solve math and it can be a creative field. I happen to decompose number when I add and subtract number, I didn't learn at school but did it myself, when I saw common core it reminded me on how I do it. They still teach the direct way (one way) but people are so hung up on the difference that they forget how there are so many ways to solve a math problem and it's not about solving in 5 or 10 seconds, but learning different ways that can be applied to different scenarios

A Man Called Da-da said...

No, no. Nostradamus predicted the end of eating at certain restaurants BY THE WATER in the future, mostly because of poor health ratings, unimaginative menus, and the over-serving of Seafood Neuberg (which is just old seafood mixed in a heavy cream sauce, ew).

A Man Called Da-da said...

As for Yanny vs Laurel... what does it mean when you hear both names simultaneously? That's what I hear.

Portis said...

Thanks, Lynn. Might be useful to do an update on the 3d to 4d transition (if that is the right word)for those of us who are too dense to get a good handle on it. Sometimes it sounds like a sort of Rapture affecting some individuals, and at other times it sounds like a multi-lifetime process that affects every human on earth. Thanks again.

Buddhist Lady said...

I second Portis request, Lynn, if you have anything to add at this time. I was curious. I believe you wrote that someone could be physically present on 3D earth while "aligning" (or whatever the heck we do as Ascension continues) more into a 4D mode psychically (?), mentally (?), and emotionally (?). You've written many times that you "get" people wilI have to reincarnate in order to live the 4D life proper. If I've interpreted you correctly, what attributes or characteristics would describe such an individual? Chilled out? Etc. Thanks.

Catie said...

About Yanny vs Laurel. When I listened to it on my laptop speakers, I heard Yanny. But when I used a good headset, I heard Laurel. So maybe there is something to the theory that was presented on the page you linked to, that to hear Laural you need the bass frequencies? Laptop and mobile speakers have weak bass most of the time. Still, the whole thing is quite facinating.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: :-)

@Raymond: I feel like they were aware of energies, but didn't have a name for it. There are different types of astrologies- some of the more ancient ones are more accurate, but they have sadly disappeared.

@Dada: Interesting that you heard both... You must be toggling between alpha and beta... We you meditating at the time?

@Portis: Sure. I will say it is not a rapture. It is just an alternative place to reincarnate once you are done in this life. Nothing to fear (this is actually exciting!). You will either come back in 3D to continue learning or 4D when you graduate from this earth. No one is disappearing...

@Buddhist Lady: It has more to do with your way of thinking (openness and ability to free think). Also, are you able to see the world outside of yourself (compassion, empathy, etc). It is more than zoning out. It is seeing things in the big picture.

Catie: Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

PimpMyBrain said...

Did this "laurel vs Yanny" just apply for the people with the english as mother language ? I here a tiny "yanni" at the end, like a high noise, with a "NI" just after the "laurel" ends.

In personal side @Lynn: I was your appointment of this morning (5:30am), but when i send my email yesterday, i didn't receive your usual automatic reply email...so i am a little puzzled if anything was lost of filtred...

Have a nice day everyone !

Hope said...

The first time I played CBS video, I heard "Yanni" followed by "Laurel" and I wasn't meditating. But since then I only hear "Laurel" no matter where I hear it from - whether CBS or Reddit. Kind of weird.

Lynn, do we still have the same countries/continents in the 4D World?


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PimpMyBrain: Sorry I'm just seeing this. I don't feel it only applies to those with english as their first language, but am curious what you all get.

Sorry about the about reply. I am not sure what happened. I will say I have been having trouble with google voice and other email issues, so I suspect it may have been gmail thing.???

@Hope: I do see it being very similar. :-)