Monday, March 26, 2018

Police, Pet Spirits, Truth Seekers and Who's Watching?

Q. I go to Reddit's 'Bad Cop No Donut' almost every day, and find myself absolutely DISGUSTED by the stories. Can you see the gratuitous police brutality ending any time soon? Even with all the YouTube videos, and seeing cameras aimed at them it's still not helping these psychopaths behave any better.
A. The first thing I hear is that even though police brutality is out there, there are many cops that do have a good heart and want to help people.  There looks to be a division in the police force, and the root of the problem is the motivating factor for choosing the profession.  

I see some people taking the path to becoming a cop because they want to help people and have a desire for justice.  They take pride in being able to "serve and protect."  They are emphatic and can evaluate a situation and see the best way to mitigate an issue.

Then, there is another group emerging that looks to be drawn to policing with the allure of legal control and authority over people.  Their egos are so large, they feel superior, which drives them to make decisions they aren't equipped to make.  Their skill of analyzing situations and having an appropriate reaction looks deficient.  Rather than having the ability to think objectively on their feet quickly in stressful situations, they revert to a "black and white logic, and in reality there are many shades of grey."

I cannot see this changing until a stronger vetting process is implemented during the application process.  It looks like a more thorough psychological exam would also be helpful to determine the real motivation for going into the profession (is it to serve ego or serve others?).  Small steps are headed that way, but there needs to be a lot more progress.

Q. Do pets have memory of past lives. Also why do dogs suddenly attack their owners and family members even if they have been well treated and part of the family for years.  Thank you Lynn for your insight and time.....
A. I get that pets may not remember a past life, but they do "feel" and get drawn to familiar souls that come into their path.  The also sense high vibrations and low vibrations, and react to those vibrations.  Animals are very empathetic and their behavior is a result of what they are picking up.

I see that when a pet attacks their owner, it is because of something going on with the pet.  They can not verbalize how they are feeling or what they are thinking, so they act out. I see this similar to a small child that cannot describe how they are feeling, and as a result act out because they cannot communicate. If your pet changes their behavior (and it isn't indicative of their lifelong personality), something is going on which could be an illness, irritation, pain or even depression/anxiety.  Look deeper than the exterior to see what is going on with them.

Q. If spirit is infinite and anything is possible, will all things dreamt and thought possible come to be? Thank you for your time and great service.
A.  IF the things that are dreamt and thought of align with their life journey, lessons and are in their greater good, yes.

Q. Are we (blog readers & truth seekers) monitored and watched on a regular basis when we’re commenting on your blog or videos on YouTube about things like Trump, PTWs (Powers That Were) agendas, false flags etc..?  If not, what has caused certain people on YouTube to be detained or disappear while others are safe talking about the exact same subjects?

If we ARE watched: by who exactly?  What are they watching for or trying to achieve?  Do we have to worry about anything we talk about? How can we be sure we’re safe and protected? Is a prayer of protection and picturing a bubble of white light around us enough?
A.  I get to an extent we are all being watched.  We are watched via phone calls, cable shows, websites, emails, credit card purchases, social media, etc.  I see the a small group within the CIA is the place where the data goes.  The amount of data looks so large that most things are glazed over, and you aren't really flagged until certain "buzz words," frequency of certain words or a large following (your words start to impact) forms.  

The first thing they do is attempt to counteract what is happening.  If it is a YouTuber or commenter, many times a tactic used is to start sending "trolls" after you to discredit your comments and raise doubt.  If they feel satisfied with that, they sit back and watch.  If they cannot eliminate the threat, then they look to take it a step further (threats, intimidation, fear or worse).  

The biggest fear is that they (the PTW controlling this group) will lose their ability to influence which will cause a loss in control.  There are certain agendas in place that require an element of submissiveness, and the more people think freely, the less likely they are to be submissive.  They want people to believe what they are shown and not question things. Truthseekers make their (the PTWs) job harder.

