Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain...

Q.  Hope you could read into the back to back suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, both by hanging. Kate Spade used a red scarf and so did Chris Cornell who used a red band. Asia Argento who spilled the beans on Harvey Weinstein was Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend.




A. I've had several requests to look at these deaths, so I decided to take some time to see what things would come forward.... 

Kate Spade:  I see a well connected person, shaking the hands of everyone she met.  I get she had a huge network of people, and her ability to know people was one of the main driving forces (and abilities) that allowed her to rise to the top.   Not only did she know people from the states, but she knew people from all over the world.  In her industry she was very caught up in fashion and the models / marketing that were part of it.  Without being of full knowledge (or witnessing) things, she was aware (through talk and rumors) of the exploiting that was occurring with some of these young adults.  I see this weighing on her (keeping her up at night and eventually manifesting into an ill feeling / imbalanced mental state).  

She could no longer unknow what she felt and knew to be true, and began to really look into things.  Upon talking to people (some were up and coming models, and others were rather high up influential people, including some of the PTW / Powers That Were) she started to learn of not only the exploiting that was going on (bringing young people into the modeling arena with the hope of making it big in exchange of sexual favors), she started to see how human trafficking was being run within her close and extended network on contacts!  She was also being led down a path associated to the Cl1nt0n5 (I'm hearing not to spell this out, or this will get flagged- so I hope you get the message.). 

The more she saw this, and the lack of remorse and evil tied to it, she knew she needed to expose it for what it was.  This got back to the PTW tied to the pedophilia ring, and they knew they needed to stop her.  If she exposed the truth and the people tied to it, it could hurt the revenue to these people, the reputations of those associated and interrupt their " dark hobby."

I see that someone broke into her home, and strangled her.  This type of death was to send a message about those that think about "speaking out."  It was intentional that it was tied to the throat (throat chakra- communication block).  I see the way they covered it up was to make it "look" like a hanging (investigations and a "forged" note? lead everything to suicide), but in reality it was a strangulation. 

Anthony Bourdain:  I see a man who loved life, and experiences. He really did care about people, and through his travels all over the world, he saw a lot.  He feels like he was really grounded and humble.  

Anthony also had a drive about him.  When he is inspired, he will work tirelessly.  After discussions with his girlfriend, and her helping to expose Harvey Weinstein, Anthony really started to look at the #metoo movement.  It looks like he was approached by a business associate, and they suggested doing a documentary on human trafficking.  This was a project that Anthony could really get behind, and wanted to open up the awareness.  I also see that Anthony had his own private research team (?) and they were starting to uncover some startling connections to people of power, even political people and names people know (the PTW).  He too started down the dark path of the Cl1nt0n5, and he was shocked and sickened by what he was realizing. 

Like with Kate (above) they had to quiet him before this project got started and aired (and the research team uncovered even more).  Again, it had to be the throat to continue to send a message and put fear in people against speaking out.  This too was masked as a suicide to prevent further investigation.  

Please take a moment to see some healing protection and light around this research team, and I feel they are in some real danger as well.... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Buddhist Lady said...

I am, once again, stunned by synchronicity here, Lynn. Thank you, thank you. Last week, I enountered a story about a purported human trafficking site outside of Tucson. The description made my breathing labored, and I was absolutely sickened. I became incredibly angry. Like Mount Vesuvius angry. I wanted everyone to entertain violence as a solution to stop this situation. I had a great benefit occur which prompted me to return to some spiritual teachings which I had been reading several months ago. I realized, at that point, that I had been exploring a pathway not intended nor useful for me. The one to which I returned fully explores, with visualizations, mediations, etc. the understanding of duality. If we want human trafficking to stop, we need to embrace both spectrums. Our resistance creates the phenomenon. I also realized that (according to the Pleiadians) how much we have to not oppose but create the opposite. I signed up this morning to help elementary kids learn to read. If this effort resonates, I'll look into a Metro human trafficking unit which has, in the past, asked for volunteers.

Bee E-lightened said...

Do the c1int0ns drink blood bc they seem hard to rid. I think i read Ivanka was going to make sex trafficking her mission also. I pray daily that the Universe shed light on the perpetrators and serve them their due bad karma.

Karoline said...

I was looking forward for this reading. Thank you.
Will the research ever come to light? When will this nonsense ever stop?

Robert Schoen said...

The sister of the Dutch queen also was found suicided in Buenos Aires around the same time. What a weird time this is. The guy they want you to hate has stopped two major conflicts already while "Creepy Joe," who can't keep his fingers off little girls even when on C-Span, preaches a return to Presidential high standards, his????

