Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Murder, Maryland School Shooting, Texas Bombs.. What's Next?

Q. Please tell us what really happened to that Russian/British double agent who was supposedly poisoned recently along with his daughter, and who is responsible. Will they recover? Or is that too dangerous to look into?
A.  When I look at this, I get this was all part of a psychological tactic to induce more fear in the people.  Sergei Skripal was a very disliked man that toggled between the UK and Russia, and he didn't look to hold an allegiance to either one.  The UK didn't trust him, and Russia had it in for him. He was so disliked he became a good candidate (and they were going to take him and his family anyway) to fulfill a bigger agenda.  I hear "two birds, one stone."

As I tune into what happened, I see it play out like a short movie.  The evidence, even the nerve agent used to kill him, all points to Russia.   The REAL plot twist is Russia didn't do it and were trying to be framed. It appears (based on what I see) that the PTW (Powers That Were) that control some powerful people in both the UK and USA orchestrated this, making Russia look responsible to create fear of the Russians to rally other countries together in the event there is a war with Russia.  Putin is on the PTWs radar, and I hear he is a "wild card" so they want to keep him in check.  I then hear "anyone crazy enough to use nerve gas must be stopped."  The goal is to make the world fear and dislike Russia so if and when the time comes, those in fear will rally together.  

Q. Lynn, Just today there was another school shooting in Maryland.  Apparently a kid got inside, injured two students with a hand gun, and was then shot and killed by an armed officer that was inside the school.  What is going on with these school shootings?  False flag?
A. As I focused on this, something felt really off.  Many events have been put in motion to elevate emotions and try to get people to willingly give up guns.  The PTW want an unarmed nation, and they know they need to start small.  If you take too much, too fast, the run the risk of a revolt or people seeing things for what they are.  They are focused first on the longer guns, and then to other styles. 

When I viewed this, I saw it like pieces of a puzzle that didn't fit.  Handguns were used, not long guns.  The shooter was stopped almost immediately, and there was an armed officer in the building that was able to take action.  It was as if every point brought up by the PTW organized groups were addressed and the opposite happened.  I then realized that there is a "counter PTW" (for lack of a better term) group emerging.  This event did NOT play out as the group intended, as the shooter was supposed to be injured and not killed.  

I then ask, HOW ARE THESE KIDS MANIPULATED INTO DOING THIS?  I hear it's like a recipe.  These groups have people that have or recruit young looking individuals  and provide them with fake identities to enroll in the schools and places of employment for lower wage earners.  They are able to assimilate, identify and friend troubled kids.  From there, they become a bad influence with encouraging drug use, instigating bad ideas and preying on emotions.  They plant the ideas within these already troubled children convincing them that acting out is a good idea.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I am born and raised in Austin, TX and right now we have a really scary situation with the bombings going on randomly. Some more happened this morning and they are nowhere close to finding the person doing it. At first they thought it was racial, but now they don't think it is. Will this end soon? Will this stay contained to Austin or start in other cities as well?
A. When I focus on this, I get there is a group of people targeting specific areas to send a message to law makers, keep fear on the rise and cause social unrest.  I don't see it stopping until there is an element of chaos in the streets, literally.  The goal is to make people feel they need the government to protect them, and that vulnerability makes them much more willing to give up privacy, rights, etc in exchange for an illusion of safety.  

The media, with the constant coverage not only keeps fear in the consciousness, it does provoke others to do similar "copycat" crimes.  This group (which looks orchestrated by the PTW, and also the reason they can't seem to be caught until they find a patsy), looks to be done, but it is the "copycat" people that will keep this in motion (and most likely serve as the patsy).  

We desperately need to send out positive thoughts and energy.  Our earth feels incredibly fractured and full of division.  The PTW are in their final throws, and their last ditch efforts to stay in control are ruthless.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-
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Neeraj Chadha said...

Thanks Lynn for your post amazing synchronicity, come across the following article title " The Final Strikes on the Cabal — A Plan For Dismantling the Deep State?" today

They are on the last leg. How long will it take to remove them once & for all from our reality? Thanks.

Alice Liu said...

