Friday, May 25, 2018

Life Detective: NEXT #5

by Lynn and Dada

Welcome to Life Detective NEXT #5, where Lynn looks primarily at the dominant *future* life (or existing life if they’re alive now) of various people. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

1. The Dalai Lama: “It came to me that he will lead some kind of peace/green-energy community. Specifically, I see him in Arizona (Grand Canyon area…?), and he forms this community where the streets and buildings are based around a sacred geometry shape (imagine an intricate crop circle, but instead of crops it is roads, homes and a wind turbine in the middle). The aerial view is very intricate and beautiful.”

[Is this 3d (3rd density) or 4d earth? And does he have any repercussions for pretending to be the Dalai Lama this lifetime? (Psst, he’s not really the DL. Lynn and I discovered this some time ago.)]

"Great question and I guess I didn't consider that I need to focus on what density these people will be in. I want to say he will be 4D and I don't see any repercussions in that life. He feels pretty genuine and does look to work in the greater good (maybe that in itself is the lesson). He has a really humble vibe to him."

2. Edison: "This is kinda cool. In Edison’s last life, there was a rivalry with Nikola Tesla, but Edison was still ahead of his time [Tesla was a scientist and inventor, Edison was an inventor]. When he comes back, he’s still going to be an inventor. I get he’s going to be an instrumental part in a perpetual motion machine that will really work, and be completely void of friction. He won’t be back till around 2100.”

[3d or 4d?]


3 & 4. Czar Nicholas (left) and his cousin, George V (King of Britain during WWI): “I see them both in the Saudi Arabia/Iraq region… but they aren’t back, yet. Probably the next century. It looks as though there’s even more of a natural resources scuffle over the next 50 years in the Middle East [I didn’t think that possible]. Lots of countries will jockey for position there. All the countries there are trying to keep all these outside countries from stealing everything. Things start to fall apart, politically and economically, lots of turmoil. Then Nick and George come back around 2100, and the cousins look to try for some kind of border harmony, to try and reclaim some resources and control that’s being lost. They’re really good at building and rebuilding countries, so that’s what they do."

[is this a 3d scuffle?]

"This is definitely a 3D thing."

5. Leonardo da Vinci: “When he comes back, he’ll be leading some kind of spiritual movement. He’s a very powerful and charismatic spiritual leader. He will help propel people toward enlightenment. He feels very SOURCE-driven, using the power of intent and unity, almost like Buddha. This will start in Africa, and it spreads out from there. I see it happening in the next 20 years. When it comes about, I see media and people who oppose it trying to portray it as a cult, but it’s this powerful, beautiful thing. He’s going to do great things."

[3d or 4d?]

"He feels 4D as well. A lot of people feel to transition upward with this shift. If you think 3D feels heavy now, just wait... It will feel like you are walking around with lead shoes when this all starts to happen!"

And that’s it. Join us next time… to wear the lead shoes!

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Alex said...

Great readings! Let's leave out the 3D/4D cause it doesn't matter.
So this fake Dalai Lama is a tool for the PTW to create havoc in China?

Bee E-lightened said...

Intriguing as usual....when you say come back in 2100, are they born that year?!

Serene said...

Wow...I didn't know Nicholas and George were cousins. I guess world domination really is a family trait.

Charlie said...

Interesting info! Here's my vote NOT to "leave out the 3D/4D", and let you two do what feels right!

I've wondered about anything you can pick up on any of the current Brit royals, esp William, his 3 kids & wife, Harry & his new bride. Do you see William & or Charles carrying on their reptilian agenda? Maybe they're able to turn away from that, or even their children?? It would be fascinating to see any past or future lives on any of them. I imagine there's quite a history to incarnate into that line!

Bee E-lightened said...

Know if it’s 3D or 4D lets us know if they evolved spiritually. I think it matters

Robert Schoen said...

My gut reaction is that most of these should just get recycled onto the old 3D world (not a big fan of royalty, Edison or the guy who calls himself the Dalai Lama, who should come back and maybe date the fake Pope Francis) Leonardo being a spiritual leader seems strange but appropriate because all his relegious themed works were very unreligious in a Catholic sense, as if he were an atheist just doing them for money or because they were themes artists had to do, but a lot of his other works have an extremely mysical quality about them. And yet he loved designing war weapons, so if you had said he's come back as a munitions engineer to head Lockheed or Gruman it would be totally believable.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex ~ You will (one day soon) find that the 3d/4d thing matters very much. You don't want to be on the 3d earth any longer than you have to. Trust us on this.

