Friday, March 23, 2018


Q. This is a bit wordy because I didn’t want to just put a link and tell you to read it. I’d rather paste a summary for you:
In mid-March 2018, social media users began sharing a disturbing voicemail received by “Ty,” a Twitter user with the handle @strayedaway who has since altered the account. In the posts, which have since been deleted, but are archived, Ty claims a person was taking pictures of him at 3 A.M. from outside his home.  At the same time he received a strange message on his cell phone, along with a warning advising him to delete his Twitter posts pertaining to these events. In the cell phone voice message, an automated female voice reads off a series of letters in the phonetic alphabet that spell out the message “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human.” The message then reads off a series of numbers: 042933964230 and keeps repeating.
Other messages and odd things in code or voicemails spoken backwards have come to him, and very often they give him the date April 18, 2018 for when “they” will take over or when "they" will come or the #’s 4-18-18 will accompany each message/be in the signature etc..

Some people said if you take the #’s as coordinates, it takes you to a barren area off the coast of Africa in the republic of the Congo. 

Is this guy creating some elaborate hoax or maybe somebody playing a trick on him? Is there truth to any of it? What is the significance of April 18th 2018 and can you look at that date (or close to it) and see if something is going to happen specifically in America?  Who is behind these posts and what is their intention?

A.  I get in the beginning he did get a a cryptic message, and that gave him the idea to embellish the messages to gain more views / popularity via Twitter.  I hear "social media can be a brutal sport trying to one up or compete."  He thought it would gain him views, but didn't think it would go as viral as it did.  

I then hear "as the wheels were set in motion, he had to create more believable evidence, both audible and visual."  

I wanted to look at April 18th to see if anything stands out, and I can't connect to anything.  I do get the feeling of anxiety as i lead up to this date, but it looks like the day comes and goes, and I take a sign of relief and the anxiety washes away. 

The original message looks like it came from some random prankers (a small group of four college guys).  @strayedaway somehow sensed it, and used this as inspiration.  It was almost a joke to him to see how far this would go.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  If anyone else has any insight (numerologists or astrologists looking at April 18th) I would be curious what you get.  I really see this glazing over.  :-)      Love and light, Lynn
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Christina G. said...

My intuition also told me this was a hoax when I first heard the story. That's because the original poster was a little too jokey/relaxed about the whole thing. If he really thought he was in danger, he certainly wouldn't be doing the opposite of what he was told to do, and he wouldn't be blasting it all over the Internet.

Jan Nachtigall said...

Hi, Lynn! This is not related to the post, but the other night I was watching this documentary about the paranormal activity at this certain house. The first time I watched it I did not notice this, but the second time I did I noticed footage from a surveillance camera in part of it was dated recording on my birthday! I always think it's really neat when I see my birthday numbers in random places. I thought it would be cool to let you know as this post is related to numerology. Its pretty cool!

The enlightened one said...

Let us hope this mindless prankster will compensate us all (Lynn included) for wasted time.