I think people will be waking up very soon and these two "suicides" got a lot of people thinking just the same way the Katrina aftermath woke up a lot of people after 9/11 that our many leaders and reported events are not what they seem.

Robert Schoen said...

PS: For those of you with Amazon Prime, there is a great three part tv miniseries from 2005 called "Human Trafficking" with Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland. Even though it was made 17 years ago it is so highly relevant and accurately lays out the problem that has only grown worse. Highly recommend!!!
Last year they tried to kill Steve Scalise congressman from Louisiana because his cause was stopping this ongoing massive slave trade that the so-called new media never reports on. Luckily the good guys are in power and are working to end this horror instead of being part of it.

The Sharing Bridge said...

Thank you Lynn for your blog entry around this topic!!

I posted this link and comments a few blog entries ago in response to a readers question. It is a well done tarot reading by an intuitive a few days after ABs passing over:

"Regarding the line of discussion around AB> Here is a Tarot Reader/Inutitive doing a reading on him and his passing:

Psychic Reading - Anthony Bourdain - Why Did He Commit Suicide

I always find a dip into the intuitive world can be so telling and/or help us think in different ways - outside of the box. I agree with the intuitive reader in this video when he says that it is a bit early for a reading with Anthony, especially considering a potential suicide (lots of emotional clutter), but when he asks Tony's ancestors - we get a better reading. Let's see if any of this pans out or comes to light... it's long. The Intuitive did a thorough job asking the questions ... Correction: Anthony has a daughter not a son (child). Do read the comments section, One mentions friends comments on Cuomo last night, another tells us his recent gf is a red witch-whatever that means, another comments that the intuitive read the cards too quickly and they could point to suicide, murder or both. Another mentions AB astro chart predicted money woes and problems with the wrong kind folks - mob or otherwise?! You decide for yourself and may be Lynn will do a reading in the weeks to come!!"

Looks like Lynn got the same reading although with more details/depth. Interesting.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!

@Buddhist Lady: Thank you for sharing this. :-)

@Bee: I don't see they drink blood, but there sure is some darkness there. I hope Ivanka succeeds.

@Karoline: Not soon enough, but it is coming to an end (slowly).

@Robert: And there are rumors that "Joe" will run for president... I don't see it happening, but I can see the PTW being all for it. Thanks for the info too! It is all about awareness at this point to get it in the collective consciousness.

@Sharing Bridge: I did see those links, but didn't want to bias what I got. I will have to go back and watch it now. Thanks for sharing!

Beloved Shingstar said...

I came across the info about the Tucson too!!! I think I mentioned it vaguely in the chat with Lynn tonight... synchronicity!

The Sharing Bridge said...

Hi Lynn - Yes, I totally expected that & respect the way you think around keeping a tabula rasa when going into a reading! Wanted to share with others who may not have seen it - it is fun to compare notes/intuition/links and such. I enjoy others contributions to an already stellar/leading edge kind of thinking space you have created here with your blog. I wonder what your life theme is this time around and how many lives you may have had bringing people together around spiritual topics? Helping us all think outside of the box - one reading at a time :)

Regarding the Arizona mention - I saw this but have not watched the video posted on KPs blog today. He says around the 35 min.: what’s going on with the “Arizona p-trafficking camp”, and why it appears to be a “not true” event.


Cheryl said...

Lynn,, thank you for yet another fantastic reading!

I'm currently reading Cathy O'Brien's book "Trance-Formation of America" (you can get it online for free: https://www.freeyourmindaz.com/uploads/1/2/8/3/12830241/trance-formation-of-america-cathy-o-brien.pdf).

She was rescued from the MK Ultra world in 1988. Oh my gosh, the truth bombs she drops about the innerworkings of government, the music industry, and the plan for the New World Order. She was a mind-controlled sex slave (and messenger pigeon) prostituted out to the highest levels of government and industry. She names names and a LOT of them. I put off reading this book for years thinking it would be too dark, but so glad I took the plunge. It makes what we see going on in the world now make soooo much more sense.

Buddhist Lady said...

Thanks, Sharing Bridge. I saw that article a few days back. Looks like the Tucson story may have been a set-up by someone who would like to ignite strong passions against child trafficking or who may be seeking attention. If I could...when I read the story...false or not...my claircognition kicked in and I felt much more. I felt/knew much more. E.g., when they described the dolls left behind, I was flooded with knowing many young girls have grasped dolls in solace (which may not make any sense to others). The depth of their despair and confusion was overwhelming. I haven't really acknowledged the ability but am starting some auto writing to see how it develops.