@Charlie ~ Yeah, I was mulling over doing more royals, but really... who cares? I'm tired of the current batch of royals and the black lizard they rode in on.

#Robert Schoen ~ Leonardo must realize that the majority of his inventions have not done the world any good, so he's probabaly coming back to help make things better.

Special note: We actually had to substitute someone for our original list. I had Lynn look at Rasputin, but it turned out he's alive now and in some Middle Eastern cave making something he's not supposed to for the cabal. We thought it prudent not to go into it any deeper. (Not to worry, like everything else the cabal has in the works, his work won't amount to anything.)

Alex said...
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Alex said...

@Dada and @Bee-Enlightened

My understanding is that the earth whether 3D or 4D is for us to reincarnate to gain physical experience.

Our real home is in the astral plane and whether we have evolved spiritually or not depends on which level our soul have reached on the astral plane. On 3D earth, we have the lowest to the highest souls in the past so it's not an indication of soul level. After all, if a huge bat can reincarnate on 4D earth, it's hardly for highest souls.

Wouldn't it take much more effort for Lynn to find out which earth they reincarnate for every future reading? Shouldn't a past life reading be more meaningful to find out why they behave as such?

Patrick said...

Thanks Lynn. Also @Dada

Intriguing session as usual.
That was a very beautiful reading on Leonardo. Someone the world will definitely be eagerly waiting for.

Something on Leonardo though.
If "his movement"is to take root within next 20 years, this means he is already born.. Yes? Is he in Africa/African? Or does he come to start his work in Africa from elsewhere
And also, is he connected to the Christ in any way?



Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you both again for the time, trouble and resources you put into these posts.

"...and [the Dalai Lama] forms this community where the streets and buildings are based around a sacred geometry shape (imagine an intricate crop circle, but instead of crops it is roads, homes and a wind turbine in the middle). The aerial view is very intricate and beautiful.”

Is this the Mandala effect?*

My fingertips want to type something about people reincarnating as Lamas instead of Llamas but I won't.

I too don't mind the 3D 4D questions. I do however picture in my mind's eye those multi culti tickbox identity-ghetto forms we're plagued with in the UK. Why can't we have a 3D / 4D option? I'm being oppressed. **

If Leonardo's coming back as part of a new movement that's happening in about twenty years, does that mean he's a child now, a young adult, or will he just be a very precocious young'un? Or have I misunderstood?

*This Is A Joke.

** This Too.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments and questions (and thank you Dada for answering them).

When I see a time frame, I see when they look to be active within society (making a difference or allowing their life path to really emerge in ways they will learn, grow or influence).

SB said...

A Man Called Da Da question for you or Lynn,

I dreamed recently about Jesus. First it started out I saw the Shroud of Turin it morphed into the real person. He was standing on a cliff in what looked like a Middle Eastern country. He was wearing a cloak he turned to me and said: The time is now!

Was he taking about the 3d/4d earth or his return or both?

This was such an intense dream for me it felt like an out of body.

tara said...

Lynn thanks for your readings very interesting. Could you do a reading on Megan Markel and her family please at some point? Some feel very off about her in particular. Fake , sociopathic vibes i get from her. Something not right generally and calculated about her and het whole orbit. I'm not a fan of monarchy at all but she seems ...well just off. Can't put my finger on it.


Raymond said...

I wonder if Leonardo is impressed with the idea of people still talking about him, 500 years after he died.

Thanks Lynn and Da-Da.

The Sharing Bridge said...
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The Sharing Bridge said...

Interesting blog entry.

I choose a less acrid view of the Dalai.

As for the aforementioned Rasputin - here is Deete, another one of my fav inuitives giving us her take on the soul, man and enigma:

And for another interpretation regarding Leonardo and there are so many more just do the research and see what and who resonates with what you are choosing to believe in at the moment. This is from Elisa Medhus’s blog Channeling Erik back in 201, before, in my opinion, her work became compromised with less focused intention and the like. See what you think!





Thank you & Cheers Lynn & Dada!!