Thursday, June 21, 2018

Question on: Are They Recycling Your Soul?

A. Hi Lynn,  So thankful for this blog, we learn SO MUCH!!

Lynn, can you please explain more on the above "YouTube" subject, They Are Recycling Your Soul

I know that you explained once on this blog that if you die you must not go into the (white) light to avoid being recycled into this world again.  I want to know, do we have a choice of not going into the light?  My concern is if this is a "set up" (grid / jail) of sorts and I do not want to be recycled.  Also, are there repercussions?   For example, if you do not comply with this system will your soul be rejected and you end up all alone in the universe without any chance of belonging somewhere?

This is a real disturbing thought for me!

A. I think this is easier if I break this down into parts.  Let me first start with the video..  

I see a lot of truth with the video (the concept itself).  I've always seen that when we cross into spirit we have the option to stay in spirit or go to the (white) light to begin our next experience with reincarnation.  If you chose to stay in the spirit plane, you are free to roam, guide, protect and look after whoever and whatever your chose.  

If you decide to go to the light (bright white light) either at the time of passing or later, you do start the recycling process where memories and quick recall is wiped, but residual DNA memory still remains (they would love to wipe that too, but have not figured out a way to do so).  The purpose, as I understand, is to prevent humans from ascending and being able to build upon their wisdom and knowledge.  If we continued to grow, and didn't have to relearn everything, we would soon become SO powerful we would overcome the overlords (i.e. Reptilians) which has been their greatest fear.  It looks as though this design was created by the Archons (the most evil of the Reptilians?).

Something new I have been shown is with the emerging of the 4D earth, new "light" sources / tunnels will be evident at the time of passing.  Specifically I see a green, blue and violet tunnels of light.  These look like options given to promote the ascension process as you graduate to the new 4D, and you will be drawn to the thing you need to work, expand on or heal (green works on heart / relationships, blue focuses on communication / expression and violet deals with the self / self-reflection).  These colored portals are all good in their own way, and there isn't a wrong choice (Don't be afraid of these!).  

Is there a choice?  
You do have a choice.  You can chose to roam the spirit plane, or go to any of the colors of light.  You can even elect to stay in spirit to wait and watch others, and go to the light later.  The light (all four of them) are always open.  It is also important to realize that once you are in spirit, time is relative. There is no limitation or clock ticking creating a deadline because there is essentially no time.  

Are there repercussions?
I cannot see any repercussions.  In fact, with regard to the white light, I see benefits to waiting as the longer to stay is spirit, the easier it looks to tap into your residual DNA memories (it looks like they imprint or something similar to that).  There is no punishment, and when you do chose to go to the light, any of them, you are welcomed.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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A Fox said...

When are we done coming here for good? Is there a point each soul realizes it was their last incarnation or they'd like to go somewhere that doesn't have separation/death? Haven't I been coming here technically forever if my soul always existed?

Watchand Knock said...

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Buddhist Lady said...

What about the Bodhisattva path? Many religious/philosophical schools mention the soul's voluntary delay in exiting the Earth realm cycle to help others attain their way. Btw, I believe many conduits/schools exist. Particularly with Ascension in progress. You just need to find the right one for you...which suits your needs, temperment, and path or way most accessible to you in this lifetime.

Hulsie said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for this! If we chose to stay in spirit, we just hang out in space? is it around earth or can we go and explore? can we see and interact with other spirits/souls? communicate with source or others? this is the part I still don't fully understand. How do we connect with our soul family and know what to do next? we just hang out forever and do nothing ?
Also I watched a lady on youtube who swears the END is near, even gave a date. I know many have given dates before and nothing has happened. She realizes this but has special intel apparently. Anyway its neither here nor there whether its true.. but if, hypothetically the end of the whole 'matrix' (including all the dimensions and no more ascensions etc) were to end at some point, what happens to us ..
Alternately, these other lighted tunnels you speak of, they lead to the 4D Earth (still within the Matrix)? we would be healing on the New Earth? Do all of the other 3 lead to that same New Earth?

Thank you again for all that you do..

Tracy said...

Do the green, blue, and purple doors recycle you as well as the original white light door/tunnel?

Raymond said...

I always thought there was only one white light or one door. But choices are always good.

What determines which tunnel we enter? Is it our impression or will there be an angel there to guide us?

I'd like to try each color, like an all you can eat buffet. A little bit of everything.

Cathari said...

A Fox:
Your Soul has not "always existed" anymore than the Earth has always existed. Both had a beginning, and both are presently going through physical incarnations. Your soul, like all human souls, has been in existence for periods of time beyond your current imaginative capacity to understand, yet it has only recently been passing through the cycles of rebirth within the physical realms. This experience of the physical Earthly world through repeated lives is only a temporary experience which will one day cease, as new forms of evolution are passed through.

Every time you experience the spiritual realms during the long intervals between death and rebirth, you are living in the realms where Death does not exist. In fact, every time you sleep, as well. What is important to understand is that we need to learn how to create for ourselves a clear and awakened consciousness during sleep, as well as during the life between death and rebirth. By so doing we acquire the knowledge of who and what we really are, where we have been, and where we are we pass through the cycles of the evolution of consciousness.

EA RW said...

So this is another clue of why they fear human potential and keep us away of finding out the truth.

Charlie the Tuna said...

Sounds pretty darn good to me. Thanks Lynn you do a great job and I appreciate it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. I'm just getting caught up.

I did want to mention, that the colored light feels great in it's own way. I don't see it as much of a recycling. It looks more like an aid to ascension (and gateway to higher realms).

Karoline said...

This topic is very broad. What about the souls that lived on other planets and decide to incarnate here. Are they aware of this matrix? What about if one passes, upon entering the light, can one choose to incarnate onto another planet? Also, why do the positive beings (aliens) let the matrix continue? Is quite absurd that we as humans feel we have no choice. Seems like a game because the good guys know what is going on, and yet do nothing, and the bad ones do as they please, and we humans are just stuck in the middle.

Bee E-lightened said...

Exactly my thoughts, why is source allowing this

A Fox said...

Thank you Cathari. :)