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Leonardo Da Vinci

Q. Hi Lynn,  I was wondering, what really happened to Leonardo Da Vinci when he disappeared.  He was out of sight,  completely, gone, and no record of anything by him for a good two years? Was he really taken and trained by extra-terrestrial beings? 

Most of the work he did upon his return was NOTHING like what he had done before - inventions, aerial shots (to precision) of land placements, details of organs, muscles, etc...and then, the mirror imaging on the majority of paintings which showcase the same 'Alien' face, time and time again.

This video is very interesting:

Would love to know your thoughts.  Thank you <3

A. When I tune into this, I get that during this time there was a lot going on politically and socially, and see that Da Vinci was getting a lot of scrutiny for being "controversial."   Da Vinci feels to be known for expressing himself through his art, and using art to say what he couldn't really verbally communicate.  It isn't that he cared too much about what people thought, but it evolved into what felt harassing to him (which bothered him a great deal). 

Things felt to be so heavy and Da Vinci felt like he was close to being in trouble with the law (???), so he decided he needed to take a break and hide from the public eye. He didn't stop creating or drawing.  He just didn't put it out there (I get if you saw his sketch books during this time, they were amazing).  It is true that his perspective changed, but that is because during his time away he began to really focus on his spirituality (looking inward).  In the process of looking inward, and using that as a connection to Source, he had many experiences of astral projection and travel. 

Tapping in the astral plane allowed him to see and experience the world from above.  He took those visuals to create maps and diagrams. His ability to get to a theta state (and even deeper) of meditation helped him to "see" beyond the tangible 3D world and into something more, leading him to inventions and drawings that were ahead of his time.  

He did use mirror writing and hide things in his work.  I get he did this for several reasons.  It was his way of sharing "truth" as he learned it, and he liked being creative.  It was as if he would hide things in cryptic ways, and 'if" you were able to decipher the code, you were worthy of the message.  I hear he liked hiding truth in plain sight.  Something feels like you could not be outspoken during this time, but you could convey subtle messages in this way.  It was also Davinci's way of leaving a legacy.

I cannot see this as an Alien interference, but I do get there was a huge spiritual enlightenment that led him down this path. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light, 
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Robert Schoen said...

Wow.I have always been interested in the art of this period and one of the big curiousities is how secondary artists like Raphael, Andrea del Sarto and Baccio Bandinelli where all great at playing the role of court artists sucking up the PTW of that era have hundreds of works and many important commissions while the two giants Leonardo and Michelangelo had relavitely few surviving works even though they both were internally motivated to produce non-stop ideas and were the true visual philosophers of their day.

Leonardo once said, "The Medici made me and the Medici destroyed me." I believe they tried to do the same to Michelangelo and know that the major document of art history of that era, Giorgio Vasari's "Lives of the Artists" was written then was purely a ghost written political propaganda instrument to cement Midic rule of Duke Cosimo I in 1550 with lots of distortions, omissions, where it lavished praise on the secondary court painters but with artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo, who were considered a political threat because he opposed Medici rule over Florence were superficially praised while being written up as failures for not being able to complete many of their projects.

I suspect that while both Michelangelo and Leonardo may have been forced to leave Florence for safety and because of the Medicis, Leonardo may have done a lot of other works of art perhaps the world has never seen. Just think of all the truth tellers today who are losing their livilihood and being censored on social media and worse. I think when the truth of the art of the Italian renaissance is revealed, people will see things quite differently.

I'l like to ask Lynn if Leonardo's giant painting of the Battle of Aligiari was really was ruined by his curing the paint with fire and if his Sforza Monument giant horse bronze failed to be cast from his inability or if both of these projects were sabotaged for political purposes.

Bee E-lightened said...

How can I get to that level of enlightenment when I work long hrs and is too tired to stay awake during my guided meditation (bc I havent mastered the art of meditating on my own)? It is so frustrating at times. I feel all those pioneers all reached that level hence their remarkable and earth changing inventions/creation. Did steve jobs also reached that state of enlightenment when he created apple or was that a govt funded project.

Speaking of steve jobs, he went to the light according to his wife who was at his bedside when he took his last breath - she claimed he commented about seeing a bright light - interesting

Watchand Knock said...

Great interview with a lady from Down Under who reports from kids getting downloads while playing piano (one child said its piece of music was called "decoding DNA"....).

The Sharing Bridge said...

@ Bee E-lightened Maybe - that level of enlightenment is not ones primary reason for being down her at this time as it was Leonardo's built lifetime after lifetime.. I was studying psychic development when I learned my main interest in this lifetime and throughout my others is spirituality and religion - not psychic dev.. Turned my thinking and focus around and my path unfolded without the frustration.

Simply practicing 5 minutes of quiet focus and mind clearing a day will do wonders and one may build on that practice and expand the time doing so little by little. It does not have to be seated either. Other forms of mediation can be through walking, swimming, painting ... you get the idea. Anything that allows one to clear their mind and begin to listen so they may learn to sit in the silence is quite enough to get started. And anyone may find 5 -10 minutes in any busy schedule. Heck, I used to meditate on my bus ride to work whilst living in San Fran. Would not recommend doing this while driving one owns vehicle though - :)

Channeling Eric did and interview with Leonardo and Steve Jobs that were interesting and informative-

as did Deete (Jobs):

@Watchand Knock- James! Just went to a talk by the ECETI group in Costa Mesa. Super interesting folks! Know of Mary and got into her for a bit after I had a few personal sitings and a convo with a Mantis Being. Listening to the vid now. Thx!

Bee E-lightened said...

Thank you

A Man Called Da-da said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

Leonardo was also famous, in his native Florence, for following really beautiful -- or really ugly -- people around town, sketching them as they walked. It became a local joke, as well as a constant comment on certain people's vanity.

Serene said...

One of the things I've noticed about the Last Supper, is no one seems to be paying attention to the food. Clearly they are disagreeing strongly about something. Jesus and the person on his right are trying to be calm I can see that...funny how in Catholic School this was never discussed. It was all about the Lord and his disciples eating together for the last time, but looking at the painting, no one is interested in the food.

I've also seen reproductions of The Last Supper...they have removed the woman on Jesus' right, shortened the hair and made it look like a man. If I had known better at the time I might of brought it up to the nuns and priests just to observe their response.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thank you for this. It made so much sense after doing this reading. The politics felt very difficult to deal with, especially for outward expressing artists. Yes, I do feel his work was sabotaged. So sad....

@Bee: You will get there. Just keep working at it. Put the intent of what you want to understand out there when you approach your meditations- that will also help.

Yes, Apple (along with other things in social media- FB) are government funded ways of extracting info with people volunteering the info (and agreeing to the "terms and conditions").

@Serene: Interesting comment! Thanks for sharing. I will have to go back and look at this in better detail.

@Dada: I didn't know that. I'm sure that was quite interesting..

Thanks again for all the comments and sharing!!