Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hollywood and [More on] Meghan Markle

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you do another reading about Hollywood?

Do most Hollywood actors and directors worship Lucifer?

Does a person need to make a contract (and sign in blood) with Lucifer in order to work and be successful in Hollywood? The common expression for this is “selling one’s soul to the Devil”.

A.  When I think about this, I don't get they "worship" Lucifer, but they do feel to allow moral boundaries to be loose, and greed and promises of fame cloud good judgment.  To succeed in Hollywood you have to be willing to put yourself in various forms of media, regardless if you personally agree with the agenda (and support those agendas if you want future work).  Your personal opinions no longer matter, and you speak on behalf of the PTW (Powers That Were).  You have to be willing to give up your identity, and become a puppet of the PTW.  [Note:  In Taylor Swift's recent song, Look What You Made Me Do, when she states "the old Taylor can't come to the phone because she's dead" she is speaking the truth in plain sight- the PTW got to her and her tone has changed ever since.]

I get one of the tactics the PTW do to keep control is entrap them into something, and hold that against the person as a bribe, and this in turn is the "contract" that leads to either "fame or destruction."  For example, they get them to say something, support or even participate in some dark activity (could even be through entrapment) in order to have some "dirt" on them to bring up at a later date (like insurance for obedience).  

Many people in Hollywood have lost their way, and by choosing fame they have relinquished their own sense of self.  

Q. Why do I get such a weird feeling when I look at Meghan Markle’s parents? is she really the daughter of Doria Radlan / Ragland who attended the wedding.  Her name is spelled all different ways all over the Internet like they don’t know her name? The energy is like they are strangers just meeting. What about that big Thomas guy who admitted to photoshopping photos of himself (pretending to get ready for the wedding) to sell for quick money. Is that her dad, he looks kind of different from the guy in the photos when she’s a baby. I’m seeing a lot of photoshopped images, mainly the ones when Meghan is an adult with her mom, and “family”, and every picture I’ve seen with her dad in adulthood is altered. What’s going on?
A.  When I tune into this, I feel a disconnect with Thomas being her biological dad.  Something is coming through that her bio dad is really a person heavily involved with the PTW linking back to the monarchy, and this wedding was encouraged to happen (it needed to happen).  The PTW wanted to keep a lineage alive.  She really does look to be the daughter of Doria, but many cover-ups have occurred along the way changing the appearance of history (hence the photoshopping and confusion).  Doria was never to disclose the truth, and this marriage was a reward (in a sense) for not speaking.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Datta said...

Hi Lynn

Thank you for this reading.
Some bloggers claimed that Megan was choosen because she is melanin dominant and the royal family needed to include melanin in their lineage. Though Megan is indded linked to the PTW. Is that true?

A Fox said...

@Lynn do the PTW “alter” the images poorly on purpose or are they doing the best they can? I’m just shocked at how sloppy the work is but more shocked when I can’t find one person pointing it out.

Denise Christensen said...

Thanks, Lynn -- your reading really rings true to me about Megan and her father especially. His actions feel a little bizarre and awkward, as if he's uncomfortable in his role as father (imposter). Also, I feel like Megan's spirit is already being crushed, or at least crimped. Perhaps this is a stretch of the imagination but do you think there is some sort of "initiation" that these young princess brides undergo or are they simply "groomed" a little for their new role?

Regarding Hollywood and celebrities, I can't help but feel disappointed and appalled at much of the behavior of many celebrities since Trump got elected. It reminds me of the cool kids in high school - if you're not part of their club then they thumb their noses at you. Perhaps some of them feel threatened because they feel they're losing some of the spotlight. I always admired Robert De Niro's acting but his recent behavior has seemed a little unhinged to me. He came to Canada recently and felt the need to apologize to Canadians for Trump's behavior. As a Canadian I found his apology patronizing and insincere (partly because he doesn't have a clue about Canadian politics--few Americans do because it's not televised in the US--and he was trying to ingratiate himself to his Canadian audience). Many of us here (even Liberals) are beginning to wake up to the fact that our prime minister Justin Trudeau is doing a terrible job and running our economy into the ground. I guess my question is, is Robert De Niro simply caught up in an echo chamber or is there something more going on with him?

Serene said...

My thought on that is if you look at the kind of movies an actor continually participates in, that tells you about them.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Datta: I do see that as a factor, but more importantly it was the lineage being kept in tact.

@A Fox: They look to do the best they can, but they also rely on the fact that most people will believe anything put in front of them. People are starting to question things, but sadly there is a section of people that just want to live in bliss (and not challenge ideas).

@Denise: There is a lot of "grooming" that goes into these princess brides. She looks to be in the thick of it right now.

There is way too much politics in Hollywood, and you are right, it is like a club of who can be the most appalling. De Niro is just trying to secure he spot and keep his career alive, so that is why he speaks out (keeps in the news and also gets favored by the PTW). I also agree that Canada has it's own problems with Justin (not just economy but the overly PC culture and support of the social justice warriors). I am really concerned where this world is headed.

@Serene: I agree.

Thanks for all the comments! Love and light to you all!

tara said...

oh dear, my cousin is successful in Hollywood , hope he is okay. He had a poor sart i ,ife generally but seems to be doing well , has a nice wife children etc... Hope i never have to readabout his falling.

please visit the website fo Chris spivey an independent british ex journalist who is seeking to expose trickery and fake photographs in the msn and elsewhere that purport to cover up things the ptw don't want you to know. Wrong doing etc... He has had all sorts of threats and incidents where the ptw tried to rein him in but he is standing tall. He does in depths look at photo trickery and what they may be trying to hide, how this photoshopping of pics are done in minute detail and why. His focus is on royalty and other people in our media, Uk politicians , media and world governments. His delivery is rough and ready but honest. I have certainly had my eyes opened since i have been following him.

Lynne have you had a look at Rosanne Barr and what it going on there. I have heard a lot of worse jokes from other high in the showbiz ranks than what she said. I'm getting the kind of Joan Rivers vibes about all this. I hope her immediate loved ones and good friends are keeping an an eye on her and her safety. have a nice weekend Lynn.

tara said...

please also have a look at the excellent work of Richard D Hall, especially his madeleine mccann series of films (highly detailed ) He covers a lot of other subjects as well from UFO's and other such subjects.

Neeraj Chadha said...


Thanks for the reading. Time period coming up will be extremely challenging & exciting at the same time especially the month of July. Below is the video by Joni Patry (vedic astrologer)

& according to qanon in July the world discovered the TRUTH. How the month of july be for humanity? thanks.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Guys don't lose hope:-

Q - The Plan To Save The World

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Tara: Thanks for sharing and yes, Roseanne is a great topic!!

@Neeraj: Thank you for sharing!

Gwen said...

Great read! Addall XR