Q Anon posted this last night:
"Mar 21 2018 00:21:18 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b086d2 739281
The FBI opened a case on “Q” today re: ‘Boom’ statements and now the TX bombings.
Coordinated to end comms here.
They are scared [4am].
They will fail.
We know the details.
Looks like they were using the bombings to frame Q, but it backfired, and they had to end it. They announced that the supposed bomber blew himself up (conflicting reports) at 4am. A friend of mine in the area said about two dozen vehicles were blocking off a perimeter at 1:30am (3:30am East Coast Time).

Serene said...

" ....From there, they become a bad influence with encouraging drug use, instigating bad ideas and preying on emotions." This is exactly what many mainstream music lyrics and videos do, and who spends time listening/watching those?? (silly question)

Serene said...

I thought it was interesting that in the midst of all this...CNN puts out a documentary called "Sex and Love," as though we haven't heard enough of that. This appears to be another distraction...nice try. (TV off)

Buddhist Lady said...

Very interesting reading. I always felt that the whole Skripal incident was intended to discredit Russia. They must be very worried now with Putin's landslide win.

I would think, also, that, once you have momentum moving, kids are just encouraged by the general news and actions to solve their "problems" with a gun. Pushing kids to admire notoriety in any form also increases the liklihood someone will pick up a gun. The added info that they're looking for total chaos in the streets is revealing.

Btw, I've taken to watching ABC News at night so I can see what's being promoted via MSM. They did not (NOT) mention last night that two Caucasian or white people suffered a trip-wired blast after the first two people from minorities were bombed. They haven't given up on the racial divide theme/meme.

Btw #2, has anyone noticed the electrical wavey lines which sometimes appear in Trump's eyes and spin like the blue lights at a K-mart Blue Light Special? I've seen this phenomenon three times. His eyes glisten and sparkle with electricity coming off the TV screen. I know this statement sounds crazy. A couple of nights ago, they had a close-up picture of Mueller (I also record programs so I can skip items I don't want to watch and and skip commercials) which I reviewed about 20 times. The wavey lines start with his picture, in the upper head area above his right ear and across his forehead, and then, next, Trump appears and the "electric sparkle" is played out so blatantly in his eyes. I wonder if this is a mind control apparatus. The first time I saw electrical pulses phasing from his eyes when I was watching live. I was so shocked that I just sat there with my mouth open. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm either going crazy or their mind control apparatus doesn't work on me anymore.

Christina G. said...

Thanks, Lynn. My intuition agrees on each of these topics. I have this "talent" (LOL, says me) for seeing one picture of a major news event (like a school shooting) and I can instantly tell whether it was a false flag or not. I see it in the faces of those involved. I then attempt to back up my "knowing" with evidence.

The hero in the Maryland shooting has what I call false flag face. So I believe this was a counter-false flag. (The Dallas shooting of 4 or 5 policeman a year or two ago was also a counter-false flag, in my opinion.)

Austin was chosen as the serial bombing site because of Alex Jones. He runs his business there, and they HATE Alex Jones. It was also a false flag. I do not know if people were actually killed, however.

I got a psychic hit this morning when I woke up. Continuity of Government (US) has been secretly activated. It has not been activated since 9/11. I do not know the specific reason why; I only know the deep state is in full panic mode right now.

Friends, please check out my new blog at I highlight breaking "truther" news from around the web.

Robert Schoen said...

It's an interesting concept that the white hats are staging their own false flag events like the resource officer that killed the Maryland school shooter. I keep hoping for fireworks with some major arrests but it seems we're getting only firecrackers. I would like to know the percentage of people awake to these false flags compared to those still asleep.

Christina G. said...

"I would like to know the percentage of people awake to these false flags compared to those still asleep."

Well, the stats in my family are 25% awake, 75% deep coma/denial

"I keep hoping for fireworks with some major arrests but it seems we're getting only firecrackers."

This revolution will not be televised. Part of their deals is going to be that they have to keep their mouths shut or they will get much more hard time. Why? Because 75% of the nation can't handle the truth, and the economy is too precarious for an extreme awakening. Also, the relationships with other countries is too precarious for full disclosure. Too many treaties have been signed based on lies.