I get that you should not be afraid to educate yourself or comment on things you are passionate about.  The key is "it isn't what you say, but HOW you say it."  Refrain from threats or angry, hateful, foul language talk.  A curse word here and there won't flag you, but if it is extreme, or you combine it with a threat, you will probably be flagged and monitored more closely.  

When I do a blog or reading I always phrase my intent to be in the "greater good."  I don't live in fear because I know if it is something I am not to know or share, I will go so far and be blocked from seeing more.  Holding yourself in that same "vibe" keeps you safe too.  

It is always good practice to set protection for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Setting positive intentions and being mindful will most often keep you safe.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-  Lynn
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The enlightened one said...

To be honest, I found this reading quite boring. Anyone can figure out the answer to these questions without being a psychic. The answers are quite readily obvious from pure reason.

Ambedo said...

Bruh, I don’t know why you feel the need to comment that. Just move on, who cares. What are you trying to achieve by telling her that it’s boring, lmfao?

A Fox said...

Thank you Lynn I thought the reading was great and thanks for answering multiple questions.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. ― John Lydgate

You're welcome. I do my best. Love you guys. :-)

A Fox said...

They’re free to put out their OWN free blog if this one is not their speed. Smh.

Robert Schoen said...

Gotta love the psychic food critic...

Broadly speaking, I never liked the cops in my city for their long tradition of corruption and abuses, but on any given day they could find themselves in a life threatening situation, and that constant stress has to be factored into their behavior. Also the manipulative media coverage of police shootings to create the "Black Lives Matter" campaign for political purposes endangers all cops while doing nothing to help the black community. Notice how the media focuses on one propaganda topic at a time, first BLM, then Russia collusion, then student marches, now porn stars, like it can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

There was something that someone wrote about how dogs could hear hight frequencies because they are connected to a higher dimension whereas bats who are blind and rely on sonar are connected to the lower dimension. This resonated with me and made me think how animals know about major earth changes like hurricanes before hand. Are animals interdimensional or do they feel higher or lower dimensions more acutely than humans do?

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks Lynn! As a truth seeker may I ask: Q Exposed as Psyop VIDEO (is it true or false?) Thanks again and again :) !

Mike Farley said...

The enlightened one, lol your name doesn't suite your behavior.. This reading was VEERY important to the person asking the questions, maybe they don't have much knowledge. No single piece of truth is bad regardless of your need to be entertained by Lynn all the time. The rest of us liked it. Why can't u see it as confirmation rather than blaah Lynn didn't give me my FIX today damn you Lynn LOL.
Lynn, I was born with many abilities as well. The only thing I disagree with is the group/faction whom receives the info, I see it going into MASSIVE database created by the NSA and the coding,algorithms etc.. Catch truthers just as you said and then a faction of the CIA collects the "alarm triggering info" it is supposed to be going to the FBI and it is HOWEVER this faction of the CIA have spies within the FBI and they have ways to collect that info through their "spy network" which is 10000000% illegal for the CIA to be doing work on Americans category of ANY KIND including terrorism. Now lol with all that said lynn I guess I do agree with you. Do those details I picked up resonate with you? Oh lol and those trolls ugh lol, I feel they are ran by a contractor rather than an agency however this "faction" is literally behind the government contracting companies whom are hiring so many damn trolls for 40k per year in some cases its less but running these gov contractors this gives the CIA plausible deny ability. I hope this is close to what resonates with you. I'm also a healer and never charged a dime in my life. If you "the enlightened one" or LYNN, ANYONE needs a nice clearing or healing from pain or something that just won't heal,can't sleep at night, whatever the reason, I'm always here and can give healings with no info, sometimes photos help increase intent but its not necessary as healing energy isn't bound by time/space. I do healings on peoples past (emotional) and its surprising what effects the past can have on your current state. I'm still learning and am always amazed by what I discover

Mike Farley said...

Robert, some animals are connected more than others, cats for example have two legs here and two legs there lol. They all sense frequency changes within the earth and spirits but some are super connected which Cats are the highest connected as far as what I'm picking up, dogs are way up there too but lower than cats not by a lot but there is a difference. Dogs relate to humans more than cats do emotionally energetically etc.. Cats feel more like they are the owners andvwe are the pets lol how can I pick up something so crazy lol help me lynn LMAO

Watchand Knock said...