Cheryl said...

Also of interest is Kristy Allen's recent testimony at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. She details her history of multi-generational incest and MK Ultra mind control in her large Mormon family. VERY interesting!


Craig said...

Cheryl I've read that. Also try "thanks for the memories" by Susan ford, almost a carbon copy of the same story with different and shocking names. Also online free. They were also what was called "White House models", basically sex slaves passing information. The presidents all participated. She had two handlers , get ready, Kissinger and Bob Hope. Yeah, think about that. And not one person has filed a libel or defamation case. The truth is finally being acknowledged and this satanic child sex trafficking stuff is breaking. That needs to end. Horrific.

Alice Liu said...

Thank you, Lynn. I'm surprised that a few people I know are questioning these deaths when they never questioned anything before. I really think things are turning around. Do you know why Kate Spade's husband walked around Manhattan wearing a mouse mask? Was he sending a message or did the PTW force him to wear it to warn off others?

Diane Canfield's newsletter also referred to Spade and Bourdain's death, though very generally: "Both of these transitions, and so close together are odd to me and off energy wise, this includes the manner of the transition. The energy for both of them and how this happened is off and the energy does not add up to me. With this being said, this is something to watch and keep a close eye on going forward. I can only say so much about these kinds of things, so just pay attention and the puzzle pieces will expose themselves in the future with more information coming out about the agenda that is currently being dismantled." http://www.dianecanfield.com/ascension-update-energy-surges-becoming-more-intense-public-personalities-transition/

NLTCrow said...

I've only heard it mentioned once so looked it up to see if true, and yes it is.
The mayor of Tucson is a guy named Jonathan Rothschild.
You can all decide for yourselves if that's meaningful or not.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the comments and info!! I appreciate all the sharing!!

AL233 said...

I have followed the Tuscon camp and it looks to me that this was not a child trafficking location but instead a spot migrants stopped at after crossing the border. Craig Sawyer came out and said his first instincts were incorrect and said the same. a great YouTuber Unirock has chronicled the issue.

Still we all know it's a huge issue that seems to be making out to the mainstream despite the efforts of the ptw. That's just the time they could set up something that turns out to be false to discredit us. I guess I've been burned before with these sort of operations. If this camp is "false flag" that gets discredited later tells me we are close 2 the truth and they are working overtime to set up a narrative.

Ma'at said...

I got first impression that this was a real child trafficking camp. And I still do. Further, I get that the locals involved in it, as one can't do something this bad and big without people noticing, are working overtime to bury, burn, plow it under, purge computer systems, put out false stories, threaten those who disclose, and get things to discredit it into Snopes and other fact checkers. If they are not successful at burying it, it could be the crack that breaks the dam wide open and the cesspool will drain.

Alice Liu said...

Many people who went there to help are camping on private land with the landowners' permission. Ranchers have been killed by the traffickers and gangs. It used to be a few hundred migrants a year, and the locals would help them when they could. Now it's tens of thousand if not more. Someone mentioned watching a long livestream and at some point they spoke with homeless people who said they didn't go near that area because it was so dangerous. Personally I think there was some truth to the situation but some individuals tried to turn it into a psyop.

AL233 said...

Yes that sounds right.

Mumbi Kihumba said...

Can we please add DJ Avicii's passing to this thread.. The energy feels off and he looked into trafficking as well. Thanks.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and the great reading suggestion. I will pull a few comments and draft a blog request from them.

Guest said...

Lynn, I just wanted to check that my comment was one of the ones pulled for you to draft a blog request - that it wasn't deleted for some other reason? (I posted the 'AGC Blind Items revealed' about Anthony and Queen Maxima's sister).

Also, quite a while ago I asked on the blog requests if you could please look into this chap who claims he's the 'real' Prince Harry, and that at the age of 8 he was swapped with the man who we now see as Prince Harry. I can't find that post, nor can I find the original links I would have included with it. Do you remember this one and, if so, is it on your list to look at, please?

Many thanks

tara said...

Re The real Prince Harry, i found this article on him https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/man-claiming-to-be-the-real-prince-harry-found-dead-in-irish-hotel/

Carlene said...


This clip about Anthony Bourdain by Alex Jones had information that I had never heard before. I know people have been on the fence about him and I too am confused if this is real info.