Serene said...

I've noticed many young children recently with the brightest of eyes, many places and locales that I go. Soon they will be coming of age...and something tells me that's when things are really going to start rocking and rolling.

Robert Schoen said...

@Christina G., Two great observations and totally agree about the "revolution not being televised" for all the reasons given. l hope more will wake up with the Event and will just be happy they quietly clean house, as ghouls like McCain fade away with supposed "brain cancer" or other made up excuses.

The enlightened one said...

@Buddhist Lady.
Can you link to any videos or pictures online where this electrical thing is seen around Trump?

How about looking into that in another reading?
By the way, what you said about a "counter-ptw" group emerging sounded very interesting. Can you tell us more about this?

Denise Christensen said...

@Christina - I think I'm developing this ability to read people on the TV screen as well--either that or the PTW are getting sloppier with their false flags. For me the Russian nerve agent narrative stretches credibility to near breaking point. It seems that if the Russian government really wanted to eliminate an enemy, they could find a more discreet method. All we hear in the news is Russia, Russia, Russia! The PTW seem desperate to start a world war.

@Robert - Sadly the percentage of people awake in my neck of the woods (Canada) is extremely low, maybe 5-10% (unless people are concealing their honest opinions). Of course this percentage will vary from region to region. I think one of the biggest barriers to people waking up here is that they're too busy being offended by Trump and his brand of brashness. Politeness is highly valued in our country, or at least the appearance of it (what goes on privately is another matter). We have a ritzy new Trump skyscraper in the downtown and the owners have been forced to take the Trump sign down because it's scaring people away or else they're using it for target practice.

I also think that the "revolution" won't be televised (or as little as possible) and will proceed incrementally over many years until people simply forget the way things used to be. In terms of TV and other media, I think some of these networks are going to fail or fade into the night because of poor ratings and lack of funds. Facebook is facing backlash at the moment - hopefully this trend will continue with these corrupt organizations.

@Neeraj - thanks for sharing the link--a very interesting article.

Robert Schoen said...

@Denise, Youtube's "The Truth Factory," is a great channel posted by a Canadian woman that I greatly admire, so you're in good company up there. I feel seperated from many friends and family that I know and in discussions with those closest, I often hear, "You don't know what its like to have to work around people all the time," which is their way of saying they can't afford the luxury of being ostracized or shunned for having an opinion that runs contrary to what's being shoved on the public. The larger truth they don't want to hear about also undermines the stable assumptions of a stable society they are heavily invested in. It is hard to function in a world where you have to reassess everything you thought you once knew.

The public face of Donald Trump was nothing I had any interest in until I looked into his core issues. For two years I had said I was going to boycott the 2016 election because I didn't believe there would be a true choice offered by either party. Trump was a surprise and an improbable reformer whom they have spent billions over the last two years or more trying to demonize. I am grateful for the Q Anon posts and citizen journalists that are reporting on what is happening behind the scene while exposing the lies of the manipulative false flags and character assassination. To paraphrase Grace Jones: Trump's not perfect, but he's perfect for America."

Buddhist Lady said... have quite a talent!! I can read people's faces fairly well but not as well as you do. SOTT had an article once where they identified this talent as "cognitive empathy."

I think more and more people are developing an intuitive side with the cosmic "washings" and waking of DNA. Many thanks to Lynn for providing this site because I enjoy reading about other people's developing "talents."

@enlightened one...I only "saw" the electricity/frequency lines on my own TV. I just deleted the ones I recorded. I have no idea how to take and place a recording from my TV on web. Freaky. I have several options here. (1) My TV is malfunctioning at times. (2) I'm going crazy. (3) I actually can see this stuff on TV. Try recording ABC news at night and watch the picture to see if anything remotely resembling what I describe occurs. The reason that I think I'm seeing "real stuff" is because I was shocked...I mean actually stunned...when I saw this happening. I was utterly weirded out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Who knows? I may never see these "frequencies" again. Maybe certain cosmic energies "fired" up some ability for a few seconds on those occasions.

Denise Christensen said...