Just to comment on another amazing previous reading from Lynn!
All but one European country are sending Russian diplomates home. Wise govrernment!

Bee E-lightened said...

@Mike Farley. What is your info. I would like healing sent to my mom and myself.

Thanks Lynn for your time and devotion. We appreciate the spiritual food you feed us ever so often. Here's to years of success. Love & light.

Hulsie said...

Loved the reading as well! thank you Lynn.. Lot of important things in here. Things we all wonder about.
Mike Farley - how do you do the healing? what are your abilities? are you just discovering them? My parents could use some healing, he he..

Christina G said...

I have observed a pattern throughout my life, that if one is a really good person (kind, considerate, forgiving, respectful, loving, truthful, honest, responsible, and all those other virtues we are taught in church and elsewhere), they are often "safer" than those people who fight fire with fire. I sense an invisible shield around the former type of person. It's as if evil doers are reticent to harm them, but they have no problem harming the latter type of person.

This is not foolproof, of course; sometimes really good people are tortured and killed, but in every day life, it seems the truly virtuous person often avoids being the target of evildoers. It's as if the evildoers have a subconscious code of ethics and don't like to harm these people. Either that, or the virtuous person has more "angels" protecting them from harm.

Mind you, I'm in the category of fighting fire with fire. I'm a down-and-dirty fighter to my core, but I'm working on being more virtuous in my efforts. It's never too late to improve yourself.

Tsev said...

Gasp....they sent a troll lol

The enlightened one said...

@Christina Gould

You're not alone! In fact I'd say you belong to the overwhelming majority.
I don't think that many people would be so forgiving and respectful for example, if their daughter was raped or someone near and dear was murdered. Especially if the wrongdoer got away with it. And especially not if the murderer continued to murder the rest of the persons family and friends until nobody remained, and the person was all alone. And in particular so, if the murderer continued to kill any new children the person had or friends the person made, thus discouraging the person from trying to replace what was lost. I think very few people would be forgiving under those circumstances.

Then after killing all friends, children and relatives of the person in question, the murderer would sell the flesh as dog food. And when the person in question contacted the police, they would simply tell him/her to get used to it and have sympathy with the dogs because they need food too.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Very few people would follow Jesus' motto about turning the other cheek during these circumstances.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I do see animals as being able to tap into higher dimensions. They are able to access their subconscious easier, therefore, they sense higher vibe energies. (It is like they are able to meditate in some sense.) Not really interdementional, but very sensitive. (Mike said it well too, some animals are more sensitive than others, but I do see them as residing in the 3D with glimpses of a higher realm). PS- You are totally right about the agenda thing. They are in overdrive pushing one issue like the next. Reminds me of a conveyor belt.

@Watchand Knock: As I watch this I do get that the "original" Q is onto something, and not there are copycats out there. Some support him and are tagging on, and others are working full time to discredit him. Trust your intuition.

@Mike: Most of what you said does resonate with me. I think we are tuning into very similar things with this topic. You are right too that these private "groups" are contracted by the "parent company" to keep them one degree removed.

Thank you for offering your services too. That is a very generous offer!!

@Christina: Thanks for sharing. I see it more like a protection from angels, source or guides. :-)

@enlightened one: You are right. We are human. I think that is why forgiveness is the highest vibe emotion b/c it can be near impossible to do in some situations.

Christina G. said...

@The enlightened one, sounds like a page from the life of Job in the Old Testament. I remember many Sunday school lessons in my childhood about having the patience of Job.

The enlightened one said...

Just a random question that popped up in my mind...
Do you know anything about your European ancestry?
The way you look one could easily imagine you tracing your ancestry to Scandinavia or Northern Europe...

Perhaps there are ancestors in your family line that dealt with the metaphysical as well?

Have you ever seen anything of your own past lifes?

Another question... would you mind sharing your ascendant and Medium Coeli and the sun sign with us?