@Robert - well said. I agree that Trump, whether you love or hate him, is what America needs at this point in history. I'm reminded of my last house renovation. We planned to give the house a cosmetic makeover but when we took down some of the drywall and found it was infested with ants and rot, we had to bring in the wrecking crew and strip it down to the studs. It was a messy job but now we've got a new home that's running efficiently and virtually earthquake proof.

Thanks for the link to The Truth Factory. She's a clever kitty. I've watched one of her videos before but didn't realize she was a fellow Canadian. Good to know!

In case you're interested, here's a quick summary of our current situation in Canada and an incisive look at our new leader, PM Trudeau:

Robert Schoen said...

Thanks Denise, it seems like Justin is also a bit like Obama as far as being popular by being a good looking talking head who gets away with running up the national debt with policies that are basically anti-democratic.

@Christina G. I checked out your blog and it is truly impressive with a lot of reports I never heard anything about, such as the arrest of the Energy Dept.'s special op for attempted murder of Jack Burke, the lobbyist who offered a reward and launched an investigation into the Seth Rich murder. Everyone should check out Christina's, because it is important to find honest news sources for what's going on these days.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the great comments!

@Neeraj: Thanks for sharing this! The cabal is slowly being purged. I think we are looking at months and not years at this point.

@Alice Liu: That is interesting… Makes you stop and think…

@Buddhist Lady: I have not seen this, but am really curious. I do (and have felt) the PTW are ruthless in trying to control Trump and they just cannot get a handle on him.

@Christina: Interesting! Thanks for sharing this.

@Robert: People are waking up SLOWLY… We are getting there. I know it is frustrating, but eventually we will all be there, we just have to wait and allow them to wake up in their own time. Believing the lies is easy, challenging and questioning is much more difficult… You can only hide from your intuition for so long until it nags at you constantly.

@Serene: I agree. They are starting the programming early to mold a new voter base.

@enlightened one: Good idea. That does feel like a good topic for a reading.

Thanks again everyone. This discussion is great!!

Buddhist Lady said...

@Christina G.--got you bookmarked, girl!

Neeraj Chadha said...

Thanks Lynn for your word of encouragement. Somebody by the name of Meredith Dow Moore shared the following images on Facebook regarding spending bill signed by Trump which some how is related to defeat of cabal. Very Interesting.




Victory of the light is near.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Here is more on final defeat of cabal:-

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...


Thanks for the links. One can hope but I dont think there are 18,500 sealed indictments and I dont think there will be a coup.

Christina G. said...

@Beware of the Evil Xbots, the last time I checked the Federal database myself, there were over 10,000 sealed Federal indictments, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was an accurate number now.

I suspect that most of those are MS-13 gang members.

Christina G. said...

@Buddhist Lady, thank you for bookmarking!

Alice Liu said...

@Christina G, It's increased to 18,500 sealed indictments as of about 2 weeks ago.

Donald H said...

Fascinating! Has anyone ever listened to the song 'Uprising' by Muse? I feel that would be the perfect soundtrack for this.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Guys check this article out title:- "White House Says Trump in ‘Frequent’ Contact with Extraterrestrials"

Whats your opinion Lynn?

Alt Psychic said...

I was hoping to post this somewhere, and I think this is the best place for it.

I was using the tarot cards in the reading about where the world is going. In the future position I pulled three cards. All of them had the snake imagery, and there was the running theme of greed. To make things more interesting, there were only 4 cards out of 78 with the snake image in it. Seems fitting with that is happening around the world?

Alice Liu said...

@Alt Psychic — Snakes also represent transformation and the powerful processes of life.

Alt Psychic said...

@Alice Liu That's a lot better than what I was thinking :)

It'll be good if things turned out for the best. There's just so many stories of people trying to screw each other over.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Fairly obvious provocation by the West. The puppet nations under the globalist rally and expel Russian diplomats over what? A very suspicious murder using a highly suspicious chemical agent. I only assume Trump HAS to follow in line or else add dangerous fuel to the fake charges that he colluded with the Russians. No way Trump is this stupid to believe the lies.

I know we are suppose to enter a new age of peace but I sincerely and with full conviction believe these evil cabalists must hang for their crimes.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the great comments! So much info! Love it!!!