What did you work with before you began doing this stuff full time, and do you remember what you wanted to grow up and work with as a child?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@enlightened one: I do know a little. I am mostly German and Irish with some other European countries intermingled. I think my dad's side "sees" and "feels" things, but it isn't something that they talk about much. I have seen my past lives, and in one I was killed b/c of my abilities (drowned and why I am terrified of putting my face under water still today and cannot seem to overcome it). I have friends that do astrology, but I don't know some of the terms. I can say I am a taurus and virgo is my sun sign. As a small child I wanted to be a teacher, then I toyed with being a nurse, but ended up going the business route and got my undergrad in Business (which wasn't fulfilling, but was the path of least resistance at the time). I am very grateful for the life and opportunity I have and how things unfolded, as this makes me feel complete.

Robert Schoen said...

This has turned out to be a very interesting comment board, and I am so grateful, particularly to Lynn and to others here for sharing their gifts and insights. Gratitude is so important and, at the very least, functions an indicator that we comprehend and appreciate what has been given or imparted to us as knowledge or insight. Thanks Lynn for being an inspiration, help, and a guide for the past three years.

@Mike Farley, I enjoyed your thoughts on the dimensional sensitivity of animals and how cats act as human owners. My neighbors' cats seem to visit my yard inspecting how I'm keeping up their place. If you have time, send some energy my way. Thanks.

Serene said...

Mike Farley, when you have time and are able I would sincerely appreciate some healing.
Thank you so so much. XOXO Serene

Bee E-lightened said...

Enlightened one might be a paid intelligence agency bot.

A Fox said...

Lol Mike i’ve heard from numerous psychics and from pet readings on my own pets that cats definitely feel as if they own us , run the house , or are our equal at the very least lol.

Buddhist Lady said...

Tsev wrote: "Gasp....they sent a troll lol" Yup. You are correct. lol!

I'm enjoying the different viewpoints both within the reading and comments. I started reading Inside the Criminal Mind by Stanton Samenow yesterday. The book is riveting! Drs. Samenow and Yochelson interviewed criminals [psychopaths] and asked what sort of job they envisioned doing when they were younger. "A significant number responded that they had wanted to be a police officer. They were attracted by the symbols of power as well as the exercise of power. The attractions were the uniform, badge, fast police cruiser, the gun and the ability to pursue and arrest bad guys. Their motives had nothing to do with serving the community and making it a safer place." (p. 108)

"The criminal [psychopath] values his job mainly as an arena for power-seeking. He attains power at the expense of others, sometimes quite ruthlessly, and exercises it to further his own objectives." (p. 99)

I don't think anyone anywhere in the U.S. is very aware of the degree of psychopathy riddling our society. Lynn's correct. Police departments need to begin working with people like Samenow and test potential candidates for the level of psychopathy prevalent in the candidate. No one should be shooting peaceable family pets, e.g., nor human beings because they make--and are allowed by law to do so--an assessment or judgment that the individual did not turn quickly enough or display his hands fast enough, which allows the conclusion to shoot in defense of their own lives.

tara said...

Hi Mike farley. You are right I have a lot of cats and they do own me , one in particular. lolol. I would very much love to have some healing done on me. Very grateful for you offering to to heal people. Thank you and bright blessings.

Darryl said...

I don't know about my online activities because I can't see how I'm being followed or tracked. But I can say from experience that if you attend any slew of physical meetings on the topics that can in any way be construed as critical of the establishment or concerning esoteric topics like ET's, free energy, "reality hacking" (struggling for a term here), etc, then there's a very good chance that a government intelligence type will be there. We've caught them more than once. I assume that if you go to enough of these meetings then you will receive further monitoring. I haven't been on that side so I don't know how it works.

I can also say for certain that if you have specialized knowledge or experience in some esoteric areas then you will get special attention and they will actively attempt to limit your influence. It's happened to me a few times now. But honestly, this is nothing. It's when you get significant attention from non-physical entities that you really need to get your game on.

Serene said...

Oh Darryl, you said it! ...significant attention from non-physical entities, I can't think of anything more monumental.